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Pigeon Inspired Optimization and Enhanced Differential Evolution in Smart Grid Using Critical Peak Pricing [chapter]

Zunaira Amjad, Saadia Batool, Hafsa Arshad, Komal Parvez, Mashab Farooqi, Nadeem Javaid
2017 Advances in Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems  
In this paper, we have evaluated the performance of heuristic algorithms; Enhanced Differential Evolutionary (EDE) and Pigeon Inspired Optimization(PIO) for Demand Side Management (DSM).  ...  Moreover, Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) is used as a price traffic.  ...  Therefore, established countries use the Demand Side Management (DSM) to control peak-load-reduction and energy consumption patterns [7] [8] [9] [10] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-65636-6_45 dblp:conf/incos/AmjadBAPFJ17 fatcat:hlepxdjwhne7jodlj7vvkv2ub4

Pigeon Inspired Optimization and Enhanced Differential Evolution Using Time of Use Tariff in Smart Grid [chapter]

Hafsa Arshad, Saadia Batool, Zunaira Amjad, Mudabbir Ali, Syeda Aimal, Nadeem Javaid
2017 Advances in Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems  
In this paper, a scheduler for Home Energy Management (HEM) is proposed using Pigeon Inspired Optimization (PIO) and Enhanced Differential Evolution (EDE).  ...  Performance of these two optimization algorithms is evaluated in this study. Performance is determined by the amount of energy consumed by the appliances in on-peak hours and off-peak hours.  ...  Proposed system is better in terms of cost, peak demand and convergence time however, total bill is increased a little. In article [11] ,  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-65636-6_51 dblp:conf/incos/ArshadBAAAJ17 fatcat:kksxdyywgrdc5hsl7g3gfzrtla

Optimal sizing of PV/wind/battery Hybrid Renewable Energy System Considering Demand Side Management

Kanwarjit Singh Sandhu, Aeidapu Mahesh
2018 International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics  
The pigeon inspired algorithm (PIO) has been used for optimization purpose and additionally an energy filter algorithm has been developed to minimize the fluctuations of power injected into the grid.  ...  This paper the effect of demand side management (DSM) on the sizing of hybrid PV/wind/battery energy in system has been considered.  ...  These optimization functions have been solved using iterative techniques [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] , graphical construction method [9, 10] , least squares [11] and evolutionary algorithms like genetic algorithm  ... 
doi:10.15676/ijeei.2018.10.1.6 fatcat:2se3nyu7ungn5b6uupcjilq26i

Recent Challenges and Methodologies in Smart Grid Demand Side Management: State-of-the-Art Literature Review

Tehreem Nasir, Syed Sabir Hussain Bukhari, Safdar Raza, Hafiz Mudassir Munir, Muhammad Abrar, Hafiz Abd ul Muqeet, Kamran Liaquat Bhatti, Jong-Suk Ro, Rooha Masroor, Qiuye Sun
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Demand side management (DSM) is one of the crucial aspects of smart grid that provides users with the opportunity to optimize their load usage pattern to fill the gap between energy supply and demand and  ...  In this paper, some of the strategies of DSM including peak shaving and load scheduling are highlighted. Furthermore, the implementation of numerous optimization techniques on DSM is reviewed.  ...  In [69] , application of Genetic algorithm (GA), Pigeon Inspired Optimization (PIO), and hybridization of GA and PIO in DSM is proposed for residential load management.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/5821301 fatcat:fybqx2uvvrfrfmsizc3p5bg5jq


Manzoor Ahmed
In last decade, various algorithms have been applied for modeling home energy management (HEM) system to solve DSM problem, with focus on balancing the electricity demand and supply.  ...  of the Research On demand side management (DSM), the scheduling of in smart home integrated energy resources is recently becoming a critical issue due to higher share of renewable energy sources (RESs)  ...  DSM Demand Side Management MOEA/D Multi-Objective EA based Decomposition EA Evolutionary Algorithm MPIO Modified Pigeon-Inspired Optimization EACO Enhanced ACO MSA Moth Swarm Algorithm EDTLA  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14099102.v1 fatcat:kpntrmrmqzftjb4zufsos2z3si

CALCON 2020 Table of Contents

2020 2020 IEEE Calcutta Conference (CALCON)  
Systolic Peak Detection Algorithm Based On Hilbert Transform A Multilayered Transition between SIW and ESIW A New Global Routing Optimization Algorithm based on Pigeon Inspired Optimization Performance  ...  for a Magnetic Levitation System A Supervisory State of Charge and State of Power Management Control Strategy among Hybrid Energy Storage Systems through Thermal Exchange Optimization Technique Effect  ... 
doi:10.1109/calcon49167.2020.9106478 fatcat:lkovpkzwl5ahfgp2f3jlcxx5uy

An Optimal Energy Optimization Strategy for Smart Grid Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources and Demand Response Programs

Kalim Ullah, Sajjad Ali, Taimoor Ahmad Khan, Imran Khan, Sadaqat Jan, Ibrar Ali Shah, Ghulam Hafeez
2020 Energies  
Simulations are divided into three steps for optimization of operation cost and carbon emission: (i) solving optimization problem using multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA), (ii) optimization of operating  ...  An energy optimization strategy is proposed to minimize operation cost and carbon emission with and without demand response programs (DRPs) in the smart grid (SG) integrated with renewable energy sources  ...  Economic cost and peak to average ratio (PAR) are reduced by using two heuristic based demand side management techniques [20] , a bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm (BFOA) and a Flower Pollination  ... 
doi:10.3390/en13215718 fatcat:uey4m74fabgpnfkeq3os7dvsnq

Technique for Balanced Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Environment

Narayan A. Joshi
2022 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
In future, the proposed technique can be further enhanced for implementing load balancing in collaborated cloud computing environments.  ...  Resource sharing by means of load balancing in cloud computing environments helps for efficient utilization of cloud resources and higher overall throughput.  ...  A load balancing technique based on Grey wolf optimization technique is available in An integrated load balancing approach of Harries Hawks optimization and Pigeon inspired optimization algorithm is available  ... 
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2022.0130316 fatcat:ioolixxxbzcpzoypp4kprdfzvm

Overview on Binary Optimisation using Swarm-inspired Algorithms

Mariana Macedo, Hugo Siqueira, Elliackin Figueiredo, Clodomir Santana, Rodrigo C. Lira, Anuradha Gokhale, Carmelo Bastos-Filho
2021 IEEE Access  
Among multiple nature inspirations and versions, the dilemma of choosing proper swarm-based algorithms for each type of problem prevents their recurrent application.  ...  Based on simple rules, simple reactive agents -swarm (e.g. fish, bird, and ant)directly or indirectly exchange information to find an optimal solution.  ...  [100] compare three versions of binary ABC: using the sigmoid function, using crossover technique from Genetic Algorithm and using a Boolean technique based on the XOR operator. Aytimur et al.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3124710 fatcat:v7heosioojg3pcwpswm3yvmrmy

Path Planning for Autonomous Landing of Helicopter on the Aircraft Carrier

Hanjie Hu, Yu Wu, Jinfa Xu, Qingyun Sun
2018 Mathematics  
To obtain a reasonable landing path, a multiphase path planning algorithm with the pigeon inspired optimization (MPPIO) algorithm is proposed to adapt to the changing environment.  ...  In the established mathematical model, the path planning problem is formulated into an optimization problem, and the constraints are classified by the characteristics of the helicopter and the task requirements  ...  To achieve this goal, hybridization of the genetic algorithm (GA) and PIO algorithm (HGP) in demand side management were proposed to apply for residential load management, and the performance of HGP is  ... 
doi:10.3390/math6100178 fatcat:yiydrdljqfcaxgv6jowcx6tvcm

A Multi-Objective Teaching–Learning Studying-Based Algorithm for Large-Scale Dispatching of Combined Electrical Power and Heat Energies

Shahenda Sarhan, Abdullah Shaheen, Ragab El-Sehiemy, Mona Gafar
2022 Mathematics  
For the 5-unit system, the proposed MTLSBA achieves improvement in the fuel costs of 0.6625% and 0.3677% and reduction in the emissions of 2.723% and 7.4669% compared to non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm  ...  It aims at minimizing the fuel costs and emissions by managing the power-only, CHP and heat-only units.  ...  In [9] , a multi-objective pigeon-inspired algorithm was utilized for solving the ELD problem with emission minimization, but only small number of units were considered: three cases of 6-unit and 14-unit  ... 
doi:10.3390/math10132278 fatcat:n2gk3ir6kjcord3ke72wkod65m

IJMLNCE Editorial Note Volume No 03, Issue No 04

Shivani Agarwal, Manju Khari, Prakash Singh Tanwar
2020 International Journal of Machine Learning and Networked Collaborative Engineering  
and collaborative engineering.  ...  technologies, micro and nanotechnologies, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, biomedical engineering in the education industry and society.  ...  The research agenda for the future usage of the artificial intelligence in the public sector should include forthcoming technological trends such as blockchain and internet of things.  ... 
doi:10.30991/ijmlnce.2019v03i04 fatcat:bmorqooalrarvks6wj6v46sxh4

A Survey on AI-Driven Digital Twins in Industry 4.0: Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Robotics

Ziqi Huang, Yang Shen, Jiayi Li, Marcel Fey, Christian Brecher
2021 Sensors  
As a digital replica of a physical entity, the basis of DT is the infrastructure and data, the core is the algorithm and model, and the application is the software and service.  ...  These cover conventional sophisticated metal machining and industrial automation as well as emerging techniques, such as 3D printing and human–robot interaction/cooperation.  ...  ., Fraunhofer IPT, as well as the Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management, and Production Engineering of the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) for their permission  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21196340 pmid:34640660 fatcat:qy3qiazvqrejvfuixudd6ywqsq

A Survey on AI-Driven Digital Twins in Industry 4.0: Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Robotics

Ziqi Huang, Yang Shen, Jiayi Li, Marcel Fey, Christian Brecher
2021 Sensors 21(19)  
This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY  ...  ., Fraunhofer IPT, as well as the Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management, and Production Engineering of the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) for their permission  ...  systems Health Management CAQ PIO Computer-Aided Quality Assurance Pigeon-Inspired Optimization CART PLM Classification and Regression Tree Product Lifecycle Management CM PML Condition Monitoring Probabilistic  ... 
doi:10.18154/rwth-2021-09877 fatcat:yjhprcascvfutisat7olust3kq

Metaheuristic optimization of power and energy systems: underlying principles and main issues of the 'rush to heuristics' [article]

Gianfranco Chicco, Andrea Mazza
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This paper considers the applications to power and energy systems, and aims at providing a comprehensive view of the main issues concerning the use of metaheuristics for global optimization problems.  ...  Some weaknesses and pitfalls found in literature contributions are identified, and specific guidelines are provided on how to prepare sound contributions on the application of metaheuristic algorithms  ...  , security and demand management.  ... 
arXiv:2008.07491v1 fatcat:j5uhhbh7avhb5iqyh3ykzfc57i
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