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Designing directories in distributed systems: a systematic framework

K. Mani Chandy, E.M. Schooler
1996 Proceedings of 5th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing HPDC-96  
Directory Organization g Î í £ i ' E ñ G o ¥ v I C þ o ¥ E !  ...  à v Þ ¼ Ë Ã Â 9 Ý i ü W Å 7 Í Å É f Å n  ¢ à r Ë y AE i Á y Å Ä Ç ú Þ y 0 Ä à r Ý Ç Þ Ã É Ý Ç Ã à a Á y à r  i Ý Ç Þ u Ä e ÷ f Ë u à r  ¤ à v Á f Á f Ë Þ u Ä à r Ý Ç Þ ¼ Ã É 9 ý Examples of Directory-Based  ... 
doi:10.1109/hpdc.1996.546202 dblp:conf/hpdc/ChandyS96 fatcat:h3qeyxaxybd3pojehrit6k3lce

A framework for systematic analysis of open access journals and its application in software engineering and information systems

Daniel Graziotin, Xiaofeng Wang, Pekka Abrahamsson
2014 Scientometrics  
The framework has been employed in a systematic analysis of 30 OA journals in software engineering (SE) and information systems (IS), which were selected among 386 OA journals in Computer Science from  ...  the Directory of OA Journals.  ...  Results The results of the systematic analysis are summarized in five tables, each of which is related to a framework area.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11192-014-1278-7 fatcat:fmi4jzf2wrbibhwhvpahnmzbxa

A Procedural World Generation Framework for Systematic Evaluation of Continual Learning [article]

Timm Hess, Martin Mundt, Iuliia Pliushch, Visvanathan Ramesh
2021 arXiv   pre-print
In this work, our goal is to bridge this gap by introducing a computer graphics simulation framework that repeatedly renders only upcoming urban scene fragments in an endless real-time procedural world  ...  At its core lies a modular parametric generative model with adaptable generative factors.  ...  These correspond to names in the directory structure, which is used to store the respective object-assets inside the simulator.  ... 
arXiv:2106.02585v2 fatcat:ciaapnxvv5dxbcmwtrzft4kbaq

TCitySmartF: A comprehensive systematic framework for transforming cities into smart cities

Kaya Kuru, Darren Ansel
2020 IEEE Access  
The main features of SC are presented in a framework fuelled by recent technological advancement, particular city requirements and dynamics.  ...  This framework -TCitySmartF 1) aims to aspire a platform that seamlessly forges engineering and technology solutions with social dynamics in a new philosophical city automation concept -socio-technical  ...  Ansell: TCitySmartF: Comprehensive Systematic Framework for Transforming Cities Into Smart Cities  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2967777 fatcat:pudeopvidbfm5mogdintu3ayt4

A Systematic Framework for Data Management and Integration in a Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processing Line

Huiyi Cao, Srinivas Mushnoori, Barry Higgins, Chandrasekhar Kollipara, Adam Fermier, Douglas Hausner, Shantenu Jha, Ravendra Singh, Marianthi Ierapetritou, Rohit Ramachandran
2018 Processes  
As a result, the management and integration of data in a consistent, organized, and reliable manner is a big challenge for the pharmaceutical industry.  ...  This recipe model is implemented into a process control system (PCS), data historian, as well as Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) system.  ...  Acknowledgments: This work is supported by the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center on Structured Organic Particulate Systems, through Grant NSF-ECC 0540855, and Johnson and Johnson  ... 
doi:10.3390/pr6050053 fatcat:yc6luzgjbfeozptjdgk3t2nddu

Blockchain Technology for Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Systematic Literature Review and a Classification Framework

Vineet Paliwal, Shalini Chandra, Suneel Sharma
2020 Sustainability  
Through a systematic review of publications in reputed peer-reviewed journals, this paper investigates the role of blockchain technology in sustainable supply chain management.  ...  They also indicate a heightened interest in blockchain-based information systems for sustainable supply chain management starting since 2017.  ...  A tradeoff exists between cost and other non-functional qualities in the design of blockchain-based systems.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su12187638 doaj:2673dbc816cc4a718238117236ebf2c1 fatcat:zbau3jr3tjeanpmxu6ijpbleku

Generating realisticimpressionsfor file-system benchmarking

Nitin Agrawal, Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau
2009 ACM Transactions on Storage  
In this paper we present the design, implementation and evaluation of Impressions, and demonstrate its utility using desktop search as a case study.  ...  To remedy these problems, we develop Impressions, a framework to generate statistically accurate file-system images with realistic metadata and content.  ...  Acknowledgments We are grateful to Bill Bolosky for providing us with a copy of the five-year metadata dataset from Microsoft.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1629080.1629086 fatcat:miwqzj27k5ay3m7atil3izocui

Splash: Simulation optimization in complex systems of systems

Peter J. Haas, Nicole C. Barberis, Piyaphol Phoungphol, Ignacio G. Terrizzano, Wang-Chiew Tan, Patricia G. Selinger, Paul P. Maglio
2012 2012 50th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing (Allerton)  
We also implement a sensitivity-analysis method based on a fractional-factorial experimental design.  ...  The experiment manager also provides a mechanism for systematically varying the inputs to the composite models.  ...  See [25] for a detailed description of Splash's time-alignment framework and [26] for a description of a novel MapReduce algorithm for cubic-spline interpolation in Splash, based on distributed stochastic  ... 
doi:10.1109/allerton.2012.6483248 dblp:conf/allerton/HaasBPTTSM12 fatcat:lpilzxn54bgofck5vwdfa7y7dy

Creating a learning information retrieval system for selection of electromechanical devices for cleaning of gas emissions, wastewater and solid waste

Iryna Shvedchykova, Iryna Soloshych, Valerii Tytiuk
2017 2017 International Conference on Modern Electrical and Energy Systems (MEES)  
The structure of genetic systematic of electromechanical equipment designed to clean exhaust gases, wastewater and solid waste is presented in the paper.  ...  The paper suggests a new approach to building of information retrieval system to select electromechanical devices for purification of gas emission, wastewater and solid waste, based on a methodological  ...  Practical use of JavaScript in the developed software application framework is based on Vue. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mees.2017.8248926 fatcat:bhvlowbxzrgivkewq4vezpk2ry

The Server Reassignment Problem for Load Balancing in Structured P2P Systems

Chyouhwa Chen, Kun-Cheng Tsai
2008 IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems  
We also explore other important issues vital to the performance in the virtual server framework, such as the effect of the number of directories employed in the system and the performance ramification  ...  Index Terms-Distributed hash table, load balance, local search, structured peer-to-peer system, generalized assignment problem. . C. Chen is with the  ...  In structured P2P systems, data items are spread across distributed computers (nodes), and the location of each item is determined in a decentralized manner using a distributed hash lookup table (DHT)  ... 
doi:10.1109/tpds.2007.70735 fatcat:dfpblvphb5a2vku42qhxn6cz3i

Scalable and Reactive Multi Micro-Agents System Middleware for Massively Distributed Systems

EZZRHARI Fatima Ezzahra, EL ABID AMRANI Noureddine, YOUSSFI Mohamed, BOUATTANE Omar
2021 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
To meet this need, this paper presents a model of middleware for multi micro-agents system based on reactive programming and designed for massively distributed systems and High-Performance Computing, especially  ...  This proposal framework is built on abstraction and modularity principles through a multi-layered architecture.  ...  CONCLUSION We presented in this article a scalable multi micro agent middleware based on reactive programming and designed for massively distributed systems and High-Performance Computing.  ... 
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2021.0121147 fatcat:udo4yrzurnemzaoxpprkonzjai

A Framework for Designing Nursing Knowledge Management Systems

Tzyh-Lih Hsia, Li-Min Lin, Jen-Her Wu, Hsien-Tang Tsai
2006 Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management  
Hence, the objective of this research is to propose a conceptual framework that integrates nursing process, KM activities, and enabling information technology (IT) for designing such a nursing KMS.  ...  Utilizing knowledge management systems (KMS) to manage medical information and health care knowledge to support the full spectrum of knowledge needs in the nursing process has become an important issue  ...  Acknowledgments The authors gratefully thank the anonymous Reviewers and Editor-in Chief for their valuable comments to enhance the quality of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.28945/110 fatcat:mlj64uwd5ra2nkutjyurwk33jq

Improved file system security through restrictive access

Navneet Kaur, Maninder Singh
2016 2016 International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT)  
In this research, we propose a modular framework to enhance the security of file system where one of the module create secure and restrictive shell with minimum privileges given to any user to execute  ...  Security is a prime concern in today's era of technology when dealing with digital data. Information is managed by the file system which is the core layer of security in an Operating System.  ...  Chapter 4 Proposed Framework This chapter demonstrates design of proposed framework through Improved File system Security through Restrictive Access.  ... 
doi:10.1109/inventive.2016.7830207 fatcat:tq2qjxl3fbddha63yrsztoc37m


2013 International Journal of Communication Networks and Security  
Peers participating in a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) are often heterogeneous.  ...  common virtual servers, that is unique in that each participating peer is based on the partial knowledge of the system to estimate the probability distributions of the capacities of peers and the loads  ...  explore other important issues vital to the performance in the virtual server framework, such as the effect of the number of directories employed in the system and the performance ramification of user  ... 
doi:10.47893/ijcns.2013.1065 fatcat:fd3ik4rd3faapjt6bg5s7ndeou

WWW based structuring of codesigns

P. G. Plöger, J. Wilberg, M. Langevin, R. Composano
1995 Proceedings of the 8th international symposium on System synthesis - ISSS '95  
The design flow can be adopted to the given application very easily. In addition we introduce the concept of a work flow called 'design by documentation'.  ...  A WWW link to the results is given and experience using it in a codesign project is described.  ...  Acknowledgments This work would not have been possible without the CAS-TLE design team, H. Veit, M. Theissinger and P. Stravers. Fig. 5 HTML default page structure Clarifying discussions with H. U.  ... 
doi:10.1145/224486.224532 dblp:conf/isss/PlogerWLC95 fatcat:zl4sm5x3xvbmjjyjcqgvafquni
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