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Back-illuminated three-dimensionally integrated CMOS image sensors for scientific applications

Vyshnavi Suntharalingam, Dennis D. Rathman, Gregory Prigozhin, Steven Kissel, Mark Bautz, Thomas J. Grycewicz, Cheryl J. Marshall, Penny G. Warren
2007 Focal Plane Arrays for Space Telescopes III  
doi:10.1117/12.739807 fatcat:h5le4adqcbggbjygm77ux7irfq

Performance of a 512 x 512 gated CMOS imager with a 250 ps exposure time

Alan T. Teruya, Stephen P. Vernon, James D. Moody, Warren W. Hsing, Christopher G. Brown, Matthew Griffin, Andrew S. Mead, Vu Tran, Perry Bell, Gary P. Grim
2012 Target Diagnostics Physics and Engineering for Inertial Confinement Fusion  
Rathman, Bob Reich, Antonio Soares  National Security Technologies, Inc.  ...  Warren Hsing, Jim Moody, Ted Perry, Harry Robey, Vern Rekow, Alan Teruya, Steve Vernon, Franz Weber  Massachusetts Institute of Technology -Lincoln Laboratory (MIT-LL) • Bob Berger, David Craig, Dennis  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.930150 fatcat:yxeozfccxjdlrlt4njxt2bwyki

Page 958 of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association Vol. 129, Issue 14 [page]

1945 JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association  
Dennis, Decatur. Zimmerman, Lazar E., Major, 33 N. Ayer St., Harvard. Indiana Adler, David L., Major, 12 E. Broadway, Shelbyville. Barton, Willoughby M., Capt., Centerville.  ...  Rathman, Omer C., Lt. Col., 144 Avenue E, Billings. Stewart, Robert M., Capt., 525 3d St., Whitefish. Nebraska Brillhart, Everett G., Major, Shelby. Holmes, William E., Capt., 3747 Holdrege, Lincoln.  ... 

Page 78 of PMLA. Publications of the Modern Language Association of America Vol. 76, Issue 4 [page]

1960 PMLA. Publications of the Modern Language Association of America  
Fellow Span & Ital, U of Illinois, Urbana, Ili [113 Ww Oregon ] ; Ovistan, Maurice James, Prof Eng, Boston C, Chestnut Hill 67, ass Qurn.tivan, Frances M, Prof Eng, Notre Dame C, South Euclid, (bio Quinn, Dennis  ...  Ratusorng, Isabel Elizabeth, Asst Prof Eng, Hunter C, New York 21, N Y ©. oo W, Asst Prof Eng, Los Angeles SC, Los Angeles » Cali RatusurN, Robert Charles, Asst Prof Eng, U of Minnesota, Minneapolis 14, Minn RATHMAN  ... 

Page 904 of Great Britain. House of Commons. Journal Vol. 75-92, Issue [page]

1820 Great Britain. House of Commons. Journal  
—M ‘Carthy, Dennis, 191. Macroom, 410. Maglas, 416. Magourney, 287. Makerross, 614. Manister, 498. Mansfield- town, Dawer and Killencoole, 421. Mastrine, 445. Mayo, 287. 606.  ...  Rathmanes, St. Mary and St. Mary, 474. Rathmore, 416. Rathoe, 474. Rathorlly, Kiltegan and Kilranela, 446. Rathroran, 498. Rengagona, 446. Richardstown, 421. Robertstown, 498. Robin, 107.  ... 

A monoclonal antibody directed against high Mr salivary mucins recognizes the SO3-3Galβ1-3GlcNAc moiety of sulfo-Lewisa: a histochemical survey of human and rat tissue

E. C. I. Veerman, J. G. M. Bolscher, B. J. Appelmelk, E. Bloemena, T. K. van den Berg, A. V. Nieuw Amerongen
1997 Glycobiology  
diffuse cytoplasmaric +++ Medial/distal region; goblet cells; cytoplasmatic - - _ - _ - - +++ Corticomedullary junction; vessel-associated matrix components and epithelial cells (Figure 4) + Dennis  ...  Monoclonal antibodies Production and preliminary characterization of mAb F2 (IgM subclass), directed to MG1 has been described previously (Rathman et al., 1990; Veerman et al., 1991) .  ... 
doi:10.1093/glycob/7.1.37 pmid:9061363 fatcat:ynbbev2jyreyfh7bduzcdc3pde

Page 7 of School Journal Vol. 3, Issue 95 [page]

1872 School Journal  
. %5—Male Department— iam Rathman, 413 5th st; Thomas J. Habn, Q - Engel, 167 e 4th st rants. 151 Ave ‘A. Class 3. Chas.’ Mack, $5 oth Class 4, Frank Grepp- = 73 rth st; vi, 64 © 4th st; Wm.  ...  Class B, Hattie Nw c, Maggie B ro wey he ned w 221 at; + Helena bensison, Le oth ove, Clara Dennis, 151 w 33d st; Kate Degnan, } st; Lizzie Hoy, 250 w 28th st; Lizzie — 217 w 25th af, Class D, Annie Wiebke  ... 

Page 3 of School Journal Vol. 3, Issue 61 [page]

1872 School Journal  
Rathman, 613 5ch st Wm.  ...  Dennis McMahon 3. Bdward Davicson 8. Charles Hamelin 4 Frank Pell 9. David Hartsborn 5. Johan Reilly lo, Ernest F W Eggert GRAMMAR SCHOOL No, 22. MALE DEPAKTMENT. Class C.  ... 

Page 174 of Albany Law Journal Vol. 10, Issue [page]

Albany Law Journal  
Dennis v. Coman. 135. Mosey v. City of Troy. 141. People ex rel. Markey v. City of Brooklyn. 152. Dinsmore v. Karnes. Johnson v. Elwell. Matthewson v. Witty. . Brooklyn Oil Refinery v. Brown.  ...  Rathman. . Crane v. Knubel. . Bailey v. Martin. . Freer v. Denton. Mitchell v. Mitchell. Pease v. Smith. Wylie v. Marine National Bank of New York. . Osgood v. Maguire. . Goetchues v. Matthewson. .  ... 

Conservation of Ancient Genetic Pathways for Intracellular Persistence Among Animal Pathogenic Bordetellae

Israel Rivera, Bodo Linz, Kalyan K. Dewan, Longhuan Ma, Christopher A. Rice, Dennis E. Kyle, Eric T. Harvill
2019 Frontiers in Microbiology  
While stress conditions such as low pH have been reported to induce the expression of virulence factors in many pathogenic bacteria (Rathman et al., 1996; Bearson et al., 1997) , the suppression of virulence  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2019.02839 pmid:31921025 pmcid:PMC6917644 fatcat:ukf5hmuqebfenazcxyyk5qwnuu

Mutational analysis of muscle nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit assembly

P. Blount
1990 Journal of Cell Biology  
., 1981) and mAb210 (Rathman et al., 1986) , a rabbit polyclonal anti-BTX antibody used to precipitate cc subunit that was prebound to BTX (toxin antitoxin) (Merlie and Sebbane, 1981; Merlie and Lindstrom  ...  that an tx subunit domain to which BTX (W'dson et al., 1985; Neumann et al., 1986; Barakas et al., 1987; Wilson and Lentz, 1988; Radding et al., 1988) and competitive antagonists (Kao et al., 1984; Dennis  ... 
doi:10.1083/jcb.111.6.2613 pmid:2277075 pmcid:PMC2116424 fatcat:v5n3tg65rvek5ov55qn7sv3rve

Detergent binding as a measure of hydrophobic surface area of integral membrane proteins

J V Møller, M le Maire
1993 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
., 1979; Rathman and Christian, 1990) . (1986) .  ...  Robson and Dennis (1977) .  ... 
pmid:8395515 fatcat:tayn6q2f3bdujglamp2izhqrxq

The Tripartite Type III Secreton ofShigella flexneriInserts Ipab and Ipac into Host Membranes

Ariel Blocker, Pierre Gounon, Eric Larquet, Kirsten Niebuhr, Véronique Cabiaux, Claude Parsot, Philippe Sansonetti
1999 Journal of Cell Biology  
She acknowledges Chantal LeBougenec, Tony Pugsley, and Elie Dassa for local advice and reagents and Lina Bernardini, Guy Cornelis, Mike Donnenberg, Bob MacNab, Ira Mellman, and Dennis Thomas for inspiring  ...  ., 1995; Rathman, M., P.J. Sansonetti, C. Parsot, and G. Tran Van Nhieu, manuscript submitted for publication).  ... 
doi:10.1083/jcb.147.3.683 pmid:10545510 pmcid:PMC2151192 fatcat:o7btgn34tnd3bpqj4ygzw46s4i

Purgatoire Pecked-II Petroglyphs [chapter]

2016 Thunder and Herds  
Dennis Slifer guided me to sites and sent me information about others.  ...  Laurie Lee, Chris Loendorf, Janet Lever-Woods, Elizabeth Lynch, Christine Martinez, Castle McLaughlin, Belinda Mollard, Don Nordstrom (deceased), Brad O'Grosky, Christine O'Toole, Claudette Piper, Steve Rathman  ... 
doi:10.4324/9781315416731-12 fatcat:afawmdqxlfc47frwhczxlbzati

The metabolism and function of sphingolipids and glycosphingolipids

S. Lahiri, A. H. Futerman
2007 Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (CMLS)  
E., Rathman, K., Pinkerman, R. L., Wood, R. E., Obeid, L. M., Ogretmen, B. and Hannun, Y.  ...  L. and Dennis, E. A. (2005) A comprehensive classification system for lipids. J. Lipid Res. 46, 839 — 861. Menaldino, D. S., Bushnev, A., Sun, A., Liotta, D. C., Symolon, H., Desai, K., Dillehay, D.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00018-007-7076-0 pmid:17558466 fatcat:73dpxn7rxzalflr2ae6uglmjf4
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