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100 Gb/s optical time-division multiplexed networks

S.A. Hamilton, B.S. Robinson, T.E. Murphy, S.J. Savage, E.P. Ippen
2002 Journal of Lightwave Technology  
Gb/s.  ...  We use these advanced all-optical signal processing capabilities to demonstrate a slotted OTDM multiaccess network testbed operating at 112.5 Gb/s line rates with inherent scalability in the number of  ...  The PPM data is then passively multiplexed to rates of 10, 20, 40, and 80 Gb/s and input to the control port of the UNI.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jlt.2002.806781 fatcat:r253bhtscrfx7ca7mjcxditf5y

Field demonstration of mode-division multiplexing upgrade scenarios on commercial networks

V.A.J.M. Sleiffer, H. Chen, Y. Jung, P. Leoni, M. Kuschnerov, A. Simperler, H. Fabian, H. Schuh, F. Kub, D.J. Richardson, S.U. Alam, L. Grüner-Nielsen (+3 others)
2013 Optics Express  
Randel, N. "32bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency WDM transmission over 177-km few-mode fiber," in Optical Fiber Communication "146λx19-gbaud wavelength-and mode-division multiplexed transmission over 10x50-km  ...  spans of few-mode fiber with a gainequalized few-mode EDFA  ...  The authors would like to thank Tektronix GmbH, Cologne, Germany for the generous loan of a DSA73304D digital serial analyzer.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.21.031036 pmid:24514678 fatcat:p2vnmismubbr7dqkpqp556ae3y

Spectrally Efficient Long-Haul Optical Networking Using 112-Gb/s Polarization-Multiplexed 16-QAM

P.J. Winzer, A.H. Gnauck, C.R. Doerr, M. Magarini, L.L. Buhl
2010 Journal of Lightwave Technology  
of 1022 km of uncompensated standard single-mode fiber.  ...  We discuss the generation, wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) long-haul transmission, and coherent detection of 112-Gb/s polarization-division-multiplexed (PDM) 16-ary quadrature amplitude modulation  ...  Long-Haul Transmission on a 25-GHz WDM Grid We performed transmission of 10 WDM channels on a 25-GHz grid over 945 km (3 full loops) as well as over 1022 km (3 full loops plus one span). D.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jlt.2009.2031922 fatcat:lvyen5tqlzgznary5k5mstw66u

Mode- and wavelength-division multiplexed transmission using all-fiber mode multiplexer based on mode selective couplers

Sun Hyok Chang, Hwan Seok Chung, Roland Ryf, Nicolas K. Fontaine, Changyo Han, Kyung Jun Park, Kwangjoon Kim, Jyung Chan Lee, Jong Hyun Lee, Byoung Yoon Kim, Young Kie Kim
2015 Optics Express  
We demonstrate WDM transmission of 32 wavelength channels with 100 GHz spacing, each carrying 3 modes of 120 Gb/s polarization division multiplexed quadrature phase shifted keying (PDM-QPSK) signal, over  ...  560 km of few-mode fiber (FMF).  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by the IT R&D program of MSIP/IITP, Republic of Korea. [10043383, Research of mode-division-multiplexing optical transmission technology over 10 km multi-mode fiber  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.23.007164 pmid:25837061 fatcat:nniq77hxwbfu3cmec4nicijwzi

Mode division multiplexed optical transmission enabled by all–fiber mode multiplexer

Sun Hyok Chang, Hwan Seok Chung, Nicolas K. Fontaine, Roland Ryf, Kyung Jun Park, Kwangjoon Kim, Jyung Chan Lee, Jong Hyun Lee, Byoung Yoon Kim, Young Kie Kim
2014 Optics Express  
We demonstrate successful transmission of three spatial modes with 120 Gb/s PDM-QPSK signals over 15 km of four mode fiber by using 6x6 MIMO digital signal processing.  ...  Mode division multiplexed optical transmission enabled by allfiber mode multiplexer is investigated. The proposed all-fiber mode multiplexer is composed of consecutive mode selective couplers.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by the IT R&D program of MSIP/KEIT. [10043383, Research of mode-division-multiplexing optical transmission technology over 10 km multi-mode fiber].  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.22.014229 pmid:24977520 fatcat:ia7cmiahrngolllqehhcdm5poy

Automatic DGD and GVD compensation at 640 Gb/s based on scalar radio-frequency spectrum measurement

Yvan Paquot, Jochen Schröder, Evarist Palushani, Richard Neo, Leif K. Oxenløwe, Steve Madden, Duk-Yong Choi, Barry Luther-Davies, Mark D. Pelusi, Benjamin J. Eggleton
2013 Applied Optics  
We demonstrate what we believe to be the first real-time impairment-cancellation system for groupvelocity dispersion (GVD) and differential group delay (DGD) for a 640 Gbs single-channel signal.  ...  We show that low-bandwidth measurement of only a single tone in the RF spectrum is sufficient for automatic compensation for multiple degrees of freedom using a multivariate optimization scheme.  ...  Our system allows for a compensation rate around 0.08 ps∕nm∕ min, which is enough to stabilize a link of 10 km subject to a temperature change of 10°C over 1 h.  ... 
doi:10.1364/ao.52.001919 pmid:23518737 fatcat:vjm5yod2mffpppquwocdx3xiti

Scaling capacity of fiber-optic transmission systems via silicon photonics

Wei Shi, Ye Tian, Antoine Gervais
2020 Nanophotonics  
AbstractThe tremendous growth of data traffic has spurred a rapid evolution of optical communications for a higher data transmission capacity.  ...  Further scaling the system capacity requires multiplexing techniques in all the dimensions of light: wavelength, polarization, and space, for which we have seen impressive demonstrations of on-chip functionalities  ...  Long-distance transmissions of 400-600 Gb/s net were also achieved for over 1500 km (Figure 10 ) [35] . We have seen a clear trend toward even higher symbol rates.  ... 
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2020-0309 fatcat:ynkm6ddswfch3nkkfx3mjk2eje

Orbital-angular-momentum mode-group multiplexed transmission over a graded-index ring-core fiber based on receive diversity and maximal ratio combining

Junwei Zhang, Guoxuan Zhu, Jie Liu, Xiong Wu, Jiangbo Zhu, Cheng Du, Wenyong Luo, Yujie Chen, Siyuan Yu
2018 Optics Express  
Intensity-modulated direct-detection (IM-DD) systems transmitting three OAM mode groups with total 100-Gb/s discrete multi-tone (DMT) signals over a 1-km GIRCF and two OAM mode groups with total 40-Gb/  ...  s DMT signals over an 18-km GIRCF are experimentally demonstrated, respectively, to confirm the feasibility of our proposed OAM-MGM scheme.  ...  a total of 100-Gb/s discrete multi-tone (DMT) signals over a 1-km GIRCF, and a system transmitting two OAM MGs with a total of 40-Gb/s DMT signals over an 18.4km GIRCF.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.26.004243 pmid:29475276 fatcat:qvu5np76ybf3llmdabnqgnti3i

Review of Space-Division Multiplexing Technologies in Optical Communications

Yoshinari Awaji
2018 IEICE transactions on communications  
The potential transmission capacity of a standard single-mode fiber peaks at around 100 Tb/s owing to fiber nonlinearity and the bandwidth limitation of amplifiers.  ...  As the last frontier of multiplexing, space-division multiplexing (SDM) has been studied intensively in recent years.  ...  Acknowledgments The author thanks Yutaka Miyamoto of NTT, Ryuichi Sugizaki of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Kazuhiko Aikawa of Fujikura Ltd., Ryo Nagase of Chiba Institute of Technology for supportive information  ... 
doi:10.1587/transcom.2017ebi0002 fatcat:3yginyulwfc75fu54p5mav6p2q

4×10 Gbit/s bidirectional transmission over 2 km of conventional graded-index OM1 multimode fiber using mode group division multiplexing

K. Lenglé, X. Insou, P. Jian, N. Barré, B. Denolle, L. Bramerie, G. Labroille
2016 Optics Express  
Denolle, et al.. 4x10 Gbit/s bidirectional transmission over 2 km of conventional graded-index OM1 multimode fiber using mode group division multiplexing.  ...  Such transmission is enabled by selective mode group division multiplexing, based on multi-plane light conversion over 4 mode groups of the multimode fiber.  ...  We also wish to express thanks to ENSSAT graduate engineering school for providing their fiber link for the field tests.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.24.028594 pmid:27958503 fatcat:xd3tssiua5hidnjjd6s746zhdi

Monolithic 300 Gb/s Parallel Transmitter in InP-Based Generic Photonic Integration Technology

Weiming Yao, Meint K. Smit, Michael J. Wale
2018 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics  
In this paper, we present the design and performance of a monolithic tunable 8×40 Gb/s parallel transmitter chip with more than 220 components and state-of-the-art capacity density metric.  ...  multiplexed (WDM) parallel transmitters.  ...  In addition, we transmitted the modulated output signal at 20 Gb/s through 20 km of single mode fiber to illustrate the feasibility of the transmitter for medium-reach applications and could obtain error-free  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstqe.2017.2762602 fatcat:v232ylynrja7bcc3gf6es4puua

Toward wide-scale all-optical transparent networking: the ACTS optical pan-European network (OPEN) project

M.W. Chbat, E. Grard, L. Berthelon, A. Jourdan, P.A. Perrier, A. Leclert, B. Landousies, A. Ramdane, N. Parnis, E.V. Jones, E. Limal, H.N. Poulsen (+13 others)
1998 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications  
km of a mix of standard/submarine cable links for four channels at 2.5 Gb/s.  ...  packaged functional modules based on advanced optoelectronic devices; laboratory demonstrations of N210 Gb/s transmission and routing; feasibility of an optical time division multiplexing/WDM (OTDM/WDM  ...  A 160-Gb/s transmission over 531 km of standard (G.652) fiber was reported previously [15] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/49.725192 fatcat:grm2oo2jhngdlceowwg7ypg4vy

High Capacity Mode Division Multiplexing Based MIMO Enabled All-Optical Analog Millimeter-Wave over Fiber Fronthaul Architecture for 5G and Beyond

Khan Zeb, Xiupu Zhang, Zhenguo Lu
2019 IEEE Access  
INDEX TERMS 5G, fronthaul, analog-radio-over fiber (A-RoF), millimeter-wave-over fiber (MMWoF), multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO), space division multiplexing (SDM), mode division multiplexing (MDM  ...  To this end, several fronthaul solutions have been proposed in the literature, ranging from transporting digitized radio signals over fiber and functional splits to an entirely analog-radio-over fiber  ...  On the other hand, the transmission of 4.46 Gb/s 2 × 2 MIMO orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) with offset QAM was experimentally demonstrated in [21] over two LP modes (LP 01 and LP 11a  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2926276 fatcat:tzljmup2tzgrxatpez6efo3bre

Mode division multiplexing: from photonic integration to optical fiber transmission [Invited]

Jiangbing Du, Weihong Shen, Jiacheng Liu, Yufeng Chen, Xinyi Chen, Zuyuan He
2021 Chinese Optics Letters (COL)  
To overcome the capacity crunch of optical communications based on the traditional single-mode fiber (SMF), different modes in a few-mode fiber (FMF) can be employed for mode division multiplexing (MDM  ...  In this tutorial, we provide a review of MDM works and cutting-edge progresses from photonic integration to optical fiber transmission, including our recent works of MDM low-noise amplification, FMF fiber  ...  Acknowledgement This work was supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (No. 2018YFB1801804) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (Nos. 61935011, 61875124, and 61675128)  ... 
doi:10.3788/col202119.091301 fatcat:yr6ci3kh5na53nk2xfbva43xou

Mode-division multiplexed transmission with inline few-mode fiber amplifier

Neng Bai, Ezra Ip, Yue-Kai Huang, Eduardo Mateo, Fatih Yaman, Ming-Jun Li, Scott Bickham, Sergey Ten, Jesús Liñares, Carlos Montero, Vicente Moreno, Xesús Prieto (+9 others)
2012 Optics Express  
We demonstrate mode-division multiplexed WDM transmission over 50-km of few-mode fiber using the fiber's LP 01 and two degenerate LP 11 modes.  ...  We also experimentally characterize the 50-km few-mode fiber and the few-mode EDFA.  ...  The highest capacity reported to date over FMF, which employed both WDM and mode-division multiplexing (MDM), was 88 × 3 × 112-Gb/s using only the C-band [5] .  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.20.002668 pmid:22330504 fatcat:l2eal65pszexfdhdkcat5st43e
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