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Fluχ: a quality-driven dataflow model for data intensive computing

Sérgio Esteves, João Nuno Silva, Luís Veiga
2013 Journal of Internet Services and Applications  
For example, considering dataflows that continuously analyze data upon the insertion/update of new entries in a data store, it would be wise to assess the level of modifications in data, before the trigger  ...  on the evaluation and dynamic enforcement of QoD constraints that are defined (and possibly adjusted automatically) for different sets of data.  ...  We also would like to thank the anonymous reviewers who greatly contributed to the betterment of this work.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1869-0238-4-12 fatcat:jz3mjxua4zau7mgvlhdxczaomq

Monitoring air quality, objectives and design

Bjarne Sivertsen
2008 Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly  
The best possible definition of the air pollution problem, together with the analysis of the personnel, budget and equipment available, represent the basis for the final design.  ...  Once the objective of the air monitoring programme is well defined, a certain operational sequence has to be followed.  ...  There might be different objectives for the development of the environmental monitoring and surveillance system.  ... 
doi:10.2298/ciceq0803167s fatcat:vrgf4li7q5hwbiwn3oezjcmf2u

Improving the Precision of Equality-Based Dataflow Analyses [chapter]

Erik Ruf
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We present two new, orthogonal techniques for improving the precision of equality-based dataflow analyses.  ...  Subtype expansion models objects at a per-type granularity, enabling a form of subtype-restricted equality constraint, while mutation tracking uses a simple effect analysis to avoid a class of false aliases  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the ex-members of the Advanced Programming Languages group at Microsoft Research for developing the Marmot compiler infrastructure, and Todd Knoblock, Bjarne Steensgaard, and  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45789-5_19 fatcat:s52dg62wdjeihoh6vy6sa4auna

A Language for Modelling False Data Injection Attacks in Internet of Things [article]

Mathieu Briland, Fabrice Bouquet
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Internet of Things (IoT) is now omnipresent in all aspects of life and provides a large number of potentially critical services. For this, Internet of Things relies on the data collected by objects.  ...  In this work, we dissect and present a method that uses a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) to generate altered data, allowing these attacks to be simulated and tested.  ...  This approach can then be used for several purposes as to test the resilience of a system or to train machine learning tools to detect such attacks.  ... 
arXiv:2104.09294v1 fatcat:eiig7bjt4vgk7p2fqscpwatocy

D4.1 Architecture and Services Specifications report

Stavros Tekes, George Efthimiou, Niki Papadatou
2022 Zenodo  
the basis for its development.  ...  This deliverable is based on the Deliverable 2.2 Report of customer requirements from ENVISION services which contributed to the specification of the main points of the current deliverable and acts as  ...  The US will be tested based on the defined acceptance criteria and the requirements list.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6121914 fatcat:7bucmexg7rglllm3rfn2grz6ka

Rfi Mitigation In The Context Of Pulsar Coherent De-Dispersion At Nancay Radio Astronomical Observatory

Dalal Ait allal, Ismaël Cognard, Gilles Theureau, Rodolphe Weber
2009 Zenodo  
Publication in the conference proceedings of EUSIPCO, Glasgow, Scotland, 2009  ...  In practice, the detectors are applied on a sliding temporal window of N samples. If detection occurs, the whole N samples are flagged as polluted.  ...  CONTEXT The radio astronomy is a field that uses radio waves emitted by celestial objects for astronomic observations and studies.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.41617 fatcat:vfodl7i2zjfbtl7ifdso7eiuhu

A search engine for finding highly relevant applications

Mark Grechanik, Chen Fu, Qing Xie, Collin McMillan, Denys Poshyvanyk, Chad Cumby
2010 Proceedings of the 32nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering - ICSE '10  
To reduce this mismatch we created an approach called Exemplar (EXEcutable exaMPLes ARchive) for finding highly relevant software projects from large archives of applications.  ...  details of applications.  ...  Kishore Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist and Director of Research for his invaluable support.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1806799.1806868 dblp:conf/icse/GrechanikFXMPC10 fatcat:7j2b6b556fdjpmtctkbm7bwknq

DSP-Enabled Radio Astronomy: Towards IIIZW35 Reconquest

Rodolphe Weber, Cédric Viou, Andrée Coffre, Laurent Denis, Philippe Zarka, Alain Lecacheux
2005 EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing  
To some extent, elimination of artefacts can be achieved by blanking polluted channels in real time.  ...  In radio astronomy, the radio spectrum is used to detect weak emission from celestial sources. By spectral averaging, observation noise is reduced and weak sources can be detected.  ...  The Nançay Observatory also gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Conseil Régional de la Région Centre, France. The work of C.  ... 
doi:10.1155/asp.2005.2686 fatcat:54ihaddbaffwxemlbarx6gjyhy

Lessons Learned from Efforts to Restore Oyster Populations in Maryland and Virginia, 1990 to 2007

Victor S. Kennedy, Denise L. Breitburg, Mary C. Christman, Mark W. Luckenbach, Kennedy Paynter, Jonathan Kramer, Kevin G. Sellner, Jodi Dew-Baxter, Cherie Keller, Roger Mann
2011 Journal of Shellfish Research  
to pollution stress.  ...  ANCOVA table showing test for chlorophyll and consistency of chlorophyll effect over tributaries.  ...  For each segment, the assessment spreadsheet should use only the days of targeted DATAFLOW cruises, since these dates will provide good estimates for only the targeted segment.  ... 
doi:10.2983/035.030.0312 fatcat:7muscwprcvf65fwmjykcz3h6re

An essential tool for WRRF modelling: a realistic and complete influent generator for flow rate and water quality based on data-driven methods

Feiyi Li, Peter A. Vanrolleghem
2022 Water Science and Technology  
An influent generator (IG) is a model, aiming to provide the flowrate and pollutant concentration dynamics at the inlet of a WRRF for a range of modelling applications.  ...  The model performance is analyzed by a series of statistical criteria. It is shown that the model can generate a very reliable dataset for different model applications.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Sincere thanks are extended to SUEZ SGAC and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) for funding the research project.  ... 
doi:10.2166/wst.2022.095 pmid:35576264 fatcat:rj34eseygbegrew34gfjryief4

Perceptually-based compensation of light pollution in display systems

Jeroen van Baar, Steven Poulakos, Wojciech Jarosz, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Rasmus Tamstorf, Markus Gross
2011 Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization - APGV '11  
Our solution automatically solves for a perceptually optimal compensation that diminishes the appearance of ghosts and reveals more detail in these problem regions.  ...  We show how to make the computation tractable by exploiting the structure of the resulting problem, and also propose a perceptually-based pollution prediction.  ...  Knights Quest images courtesy of Red Star Studios, Grasshopper courtesy KUK Filmproduction.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2077451.2077460 dblp:conf/apgv/BaarPJNTG11 fatcat:wnoiusaucfbarme5d5xeqnb4ku

Domain-specific modeling as an enabling technology for small and medium-sized enterprises

Donald Barkowski, Thomas Kuhn, Christian Schäfer, Mario Trapp
2010 Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling - DSM '10  
In this paper, we present experiences and the outcomes of applying domain-specific modeling techniques to the domain of diagnostic systems within an industry project.  ...  The purpose of the project was to develop a diagnostic system that is easy to configure to different facilities without a deeper knowledge of software development.  ...  In order to allow the definition of more complex functions for detecting an anomaly, the use of multiple blocks for error detection is possible.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2060329.2060343 fatcat:u2yt4fyemzas5jwqxz6sc7nhzu

Securing web application code by static analysis and runtime protection

Yao-Wen Huang, Fang Yu, Christian Hang, Chung-Hung Tsai, Der-Tsai Lee, Sy-Yen Kuo
2004 Proceedings of the 13th conference on World Wide Web - WWW '04  
Security remains a major roadblock to universal acceptance of the Web for many kinds of transactions, especially since the recent sharp increase in remotely exploitable vulnerabilities has been attributed  ...  We also created a tool named WebSSARI (Web application Security by Static Analysis and Runtime Inspection) to test our algorithm, and used it to verify 230 open-source Web application projects on  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT We deeply appreciate the anonymous reviewers for offering us many valuable comments. We would also like to thank Dr. Bow-Yaw Wang for his useful suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1145/988672.988679 dblp:conf/www/HuangYHTLK04 fatcat:rp336lsjajhgdgdhfvuqba27cu

An Automated Approach for Privacy Leakage Identification in IoT Apps [article]

Bara' Nazzal, Manar H. Alalfi
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We present experiments to evaluate Taint-Things by running it on a SmartThings app dataset as well as testing for precision and recall on a set generated by a mutation framework to see how much coverage  ...  We also present and test ways to add precision to Taint-Things by adding extra sensitivities; we provide different approaches for flow, path and context sensitive analyses through modules that can be added  ...  For detection of passive content leaks, it generates call graphs and tests for reachability. Thresher deals with the tries to detect heap reachability using static analysis.  ... 
arXiv:2202.02895v1 fatcat:r7nh2wk4xrcgzi3l4okssiiopi

Towards Efficient Data-flow Test Data Generation [article]

Ting Su, Chengyu Zhang, Yichen Yan, Lingling Fan, Geguang Pu, Yang Liu, Zhoulai Fu, Zhendong Su
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Such test objectives are referred as def-use pairs. However, the complexity of DFT still overwhelms the testers in practice.  ...  time by 20.1∼93.6 eliminating infeasible test objectives.  ...  Detecting Infeasible Test Objectives As for detecting infeasible test objectives, early work uses constraint-based technique [45, 78] [68] also use weakest precondition to identify polluting test  ... 
arXiv:1803.10431v2 fatcat:cprh4dx44fhtfl2itbagcqovby
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