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Incremental Color Quantization for Color-Vision-Deficient Observers Using Mobile Gaming Data [article]

Jose Cambronero and Phillip Stanley-Marbell and Martin Rinard
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We introduce DaltonQuant, a new color quantization technique for image compression that cloud services can apply to images destined for a specific user with known color vision deficiencies.  ...  DaltonQuant quantizes image data to account for user-specific color perception anomalies, using a new method for incremental color quantization based on a large corpus of color vision acuity data obtained  ...  We thank Erica Gorochow, Salvatore Randazzo, and Charlie Whitney for providing access to the Specimen dataset.  ... 
arXiv:1803.08420v1 fatcat:lkkb43n4rvaahkdborfmi7gizq

Emulating Perceptual Experience of Color Vision Deficiency with Virtual Reality

Krzysztof Szczurowski, Matt Smith
2018 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics  
One of the major goals of Universal Design is to create experiences that are inclusive to all users, including those affected by Color Vision Deficiency.  ...  The second (design-end) allows the designer to view an image, or color scheme altered to recreate the perceptual experience of a user affected by Color Vision Deficiency and asses the design from the perspective  ...  Introduction Universal Design aims to create inclusive experiences for all users, including those suffering from Color Vision Deficiency (CVD).  ... 
pmid:30371498 fatcat:gqaht7xemjbjnhorao7tt5xxkm

Accessible maps for the color vision deficient observers: past and present knowledge and future possibilities

Anne Kristin Kvitle
2018 Proceedings of the ICA  
The aim of this study is to review existing methods for map design for color vision deficient users.  ...  Impaired color vision affects the ability to distinguish colors, which makes the task of decoding the map colors difficult.  ...  "colo(u)r vision deficiency" and "colo(u)r blindness", combined with the terms "cartography" and "maps".  ... 
doi:10.5194/ica-proc-1-64-2018 fatcat:ojogp7233bburdyoadaisn7lu4

Sunglasses, Traffic Signals, and Color Vision Deficiencies

Stephen J. Dain, Joanne M. Wood, David A. Atchison
2009 Optometry and Vision Science  
For most of the color deficient groups, there were recognition errors for yellow signals combined with the yellow-green and green tints.  ...  In addition, deuteranopes had problems for red signals combined with red-brown and yellow-brown tints, and protanopes had problems for green signals combined with the green tint and for red signals combined  ...  Eddie Matejowsky wrote the computer program and built the electronic circuitry for the experiment, Carol Pedersen assisted with experiments, and Nancy Spencer and Phillipe Lacherez provided statistical  ... 
doi:10.1097/opx.0b013e318199d1da pmid:19225432 fatcat:kmtn2hqgnbhkfkxtphvjjlsbfy

Quality of color coding in maps for color deficient observers

Anne Kristin Kvitle, Marius Pedersen, Peter Nussbaum
2016 IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science and Technology  
For a color deficient observer, the quality of a map or other information design may be defined as the ability to extract features.  ...  As color appearance is affected by the size of the stimuli, the task of discriminate colors may be even more difficult for a color vision deficient observer.  ...  One major problem with simulations is that they operate more like a guideline for a designer with normal color vision.  ... 
doi:10.2352/issn.2470-1173.2016.20.color-326 fatcat:4ox2ahamg5enxjwulfdcwxrljy

Projector Camera System Presenting Color Information for the Color Vision Deficient

Daiki Kawakami, Kaito Makino, Yuichi Kobayashi, Toru Kaneko, Atsushi Yamashita, Hajime Asama
2016 Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics  
There are people who cannot distinguish between specific colors easily. This paper presents an improvement to a system for the color vision deficient.  ...  We verify through experiments the effectiveness of the proposed color projection system with its patterns and blinking light.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was in part supported by KAKENHI, Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research (24650093).  ... 
doi:10.20965/jaciii.2016.p0026 fatcat:ashllo74yrhgjdqglfa6yzniiu


Renan Furlan de Oliveira, Edmur Azevedo Pugliesi, Ana Paula Marques Ramos, Mônica Modesta Santos Decanini
2018 Boletim de Ciências Geodésicas  
This paper evaluates driver preference for RGNS maps designed for drivers with color vision deficiency. A total of 14 subjects participated in an experiment performed in a parked car.  ...  However, the color perception of people with normal color vision differs from that of people with color vision deficiency.  ...  However, the color perception of people with normal color vision differs from that of people with color vision deficiency.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1982-21702018000200013 fatcat:tulc2oit3jhs3o3f5mywix2g7q

Personalized Image Recoloring for Color Vision Deficiency Compensation

Zhenyang Zhu, Masahiro Toyoura, Kentaro Go, Kenji Kashiwagi, Issei Fujishiro, Tien-Tsin Wong, Xiaoyang Mao
2021 IEEE transactions on multimedia  
Several image recoloring methods have been proposed to compensate for the loss of contrast caused by color vision deficiency (CVD).  ...  To assess the effectiveness of the proposed method, a quantitative evaluation using common metrics and subjective studies involving 14 volunteers with varying degrees of CVD are conducted.  ...  We would like to thank all the participants for evaluating the proposed method carefully and patiently and for their valuable comments.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmm.2021.3070108 fatcat:5qa7k7c2lfanrooxyt7dq4ffy4

A Physiologically-based Model for Simulation of Color Vision Deficiency

G.M. Machado, M.M. Oliveira, L. Fernandes
2009 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics  
Simulation, for a normal trichromat, of the color perception of individuals with color vision deficiency (protanomaly) at different degrees of severity.  ...  Scientific visualization under color vision deficiency.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We deeply thank our volunteers, and Francisco Pinto for providing the visualization software. We also thank the anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvcg.2009.113 pmid:19834201 fatcat:pkvograsrnanrlvhglp6m7srye

Increasing Accessibility for Map Readers with Acquired and Inherited Colour Vision Deficiencies: A Re-Colouring Algorithm for Maps

Gretchen Maria Culp
2012 The Cartographic Journal  
Approximately 8% of the male population suffer from an inherited form of color vision deficiency (CVD).  ...  In addition, research on accessible maps for readers with the inherited form of CVD was restricted to the design or pre-publication stage.  ...  Accommodating renditions need not be used for map readers with normal color vision but should be made available as an alternative for users with CVD.  ... 
doi:10.1179/1743277412y.0000000030 fatcat:4fttbbisvferxdj2btiglgdscy

A Contrast-based Color Conversion Method for the Maintenance of Sense of the People with Color Vision Deficiency
색각 이상자들의 감각 유지를 위한 대비기반 색변환 방법

Jihye An, Jinho Park
2014 Journal of Digital Contents Society  
The purpose of recovering the distortion of the vision which is the basis for emotion is to increase positive emotions rather than negative ones that those with color vision deficiency feel when they experience  ...  color vision deficiency by reducing such a contrast.  ...  Setting the color zones is based on the color adjustment devices and methods for the contents for those with color sense deficiency [13] .  ... 
doi:10.9728/dcs.2014.15.6.751 fatcat:zrdrinn3z5cpxbhgp6jrifovt4

ALCC-Glasses: Arriving Light Chroma Controllable Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display System for Color Vision Deficiency Compensation

Ying Tang, Zhenyang Zhu, Masahiro Toyoura, Kentaro Go, Kenji Kashiwagi, Issei Fujishiro, Xiaoyang Mao
2020 Applied Sciences  
About 250 million people in the world suffer from color vision deficiency (CVD). Contact lenses and glasses with a color filter are available to partially improve the vision of people with CVD.  ...  The method of color calibration for people with CVD, such as the Daltonization process, needs to make the calibrated color darker, which has not yet been featured on recent commercial OST-HMDs.  ...  Genetic disorders can cause one or more cones to be partially or totally nonfunctional, which leads to color vision deficiency (CVD), also known as color blindness [1] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/app10072381 fatcat:eicp6kfjwjhzvonfqsvsvdqhka

Color vision deficiencies in youths 12-17 years of age, United States

D Slaby, J Roberts
1974 Vital and health statistics. Series 11, Data from the National Health Survey  
Color vision deficiency, commonly called color blindness, manifests itself in everyday life in the confusion of, or blindness to, one or more primary colors, and its origins may be congenital or acquired  ...  Presented in this report are data on the prevalence of color vision deficiencies in American youths 12-17 years of age as estimated from the Health Examination Survey of 1966-70.  ...  This H-R-R test is designed to serve three purposes; A screening test to separate persons with defective color vision from those with normal color vision.  ... 
pmid:25208588 fatcat:t2ld4zhbp5hzvdk2nvj3czhgii

Design of an Intelligent Hydroponics System to Identify Macronutrient Deficiencies in Chili

Deffa Rahadiyan, Sri Hartati, Wahyono -, Andri Prima Nugroho
2022 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Based on analysis and design, our proposed model has a high potential for identifying and estimating macronutrient deficiency at the same time as well and can be applied to support precision agriculture  ...  In addition, the optimal architecture will also be sought based on the characteristics of the combination of three features in the form of texture, color, and leaf shape.  ...  using DSELM and GA Color a number of DSELMs GA and committee with single color features and suitable to estimate nitrogen their combinations are not [22] Okra Plant 231 images for 4 categories Resizing  ... 
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2022.0130117 fatcat:wu34dfz5ofebnjr5jvpdsbkhlq

Optimal Color Correction Based on Image Analysis for Color Vision Deficiency

Jongho Choi, Jusun Lee, Hyeonjoon Moon, Seong Joon Yoo, Dongil Han
2019 IEEE Access  
For this purpose, the proposed method builds a confusion line database for colors confused by color vision deficient people using the CIEDE2000 color-difference formula and Brettel's method for simulation  ...  When there exist confused colors by color vision deficient people, a method for finding the optimal color is proposed through the confusion line database.  ...  However, substantially color-vision deficiencies have a complex effect on the entire spectrum [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2948653 fatcat:q4wxpiqzxrdw3oak4dazdxd4gq
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