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2019 2019 IEEE Symposium on High-Performance Interconnects (HOTI)  
Compute Express Link, Stephen Van Doren (Intel) Session C: Links and FPGAs Demonstration of a Single-Lane 80 Gbps PAM-4 Full-Duplex Serial Link 32 Sandeep Goyal (IIT BOMBAY), Pranav Agarwal (IIT BOMBAY  ...  (University of Manchester), Andrew Attwood (STFC), Mikel Lujan (University of Manchester), and John Goodacre (University of Manchester) A Bunch of Wires (BoW) Interface for Inter-Chiplet Communication  ... 
doi:10.1109/hoti.2019.00004 fatcat:3uzji42l5bechihs74z5tjvj7q

Co‐packaged datacenter optics: Opportunities and challenges

Cyriel Minkenberg, Rajagopal Krishnaswamy, Aaron Zilkie, David Nelson
2021 IET Optoelectronics  
High-capacity, high-density, power-, and cost-efficient optical links are undoubtedly of critical importance for datacenter infrastructure.  ...  However, the optics roadmap has come to a fork in the road: Is it right to continue on the tried and proven path of pluggable modules or is it time to adopt a new deployment model that involves co-packaged  ...  The optical media options include parallel multi-mode fibre (MMF), parallel single-mode fibre 4�50 Gbps) or 100GBASE-DR1 (1�100 Gbps) to enable breakout applications that house for instance four 100GBASE-DR1  ... 
doi:10.1049/ote2.12020 fatcat:fnbpb2m24zfvbbeknnhq2jaxce

Wireless Terahertz System Architectures for Networks Beyond 5G [article]

Alexandros-Apostolos A. Boulogeorgos, Angeliki Alexiou, Dimitrios Kritharidis, Alexandros Katsiotis, Georgia Ntouni, Joonas Kokkoniemi, Janne Lethtomaki, Markku Juntti, Dessy Yankova, Ahmed Mokhtar, Jean-Charles Point, Jose Machado, Robert Elschner (+5 others)
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Likewise, we present the breakthrough novel technology concepts, including the joint design of baseband signal processing for the complete optical and wireless link, the development of broadband and spectrally  ...  Finally, the individual enablers of the TERRANOVA system are combined to develop particular candidate architectures for each of the three technical scenarios.  ...  Table 4 . For both architectures, a full-duplex symmetric link type is assumed, as well as the use of a single frequency window from 220 GHz -300 GHz.  ... 
arXiv:1810.12260v1 fatcat:gdy6ukqfhfeinf64vyh7bib4ui

Visible Light Communication System Technology Review: Devices, Architectures, and Applications

Tai-Cheng Yu, Wei-Ta Huang, Wei-Bin Lee, Chi-Wai Chow, Shu-Wei Chang, Hao-Chung Kuo
2021 Crystals  
A VLC system has several key advantages: ultra-high data rate, secure communication channels, and a lack of interference from electromagnetic (EM) waves, which enable a wide range of applications.  ...  The performance of the VLC system is briefly discussed in this review article, as well as some of its prospective applications in the realms of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), vehicle communications  ...  In addition, a laser-based VLC system enables narrow beam transmission for long-distance applications. A 100 m OOK-modulated VLC link was demonstrated with a data rate of 2.3 Gbps in 2017 [65] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/cryst11091098 fatcat:kzh35wz3grb6jkxc6x6ecyohre

Investigation and characterization of in-vehicle EMC coupling mechanisms of multi-gigabit ethernet communication systems

Sanaz Mortazavi, Technische Universität Berlin, Friedel Gerfers
To enable the implementation of fully autonomous driving, a large number of sensors, radar nodes, and cameras must provide the required information for the central decision-making unit(s), which control  ...  One of the main problems for the development of automotive Multi-Gig Ethernet systems is the corresponding EMC issues.  ...  One of the main challenges of the automotive Ethernet is the use of a single twisted pair in a full-duplex operation mode.  ... 
doi:10.14279/depositonce-12019 fatcat:m2edjucsy5hgbf7x74avjaq3ji

A demonstrator system using a Xilinx ZYNQ FPGA and 6.6 Gbps optical links [article]

Ιωάννης Μπεστιντζάνος, University Of Ioannina
Another great advantage of USB 3.0, in comparison to USB 2.0, is that it is full-duplex, meaning that the user can receive and transmit with a data rate of 5 Gbps at the same time, making the bandwidth  ...  RGMII consists of 4 parallel lanes for receive, 4 parallel lanes for transmit, a clocking signal, a control signal and the MDIO and MDC signals.  ... 
doi:10.26268/heal.uoi.10892 fatcat:z3rspm4hxvbrvmtwq3n7do2lsi

Digital Signal Processing for Short-Haul Optical OFDM

This thesis investigates the development of power-efficient orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) algorithms in short-haul fiber-optic links.  ...  These developments enable layered OFDM techniques to be efficiently implemented in transmitters using single middle-out inverse fast Fourier transform separately, giving signals that are both spectrally  ...  In order to address the cost and power issues of 400 GbE, the first generation of 400GbE has a large possibility of using 8 lanes with 50 Gb/s per lane or 4 lanes with 100 Gb/s per lane.  ... 
doi:10.26180/5c4111ab7a263 fatcat:ixo5np4umzcrdnfz323ligyvkm

A highly efficient 40-Gbps modulator driver circuit for Silicon photonic optical communication [article]

Adel Fatemi, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Friedel Gerfers
As a result of these requirements, a unique technology has been recently reported that employs a single substrate with local photonic SOI areas (reserved for photonic devices) and adjacent bulk-silicon  ...  Recently, monolithic electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuit (ePIC) technologies harness the integration of optoelectronic sub-systems, enabling a full integration of the optics module into the silicon  ...  Friedel Gerfers who, as the new head of the institute, allowed me to stay and continue my work and grow as a research scientist.  ... 
doi:10.14279/depositonce-9109 fatcat:ekef6vzatbbsriu7j44eycjb5q

The role of liver receptor homologue-­1 (LRH-­1) in colorectal cancer

Holly Kramer, Laki Buluwela, Simak Ali, Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
This occurs in a p53-dependent manner and was not observed in cell lines where p53 is mutated or deleted. I further demonstrated LRH-1-mediated modulation of p53 activity at the p21 promoter.  ...  Collectively, this work demonstrates a novel role for LRH-1 in the suppression of p53 signalling in CRC tumours that retain wild-type p53, and identifies LRH-1 as an important prospective target for treatment  ...  The authors also thank the Department of Health funded Imperial College Medicine Centre (ECMC) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centre.  ... 
doi:10.25560/50192 fatcat:3fjk6pys65fthdx5andejy6so4