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Decision support at Lands' End—An evolution

G. G. Bustamente, K. Sorenson
1994 IBM Systems Journal  
Decision support at Lands’ End—An evolution A decision support system with over one billion rows of data has been develo, at Lands’ End ——— IBM DATABASE 2™ (DB2") relational database management system.  ...  From Os/2 on the workstation, the query is routed to the server on the local area network (LAN) on which reside some of Micro Decision- ware’s gateway software.  ... 
doi:10.1147/sj.332.0228 fatcat:v7kcx5oyvndi5mrrhnlr55ta44

Performance Measurements of Tertiary Storage Devices

Theodore Johnson, Ethan L. Miller
1998 Very Large Data Bases Conference  
Application drivers include multimedia databases, data warehouses, scientific databases, and digital libraries and archives.  ...  ., removable media in a robotic storage library) is becoming increasingly popular. The fact that so much data can be stored encourages applications that use ever more massive data sets.  ...  Chatziantoniou and Johnson [2] propose a language for a decision support queries on a tape resident data warehouse.  ... 
dblp:conf/vldb/JohnsonM98 fatcat:do6dirtruvh6na6ql234vjdjie

Healthcare data warehousing and quality assurance

D.J. Berndt, J.W. Fisher, A.R. Hevner, J. Studnicki
2001 Computer  
Acknowledgments We thank the US Department of Commerce for providing us with funding through a Technology Opportunities Program grant. The Florida Department of Health has been a research partner.  ...  The mission of healthcare decision support is to provide the information on which sound decisions are made. Poor data quality can lead to poor decisions, threatening this mission.  ...  A worst-case scenario is the execution of an important query that leads to an associated decision-making activity, only to have the underlying query data retracted due to poor quality.  ... 
doi:10.1109/2.970578 fatcat:tqvdjsphfzbo7hekmnzmcgt3mi

Bank of America Case Study: The Information Currency Advantage

Felipe Cariño, Mark Jahnke
1998 Very Large Data Bases Conference  
The Teradata RDBMS manages a very large data warehouse (NCR Scalable Data Warehouse) for BofA using an NCR WorldMarkTM 51OOM MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) platform [Wck93].  ...  This paper describes the external forces that motivate financial institutions to collect, aggregate, analyze, and mine data so that it can be transformed into information, one of a financial institution's  ...  BofA uses a 2-terabyte Teradata data warehouse running on a nine-node (8 CPU) 5100M WorldMark server with 1,700 users.  ... 
dblp:conf/vldb/CarinoJ98 fatcat:ddcnbeg355ad3ji6tq7amywbam

Building the data warehouse

Stephen R. Gardner
1998 Communications of the ACM  
Regarding scalability, the main concerns are: • The amount of data to reside in the warehouse • The complexity of queries users are using to navigate the warehouse • The number of users accessing the warehouse  ...  Data warehouse support and enhancement comprises a series of followup operational and value processes supporting the operations and maintenance of a data warehouse.  ... 
doi:10.1145/285070.285080 fatcat:astwnpmyifcu7jtizazxfwzede

In-memory Databases in Business Information Systems

Peter Loos, Jens Lechtenbörger, Gottfried Vossen, Alexander Zeier, Jens Krüger, Jürgen Müller, Wolfgang Lehner, Donald Kossmann, Benjamin Fabian, Oliver Günther, Robert Winter
2011 Business & Information Systems Engineering  
The following lists some examples how information systems could be simplified: Decision Support: Many data warehouses will disappear because complex decision support queries can be served directly from  ...  the data from especially prepared data warehouse cubes.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12599-011-0188-y fatcat:jjojaaps35cv7ltez7mgqc4hjm

Research Issues in Data Warehousing [chapter]

Ming-Chuan Wu, Alejandro P. Buchmann
1997 Informatik aktuell  
Data warehousing is a booming industry with many i n teresting research problems. The database research community has concentrated on only a few aspects.  ...  In this paper, We summarize the state of the art, suggest architectural extensions and identify research problems in the areas of warehouse modeling and design, data cleansing and loading, data refreshing  ...  Virtual data warehouse A virtual DW is a collection of views, which are usually summaries of the atomic data, and serves for e cient query processing.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-60730-1_5 dblp:conf/btw/WuB97 fatcat:n7t74vxl2rg7vkjihvxzhjyioa

How You Store Information Affects How You Can Retrieve It: A Fundamental Principle For Business Students Studying Information Systems And Technology

Mark S. Silver
2018 American Journal of Business Education  
It continues by providing numerous concepts and examples that draw on the principle and that students are likely to encounter in the core IS course, subsequent courses, and their real-world use of technology  ...  The paper concludes by raising a set of issues suitable for class discussion or exam questions.  ...  Data Warehouses Gallaugher (2015) defines a data warehouse as a "set of databases designed to support decision making in an organization" (p. 347).  ... 
doi:10.19030/ajbe.v10i4.10099 fatcat:z7nwrgbsmngnffe3ltwa2zkt4q

Benefits of a clinical data warehouse with data mining tools to collect data for a radiotherapy trial

Erik Roelofs, Lucas Persoon, Sebastiaan Nijsten, Wolfgang Wiessler, André Dekker, Philippe Lambin
2013 Radiotherapy and Oncology  
Conclusions-Aggregating multiple data sources in a data warehouse combined with tools for extraction of relevant parameters is beneficial for data collection times and offers the ability to improve data  ...  Material and methods-In this study, a Computer Aided Theragnostics (CAT) data warehouse combined with automated tools for feature extraction was benchmarked against the regular manual data-collection processes  ...  Debougnoux, A. Claessens, J. van den Bogaard and B. Hanbeukers for their contribution. We thank Siemens for their financial and technical support received for this study.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.radonc.2012.09.019 pmid:23394741 pmcid:PMC5119279 fatcat:ntohqgm4b5eqffofpeldeo3r5a

Capacity Bound-free Web Warehouse

Yahiko Kambayashi, Kai Cheng
2003 Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research  
We still need to determine the priority of data for efficient processing. In this paper, the concept of Capacity Bound-free Web Warehouse (CBFWW) will be introduced.  ...  As in web-based applications, only a small fraction of data becomes hot spot and hot spots are changing very rapidly, self-organizing property using dynamically changing priority is important.  ...  Acknowledgment This work is supported in part by JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and CREST of JST (Japan Science and Technology Corporation). The authors would like to thank Dr.  ... 
dblp:conf/cidr/KambayashiC03 fatcat:7lebb3xnfzg3pnqywiczxkavu4

Knowledge Management: A Careful Look

Won Kim, Seung-Soo Park
2003 Journal of Object Technology  
In this article we will take a careful look at the term "knowledge", and on that basis shed some light on the concept of knowledge management, and then in turn point out some major issues and challenges  ...  One reason is that the term "knowledge" itself has been both overused and loosely used.  ...  a data warehouse, migrating and transforming data from different sources, etc.  ... 
doi:10.5381/jot.2003.2.1.c4 fatcat:us5ww5g4nfhovgsn7jxtupddem

The end of an architectural era: it's time for a complete rewrite [chapter]

Michael Stonebraker, Samuel Madden, Daniel J. Abadi, Stavros Harizopoulos, Nabil Hachem, Pat Helland
2018 Making Databases Work: the Pragmatic Wisdom of Michael Stonebraker  
These papers presented reasons and experimental evidence that showed that the major RDBMS vendors can be outperformed by 1-2 orders of magnitude by specialized engines in the data warehouse, stream processing  ...  In previous papers [SC05, SBC+07] , some of us predicted the end of "one size fits all" as a commercial relational DBMS paradigm.  ...  In a data warehouse world, one needs a different subset of SQL, since there are complex ad-hoc queries, but no stored procedures.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3226595.3226637 fatcat:gd2lcosm4nag7oywcv6pnpqey4

Microsoft TerraServer

Tom Barclay, Jim Gray, Don Slutz
2000 SIGMOD record  
This paper describes how terabytes of "Internet unfriendly" geo-spatial images were scrubbed and edited into hundreds of millions of "Internet friendly" image tiles and loaded into a SQL data warehouse  ...  All meta-data and imagery are stored in the SQL database.  ...  In addition, classic data warehouse queries may run for days before delivering results. Initial results typically cause users to modify and re-run queries to further refine results.  ... 
doi:10.1145/335191.335424 fatcat:rzm4ubnbdre6xpgqc2ctiend24

Microsoft TerraServer

Tom Barclay, Jim Gray, Don Slutz
2000 Proceedings of the 2000 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data - SIGMOD '00  
This paper describes how terabytes of "Internet unfriendly" geo-spatial images were scrubbed and edited into hundreds of millions of "Internet friendly" image tiles and loaded into a SQL data warehouse  ...  All meta-data and imagery are stored in the SQL database.  ...  In addition, classic data warehouse queries may run for days before delivering results. Initial results typically cause users to modify and re-run queries to further refine results.  ... 
doi:10.1145/342009.335424 dblp:conf/sigmod/BarclaySG00 fatcat:kt2k6x3exnfpzbssz4wz3jzygq

Benefits of AWS in Modern Cloud [article]

Sourav Mukherjee
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Cloud computing gradually developed a method to use the benefits of it in most of the organizations.  ...  It is very demanding in all businesses tasked with improving the quality of service reducing costs as the organization pays for the service only what they consume based on the incoming and outgoing traffic  ...  Write and memory scaling is supported with shading. Replicas provide read scaling. • Amazon Elastic Cloud is based on REDIS. • Fast, fully managed data warehouse.  ... 
arXiv:1903.03219v1 fatcat:4cg3sek2pzbftchljswdhpye6m
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