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Personalizing trip recommendations: A framework proposal

Tamer Uçar, Adem Karahoca
2015 Global Journal of Computer Sciences Theory and Research  
Insights about the proposed systems are provided clearly. Besides a literature survey, this study also proposes a novel travel recommender method based on a tourism datasource.  ...  As a combination of these two methods, hybrid approaches are also popular for recommendation systems. This study provides a deep analysis about recent studies in trip recommendation domain.  ...  Content--based filtering The following section contains a new recommender engine architecture which is designed by analyzing the mentioned recent studies.  ... 
doi:10.18844/gjcs.v5i1.30 fatcat:vf77ayrrn5cadfoffkkol4jezu

On Ontology-Based Tourist Knowledge Representation and Recommendation

Pai, Wang, Hsu, Lin, Chen
2019 Applied Sciences  
When the tourists do not need to know the keywords of the popular attraction name, they just need to get their current location; and then ORT content will recommend the next attraction to the traveler,  ...  And the study is to search for popular attractions from the OTR content and construct a tourist knowledge structure for these travelers.  ...  The value of tourist knowledge in OTR can be raised if it is first analyzed, was also used to design a method for recommending tourist attractions.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app9235097 fatcat:rkyt2xr5rjclhacpqpbqa573t4


Yogesh Kale .
2014 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
First analyze the properties of the old travel packages and develop a tourist-area-season topic (TAST) model.  ...  Though many recommender systems have been developed for enhancing the quality of travel service, most of them lack a systematic and open framework to dynamically incorporate multiple types of additional  ...  Preferences of different users for same item are recommended by system. Personalized travel package has many challenges while designing and executing the recommended system.  ... 
doi:10.15623/ijret.2014.0311061 fatcat:dl5j3x75sjgz7ox3xiv3epodh4

The evolution of travel recommender systems: A comprehensive review

Muneer V. K., K. P. Mohamed Basheer
2020 Malaya Journal of Matematik  
The significance of a Recommender System (RS) comes in the picture which can address travel-related queries.  ...  Here comes the possibility of expert opinion for scheduling a perfect travel plan.  ...  Rathnayake [31] introduced a Google Maps Based Travel Planning & Analyzing System (TPAS) to pro- pose a solution for location-based travel recommendations to the user.  ... 
doi:10.26637/mjm0804/0075 fatcat:x2f34v67hfg75le7tquws3siem

Travel Package Recommendation System: A Literature Review

2016 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
In the era of computers, electronics, information technology, now a day's people who are not aware of peculiarities of places, rely on travel package recommender systems suggested by various sites and  ...  Travelling has become a very well known interest of people now a days, especially when many places own their explicit specialty. It has become a good source of monetary support for many nations.  ...  To find neighboring Because of the emerging trend in research on recommender systems to design a system which could recommend packages instead of single items which seemed to be a little complicated task  ... 
doi:10.21275/v5i3.nov162170 fatcat:afelndi43vdnxo55srqnwp2itu

Intelligent Tourism Personalized Recommendation Based on Multi-Fusion of Clustering Algorithms

HongYan Liang, Qiangyi Li
2021 Advances in Multimedia  
In addition, this paper constructs an intelligent recommendation system based on the actual needs of travel recommendation and verifies the system in combination with experimental research.  ...  This paper combines big data technology to build a personalized recommendation system for smart tourism, model the contextual information usage ontology under the tourism information system, and give the  ...  In a tourism information recommendation system based on situational awareness, if a content-based recommendation method is used, it is necessary to analyze the feature value of the recommended item and  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/4517973 fatcat:a7ubmju4cbg6jlkmgmnnoszhui

Intelligent Travelling System

Sarassri. S, R. Pavithra, V. Jananee
2017 The International Journal of Engineering and Science  
In artificial intelligence, an expert system is the computer system that emulates the decision making ability of a human expert.  ...  Expert systems are designed to solve the complex problems by reasoning about the knowledge represented primarily as If-then rules rather than through conventional procedural code Intelligent Travelling  ...  The intelligent decision making that this paper proposes with regard to the development of the VISIT system, is a hybrid based recommendation approach made up of collaborative filtering, content based  ... 
doi:10.9790/1813-0603025557 fatcat:t6lvs7cn2fcingjsdkwxn3nz54

Developing an intelligent trip recommender system by data mining methods

Tamer Uçar
2016 Global Journal of Information Technology Emerging Technologies  
Narrowing down relevant search results is not a very simple task. Recommender systems are being used in almost every search related area. Tourism domain is one of these sectors.  ...  Keywords: Trip recommender, data mining, expert systems  ...  Proposed system integrates heterogeneous online travel information using a tourism ontology. Travel behavior of the target user and similar users were analyzed to generate recommendations.  ... 
doi:10.18844/gjit.v6i1.398 fatcat:ydw3qhwnq5exffntsmdntxqn4e

Design of an Integrated Land Use and Activity-Based Travel Model System for the Puget Sound Region

Paul Waddell, Maren Outwater, Chandra Bhat, Larry Blain
2002 Transportation Research Record  
and travel model system that corresponds to a behavioral integration of the choice processes across relevant time frames.  ...  The development of the model requirements drew on a broad survey of the literature and of operational models, and the proposed model design offers a unique approach to the development of a new land use  ...  : Represent interactions of travel demand and supply, and the resulting patterns of congestion delay and travel volume.These recommendations for the design of the new models are further detailed by model  ... 
doi:10.3141/1805-13 fatcat:zo3ouyvbe5gefmmf43evllf7dq

Assessing language discrepancies between travelers and online travel recommendation systems: Application of the Jaccard distance score to web data mining

Sangwon Park, Dae-Young Kim
2017 Technological forecasting & social change  
By using a human-centric approach to online recommender systems, this research aims to estimate the language discrepancies of which travelers and destination marketers describe the travel experiences across  ...  Then, a set of text data mining methods (i.e., clustering analysis and Jaccard distance score) was applied to identify the language differences between travelers and CVB websites, according to the following  ...  The most popular 10 words from  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2017.03.031 fatcat:lfguuzkdljabfo5vh3uzw2umz4

Supporting Travel Decision Making Through Personalized Recommendation [chapter]

Francesco Ricci, Fabio Del Missier
2004 Designing Personalized User Experiences in eCommerce  
We present an approach to the design of personalized recommender systems that integrates content-based methods, collaborative filtering techniques and case-based reasoning while adopting a user-centered  ...  In this framework, we developed and tested a system prototype (NutKing) that helps the user to construct a travel plan by recommending attractive travel products or by proposing complete itineraries.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The research was supported by CARITRO Foundation, European Union (contract DieToRecs IST-2000-29474), and a grant from Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Indirecs project).  ... 
doi:10.1007/1-4020-2148-8_13 fatcat:7364ulhil5b77e3vkyzz7qprfu

Linked Open Data in Location-Based Recommendation System on Tourism Domain: a survey

Phatpicha Yochum, Liang Chang, Tianlong Gu, Manli Zhu
2020 IEEE Access  
This work aims not only to present a systematic review and mapping of the linked open data in location-based recommendation system on tourism domain, but also to provide an overview of the current research  ...  In the tourism domain, many studies are using linked open data to address the problem of location-based recommendation by integrating data with other linked open datasets to enrich data and tourism content  ...  [32] designed the Content Analyzer and implemented the technique in a system called Cicero for recommending a travel destination.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2967120 fatcat:yqwkrko6mzfw5e5kckfaxbxzju

Survey: Optimal Travel Route Discovery based on Topic Interest and Image Attributes

Asha Murali, Amina Beevi A
2018 International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development  
The system further designed a route reconstruction algorithm to build route candidates that meet requirements.  ...  Explicitly, the system designs a keyword extraction module to classify POI tags so as to effectively match the query keywords.  ...  The traditional travel recommendation system can be considered as one of the information recommendation systems. Usually, the shortest path of time or distance can be calculated.  ... 
doi:10.31142/ijtsrd11303 fatcat:a23xghswqjhc5nyhkef5seh2vm

Substituting Information for Interaction

Robert J. Glushko, Karen Joy Nomorosa
2012 Journal of Service Research  
for analyzing and designing personalized service encounters and service systems.  ...  that analyzes previous service encounters to refine service and customer models, and a 5) SERVICE MONITORING SYSTEM that monitors the status of service delivery.  ...  However, in service design contexts a "recommendation" is generally a proposal about the content of a service offering, while a "personalization" can involve a broader set of changes in the nature of the  ... 
doi:10.1177/1094670512463967 fatcat:aakq2kjeh5ggdhfzn7appvdobm

Instruction Resource Recommendation Services For Elementary Schools In Taiwan

Hong-Ren Chen, Fang-Yu Yeh
2008 Zenodo  
In the past, there were more researches of recommendation system in applied electronic commerce.  ...  data filter. (2)According to the content satisfaction of questionnaire survey, four styles teachers were almost satisfied with the contents of the instruction resources that the website recommended, thus  ...  This study implemented a teaching resource recommendation website; analyzed the teaching style of course teachers; effectively classified teaching resources; designed a set of recommendation rules to filter  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1080598 fatcat:i5ynpn3qprgu5ijjvdrnzzxjfi
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