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Detecting Depression Signs on Social Media: A Systematic Literature Review

Rafael Salas-Zárate, Giner Alor-Hernández, María del Pilar Salas-Zárate, Mario Andrés Paredes-Valverde, Maritza Bustos-López, José Luis Sánchez-Cervantes
2022 Healthcare  
This review examines aspects of primary studies exploring depression detection from social media submissions (from 2016 to mid-2021).  ...  Using social media along with computing tools and classification methods contributes to current efforts in public healthcare to detect signs of depression from sources close to patients.  ...  From this perspective, it seems relevant for the scientific community to perform a systematic literature review to identify and become familiar with the social media sites and features of datasets, methods  ... 
doi:10.3390/healthcare10020291 pmid:35206905 pmcid:PMC8871802 fatcat:blntvvu5o5dpledcanrkka5bsu

A Systematic Review on Fake News Themes Reported in Literature [chapter]

Marlie Celliers, Marie Hattingh
2020 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this systematic literature review, a study of the factors involved in the spreading of fake news, have been provided.  ...  To combat the spreading of fake news on social media, the reasons behind the spreading of fake news must first be identified.  ...  Research Method In this systematic literature review, a qualitative methodology was followed.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-45002-1_19 fatcat:pegfgnsj5bfk7g2fanimm2a4xu

Approaches to Identify Fake News: A Systematic Literature Review [chapter]

Dylan de Beer, Machdel Matthee
2020 Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems  
By conducting a systematic literature review, we identify the main approaches currently available to identify fake news and how these approaches can be applied in different situations.  ...  With the widespread dissemination of information via digital media platforms, it is of utmost importance for individuals and societies to be able to judge the credibility of it.  ...  Categories of fake news detection approaches resulting from the systematic literature review derived from similar articles.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-49264-9_2 fatcat:u5oq6zlfpncu7jb6qybbrjhivq

Rumor surveillance methods in outbreaks: A systematic literature review

Simin Salehinejad, Parya Jangipour Afshar, Vahidreza Borhaninejad
2021 Health Promotion Perspectives  
The source of rumors in most studies was media, including new social and traditional media.  ...  Due to the ever-increasing amount of modern social media platforms and the fast-spreading of misinformation in the times of outbreaks, developing the automatically and real-time tools for rumor detection  ...  Acknowledgements We are grateful to institute for futures studies in health in Kerman University of Medical Sciences, for their support in conducting this research.  ... 
doi:10.34172/hpp.2021.03 pmid:33758751 pmcid:PMC7967128 fatcat:a5qh6j4ervcphpflslgqqj3biy

Social Engineering Attacks Prevention: A Systematic Literature Review

Wenni Syafitri, Zarina Shukur, Umi A. Mokhtar, Rossilawati Sulaiman, Muhammad Azwan Ibrahim
2022 IEEE Access  
We conducted a systematic literature review based on Bryman & Bell's literature review method.  ...  We present this systematic literature review to recommend ways to prevent social engineering attacks.  ...  The research question is the necessary factor of a systematic literature review.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3162594 fatcat:y2t4jlbfprfyzfjdfro5r2wyt4

Digital public health surveillance: a systematic scoping review

Zahra Shakeri Hossein Abad, Adrienne Kline, Madeena Sultana, Mohammad Noaeen, Elvira Nurmambetova, Filipe Lucini, Majed Al-Jefri, Joon Lee
2021 npj Digital Medicine  
We conducted a systematic scoping review in accordance with the PRISMA extension for scoping reviews to consolidate and characterize the existing research on DPHS and identify areas for further research  ...  Seven hundred fifty-five articles were included in this review.  ...  Studies on detecting social bots are scarce.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41746-021-00407-6 pmid:33658681 fatcat:elik5k4qbzb45i4vn3hwuoqbcu

Organizational propaganda on the Internet: A systematic review

Irina Lock, Ramona Ludolph
2019 Public relations inquiry  
By means of a systematic review of primary research on organizational propaganda online, we propose a definition and describe the 'five Ws' of digital organizational propaganda: who employs propaganda,  ...  to whom, on which channels, which media are used (where), the objectives of the propaganda strategy (why), and in which contexts it occurs (when).  ...  In one case, the author investigated the social media strategy of nonprofit organizations (Auger, 2013) . Thus, most of the studies in this systematic review focused on extremist organizations.  ... 
doi:10.1177/2046147x19870844 fatcat:urvvoupggjh53llz3gxepaxrge

Topic Detection and Tracking Techniques on Twitter: A Systematic Review

Meysam Asgari-Chenaghlu, Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi, Leili Farzinvash, Mohammad-Ali Balafar, Cina Motamed, Fei Xiong
2021 Complexity  
In this review article, we cover more than 50 research articles in the scope of topic detection from Twitter. We also address deep learning-based methods.  ...  This phenomenon of the new information era results in a very huge amount of data in different forms and modalities such as text, images, videos, and voice.  ...  , or even a social media like Twitter.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/8833084 fatcat:cgy7bqu2fbb65fgh3ntwssbvnq

Twitter and Research: A Systematic Literature Review Through Text Mining

Amir Karami, Morgan Lundy, Frank Webb, Yogesh K. Dwivedi.
2020 IEEE Access  
Researchers have collected Twitter data to study a wide range of topics. This growing body of literature, however, has not yet been reviewed systematically to synthesize Twitter-related papers.  ...  This study systematically mines a large number of Twitter-based studies to characterize the relevant literature by an efficient and effective approach.  ...  Given the large number of Twitter-related studies, a systematic review can provide a valuable perspective to better define the literature landscape.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2983656 fatcat:3ifo6czjifai7pfpro3bnu7p5a

Social Networking Security during COVID-19: A Systematic Literature Review

Rabia Abid, Muhammad Rizwan, Peter Veselý, Asma Basharat, Usman Tariq, Abdul Rehman Javed, Kuruva Lakshmanna
2022 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the usage of social media networks increased exponentially.  ...  People engage in education, business, shopping, and other social activities (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube).  ...  Phishing attacks consider a type of social media networking threat.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/2975033 fatcat:xqvxb7mpwrhgvmmrstmry5dilq

A Systematic Literature Review on the Cyber Security

Dr.Yusuf Perwej, Syed Qamar Abbas, Jai Pratap Dixit, Dr. Nikhat Akhtar, Anurag Kumar Jaiswal
2021 International Journal of Scientific Research and Management  
the life cycle of a cyber-attack.  ...  Online criminality, on the other hand, has risen in tandem with the growth of Internet activity.  ...  The author of paper [49] feels that social media is now an important component of people's everyday lives and the livelihood of some.  ... 
doi:10.18535/ijsrm/v9i12.ec04 fatcat:bxrsidjhpngdxgllk5cpomoyxa

ICT enabled TVET education: a systematic literature review

Rana Hammad Hassan, Malik Tahir Hassan, Sheraz Naseer, Zafran Khan, Moongu Jeon
2021 IEEE Access  
She is a student of pre-medical 12 th standard and has a research interest in cancer diagnoses and treatment using Nano-Technology.  ...  She is the winner of the Shaukat Khanum Research Center, Lahore -Pakistan competition for the "Cancer Treatment Ideas" contest.  ...  These limited studies have been discussed with a focuse that how identified limitations/gaps can be used to bridge the gap in the scope of the current systematic literature review.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3085910 fatcat:hpgpbyo6mvaevgykv3oqg5vuoe

Cybercrime threat intelligence: A systematic multi-vocal literature review

Giuseppe Cascavilla, Damian A. Tamburri, Willem-Jan Van Den Heuvel
2021 Computers & security  
Cybersecurity (LEAs) should cover these features with appropriate technologies to aid in the investigative processes; (iii) what (limited) degree of anonymity is possible when crawling in Deep-, Dark-Web-researchers  ...  should strive to fill this gap with more and more advanced degrees of anonymity to grant protection to LEAs during their investigations. c o m p u t e r s & s e c u r i t y 1 0 5 ( 2 0 2 1 ) 1 0 2 2 5  ...  R E F E R E N C E S Affinito, A., Botta, A., Garofalo, M., Ventre, G., 2018  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cose.2021.102258 fatcat:43fk6zb6k5fx5jtj5a24bu3afi

The Use of Critical Thinking to Identify Fake News: A Systematic Literature Review [chapter]

Paul Machete, Marita Turpin
2020 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
A systematic literature review (SLR) has been performed to identify previous studies on evaluating the credibility of news, and in particular to see what has been done in terms of the use of critical thinking  ...  While there are many studies involving fake news and tools on how to detect it, there is a limited amount of work that focuses on the use of information literacy to assist people to critically access online  ...  This work was performed by means of a systematic literature review (SLR). The paper is presented as follows.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-45002-1_20 fatcat:gabwf5efbzcyhdgka5epivfcyi

Cryptocurrencies Emerging Threats and Defensive Mechanisms: A Systematic Literature Review

Emad Badawi, Guy-Vincent Jourdan
2020 IEEE Access  
We defined inclusion, exclusion, and quality of assessment criteria, and after a detailed review process, 66 publications were included in the final review.  ...  Our aims in this systematic review are to explore and aggregate the state of the art threats that have emerged with cryptocurrencies and the defensive mechanisms that have been proposed.  ...  In this paper, we conduct a systematic literature review (SLR) on state-of-the-art cryptocurrency-related cybercriminal activities.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3034816 fatcat:ewuxjgvxizeq3igq5dk6ohxoie
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