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Channel-Wise Characterization of High Frequency Oscillations for Automated Identification of the Seizure Onset Zone

Dakun Lai, Xinyue Zhang, Wenjing Chen, Heng Zhang, Tongzhou Kang, Han Yuan, Lei Ding
2020 IEEE Access  
High frequency oscillations (HFOs) in intracranial electroencephalography (iEEG) recordings are a promising clinical biomarker that can help define the epileptogenic regions in the brain.  ...  A supervised-learning based SVM classifier with the selected channel-wise features or their combinations was developed to identify each channel within the independently clinician-defined SOZ or not.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to acknowledge Biomedical Imaging and Electrophysiology Laboratory (BMI-EP), University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, for providing computational  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2978290 fatcat:jg64z72uy5en3fpxlm4hw7ja5y

Automated biomarker candidate discovery in imaging mass spectrometry data through spatially localized Shapley additive explanations

Leonoor E.M. Tideman, Lukasz G. Migas, Katerina V. Djambazova, Nathan Heath Patterson, Richard M. Caprioli, Jeffrey M. Spraggins, Raf Van de Plas
2021 Analytica Chimica Acta  
Our biomarker candidate discovery workflow is demonstrated on mouse-pup and rat kidney case studies.  ...  Instead, we propose an interpretable machine learning workflow that automatically identifies biomarker candidates by their mass-to-charge ratios, and that quantitatively estimates their relevance to recognizing  ...  data using supervised machine learning methods other than deep learning.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.aca.2021.338522 pmid:34482894 fatcat:wgwk5adm6fgsbixrl526zf243a

New Inhibitors of the P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase: Repurposing Existing Drugs with Deep Learning

2021 Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry  
Our study not only reveals potential medications for p38-mediated diseases that we recommend for physical trials but also demonstrates the ability of our novel deep learning-based computational pipeline  ...  This data served as the training set for a deep neural network that was fine-tuned to a 92% validation accuracy.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank CCG (Montreal) for their support.  ... 
doi:10.33263/briac124.53845404 fatcat:zhtldu7bcvefrl3w7oegl2trpi

CD11c+CD163+ Cells and Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3) Expression Are Common in Melanoma Leptomeningeal Disease

Hinda Najem, Anantha Marisetty, Craig Horbinski, James Long, Jason T. Huse, Isabella C. Glitza Oliva, Sherise D. Ferguson, Priya U. Kumthekar, Derek A. Wainwright, Peiwen Chen, Maciej S. Lesniak, Jared K. Burks (+1 others)
2021 Frontiers in Immunology  
Occasional immune cluster interactions can be seen in the stroma and on the edge.  ...  Despite the therapeutic benefit of targeted therapies and immunotherapies for Stage IV melanoma, patients with LMD do not typically benefit.  ...  First, in order to exclude sample regions in which there was excessive bleeding, we trained a deep learning classifier (U-Net architecture) to identify these areas and exclude them from further analysis  ... 
doi:10.3389/fimmu.2021.745893 pmid:34691054 pmcid:PMC8531809 fatcat:m3cfvrocdbaq7cxexfhpxazoai

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Nerve Growth Factor Therapeutics for Brain Injury: The Current Translational Challenges in Preclinical and Clinical Research

Serena-Kaye Sims, Brynna Wilken-Resman, Crystal J. Smith, Ashley Mitchell, Lilly McGonegal, Catrina Sims-Robinson, Gabriela Delevati Colpo
2022 Neural Plasticity  
As a result, therapeutic options for patients are sparse. Neurotrophic factors are one of the key mediators of neural plasticity and functional recovery.  ...  Ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) are among the leading causes of death and disability worldwide with impairments ranging from mild to severe.  ...  Rate of handicap, serum levels of biomarkers of stress neurotrophic factor as prognostic biomarkers Hyperbaric oxygen, 10 sessions of HBOT at 2.0 atmosphere absolute Change in National (ATA) for one hour  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/3889300 pmid:35283994 pmcid:PMC8906958 fatcat:oyv3s3urlvbc3gcvocuf6n34wq

Clinico‐genetic, imaging and molecular delineation of COQ8A ‐ataxia: a multicenter study of 59 patients

Andreas Traschütz, Tommaso Schirinzi, Lucia Laugwitz, Nathan H. Murray, Craig A. Bingman, Selina Reich, Jan Kern, Anna Heinzmann, Gessica Vasco, Enrico Bertini, Ginevra Zanni, Alexandra Durr (+30 others)
2020 Annals of Neurology  
Cerebellar atrophy was universal on MRI (100%), with cerebral atrophy or dentate and pontine T2 hyperintensities observed in 28%.  ...  Explorative sample size calculations indicate that ≥48 patients per arm may suffice to demonstrate efficacy for interventions that reduce progression by 50%.  ...  Hilgers for statistical advice, and to Gulsah Simsir (Koc University) for the excellent technical assistance.  ... 
doi:10.1002/ana.25751 pmid:32337771 pmcid:PMC7877690 fatcat:sb5s62qws5gghh7y2kqrz4qqsm

Secondary Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Recognized in Operating Room in Severely Injured Patients

Seok Hwa Youn, John Cook-Jong Lee, Kyoungwon Jung, Jonghwan Moon, Yo Huh, Younghwan Kim
2016 Korean Journal of Critical Care Medicine  
Similar fi ndings for these 3 outcomes were found in patients classifi ed as in-patient.  ...  Methods: Human melanoma cells overexpressing SDF-1 were xenografted on SCID mice. SDF-1 expression in cells was measured by ELISA. In vitro melanoma cell growth was examined by MTT.  ... 
doi:10.4266/kjccm.2016.31.1.58 fatcat:bl5elabzgne3fhiyrglemzmemu

Machine learning on drug-specific data to predict small molecule teratogenicity [article]

Anup P. Challa, Andrew L. Beam, Min Shen, Tyler Peryea, Robert R. Lavieri, Ethan S. Lippmann, David M. Aronoff
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
However, prescribing behavior for the gravid patient is guided on limited human data and conflicting cases of adverse outcomes due to the exclusion of pregnant populations from randomized, controlled trials  ...  These factors increase risk for adverse drug outcomes and reduce quality of care for pregnant populations.  ...  Deep learning for healthcare: 5 review, opportunities and challenges. Brief Bioinform 19, Schachter, A. D. & Kohane, I. S.  ... 
doi:10.1101/860627 fatcat:xznofg23wnchza6u2v57kztw4y

XXIInd Congress of the European Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery. Madrid, Spain,September 28-October 1, 2016: Abstracts

2016 Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery  
Methods and Results: We recorded brain activity from the subthalamic nucleus via the deep electrodes while stimulating simultaneously.  ...  Introduction: Classical DBS treatment of Parkinson disease (PD) involves constant stimulation by electrodes localized in deep brain structures such as the sub thalamic nucleus or the internalpalladium.  ...  #8603 Intraoperative Quantitative Tremor Evaluation in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery Patients and Methods: I.J. (60 y) was admitted to the University Hospital Dubrava due to sudden onset of confusion  ... 
doi:10.1159/000448961 pmid:27676399 fatcat:wlmdt6rwsbdmha6vtkin6ywbou

Eastern Cardiothoracic Surgical Society 55th Annual Meeting

2018 Innovations (Philadelphia): technology and techniques in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery  
Oral Presentation Closed-Loop Optimization of Deep Brain Stimulation Programming Ravinderjit Singh Stephen DeWeerth, PhD (Biomedical Engineering) Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a procedure used to treat  ...  The raw video data is passed through a "deep" or many-layered convolutional neural network for classifying superpixels, an average pooling layer, a layer that performs the POISE algorithm to merge superpixels  ... 
doi:10.1097/imi.0000000000000471 fatcat:m7dkilztybhelp2q6upbwkkyle

Validating atlas-based lesion disconnectomics in multiple sclerosis: a retrospective multi-centric study [article]

Veronica Ravano, Michaela Andelova, Mario Joao Fartaria, Mazen Fouad A-Wali Mahdi, Benedicte Marechal, Reto Meuli, Tomas Uher, Jan Krasensky, Manuela Vaneckova, Dana Horakova, Tobias Kober, Jonas Richiardi
2021 medRxiv   pre-print
In addition, where diffusion data is available, brain connectivity analyses rely on tractography algorithms which imply two major limitations.  ...  Small-worldness was found to decrease for larger total lesion volumes thereby suggesting a loss of efficiency in brain connectivity of MS patients.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Frank Yeh, author of the tractography atlas and developer of DSI Studio, for the fruitful discussion and his advice on the reconstruction and tracking algorithms used.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.05.03.21256161 fatcat:uqbphsjxfvglxcoz5fy6iz67pe

The Blood Circulating Rare Cell Population. What is it and What is it Good For?

Stefan Schreier, Wannapong Triampo
2020 Cells  
Therefore, this review intends to lay ground for a comprehensive analysis of the peripheral blood rare cell population given the necessity to target a broader range of cell types for improved biomarker  ...  types that may circulate the blood stream will help to advance the field of cell-based liquid biopsy by supporting inter-platform comparability, making use of biological correct cutoffs and "mining" new biomarkers  ...  We learned that many if not most rare cell types seem to overlap with one and the same disease (Table 2) , so for example, MI involves alterations of mature EnC, EPC, VSELS, MSC, FB, FC and NRBC.  ... 
doi:10.3390/cells9040790 pmid:32218149 pmcid:PMC7226460 fatcat:zuq4wynqsjefhljq5mglyf4qra

Principles of adipobiology: a gentle introduction

George Chaldakov
2019 Adipobiology  
One channel of nexus is composed of two connexons (or hemichannels).  ...  The hexagonal structure of connexons (cross sectioned) consisting of six proteins termed connexins -Cx) is evident; an arrow runs through one of the chanells.  ...  , and on the floor of fourth ventricle -they have processes extending deep into the hypothalamus.  ... 
doi:10.14748/adipo.v10.6541 fatcat:btoitnfolnbm3e4wmzxwdivjke

7th Annual European Antibody Congress 2011

Alexey A. Lugovskoy, Janice M. Reichert, Alain Beck
2012 mAbs  
On the second day, the discovery of novel targets for mAb therapy, clinical pipeline updates, use of antibody combinations to address resistance, generation and identification of mAbs against new targets  ...  The 2011 version of the EAC was attended by nearly 250 delegates who learned of the latest advances and trends in the global development of antibody-based therapeutics.  ...  He then introduced data on biomarker analyses in EGFRdirected therapy and its affect on patient selection.  ... 
doi:10.4161/mabs.4.2.19426 pmid:22453093 pmcid:PMC3361652 fatcat:djaolrkjxzeete2nysiejluqle

ISEV2020 Abstract Book

2020 Journal of Extracellular Vesicles  
a Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore; b Institute of Medical Biology, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore;  ...  Discrimination of mTBI patients from controls was most accurate when machine learning algorithms on the panel of biomarkers.  ...  For quantification of subcellular localization, an automated algorithm based on machine learning was developed.  ... 
doi:10.1080/20013078.2020.1784511 fatcat:xbxp2qizdre7lesxfhhd4ox6ga
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