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Detection of Breast Abnormalities of Thermograms based on a New Segmentation Method

Mona A. S. Ali, Gehad Ismail Sayed, Tarek Gaber, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Vaclav Snasel, Lincoln F. Silva
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems  
To evaluated the results of this method, an approach for the detection of breast abnormalities of thermograms was also proposed.  ...  This means that the proposed segmentation method is a promising technique for extracting the ROI of breast thermograms.  ...  BREAST ABNORMALITIES DETECTION APPROACH To evaluate the new segmentation method, we proposed a breast abnormalities detection approach.  ... 
doi:10.15439/2015f318 dblp:conf/fedcsis/AliSGHSS15 fatcat:wlvyb6hc4vfqxhiueqlyfr4pkm

A new approach for breast abnormality detection based on thermography

Chebbah Nabil Karim, Ouslim Mohamed, Temmar Ryad
2018 Medical Technologies Journal  
Breast cancer is one of the most common women cancers in the world. In this paper, a new approach based on thermography for the early detection of breast abnormality is proposed.  ...  Image processing techniques such as segmentation, texture analysis and mathematical morphology were used to train a support vector machine (SVM) classifier for automatic detection of breast abnormality  ...  International Conference on Advanced Machine Figure 1 . 1 Breast thermogram: breast Several researchers have worked on developing CAD systems for breast cancer detection based on advances in digital  ... 
doi:10.26415/2572-004x-vol2iss3p245-254 fatcat:kpmqlzemobdxhi6basbzx5pxfu

Thermogram breast cancer prediction approach based on Neutrosophic sets and fuzzy c-means algorithm

Tarek Gaber, Gehad Ismail, Ahmed Anter, Mona Soliman, Mona Ali, Noura Semary, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Vaclav Snasel
2015 2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)  
The early detection of breast cancer makes many women survive. In this paper, a CAD system classifying breast cancer thermograms to normal and abnormal is proposed.  ...  Also, post-segmentation process was suggested to segment breast parenchyma (i.e. ROI) from thermogram images.  ...  Fig. 3 : 3 Steps of the Post-segmentation algorithm to detect and segment abnormal breast parenchyma from thermal NS-FFCM image.  ... 
doi:10.1109/embc.2015.7319334 pmid:26737234 dblp:conf/embc/GaberSASASHS15 fatcat:bg6wfa6oy5c2fbexn375ezf65a

Segmentation of Breast Thermogram Images for the Detection of Breast Cancer – A Projection Profile Approach

Dayakshini Dayakshini, Surekha Kamath, Keerthana Prasad, K. V. Rajagopal
2015 Journal of Image and Graphics  
This paper presents a method for segmenting the left and right breast from breast thermogram images using Projection Profile Approach.  ...  Vertical Projection Profile (VPP) method is used for locating the left and right borders of the breast thermogram image, which detects the parabolic shape of the breast.  ...  Based on the central axis value breast thermogram image is segmented as left and right breast image, which can be used later for the asymmetry analysis for the detection of breast abnormalities.  ... 
doi:10.18178/joig.3.1.47-51 fatcat:awdiqs425rb5pistjfwpashh6y

Image Segmentation and Asymmetry Analysis of Breast Thermograms for Tumor Detection

Pragati Kapoor, S.V.A.V. Prasad, Seema Patni
2012 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Clinical interpretation of a breast thermogram is primarily based on the asymmetry analysis of these heat patterns visually and subjectively.  ...  In this paper, a new approach for automatic segmentation of Region of Interest and asymmetry analysis of breast thermograms is implemented.  ...  Ng, Adjunct NUH Scientist, office of Biomedical Research, National University Hospital of Singapore for sharing his views and interests on the work.  ... 
doi:10.5120/7803-0932 fatcat:dohhwb5pbnbc7prgahip7vg56e

Deep learning model for fully automated breast cancer detection system from thermograms

Esraa A. Mohamed, Essam A. Rashed, Tarek Gaber, Omar Karam, Robertas Damaševičius
2022 PLoS ONE  
Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases among women worldwide. It is considered one of the leading causes of death among women. Therefore, early detection is necessary to save lives.  ...  Second, we propose a two-class deep learning model, which is trained from scratch for the classification of normal and abnormal breast tissues from thermal images.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the Department of Computer Science and the Hospital of the Federal University Fluminense, Nitero ´i, Brazil, for providing DMR-IR benchmark database which  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0262349 pmid:35030211 pmcid:PMC8759675 fatcat:3im3likw2vdgpjlm252hf5gil4

A Review on Recent Progress in Thermal Imaging and Deep Learning Approaches for Breast Cancer Detection

Roslidar, Aulia Rahman, Rusdha Muharar, Muhammad Rizky Syahputra, Fitri Arnia, Maimun Syukri, Biswajeet Pradhan, Khairul Munadi
2020 IEEE Access  
In this study, we aimed to summarize the current work and progress in breast cancer detection based on thermography and CNNs.  ...  Developing a breast cancer screening method is very important to facilitate early breast cancer detection and treatment.  ...  A further study [89] classified normal and abnormal breast thermograms based on GLCM textural features and histograms.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3004056 fatcat:wgxg3stov5e3rbhy4qsn3rtnpq

Thermogram Adaptive Efficient Model for Breast Cancer Detection Using Fractional Derivative Mask and Hybrid Feature Set in the IoT Environment

Ritam Sharma, Janki Ballabh Sharma, Ranjan Maheshwari, Praveen Agarwal
2022 CMES - Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences  
Radial basis function kernel-based support vector machine is employed for detecting the abnormality in the thermogram.  ...  This paper also introduces the application of a histogram of linear bipolar pattern features (HLBP) for breast thermogram classification.  ...  A new thermogram-based model for breast cancer detection using fractional derivative-based fractional Sobel filter and SVM is presented in this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.32604/cmes.2022.016065 fatcat:ylcebcrqdrax5eaosyb6staa3y

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Breast Images-Comparative Study of Mammogram and Thermogram

N. Sriraam, Praneethi K., Kavya N., Usha N., Sharath D., Prabha Ravi, Bharathi Hiremath, B. Venkatraman, M. Menaka
2022 International Journal of Systems Applications, Engineering & Development  
Hence the proposed study focused on feature extraction in breast thermograms for detecting breast cancer and compared with mammogram results to show that even breast thermography gives a significant difference  ...  between normal and abnormal patterns of breast images.  ...  Clustering is another method used to extract local information and helps in identifying abnormalities. The list of features differs based on the given medical images.  ... 
doi:10.46300/91015.2022.16.14 fatcat:6vndjjo4rfda5acuexk4dbeizu

Detection of Breast Cancer from Thermography Images

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Infrared thermography one of the imaging technique that produce high resolution infrared images shows the heat pattern based on the temperature changesin breast with respect to tshe progression of the  ...  Early detection of breast cancer by systematic evaluation of the individual may improve survival rate.  ...  abnormal based on the selected features.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijeat.f7945.088619 fatcat:vccm5dwz7bhb5ag7dgkhzqo6w4

Thermography as an Economical Alternative Modality to Mammography for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Asim Ali Khan, Ajat Shatru Arora, Saad Alqithami
2021 Journal of Healthcare Engineering  
So, a computer-aided system (CAD) is proposed to detect the benign cases from the abnormal cases that can result in automatic detection of breast cancer or can provide a double reading in the case of nonavailability  ...  Thus, this work is focussed on the use of thermography in the early detection of breast cancer.  ...  An active contour method based on a reformed combined local and global fitted function is used for the segmentation of the mammograms [15] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/5543101 pmid:34373775 pmcid:PMC8349277 fatcat:xpxw53hqvjhcfb5hycrdd3np34

Real Time Intelligent Thermal Analysis Approach for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Pragati Kapoor, Dr. S.V.A.V Prasad, Ekta Bhayana
2010 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Thermal imaging, as a test of physiology can detect subtle changes in breast temperature that indicate a variety of breast diseases and abnormalities.  ...  of the breast as a non-invasive adjunctive diagnostic methodology for breast cancer.  ...  each segmented pixel into a certain number clusters  Diagnose the breast diseases based on asymmetric analyzing of the pixels in every cluster.  ... 
doi:10.5120/129-246 fatcat:ogtdsgl3vncy3a2pu6vh5migkq

Survey on the Detection of Breast Tumour by Thermography

R. Krishna Bharathi
2018 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
This paper gives the survey on some of the image processing methods or the processes that are involved in the breast cancer detection from thermal images.  ...  Thermography or DITI is known as a possible breast cancer screening imaging modality with the help of highresolution cameras, as it does not have the harmful radiation effects similar to that of mammography  ...  Such method is based on automatic threshold, automatic border detection, and extraction of infra-mammary folds by using mathematical morphology.  ... 
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2018.3432 fatcat:js5vndovtjdpzg64yxg6ebypgq

Diagnosis And Classification Of Breast Cancer From Thermogram Images Using Texture Feature And Artificial Neural Network (Ann)

N. Punitha, R. B. Ramyaa, S. Mahesh Anand, M. Dhayalini
2018 Zenodo  
Mammography is considered the gold standard for detection of breast cancer but still has certain sensitivity and specificity.  ...  Whereas, infrared thermography has advantages over other methods, in terms of radiation risk, high sensitivity and specificity rate.  ...  Level set method for segmentation of infrared breast thermograms. EXCLI J. 2014; 13:241-51 4. Etehad Tavakol M, Ng EYK.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1212554 fatcat:yfumwgjqczesbmuiaipydeyeh4

Micro Calcifications Detection for Breast Cancer Diagnosis using Infrared Thermal Imaging Apparatus

K. Kumar
2014 Biomedical & Pharmacology Journal  
In this paper a noble model of thermograms imaging apparatus,which may have an impact towards the pattern study of a woman breast is introduced.  ...  These properties make IR thermography a useful method of analysis that is used in various areas to detect, monitor and predict irregularities in many fields from engineering to medical and biological observations  ...  Such a system provides a new base for medical applications based on noninvasive diagnostic methods.  ... 
doi:10.13005/bpj/540 fatcat:ejbm3sh25vbjroak4yhzfjsysm
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