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Debriefing surgeons on non-technical skills (NOTSS)

S. Yule, R. Flin, N. Maran, G. Youngson, A. Mitchell, D. Rowley, S. Paterson-Brown
2007 Cognition, Technology & Work  
The non-technical skills for surgeons (NOTSS) behaviour rating system allows surgeons to observe trainees' behaviour in the workplace and provide feedback for skill improvement in a structured manner.  ...  Post-operative debriefing on performance based on observed skills is one way of achieving this and is regularly done in other high-risk professions.  ...  Acknowledgments The NOTSS system was developed under funding from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and NHS Education for Scotland.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10111-007-0085-9 fatcat:kldhx653ljderf5tcjh7ubwsqm

Experience matters: comparing novice and expert ratings of non-technical skills using the NOTSS system

Steven Yule, David Rowley, Rhona Flin, Nikki Maran, George Youngson, John Duncan, Simon Paterson-Brown
2009 ANZ journal of surgery  
The aim of this study was to further evaluate a behaviour rating system (NOTSS: Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) which can be used for workplace assessment of the cognitive and social skills which are  ...  There is growing evidence that non-technical skills (NTS) are related to surgical outcomes and patient safety.  ...  Further information on the NOTSS system can be found at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Patient Safety Board website: and at the University of Aberdeen:  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1445-2197.2008.04833.x pmid:19317781 fatcat:vnnfmpxznjawpcelctobwhpy6y

Surgeons' Non-technical Skills in the Operating Room: Reliability Testing of the NOTSS Behavior Rating System

Steven Yule, Rhona Flin, Nicola Maran, David Rowley, George Youngson, Simon Paterson-Brown
2008 World Journal of Surgery  
The aim of this study was to evaluate the reliability of the NOTSS (Non-technical Skills for Surgeons) behavior rating system.  ...  Previous research has shown that surgeons' intraoperative non-technical skills are related to surgical outcomes.  ...  Non-technical skills training in surgery is one method of enhancing surgeons' performance in the operating room, in order to improve patient safety.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00268-007-9320-z pmid:18259809 fatcat:oxja452fn5eanbfofz2uom4dhu

Prospective observational study to evaluate NOTSS (Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) for assessing trainees' non-technical performance in the operating theatre

J. Crossley, J. Marriott, H. Purdie, J. D. Beard
2011 British Journal of Surgery  
The NOTSS (Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) assessment instrument was developed specifically to assess the non-technical skills of individual surgeons in the operating theatre.  ...  Trainees' non-technical skill scores were relatively procedure-independent and achieved good reliability (generalizability coefficient 0·8 or more) when six to eight assessors observed one case each.  ...  The NOTSS (Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) instrument was designed to assess individual surgeon non-technical skills.  ... 
doi:10.1002/bjs.7478 pmid:21480195 fatcat:vhgkuzaajzcgzpzcazfq4tg2ae

Nontechnical Skills in Surgery: A Systematic Review of Current Training Modalities

Esther Ounounou, Abdullatif Aydin, Oliver Brunckhorst, M. Shamim Khan, Prokar Dasgupta, Kamran Ahmed
2018 Journal of Surgical Education  
The complexity of the operating room requires a surgeon to have both technical ability and an array of non-technical skills.  ...  Harris et al recruited 5 senior and 5 junior surgeons to perform a LC in the DS but offsite, non-technical skills were not formally assessed and no feedback on technical or non-technical skills performance  ...  [22] observed 25 general surgeons complete a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a SOR; non-technical skills were assessed using the NoTSS tool.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jsurg.2018.05.017 pmid:30122636 fatcat:ttofm6xs6zc55k7p5h5bfjch64

Non-technical skills: a review of training and evaluation in urology

Cora Griffin, Abdullatif Aydın, Oliver Brunckhorst, Nicholas Raison, Muhammad Shamim Khan, Prokar Dasgupta, Kamran Ahmed
2019 World journal of urology  
With non-technical skills (NTS) deficits being recognised as a major cause for error in surgery, there is an increasing interest in their training and evaluation.  ...  Debriefing is an important part of training and should be well structured; there are many debriefing models in existence, allowing for choice of method based on examiner preference and participant demographic  ...  The most popular and comprehensively validated are NoTSS (Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons), NOTECHS (NOn-TECHnical Skills) and OTAS (Observational Teamwork Assessment for Surgery) [10, 37] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00345-019-02920-6 pmid:31529246 fatcat:vkii33f2dfdxbf6ajwcw4ainaq

Non-technical skills for urological surgeons (NoTSUS): development and evaluation of curriculum and assessment scale

Abdullatif Aydın, Cora M Griffin, Oliver Brunckhorst, Ahmed Al-Jabir, Nicholas Raison, Haleema Aya, Craig McIlhenny, James Brewin, Majid Shabbir, Joan Palou Redorta, Muhammad Shamim Khan, Prokar Dasgupta (+1 others)
2020 World journal of urology  
Candidates were assessed using both the NoTSS (Non-technical Skills for Surgeons) and NoTSUS rating scales by NTS-trained and non-trained experts.  ...  This study aims to develop and evaluate a Non-technical Skills for Urological Surgeons (NoTSUS) training curriculum and assessment scale.  ...  The Non-technical Skills for Urological Surgeons (NoTSUS) assessment scale, a modified version of the Non-technical Skills for Surgeons (NoTSS) scale, was also developed using data from the first two rounds  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00345-020-03406-6 pmid:32809178 fatcat:hyhbk6qr75g6nibbjah225x7py

Surgeons' Non-technical Skills

Steven Yule, Simon Paterson-Brown
2012 Surgical Clinics of North America  
In addition, what are now commonly termed non-technical skills, 8 are as important, and sometimes more important, in ensuring the optimum outcome for the patient undergoing surgery.  ...  These findings all support the argument that although technical skills are necessary for safe surgery, taken in isolation they are not sufficient to maintain high levels of performance over time.  ...  dyads in total Phase 4: Debriefing on non-technical skills (32) Surgeons' Non-technical Skills psychobabble.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.suc.2011.11.004 pmid:22269259 fatcat:kqyf6rwowjdfzdwieyupglxb7q

Non-technical Skills Simulation Training

Jennifer C. Magill, Neil Tolley
2020 Current Otorhinolaryngology Reports  
This review discusses the importance of non-technical skills, and the role these skills have in simulation training within Otolaryngology.  ...  Purpose of Review "Non-technical skills" are critical to patient safety and form an important part of a surgeon's competency.  ...  Assessment tool Population Non-technical skills assessed Validity Reliability Non-Technical Skills of Surgeons (NOTSS) [23] Surgeons 1. Situational Awareness 2. Decision-making 3.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40136-020-00269-8 fatcat:b5klo6kvqffzdkqznhbq2vuc3q

Safe eye surgery: non-technical aspects

A Azuara-Blanco, A Reddy, G Wilkinson, R Flin
2011 Eye (London. 1987)  
in some anaesthetic training programmes. 10 For surgeons, a non-technical skills for surgeons (NOTSS) taxonomy and rating system was developed. 11, 12 The system was developed using task analysis with  ...  3 Abstract: The traditional training of surgeons focused exclusively on developing knowledge, clinical expertise and technical (surgical) skills.  ... 
doi:10.1038/eye.2011.127 pmid:21637301 pmcid:PMC3178242 fatcat:mbquemecrnbgvevyhbojblpnju

Hemorrhaging laparoscopic partial nephrectomy — feasibility of a novel simulation model

Avril J. Lusty, Joanne Bleackley, Matthew Roberts, James Watterson, Isabelle Raîche
2021 Canadian Urological Association Journal  
After the scenario participants were debriefed and completed a post-simulation survey assessing: 1) their perception of the simulated scenario; and 2) their teaching of non-technical skills in their residency  ...  All residents stated the scenario was valuable to assess and improve non-technical surgical skills and that their exposure to practice non-technical skills in their existing curriculum could be improved  ...  The NOTSS framework is widely accepted to assess surgeons', as well as surgical teams', non-technical skills 13 .  ... 
doi:10.5489/cuaj.7324 pmid:34812721 pmcid:PMC9054333 fatcat:y55s2y6ozjci7h6ajwphbl5xou

Evaluating training for a simulated team in complex whole procedure simulations in the endovascular suite

Debra Nestel, Isabelle Van Herzeele, Rajesh Aggarwal, Kevin Odonoghue, Andrew Choong, Rachel Clough, Christopher Eades, Jenna Lau, Simon Neequaye, Gurpal Ahluwalia, Ara Darzi
2009 Medical Teacher  
Simulators supporting the development of technical skills for complex procedures are gaining prominence. Safe performance of complex procedures requires effective team interactions.  ...  Although there were areas for development in training, this approach might contribute considerably to interventionalist training and increase knowledge and skills of vascular trainees and medical students  ...  Notes on contributor At the time of the study, all authors were associated with the Department of Biosurgery and Surgical Technology, Imperial College London.  ... 
doi:10.1080/01421590802337104 pmid:19089733 fatcat:6l5ls4yjfbg43okds45bityvqe

Development of a rating system for surgeons' non-technical skills

S Yule, R Flin, S Paterson-Brown, N Maran, D Rowley
2006 Medical Education  
This paper describes the method used to identify surgeons' non-technical skills, and the development of a skills taxonomy and behavioural rating system to structure observation and feedback in surgical  ...  This provided a structure for a prototype skill taxonomy (v1.1), which comprised 14 non-technical skill elements.  ...  Acknowledgements: this research was sponsored by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and NHS Education for Scotland.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2929.2006.02610.x pmid:17054619 fatcat:g45fthdtunf6techkxo4r3awly

Medical simulation is needed in anesthesia training to achieve patient's safety

Chul-Ho Chang
2013 Korean Journal of Anesthesiology  
Recently, non-technical skills, such as the Anesthesia Non-Technical Skills developed by anesthesiologists from Aberdeen University, have been emphasized as an important training resource.  ...  Technical skills and non-technical skills can be learned by anesthesiology residents through a standardized and organized simulation program.  ...  Nontechnical skills are also applied in surgery, and assessment of surgical non-technical skills (NOTSS) is becoming a training priority to develop in surgeons.  ... 
doi:10.4097/kjae.2013.64.3.204 pmid:23560184 pmcid:PMC3611068 fatcat:k6kb2c6j5jgzzkfiex6diasave

Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine

Anna Klimenko, Zhanna Tigai, Arnaud Desvergez, Arnaud Winer, Jean-Bernard Gouyon, Médéric Descoins, Bragard Isabelle, Gillet Aline, Servotte Jean-Christophe, Van Cauwenberge Isabelle, Donneau Anne-Françoise, Etienne Anne-Marie (+79 others)
2017 Advances in Simulation  
Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS) is a behavioural rating scale which promotes NTS in theatre through structured feed-back3.  ...  Development of a rating system for surgeons' non-technical skills. Med Educ, 40, 1098-104 Fig. 3 ( 3 abstract A10).  ... 
doi:10.1186/s41077-017-0058-x fatcat:fyguc3qt3jazhhhu6msa4joini
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