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IMGT-ONTOLOGY for immunogenetics and immunoinformatics

Marie-Paule Lefranc, Véronique Giudicelli, Chantal Ginestoux, Nathalie Bosc, Géraldine Folch, Delphine Guiraudou, Joumana Jabado-Michaloud, Séverine Magris, Dominique Scaviner, Valérie Thouvenin, Kora Combres, David Girod (+8 others)
2003 In Silico Biology  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We thank Marc Lemaitre, Marie-Claire Beckers, Géraldine Folch and Delphine Valette from EURO-GENTEC S.  ... 
pmid:15089751 fatcat:7dswqqx3vvhtjmd4fbhyh4lfg4

Epithelial production of elastase is increased in inflammatory bowel disease and causes mucosal inflammation

Jean-Paul Motta, Corinne Rolland, Anissa Edir, Ana-Carolina Florence, David Sagnat, Chrystelle Bonnart, Perrine Rousset, Laura Guiraud, Muriel Quaranta-Nicaise, Emmanuel Mas, Delphine Bonnet, Elena F Verdu (+5 others)
2021 Mucosal Immunology  
Imbalance between proteases and their inhibitors plays a crucial role in the development of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). Increased elastolytic activity is observed in the colon of patients suffering from IBD. Here, we aimed at identifying the players involved in elastolytic hyperactivity associated with IBD and their contribution to the disease. We revealed that epithelial cells are a major source of elastolytic activity in healthy human colonic tissues and this activity is greatly
more » ... ed in IBD patients, both in diseased and distant sites of inflammation. This study identified a previously unrevealed production of elastase 2A (ELA2A) by colonic epithelial cells, which was enhanced in IBD patients. We demonstrated that ELA2A hyperactivity is sufficient to lead to a leaky epithelial barrier. Epithelial ELA2A hyperactivity also modified the cytokine gene expression profile with an increase of pro-inflammatory cytokine transcripts, while reducing the expression of pro-resolving and repair factor genes. ELA2A thus appears as a novel actor produced by intestinal epithelial cells, which can drive inflammation and loss of barrier function, two essentials pathophysiological hallmarks of IBD. Targeting ELA2A hyperactivity should thus be considered as a potential target for IBD treatment.
doi:10.1038/s41385-021-00375-w pmid:33674762 pmcid:PMC8075934 fatcat:eycobk7tifdhznd6eyvmgm75tm

IMGT unique numbering for immunoglobulin and T cell receptor constant domains and Ig superfamily C-like domains

Marie-Paule Lefranc, Christelle Pommié, Quentin Kaas, Elodie Duprat, Nathalie Bosc, Delphine Guiraudou, Christelle Jean, Manuel Ruiz, Isabelle Da Piédade, Mathieu Rouard, Elodie Foulquier, Valérie Thouvenin (+1 others)
2005 Developmental and Comparative Immunology  
IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system w ( provides a common access to expertly annotated data on the genome, proteome, genetics and structure of immunoglobulins (IG), T cell receptors (TR), major histocompatibility complex (MHC), and related proteins of the immune system (RPI) of human and other vertebrates. The NUMEROTATION concept of IMGT-ONTOLOGY has allowed to define a unique numbering for the variable domains (V-DOMAINs) and for the V-LIKE-DOMAINs.
more » ... n this paper, this standardized characterization is extended to the constant domains (C-DOMAINs), and to the C-LIKE-DOMAINs, leading, for the first time, to their standardized description of mutations, allelic polymorphisms, two-dimensional (2D) representations and tridimensional (3D) structures. The IMGT unique numbering is, therefore, highly valuable for the comparative, structural or evolutionary studies of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF) domains, V-DOMAINs and C-DOMAINs of IG and TR in vertebrates, and V-LIKE-DOMAINs and C-LIKE-DOMAINs of proteins other than IG and TR, in any species. q
doi:10.1016/j.dci.2004.07.003 pmid:15572068 fatcat:yjiotyragzhx5kvr3eip3ntgay

Active thrombin produced by the intestinal epithelium controls mucosal biofilms

Jean-Paul Motta, Alexandre Denadai-Souza, David Sagnat, Laura Guiraud, Anissa Edir, Chrystelle Bonnart, Mireille Sebbag, Perrine Rousset, Ariane Lapeyre, Carine Seguy, Noa Mathurine-Thomas, Heather J. Galipeau (+11 others)
2019 Nature Communications  
Proteolytic homeostasis is important at mucosal surfaces, but its actors and their precise role in physiology are poorly understood. Here we report that healthy human and mouse colon epithelia are a major source of active thrombin. We show that mucosal thrombin is directly regulated by the presence of commensal microbiota. Specific inhibition of luminal thrombin activity causes macroscopic and microscopic damage as well as transcriptomic alterations of genes involved in host-microbiota
more » ... ons. Further, luminal thrombin inhibition impairs the spatial segregation of microbiota biofilms, allowing bacteria to invade the mucus layer and to translocate across the epithelium. Thrombin cleaves the biofilm matrix of reconstituted mucosa-associated human microbiota. Our results indicate that thrombin constrains biofilms at the intestinal mucosa. Further work is needed to test whether thrombin plays similar roles in other mucosal surfaces, given that lung, bladder and skin epithelia also express thrombin.
doi:10.1038/s41467-019-11140-w pmid:31324782 pmcid:PMC6642099 fatcat:rodmsqcv3rfkrpkgcr4b4qj6bq

Increased mucosal thrombin is associated with Crohn's disease and causes inflammatory damage through Protease-Activated Receptors activation

Jean-Paul Motta, Simone Palese, Carmine Giorgio, Kevin Chapman, Alexandre Denadai-Souza, Perrine Rousset, David Sagnat, Laura Guiraud, Anissa Edir, Carine Seguy, Laurent Alric, Delphine Bonnet (+12 others)
2020 Journal of Crohn's & Colitis  
Thrombin levels in the colon of Crohn's disease patients have recently been found to be elevated 100-fold compared to healthy controls. Our aim was to determine whether and how dysregulated thrombin activity could contribute to local tissue malfunctions associated with Crohn's disease. Thrombin activity was studied in tissues from Crohn's disease patients and healthy controls. Intracolonic administration of thrombin to wild-type or protease-activated receptor-deficient mice was used to assess
more » ... e effects and mechanisms of local thrombin upregulation. Colitis was induced in rats and mice by the intracolonic administration of trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid. Active forms of thrombin were increased in Crohn's disease patient tissues. Elevated thrombin expression and activity were associated with intestinal epithelial cells. Increased thrombin activity and expression were also a feature of experimental colitis in rats. Colonic exposure to doses of active thrombin comparable to what is found in inflammatory bowel disease tissues caused mucosal damage and tissue dysfunctions in mice, through a mechanism involving both Protease-Activated Receptors-1 and -4. Intracolonic administration of the thrombin inhibitor Dabigatran, as well as inhibition of protease-activated receptor-1, prevented trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid-induced colitis in rodent models. Our data demonstrated that increased local thrombin activity, as it occurs in the colon of patients with inflammatory bowel disease, causes mucosal damage and inflammation. Colonic thrombin and protease-activated receptor-1 appear as possible mechanisms involved in mucosal damage and loss of function and therefore represent potential therapeutic targets for treating inflammatory bowel disease.
doi:10.1093/ecco-jcc/jjaa229 pmid:33201214 pmcid:PMC8095389 fatcat:m3jol2hfq5fdxinibiuhmvjcx4

Page 696 of Revue Des Deux Mondes Vol. 25, Issue [page]

1925 Revue Des Deux Mondes  
Mais elle compte, beaucoup plus que sur le talent qu'elle a, sur le génie qu'elle attribue à Delphine, Et elle lance résolument Delphine.  ...  Elle s'occupe defonder, avec Émile Deschamps, Soumet, Guiraud, * la Muse française, qui aura d’autres collaborateurs, tels que Victor Hugo et Alfred de Vigny, et des collaboratrices, telles que M®° Tastu  ... 

Page 444 of La Revue de Paris Vol. , Issue 22 [page]

1929 La Revue de Paris  
A vrai dire la Muse française avait réuni momentanément les poètes et les gens du monde, autour de Soumet, Guiraud, Delphine Gay, Vigny, Victor Hugo, mais à la façon d’une petite chapelle, d’un cénacle  ... 

Page 99 of Modern Philology Vol. 26, Issue 1 [page]

1928 Modern Philology  
Delphine Gay recited her poems to collect funds, and the irresistible Mme Récamier was securing finan- cial support for the Greeks.  ...  Ulric Guttinger, Alexandre Guiraud, Saintine, and many others joined in the tribute..On June 5, 1824, Fauriel published his Chants popu- laires de la Gréce, and five months later Népomucéne Lemercier gave  ... 

Page 616 of Revue Des Deux Mondes Vol. 69, Issue [page]

1885 Revue Des Deux Mondes  
Delphine Gay et, pour- quoi ne pas le dire?  ...  Nous touchons à ce moment crépusculaire qui sépare le vieux passé classique du présent qui demande à naître; art facile à ridiculiser, mais dont il faut tenir compte ; art des Soumet, des Guiraud, des  ... 

Page 497 of Revue Des Deux Mondes Vol. 116, Issue [page]

1893 Revue Des Deux Mondes  
Jules de Rességuier, où on était à la fois royaliste et lettré, où régnaient Émile Deschamps, Alexandre Guiraud, Soumet.  ...  Au-delà, il ne savait guère que ce que pouvait savoir un jeune homme du monde à l'esprit facile, pour avoir vu passer quelques écrivains dans les salons, sans trop distinguer entre Balzac, Delphine Gay  ... 

Page 416 of Revue Des Deux Mondes Vol. 27, Issue [page]

1841 Revue Des Deux Mondes  
Guiraud, Césaire, est un jeune prètre de Catalogne qui lutte contre une passion que lui a inspirée une no- vice des Carmélites de Pedralbas.  ...  Rousseau, dans /a Nouvelle Hé- Loise, a voulu prouver que la pureté morale d’une femme n’était pas ternie par une faute; M"° de Staël, dans Delphine, a démontré que c'était pour la femme une nécessité  ... 

Page 779 of Revue Des Deux Mondes Vol. 50, Issue [page]

1864 Revue Des Deux Mondes  
, les frères Deschamps et cette charmante et mer- veilleuse muse, Delphine Gay, alors dans la fleur naissante de son talent poétique et dans le premier épanouissement de sa beauté.  ...  sympathique et comme à son choix.Tant qu’il avait été dans la garde royale, c’est-à-dire jusqu’en 1823, il avait vécu à Paris et dans les cercles littéraires, où il rencontrait habituellement Soumet, Guiraud  ... 

Treize voyages

Anne-Marie Leyreloup
2004 VST - Vie sociale et traitements  
L'association occupe le rez-de-chaussée d'une maison qui appartient à l'hôpital Paul Guiraud.  ...  Un message central Delphine, la directrice aux yeux couleur de mer, martèle l'idée-message que l'association souhaite faire passer : « L'expérience de "Treize voyages" est reproductible. » Il existe en  ... 
doi:10.3917/vst.081.0011 fatcat:wl5jqksanrc2dkel7egjqe57ta

Flipo Fabrice, Rondot Camille & Tufano Antonella (Dirs). (2020). Smart Cities : Vers de nouvelles organisations ?

Allison Guiraud
2021 Revue Française des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication  
Allison Guiraud Référence(s) : Flipo Fabrice, Rondot Camille & Tufano Antonella (Dirs.). (2020). Smart Cities : Vers de nouvelles organisations ? Presses des mines. Paris.  ...  L’émergence d’un nouveau professionnel de la smart city culturelle. » de Delphine Maurant, Isabelle Bories-Azeau et Agnès Mazars-Chapelon, questionne les nouvelles pratiques professionnelles des régisseur  ... 
doi:10.4000/rfsic.11563 fatcat:wjmxwkcq65adxciyfgzojw6lfm

Page 550 of The Academy and Literature Vol. 43, Issue 1103 [page]

1893 The Academy and Literature  
Roland; ‘‘ Mme. de Stacl and her Daughter,” lent by the Duc de Broglie; Delphine Gay, by Hersent; ‘** Juliette Lambert” (Mme.  ...  Guiraud, of St. Beuve, Flaubert, Dumas pire at fils, Augier, and others, lent by Dumas fils, belong to the history of literary caricature. A glass-framed bookcase, belonging to M.  ... 
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