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Deformed trademark retrieval based on 2D pseudo-hidden Markov model

Min-Ta Chang, Shu-Yuan Chen
2001 Pattern Recognition  
A new deformed trademark retrieval method based on two-dimensional pseudo-hidden Markov model (2D PHMM) is proposed in this paper.  ...  Most trademark retrieval systems focus on color features, shape silhouettes, or the combination of color and shape.  ...  A color quantization method based on the YIQ color model is proposed to reduce the number of colors.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0031-3203(00)00053-4 fatcat:hgbqdl3c5feodftaidemcacww4

A survey on the use of pattern recognition methods for abstraction, indexing and retrieval of images and video

Sameer Antani, Rangachar Kasturi, Ramesh Jain
2002 Pattern Recognition  
This paper presents a comprehensive survey on the use of these pattern recognition methods which enable image and video retrieval by content. ?  ...  The need for content-based access to image and video information from media archives has captured the attention of researchers in recent years.  ...  [51] use 2D-pseudo-hidden Markov model (2D-PHMM) for color based CBIR.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0031-3203(01)00086-3 fatcat:byimswdaxrcjnkfnbpdsqmhbqy

A Review and Analysis of Automatic Optical Inspection and Quality Monitoring Methods in Electronics Industry

Abd Al Rahman M. Abu Ebayyeh, Alireza Mousavi
2020 IEEE Access  
Black and white defects of color filters [272] hidden Markov tree (gHMT) statistical model to extract WM defect patterns.  ...  The divided 1D segments are then combined as a 2D image. Then the same procedure applies on the 2D image as it was on the 1D image in the previous study.  ...  Therefore, it is not straightforward task to choose one keyword to follow in this research.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3029127 fatcat:hoimi667cndsrimsnwasamtdey

Object Duplicate Detection

Péter Vajda
Graph model is used to represent the 3D spatial information of the object based on the local features extracted from training images so that an explicit and complex 3D object modeling is avoided.  ...  A novel graph-based approach is introduced for 2D and 3D object duplicate detection in still images.  ...  If not, it is * A hidden Markov model is a stochastic model in which the system being modeled is assumed to be a Markov process with unobserved (hidden) states.  ... 
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-5166 fatcat:riumm5scqrd43kfoa72gfoohpq

Polska Akademia Nauk Oddział w Gdańsku Metody Informatyki Stosowanej Metody Informatyki Stosowanej Kwartalnik Komisji Informatyki Polskiej Akademii Nauk Oddział w Gdańsku Spis treści

Komisja Informatyki, Marian Adamski, Zbigniew Banaszak, Alexander Barkalov, Włodzimierz Bielecki, Piotr Bubacz, Ryszard Budziński, Henryk Budzisz, Andrzej Czyżewski, Ludosław Drelichowski, Witold Dzwinel, Imed Frey (+61 others)
2009 unpublished
Trademark image retrieval using synthetic fea-Frejlichowski D.  ...  Recognition of off-line printed Arabic text using Hidden Markov Models, Signal Processing vol. 88, iss. 12, 2008, pp. 2902-2912 [5] Ramamoorthy A., Vaswani N., Chaudhury S., Banerjee S. Wei C.-H.  ...  Context-Based Adaptive Linear Prediction). Dokonano w niej podziału na 199 kontekstów głównych.  ... 

From Genes to Communities: An Integrative Approach to the Evolution of Varanidae [article]

Carlos Pavon Vazquez, University, The Australian National
I gathered large molecular, morphological, and environmental datasets and analysed them using process-based methods linking ecological and population-level processes with speciation and macroevolutionary  ...  The PhyloNet analyses were based on the maximum pseudo-likelihood implementation that takes rooted gene trees as input (Yu and Nakhleh 2015) .  ...  We compared models based on the sample-size-corrected AIC (AICc).  ... 
doi:10.25911/2x29-ga67 fatcat:sumgu5nskjgnzl32jvubsjimhe