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Detecting Policy Preferences and Dynamics in the UN General Debate with Neural Word Embeddings [article]

Stefano Gurciullo, Slava Mikhaylov
2017 arXiv   pre-print
the United Nations General Debate.  ...  This paper presents a novel, potential solution to this challenge, through the application of a neural word embedding (Word2vec) model on a dataset featuring speeches by heads of state or government in  ...  This paper contributes to this line of work by introducing the use of neural word embedding (Word2vec) models on political text -more specifically, UN General Debate (UNGD) speeches.  ... 
arXiv:1707.03490v1 fatcat:jt7m6wzjvva6rfru3wycze7rku

Sequential Modelling with Applications to Music Recommendation, Fact-Checking, and Speed Reading [article]

Christian Hansen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
One example is systems that interact with users, log user actions and behaviour, and make recommendations of items of potential interest to users on the basis of their previous interactions.  ...  Similarly, for systems that automatically infer the semantics of text, capturing the sequential order of words in a sentence is essential, as even a slight re-ordering could significantly alter its original  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Partly funded by Innovationsfonden DK, DABAI (5153-00004A), and AMAOS (7076-00121B).  ... 
arXiv:2109.06736v1 fatcat:xawmkvzhgng3vhhrs5xvwokqna

D2.2 Implementations of methods adapted to enhanced human inputs

Doukhan, Francis, Harrando, Huet, Kaseva, Kurimo, Laaksonen, Lindh-Knuutila, Lisena, Pehlivan Tort, Reboud, Rouhe (+2 others)
2020 Zenodo  
Finally, the abstracts of five academic theses together with full texts of ten scientific publications appear at the end of the report.  ...  This deliverable also summarises in an appendix the dissemination activities related to the research work in MeMAD's Work Package WP2 during its second year.  ...  This work was partially funded by ANR (the French National Research Agency) via the ANTRACT project and the European H2020 research and innovation programme via the project MeMAD (GA780069).  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4964298 fatcat:6bbqa7q3xrctnm6nrf5fxh7f3q

Data Study Group Final Report: Entale

Data Study Group Team
2022 Zenodo  
In addition, Entale has released an in-house information retrieval system that extracts validated contextual content from podcast transcriptions in the form of linked named entities and external links  ...  Data Study Groups are week-long events at The Alan Turing Institute bringing together some of the country's top talent from data science, artificial intelligence, and wider fields, to analyse real-world  ...  As such, to begin with we focused on separately working with user data (leading to methods such as collaborative filtering, and general user embeddings) and episode data (using e.g. topic models, word  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5818331 fatcat:wnuaarujiza4nmxpbikvwlojse

Viable system model: a tool for managing sustainable development holistically

Iffat Sabir Chaudhry
2022 Management & Sustainability: An Arab Review  
support sustainable planning and configuration evaluation holistically, by diagnosing the region (system-in-focus) together with the present and future environment, at multiple recursive levels of city  ...  their interactive relations with the larger systems and the environment at each and all recursive levels.Design/methodology/approachThis viewpoint proposes that Viable System Model (VSM) framework can  ...  Azadeh et al. (2014) modelled broiler industry of Iran using VSM in conjunction with artificial neural networks and system dynamic simulations to understand its complex economic system.  ... 
doi:10.1108/msar-01-2022-0008 fatcat:xt34ikb7fzbnzjzr4rdqoyxc5e

Multilingual Stance Detection in Social Media Political Debates

Mirko Lai, Alessandra Teresa Cignarella, Delia Irazú Hernández Farías, Cristina Bosco, Viviana Patti, Paolo Rosso
2020 Computer Speech and Language  
We focus in particular on the novel corpora by describing their development and by comparing them with the benchmarks.  ...  corpora exploited in Stance Detection tasks and evaluation exercises known in literature.  ...  The work of Paolo Rosso was partially funded bythe Spanish MICINN under the research project MISMIS-FAKEnHATE on MISinformation and MIScommunication in social media: FAKE news and HATE speech (PGC2018-  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.csl.2020.101075 fatcat:j3cwbbnairatpb4czoqccvuehi

A Survey of Available Corpora for Building Data-Driven Dialogue Systems [article]

Iulian Vlad Serban, Ryan Lowe, Peter Henderson, Laurent Charlin, Joelle Pineau
2017 arXiv   pre-print
In the area of dialogue systems, the trend is less obvious, and most practical systems are still built through significant engineering and expert knowledge.  ...  During the past decade, several areas of speech and language understanding have witnessed substantial breakthroughs from the use of data-driven models.  ...  Early versions of the manuscript benefited greatly from the proofreading of Melanie Lyman-Abramovitch, and later versions were extensively revised by Genevieve Fried and Nicolas Angelard-Gontier.  ... 
arXiv:1512.05742v3 fatcat:lh34cnbvefcfxp2qwxfyiuuwhm

An overview of event extraction and its applications [article]

Jiangwei Liu, Liangyu Min, Xiaohong Huang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
With the rapid development of information technology, online platforms have produced enormous text resources.  ...  This study provides a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art event extraction methods and their applications from text, including closed-domain and open-domain event extraction.  ...  Word embedding, character embedding, position embedding, entity type embedding, POS tag embedding, entity type embedding, word distance, relative position, path embedding, etc., are the most used features  ... 
arXiv:2111.03212v1 fatcat:o3oagnjrybh3vapvvp7twgjtuu

"Contro L'Odio": A Platform for Detecting, Monitoring and Visualizing Hate Speech against Immigrants in Italian Social Media

Arthur T. E. Capozzi, Mirko Lai, Valerio Basile, Fabio Poletto, Manuela Sanguinetti, Cristina Bosco, Viviana Patti, Giancarlo Ruffo, Cataldo Musto, Marco Polignano, Giovanni Semeraro, Marco Stranisci
2020 Italian Journal of Computational Linguistics  
The paper describes the Web platform built within the project "Contro l'Odio", for monitoring and contrasting discrimination and hate speech against immigrants in Italy.  ...  It applies a combination of computational linguistics techniques for hate speech detection and data visualization tools on data drawn from Twitter.  ...  Acknowledgments The work of all the authors was partially funded by Italian Ministry of Labor (Contro l'Odio: tecnologie informatiche, percorsi formativi e storytelling partecipativo per combattere l'intolleranza  ... 
doi:10.4000/ijcol.659 fatcat:slwwa5kmmnaydhpmkga6bf35gq

GenAtSeq GAN with Heuristic Reforms for Knowledge Centric Network with Browsing Characteristics Learning, Individual Tracking and Malware Detection with Website2Vec

Chiranjib Sur
2020 SN Computer Science  
In this work, we have introduced how we can scale up and enhance representations using the generalized form of GAN architecture, capable of learning from generative features and differences in generalized  ...  Our contributions are in the architectural definition of Generalized Attentive Sequential Generative Adversarial Network (GenAtSeq-GAN), identification of log characteristics for discrimination, and the  ...  Compliance with ethical standards Conflict of Interest The author declares that he has no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s42979-020-00234-8 fatcat:tyowypduvrczrpieyhh2wycsau

Engines of Patriarchy: Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Times of Illiberal Backlash Politics

Hendrik Schopmans, Jelena Cupać
2021 Ethics and International Affairs  
In response, international organizations (IOs) have begun to translate the emerging consensus on the need for ethical AI into concrete international rules and standards.  ...  Against this background, we urge scholars and practitioners concerned with AI ethics to pay closer attention to illiberal backlash politics.  ...  In , a Boston-based research group set out to create an "analogy generator" using WordVec, a tool that captures relationships between words and that had been trained on a corpus of Google News texts  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0892679421000356 fatcat:p5shdwwb25aullxgx4vzebktze

Data-Driven Dialogue Systems for Social Agents [chapter]

Kevin K. Bowden, Shereen Oraby, Amita Misra, Jiaqi Wu, Stephanie Lukin, Marilyn Walker
2018 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering  
In the area of dialogue systems, the trend is less obvious, and most practical systems are still built through significant engineering and expert knowledge.  ...  During the past decade, several areas of speech and language understanding have witnessed substantial breakthroughs from the use of data-driven models.  ...  Early versions of the manuscript benefited greatly from the proofreading of Melanie Lyman-Abramovitch, and later versions were extensively revised by Genevieve Fried and Nicolas Angelard-Gontier.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-92108-2_6 fatcat:nrqzpujukreojdkkusbzy4uniy

A Sociotechnical View of Algorithmic Fairness [article]

Mateusz Dolata and Stefan Feuerriegel and Gerhard Schwabe
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This perspective can generate new insights that integrate knowledge from both technical fields and social studies. Further, it spurs new directions for IS debates.  ...  We advance the discourse on algorithmic fairness as a sociotechnical phenomenon. Our research objective is to embed AF in the sociotechnical view of IS.  ...  From Parity to Preference-based Notions of Fairness in Classification. In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 30, 229-239 Making: the Interplay between User Dynamics and Fairness.  ... 
arXiv:2110.09253v1 fatcat:sohgqzk7dfbnjlevmhznreui5e

A Survey on Echo Chambers on Social Media: Description, Detection and Mitigation [article]

Faisal Alatawi, Lu Cheng, Anique Tahir, Mansooreh Karami, Bohan Jiang, Tyler Black, Huan Liu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
An echo chamber is defined as a network of users in which users only interact with opinions that support their pre-existing beliefs and opinions, and they exclude and discredit other viewpoints.  ...  Echo chambers promote conspiracy theories about the virus and are found to be linked to vaccine hesitancy, less compliance with mask mandates, and the practice of social distancing.  ...  With the popularity of neural networks, embedding- the opinion subjects between the two opinions, and (3) com- based similarities are seeing more usage.  ... 
arXiv:2112.05084v1 fatcat:hr5l4tnsyjeuvnzlexfb67m4xu

Fake News: A Survey of Research, Detection Methods, and Opportunities [article]

Xinyi Zhou, Reza Zafarani
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The explosive growth in fake news and its erosion to democracy, justice, and public trust has increased the demand for fake news analysis, detection and intervention.  ...  By reviewing the characteristics of fake news and open issues in fake news studies, we highlight some potential research tasks at the end of this survey.  ...  Such embeddings (often at the word-level) can be further incorporated into neural network architectures (e.g., Convolution Neural Networks, CNNs [He et al. 2016; Huang et al. 2017; Krizhevsky et al. 2012  ... 
arXiv:1812.00315v1 fatcat:5livhuklpzdk5dmx5rsnlidn3u
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