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Deformable simulation using force propagation model with finite element optimization

Kup-Sze Choi, Hanqiu Sun, Pheng-Ann Heng, Jun Zou
2004 Computers & graphics  
Deformation is modeled as a result of force propagation among the mass points in localized regions.  ...  We employ simulated annealing to tune the parameters automatically until the simulated shape of the FPM approximates the reference deformation as defined by the mathematically more rigorous finite element  ...  Fig. 8 . 8 Optimization of FPM against finite element model using simulated annealing. Fig. 9 . 9 (a) Experimental settings of deformable lattice for simulated annealing.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cag.2004.04.011 fatcat:pko2ctcyejg37n2xh6w22z2ghu

Real-Time Muscle Deformation via Decoupled Modeling of Solid and Muscle Fiber Mechanics [chapter]

Yacine Berranen, Mitsuhiro Hayashibe, David Guiraud, Benjamin Gilles
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper presents a novel approach for simulating 3D muscle deformations with complex architectures.  ...  Our approach allows the computation of several fiber directions in one coarse finite element, and thus, strongly decreases the required finite element resolution to predict muscle deformation during contraction  ...  Many fiber directions are computed per finite element, that leads to muscle representation with a few number of finite elements and decreases simulation computation time.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-10470-6_9 fatcat:b64tss4cjjg7daacgecebiuwlm

Impact Mechanics and High-Energy Absorbing Materials: Review

Pizhong Qiao, Mijia Yang, Florin Bobaru
2008 Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
We review different theoretical models (rigid-body dynamics, elastic, shock, and plastic wave propagation, and nonclassical or nonlocal models. and computational methods (finite-element, finite-difference  ...  , and mesh-free methods. used in impact mechanics.  ...  Thus, so far, optimal design of energy absorbing systems has used simplified models of impact and deformation modes.  ... 
doi:10.1061/(asce)0893-1321(2008)21:4(235) fatcat:vnrmapasv5hxvo3qhygzaxybau

An efficient and scalable deformable model for virtual reality-based medical applications

Kup-Sze Choi, Hanqiu Sun, Pheng-Ann Heng
2004 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine  
Simulated annealing (SA) algorithms are developed to optimize the model parameters by using the reference data generated with the linear static finite element method (FEM).  ...  Finite element method The idea of applying the finite element method for deformable simulation is to model the mechanical properties, namely the stress-strain relationship, of an object by decomposing  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.artmed.2004.01.013 pmid:15350624 fatcat:cnpu3zpdqvgl7dh6n3x256oa7i

Structural response and optimization of airtight blast door under gas explosion load

Haitao Li, Xiaokun Chen, Qiuhong Wang, Jiezhuoma La, Jun Deng
2017 Journal of Vibroengineering  
To achieve this aim, we carried out a static response analysis and topology optimization for the original model, and conducted dynamic response analysis for the optimization model subjected to gas explosion  ...  Some conducive suggestions were recommended based on the simulation results.  ...  Taking the actual size of the model established above into account, the door hinge is described with rotatable elements mesh and the door shell is meshed with the mapping method and simulated using 163  ... 
doi:10.21595/jve.2017.18155 fatcat:bsdfg3cel5dkdkprwotc3qxtxi

Theoretical-numerical Approaches to Simulate Fracture in Polymeric Materials

M. Kaliske, R. Behnke, R. Fleischhauer, K. Özenç, I.M. Zreid
2014 Procedia Materials Science  
Certain numerical methods like cohesive elements, containing e.g. inelastic cohesive zone models and the node splitting approach combined with an r-adaptive discretization are shown as valuable simulation  ...  The contribution at hand presents appropriated material modeling strategies for polymers and introduces the so-called configurational force approach for inelasticity and finite strains as a method to analyze  ...  For the simulation, 8427 tetrahedral elements are used.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mspro.2014.06.334 fatcat:onqiawqm2bfr5m7zvnfghurvtm

Experimental and numerical investigation of fracture in a cast aluminium alloy

E. Fagerholt, C. Dørum, T. Børvik, H.I. Laukli, O.S. Hopperstad
2010 International Journal of Solids and Structures  
With the proposed probabilistic fracture modelling approach, the fracture parameter can be introduced as a random variable in the finite element simulations.  ...  The numerical calculations were carried out with a user-defined material model implemented in an explicit finite element code.  ...  Element erosion was used to model crack propagation in the specimen.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijsolstr.2010.08.013 fatcat:ulclz6b5zbajhc57p4flyapssm

Interactive Deformations with Multigrid Skeletal Constraints [article]

Joachim Georgii, Daniel Lagler, Christian Dick, Rüdiger Westermann
2010 Workshop on Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulations  
In this paper we present an interactive method for simulating deformable objects using skeletal constraints.  ...  We introduce a two-way coupling of a finite element model and a skeleton that is attached to this model. The skeleton pose is determined via inverse kinematics.  ...  [SZHB06] simulated the skeleton as a nonlinear finite element model, and they propagated the resulting element rotations to the surrounding body to enable (corotated) linear elastic simulation.  ... 
doi:10.2312/pe/vriphys/vriphys10/039-047 dblp:conf/vriphys/GeorgiiLDW10 fatcat:szfn6gyyorc33htbaadqxv2wgq

A Study On Barreling Behavior During Upsetting Process Using Artificial Neural Networks With Levenberg Algorithm

H.Mohammadi Majd, M.Jalali Azizpour
2011 Zenodo  
Neural network was trained using barreling curves generated by finite element simulations of the upsetting and the corresponding material parameters.  ...  To prepare a training set for BPANN, some finite element simulations were carried out.  ...  Elman BP network train with the back propagation algorithm is used.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1075614 fatcat:2jp5tw4ie5fbrcvo5f3zk2apci

Numerical simulation of polycrystalline diamond compact bit rock-breaking process based on smooth partcle hydrodynamic-finite element coupling method

2013 Proceedings of OilGasScientificResearchProjects Institute SOCAR  
Keywords: polycrystalline diamond compact drill bit (PDC drill bit), smoothed particle hydrodynamics-finite element coupling method (SPH-FE) method, crack propagation, rockbreaking efficiency.  ...  on smooth particle hydrodynamic-finite element (SPH-FE) coupling method, and the influence factors are analyzed.  ...  The meshless particles are used to simulate the large deformation, broken and sprinkling of rock in the area that finite element mesh would occur serious distortion to ensure computational accuracy; the  ... 
doi:10.5510/ogp20130300165 fatcat:okdyapq3s5hbtib6od5tgs5ezu

Application of finite element method and artificial neural networks to predict the rolling force in hot rolling of Mg alloy plates

Z.Y. Guo, J.N. Sun, F.S. Du
2016 Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy  
The commercial finite element software MSC.Marc was used to simulate the Mg alloy rolling process; then Matlab Toolbox was used to train a back-propagation neural network by applying the input variables  ...  FEM results were compared with experimental data to verify the accuracy of the finite element model.  ... 
doi:10.17159/2411-9717/2016/v116n1a7 fatcat:pifowuhczbhy7env53avj3pgde

Multiphysics Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Computer-Aided Manufacturing Processes

Tomasz Trzepieciński, Francesco dell'Isola, Hirpa G. Lemu
2021 Metals  
Numerical modeling is used to predict stress and temperature distribution, springback, material flow, and prediction of phase transformations, as well as for determining forming forces and the locations  ...  The scope of the review has been limited to the last ten years, with an emphasis on the current state of knowledge.  ...  Finite element (FE) simulations based on beam elements are most efficient for the prediction of elastic-plastic deformations of nanoporous materials. Odermatt et al.  ... 
doi:10.3390/met11010175 fatcat:gytpvjy2kbc23ebgisrlmwky4e

An Optimized Model for the Local Compression Deformation of Soft Tissue

2020 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
This model uses a simulated annealing algorithm to optimize the parameters of the soft tissue model to improve the authenticity of the simulation.  ...  To verify the validity of the model, we carry out a compression simulation experiment of abdomen and human foot and compare it with other models.  ...  [19] proposed an MRI-based 3D finite element model to simulate the tibialis anterior muscle of rats and perform indentation tests with high simulation accuracy.  ... 
doi:10.3837/tiis.2020.02.011 fatcat:o5verxw3afgptjqktwnpn52jfu

Micromechanical modelling of ductile fracture in pipeline steel using a bifurcation-enriched porous plasticity model

Sondre Bergo, David Morin, Tore Børvik, Odd Sture Hopperstad
2020 International Journal of Fracture  
Explicit finite element simulations are carried out for all tests using the three variants of the GTN model, and the results are compared to the experimental data.  ...  The capability of the simulation models to capture onset of fracture and crack propagation in the pipeline steel is evaluated.  ...  If material is not included in the article's Creative Commons licence and your intended use is not permitted by statutory regulation or exceeds the permitted use, you will need to obtain permission directly  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10704-020-00495-7 fatcat:aujhwydginhbljmqki4xpmolvy

Simulation of Sheet Metal Forming Processes Using a Fully Rheological-Damage Constitutive Model Coupling and a Specific 3D Remeshing Method

Abel Cherouat, Houman Borouchaki, Zhang Jie
2018 Metals  
These fully coupled constitutive equations have been implemented into a Dynamic Explicit finite element code Abaqus using user subroutine.  ...  As illustrated in the presented examples this overall strategy ensures a robust and efficient remeshing scheme for finite element simulation of sheet metal‐forming processes.  ...  In addition, the 3D solid finite element adaptive remeshing procedure of deformable sheet is capable to optimize the element quality and refined the mesh size in the whole model or in the crack zone.  ... 
doi:10.3390/met8120991 fatcat:vn4bnpvmqbazrie6l7xpfpdzci
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