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XIX. Contributions to a Comparative Dictionary of the Bantu Languages

C. G. Büttner
1877 Transactions of the South African Philosophical Society  
S ([as] in Koelle's and Bleek's books) is writtenx is the deep guttural, met inKaffir and some other N in Becwana is like ng in the other languages. Also, several marked letters, used by Mr.  ...  Masiwe C. Delgado. Mashi Becwma. Amasi Xosa. Amoabi Alege. Eba Anan. Ebi Akurakusa, Nhalemoe. Ebe Melon. Amenu Orungu. Vumina Basunde. 17. MBUL. RAIN. N amwezi, Bumbete, Undsza. Mbola hbamba.  ... 
doi:10.1080/21560382.1877.9626452 fatcat:zm7ziv24orbdjbmpuz5ryunk4q

Geomorphological evolution of the polish part of the Sudetes - a review of results of recent research

Piotr Migoň
2003 Geografie-Sbornik CGS  
Dalsi zmeny pfinesly vysledky podrobnych morfostrukturnich a morfotektonickych analyz vedlejsich horskych masiw, provadene mezi jinymi v Kladskych Sudetech (Sroka 1997) , Sovich horach (Krzyszkowski,  ...  However, given the widespread evidence of Tertiary selective deep weathering and lithological differentiation of the Sudetes, the existence of true planation surfaces of regional extent is unlikely.  ... 
doi:10.37040/geografie2003108030191 fatcat:inlrqesxlzh6thod623uj7aype

Habitat Characteristics of the Endangered Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus) in the Central Appalachian Mountains

2004 The American midland naturalist  
The various subspecies of G l~u r r m y rabnnw occur in a idricty of forest stand condilions throuyhoul their geopaphic range, from masiw and structurally complex conifer forests in the Paciiic Northwrsr  ...  Although our temporally limited s u n y may have failed to document actual hy~ogeal fund abundances, the irregular fungal distribution combined with an association to red spruce, mane woody debris and deep  ... 
doi:10.1674/0003-0031(2004)152[0430:hcotev];2 fatcat:77dpyrqe35bptbwekshiplrqoy

Recent landforms on the Cape Verde Islands relief

Jan Vítek
2003 Geografie-Sbornik CGS  
Lze je sledovat (napf. na ostrovech Santiago, Santo Antao, Sao Vicente aj.) na holych svazich vyse polozenych horskych masiw, pfedstavujicich erozne denudacni trosky terciernich sopecnych teles.  ...  Appendix 3 -A deep canyon (ribeira) Paul in the eastern part of the Santo Antao Island is the only valley with a constant fresh water flow in the whole Cape Verde archipelago; water allows tropical cultures  ... 
doi:10.37040/geografie2003108010049 fatcat:3wk2efcnhjhlhlp633rvq7xn3q

Eastern Shore Whig and People's Advocate 01-1839 Vol. 4

(:Unkn) Unknown
There, on the tame tpot where they were given, I opened (hesacred book in which Ihone lawt were recorded, and read them with from lit parent « ' «A^V OL. a pool which reposes like a mirror in the deep  ...  -nd bleak maje.ty of Si- • ii tiof ,r .iiruh or bUe ol er »a5 ruggeJ tidet 1 hai well called Not a lr*e, l>e seen ol innumonible . their nake»l ummili lo the cruiitbling masiw* pf gra- ' u»U»eSy- crowned  ...  Il i. a subject of deep regret thai so lew of our nrwsprt|x;r» over even allude al all lu Ibvte Harrisburg have arisen Irom Ihe allrmpl iholwodefoalitd whigcamhd.ileii for the houio, lo seixe and occupy  ... 
doi:10.13016/m24f1mj5s fatcat:gl3ptcxazbhu7j7uyzz4n7lpse

Aspects of Religious Administration in the Hittite Late New Kingdom [article]

James Michael Burgin
Judging by the paucity of examples in the votive corpus, they were not lightly promised. 48 See entry masiwant-in the CHD, especially citation of KUB 21.27 III 39-41 (Prayer of Puduhepa) where a silver  ...  The Vow of Puduhepa is year-by-year review of the fulfillment of a major vow, preserved in multiple copies overlapping as many as six layers deep in some places.  ...  If so, taken with her presence deep in western Anatolia during the Arzawa campaign, and her request that the gods "not allow Piyamaradu to escape me (KUB 56.15 obv.  ... 
doi:10.6082/m1nz85qw fatcat:pygbopcyazdn5bv636jffoejqu