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Describing Natural Images Containing Novel Objects with Knowledge Guided Assitance [article]

Aditya Mogadala, Umanga Bista, Lexing Xie, Achim Rettinger
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Images in the wild encapsulate rich knowledge about varied abstract concepts and cannot be sufficiently described with models built only using image-caption pairs containing selected objects.  ...  semantic attention and constrained inference in the caption generation model for describing images that depict unseen/novel objects.  ...  DESCRIBING IMAGES WITH NOVEL OBJECTS USING KNOWLEDGE GUIDED ASSISTANCE (KGA) In this section, we present our caption generation model for generating captions for unseen/novel image objects with support  ... 
arXiv:1710.06303v1 fatcat:mu6zbevjbvd2jfl6sjd6yqmisy

THIRD EYE 360° Object Detection and Assistance for Visually Impaired People

2021 International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering  
With the help of imageprocessing, first identifies and locates the object in surrounding and navigates the user to that object using a voice assistant.  ...  The idea is based on the approach to aid visually impaired people with voice assistance to detect objects of the surrounding using 360° view cameras.  ...  Traditional tools like white cane and guide dogs do solve the problems completely. They cannot perceive enough knowledge to avoid all the obstacles.  ... 
doi:10.30534/ijatcse/2021/351032021 fatcat:5b7my7xqy5hqxagpht7k4gpggq

Object of Desire Self-Consciousness Theory

Anthony F. Bogaert, Lori A. Brotto
2013 Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy  
Maltz and Boss (1997) argued that these pretty maiden themes are also very prevalent in fairy tales, film, literature, and particularly "romance novels" (cf. Assiter, 1988; Salmon & Symons, 2003) .  ...  These novels likely function as fantasy material, and have been argued to be a type of erotica, a female counterpoint to male-oriented pornography (Assiter, 1998; Salmon & Symons, 2003; Shepher & Reisman  ... 
doi:10.1080/0092623x.2012.756841 pmid:23905711 fatcat:ahebd45aszhf7dntd7cwuxmqou

Nerve guides manufactured from photocurable polymers to aid peripheral nerve repair

Christopher J. Pateman, Adam J. Harding, Adam Glen, Caroline S. Taylor, Claire R. Christmas, Peter P. Robinson, Steve Rimmer, Fiona M. Boissonade, Frederik Claeyssens, John W. Haycock
2015 Biomaterials  
NGCs with dimensions of 1 mm internal diameter 5 mm length with a wall thickness of 250 mm were fabricated and capable of supporting re-innervation across a 3 mm injury gap after 21 days, with results  ...  with~50 mm resolution from a photocurable poly(ethylene glycol) resin.  ...  We are grateful to Dr Nicola Green for experimental advice and assitance with confocal microscopy and to Dr Sabiniano Rom an for assistance with the mechanical testing of nerve guides.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.biomaterials.2015.01.055 pmid:25725557 fatcat:l3hxygn4l5bcjd6pf5zi5ffp4q

Principles and Practices of Robust, Photography-based Digital Imaging Techniques for Museums [article]

Mark Mudge, Carla Schroer, Graeme Earl, Kirk Martinez, Hembo Pagi, Corey Toler-Franklin, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Gianpaolo Palma, Melvin Wachowiak, Michael Ashley, Neffra Matthews, Tommy Noble (+1 others)
2010 Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage  
The extracted information is then integrated into a new digital representations containing knowledge not present in the original photographs, examined either alone or sequentially.  ...  , and methods of imaged-based generation of textured 3D geometry.  ...  No ongoing assitance from outside digital imaging technologists is necessary. The imaging family is able to process the information from the photographs with only minor user involvement.  ... 
doi:10.2312/pe/vast/vast10s/111-137 dblp:conf/vast/MudgeSEMPTRPWAM10 fatcat:2kllism42veaxcwbgfxrijahre

A Systematic Review of Deep Learning Approaches to Educational Data Mining

Antonio Hernández-Blanco, Boris Herrera-Flores, David Tomás, Borja Navarro-Colorado
2019 Complexity  
image recognition and natural language processing.  ...  Deep Learning is a machine learning method based on neural network architectures with multiple layers of processing units, which has been successfully applied to a broad set of problems in the areas of  ...  In conjunction with CNNs, LSTMs have been used to produce image [84] and video [85] captioning: the CNN implements the image/video processing whereas the LSTM converts CNN output into natural language  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/1306039 fatcat:dhrisvjatbhgnn77otztfjwgvi

DDDAS Approaches to Wildland Fire Modeling and Contaminant Tracking

Craig Douglas, Robert Lodder, Richard Ewing, Yalchin Efendiev, Guan Qin, Janice Coen, Mauricio Kritz, Jonathan Beezley, Jan Mandel, Mohamed Iskandarani, Anthony Vodacek, Gundolf Haase
2006 Proceedings of the 2006 Winter Simulation Conference  
We report on two ongoing efforts to build Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems (DDDAS) for (1) short-range forecasting of weather and wildfire behavior from real time weather data, images, and sensor  ...  The three wavelength infrared images can then be processed using a variety of algorithm approaches (Li, Vodacek, Kremens, Ononye, and Tang 2005, Dozier 1981) to extract which pixels contain a signal  ...  Camera calibration, an inertial measurement unit, GPS, and digital elevation data are used in a processing system to convert raw images to a map product with a latitude and longitude associated with each  ... 
doi:10.1109/wsc.2006.323011 dblp:conf/wsc/DouglasLEEQCKBMIVH06 fatcat:trvgtlct3falhnoimneuidu7ba

Novel Perspectives for the Management of Multilingual and Multialphabetic Heritages through Automatic Knowledge Extraction: The DigitalMaktaba Approach

Sonia Bergamaschi, Stefania De Nardis, Riccardo Martoglia, Federico Ruozzi, Luca Sala, Matteo Vanzini, Riccardo Amerigo Vigliermo
2022 Sensors  
The long-term objective of the DigitalMaktaba project, born from interdisciplinary collaboration between computer scientists, historians, librarians, engineers and linguists, is to establish procedures  ...  In this paper, we discuss the currently ongoing design of an innovative workflow and tool in the area of text sensing, for the automatic extraction of knowledge and cataloguing of documents written in  ...  Conclusions In this paper, we presented the first steps for designing a novel tool for the automatic extraction/sensing of knowledge from documents written in multiple non-Latin languages.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s22113995 pmid:35684615 pmcid:PMC9182969 fatcat:cwvrrseq6necplhwishgrnxgzy

Guided by touch

Ricky Jacob, Peter Mooney, Adam C. Winstanley
2011 Proceedings of the 1st international workshop on Mobile location-based service - MLBS '11  
In this paper we describe four haptic feedback-based prototypes for pedestrian navigation.  ...  Initial user trials have elicited positive responses from the users who see benefit in being provided with a "heads up" approach to mobile navigation.  ...  Heikkinen et al [19] remarks that "the human sense of touch is highly spatial and by its nature tactile sense depends on the physical contact to an object or its surroundings".  ... 
doi:10.1145/2025876.2025881 fatcat:eywvtld7kzawpohnf7vthz4sty

D9.2 – Impact Creation Roadmap

ASSIST-IoT Consortium
2021 Zenodo  
Dissemination activities will target related markets and industries with the objective of fully exploiting the novel business opportunities that are raised from ASSIST-IoT related activities and business  ...  Managed Security Services With ASSIT-IoT, S21SEC will improve the current portfolio for cybersecurity services.  ...  These described by the GA, which is the document that specifies precisely what has to be delivered within the scope of the project.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6777548 fatcat:jzziwnd6evbezmjo5od3wjmuwi

Social Networking Sites for Language Learning: Examining Learning Theories in Nested Semiotic Spaces

José Aldemar Álvarez Valencia
2016 Signo y Pensamiento  
A word or sentence is introduced with audio at the top of the image ("Le père").  ...  By and large, the semiotic spaces described in this section evidence behaviorist and cognitive views of learning correlating with Gruba and Clark's metaphor.  ...  According to Froberg (2014), "[t]he word "freemium" is a combination of the words "free" and "premium. " It describes a business model in which you give a core product away for free to a large group of  ... 
doi:10.11144/javeriana.syp35-68.snsl fatcat:4gdukr5bqrd4tc5cxj2jtpf43m

Nanoscale nonlinear plasmonics in photonic waveguides and circuits

Alessandro Tuniz
2021 La Rivista del nuovo cimento della Società italiana di fisica  
Early excitement has settled into cautious optimism, and recent years have been marked by remarkable progress in enhancing a number of photonic circuit functions with nonlinear plasmonic waveguides across  ...  AbstractOptical waveguides are the key building block of optical fiber and photonic integrated circuit technology, which can benefit from active photonic manipulation to complement their passive guiding  ...  the building block for fast room-temperature single-photon emitters that coupled to low-loss dielectric guides assited by plasmonics, as per the schematic of Fig. 10b .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40766-021-00018-7 fatcat:i3sjbg6dtvhm5o7q52ha4hr5qy

Scene Nineteen [chapter]

Nandita Dinesh
2020 Chronicles from Kashmir  
He gazes at the fallen objects and at the objects in his hands. He climbs into the trunk with the objects in his hands. He closes the trunk. Silence.  ...  Chronicles from Kashmir 120 The sequence of images that follow are deliberately described by content, rather than form.  ...  The exhibits below are described in no particular order -each one will, ultimately, have to be installed as best fits the chosen site.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0223.32 fatcat:cjgudwuyazh4xgru2qmthbp3xm

The aspect of »prophecy« in e. M. Forster's

Ivo Mardešić
2018 Radovi Razdio lingvističko-filološki  
Osobito se posljednjih godina ističe njegovo najvažnije djelo iz područja književne kritike, Aspects of the Novel, koji je izdan 1927.  ...  Such is the passage at the beginning of the novel, containing the sermon about Jonah.  ...  But these two elements are in no way in opposition, we cannot talk of them as »image versus discourse«, but »image and discourse« or sometimes »discourse through image«.  ... 
doi:10.15291/radoviling.2345 fatcat:uvfnziooivds3mwjm5ws5tlake

D9.5 – Report on Impact Creation Achievements and Plan for M1-M18

ASSIST-IoT Consortium
2022 Zenodo  
It summarizes ASSIST-IoT indicative activities performed between M1 and M16 with regards to these subjects.  ...  ASSIST-IoT will give the opportunity to produce the novel knowledge in the field of new IoT wearable devices, as well as application of the NGIoT with the aim of improvement of workers safety and health  ...  Moreover, the novel knowledge produced within the ASSIST-IoT project as well as the know-how gained by MOW will be shared through the Agreement for Building Safety in Poland.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6777607 fatcat:eicggbqkurgkffbq5ivjhiwvgy
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