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Notas sobre el Diccionario de la lengua española (1917) de José Alemany y Bolufer

David Prieto García-Seco
2018 Revista de Lexicografía  
En el prólogo, su director, José Alemany, afirmaba que su propósito había sido elaborar un diccionario que fuera «un registro, lo más completo posible, de la lengua hablada».  ...  EL DICCIONARIO DE L A LENGUA ESPAÑOLA (1917) DE ALEMANY Cuando en 1917 ve la luz el DLE, Alemany llevaba ocho años como miembro de la Academia.  ...  Desde la portada se nos dice: 127 mo (Alemany 1923; vid.  ... 
doi:10.17979/rlex.2007.13.0.4789 fatcat:nfqnlp4jjjbypavnrhpswptjaq

Symmetry operation measures

Mark Pinsky, David Casanova, Pere Alemany, Santiago Alvarez, David Avnir, Chaim Dryzun, Ziv Kizner, Alexander Sterkin
2007 Journal of Computational Chemistry  
We introduce a new mathematical tool for quantifying the symmetry contents of molecular structures: the Symmetry Operation Measures. In this approach, we measure the minimal distance between a given structure and the structure which is obtained after applying a selected symmetry operation on it. If the given operation is a true symmetry operation for the structure, this distance is zero; otherwise it gives an indication of how different the transformed structure is from the original one.
more » ... cally, we provide analytical solutions for measures of all the improper rotations, S p n , including mirror symmetry and inversion, as well as for all pure rotations, C p n . These measures provide information complementary to the Continuous Symmetry Measures (CSM) that evaluate the distance between a given structure and the nearest structure which belongs to a selected symmetry point-group. q
doi:10.1002/jcc.20772 pmid:17559057 fatcat:75kfoezxinhe3dg67sd2hqropy

Continuous chirality measures in transition metal chemistry

Santiago Alvarez, Pere Alemany, David Avnir
2005 Chemical Society Reviews  
* (Santiago Alvarez) (David Avnir) Professor Titular in 1984 and as Catedrático (Professor) in 1987.  ...  In 1992 he carried out post- doctoral work with Professor Roald Hoffmann at Cornell University, Santiago Alvarez Pere Alemany  ... 
doi:10.1039/b301406c pmid:15778765 fatcat:7cijanemjrbw3dwiyfjdxme2he

Analytical methods for calculating Continuous Symmetry Measures and the Chirality Measure

Mark Pinsky, Chaim Dryzun, David Casanova, Pere Alemany, David Avnir
2008 Journal of Computational Chemistry  
Avnir; e-mail: q 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.  ... 
doi:10.1002/jcc.20990 pmid:18484634 fatcat:wfytlxuqdvc3nkpwz7qumf3fce

Molecules and crystals with both icosahedral and cubic symmetry

Jorge Echeverría, David Casanova, Miquel Llunell, Pere Alemany, Santiago Alvarez
2008 Chemical Communications  
doi:10.1039/b719615f pmid:18688293 fatcat:kmm6nww6kvfexmutlgck7cgway

Hydrological cycle of the Mediterranean-Black Sea system

David García-García, M. Isabel Vigo, Mario Trottini, Juan A. Vargas-Alemañy, Juan-Manuel Sayol
2022 Climate Dynamics  
AbstractThe Mediterranean-Black Sea system consists of two semi-enclosed basins connected by the Turkish Straits. In turn, the Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the narrow Strait of Gibraltar. The hydrological cycle of the system is driven by fresh water exchanges between the atmosphere, continents and oceans, and by salty water mass exchange among the ocean basins. Monitoring such water fluxes, especially its time evolution, is essential to understand the water cycle
more » ... in the region, which is very sensitive to global climate changes and influences the variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), which in turn affects the global climate. In this study, we have estimated the hydrological cycle of the Mediterranean-Black Sea system from the time-variable gravity observations performed by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) and GRACE Follow-On satellites, and precipitation and evaporation from ERA5 atmospheric reanalysis data for the period 2002–2020. In the Black Sea, rivers introduce an average water volume of 391 ± 12 km3/year, one third of which escape through the atmosphere and two thirds go to the Mediterranean Sea. In the latter, 1787 ± 23 km3/year are lost via net evaporation. The rivers runoff (502 ± 27 km3/year), and the inflow of Atlantic waters (1020 ± 56 km3/year; 0.0323 ± 0.0018 Sv), finally restore the Mediterranean water budget. The balance is not reached instantaneously, and this delay introduces a seasonal variability in all the fluxes. In particular, the net water flux from the Atlantic Ocean increases up to 2660 ± 111 km3/year in August/September, and reverses to − 407 ± 140 km3/year in April/May. On top of the climatology, the mean annual Atlantic water flux varies significantly between 706 and 1262 km3/year.
doi:10.1007/s00382-022-06188-2 fatcat:htfqjzvqmbfa3axc3o45l2dujy

Coarse-Graining Electrostatics in Multiscale Molecular Simulations of Proteins

Davide Alemani, Francesca Collu, Michele Cascella, Matteo Dal Peraro
2010 Biophysical Journal  
Alemani 1 , Francesca Collu 2 , Michele Cascella 2 , Matteo Dal Peraro 1 . 1 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne -EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2 University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland.  ...  interact with NAMD and GROMACS, but as a standalone tool it is designed to work with any existing MD package. 2018-Pos Coarse-Graining Electrostatics in Multiscale Molecular Simulations of Proteins Davide  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2009.12.2106 fatcat:cpkfxtjhgvhk7duh5sf2yfdwra

Coupling a Lattice Boltzmann and a Finite Difference Scheme [chapter]

Paul Albuquerque, Davide Alemani, Bastien Chopard, Pierre Leone
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-25944-2_70 fatcat:kefbslnqcfg3xo7ngm7jqk5oea

Transgene codon usage drives viral fitness and therapeutic efficacy in oncolytic adenoviruses [article]

Estela Núñez-Manchón, Martí Farrera-Sal, Giancarlo Castellano, David Medel, Ramon Alemany, Eneko Villanueva, Cristina Fillat
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
AbstractArming oncolytic adenoviruses with therapeutic transgenes is a well-established strategy for multimodal tumour attack. However, this strategy sometimes leads to unexpected attenuated viral replication and a loss of oncolytic effects, preventing these viruses from reaching the clinic. Previous work has shown that altering codon usage in viral genes can hamper viral fitness. Here, we have analysed how transgene codon usage impacts viral replication and oncolytic activity. We observe that,
more » ... although transgenes with optimised codons show high expression levels at a first round of infection, they impair viral fitness and are therefore not expressed in a sustained manner. Conversely, transgenes encoded by suboptimal codons do not compromise viral replication and are thus stably expressed over time allowing a greater oncolytic activity both in vitro and in vivo. Altogether, our work shows that fine-tuning codon usage leads to a concerted optimisation of transgene expression and viral replication paving the way for the rational design of more efficacious oncolytic therapies.
doi:10.1101/2020.06.19.161026 fatcat:xtpz46uuf5gb3ks3vo3dqk5w7u

Del yo metafísico al yo psíquico

Pedro David Alemany Navarro
2021 Contrastes: Revista International de Filosofia  
Véase Alemany (2020) Debido a la arriesgada tarea que supone intentar definir cualquier cuestión relativa al postmodernismo, se usará como base la explicación proporcionada por la Stanford Encyclopedia  ... 
doi:10.24310/contrastescontrastes.v26i2.10113 fatcat:rn5qknj4p5duhenvbolsvcpbsy

Determination of Natural In Vivo Noble-Gas Concentrations in Human Blood

Yama Tomonaga, Matthias S. Brennwald, David M. Livingstone, Geneviève Tomonaga, Rolf Kipfer, Marià Alemany
2014 PLoS ONE  
Although the naturally occurring atmospheric noble gases He, Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe possess great potential as tracers for studying gas exchange in living beings, no direct analytical technique exists for simultaneously determining the absolute concentrations of these noble gases in body fluids in vivo. In this study, using human blood as an example, the absolute concentrations of all stable atmospheric noble gases were measured simultaneously by combining and adapting two analytical methods
more » ... y developed for geochemical research purposes. The partition coefficients determined between blood and air, and between blood plasma and red blood cells, agree with values from the literature. While the noble-gas concentrations in the plasma agree rather well with the expected solubility equilibrium concentrations for air-saturated water, the red blood cells are characterized by a distinct supersaturation pattern, in which the gas excess increases in proportion to the atomic mass of the noble-gas species, indicating adsorption on to the red blood cells. This study shows that the absolute concentrations of noble gases in body fluids can be easily measured using geochemical techniques that rely only on standard materials and equipment, and for which the underlying concepts are already well established in the field of noble-gas geochemistry.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096972 pmid:24811123 pmcid:PMC4014594 fatcat:vyaoc65bk5b5jkdlkqaz5io6ui

A Methodology to Create 3D Body Models in Motion [chapter]

Eduardo Parrilla, Ana-Virginia Ruescas, Juan-Antonio Solves, Alfredo Ballester, Beatriz Nacher, Sandra Alemany, David Garrido
2020 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
Size, shape and posture are fundamental features of digital human models (DHM) to obtain accurate virtual simulations of the ergonomics of products and environments. Research on 3D body scanning, processing and modelling have enabled the generation of avatars representing specific populations and morphotypes in standing and seated postures being the basis to define size and shape of DHM. Posture is implemented with biomechanical models of the human movement. Most of the research is focused on
more » ... sture control and movement tracking to analyze the variability in different contexts (e.g. driving, performing a working task). Motion capture technology used for this purpose, requires a limited number of sensors or reflective markers attached to the body according to the definition of body segments. 3D body scanning and motion capture are both technologies currently used to analyze human body shape and biomechanics to apply it to enhance digital human models. These technologies may converge on the so-called temporal 3D scanners or 4D scanners, a new technology recently developed to scan the body in motion. With this technology, it is possible to obtain sequences of dense 3D point clouds representing the movement of the body. In this paper, a novel methodology to create realistic 3D body models in motion is proposed. This method is supported by a new 4D scanning system (Move 4D) and a data driven-model. Move4D is a modular photogrammetry-based 4D scanning system. It consists of a set of 12 synchronized modules to scan full bodies with texture in motion. It can capture up to 180 fps with a resolution of 2 mm. The algorithms have been conceived and optimized to automatically process the series of raw point clouds captured. They rely on a data-driven body model including shape, pose and soft-tissue deformation trained with a large database and a deep learning model. The process is fully automatic and does not require any interactive landmarking or revision. The 3D outcome of this methodology is one noise-and artefact-free watertight mesh per frame and a model of shape, pose and soft-tissue that can be rigged with a 23-joint skeleton. This type of outcome permits their use for many applications such as simulations, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) or biomechanical analysis purposes.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-51064-0_39 fatcat:d3acdt4dtjf57aapwqjpskt7qa

A Sensitive, Accurate, and Versatile Method for the Quantification of Superoxide Dismutase Activities in Biological Preparations

Fátima Mesa-Herrera, David Quinto-Alemany, Mario Díaz
2019 Reactive Oxygen Species  
| Superoxide dismutase (SOD) plays a major role in antioxidant defense and redox regulation in eukaryotic cells and whole organisms. We describe here a sensitive and reliable method to characterize different SOD activities in a variety of biological samples, ranging from budding yeast to human cerebrospinal fluid. It is the spectrophotometric assay developed by Marklund and Marklund in 1974, based on the inhibition of pyrogallol autoxidation, which we have optimized for different isoenzymes,
more » ... l types, tissues, pH, buffers, and temperatures. By adjusting the assay conditions to multi-well plate readers, we show here that the method is suitable for the analyses of SOD activity in a number of samples and conditions. The procedure involves inexpensive reagents, and allows for a rapid, sensitive, versatile, and reproducible measurement of SOD activity in a wide variety of biological samples.
doi:10.20455/ros.2019.809 fatcat:odcxsintczfd3ea2cmio3zhqju

Fuzzy multi-objective optimisation for master planning in a ceramic supply chain

David Peidro, Josefa Mula, M.M.E. Alemany, Francisco-Cruz Lario
2012 International Journal of Production Research  
Alemany Díaz, MDM.; Lario Esteban, FC. (2012) . Fuzzy multiobjective optimisation for master planning in a ceramic supply chain.  ...  The approach proposed in this work performs than the single-objective deterministic approach proposed in Alemany et al. (2010) .  ...  Constraints In this section, we briefly review the constraints originally proposed by Alemany et al. (2010) , which are necessary for our proposal.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00207543.2011.588267 fatcat:7rodggqagfbrjminfxrcjgm5fa

Efectos endocrinológicos tardíos del tratamiento oncológico en supervivientes de meduloblastoma

Antonio David Hidalgo Santos, Maria Del Carmen De Mingo Alemany, Francisca Moreno Macián, Sara León Cariñena, Erica Collado Ballesteros, Adela Cañete Nieto
2019 Andes Pediatrica  
La radioterapia, quimioterapia y la cirugía empleada en el tratamiento de los tumores cerebrales tienen efectos en el eje hipotálamo-hipofisario y pueden resultar en disfunción endocrina hasta en el 96% de los casos.Pacientes y Método: Estudio retrospectivo y descriptivo en pacientes diagnosticados de meduloblastoma sometidos a tratamiento con quimio y radioterapia en los últimos 20 años en un hospital terciario. Se analizan variables edad, sexo, peso, talla, índice de masa corporal (IMC) al
more » ... al del seguimiento, estadio de maduración sexual, niveles séricos de TSH y T4 libre, ACTH/cortisol e IGF-1, FSH, LH, estradiol, testosterona, perfil lipídico (colesterol total) y prueba de función dinámica de hormona de crecimiento.Resultados: Muestra total de 23 pacientes. El déficit de hormona de crecimiento es la secuela más frecuente (82 %) seguido de disfunción tiroidea (44,8%) y disfunción puberal (24,1%). Solo se diagnosticó un caso de diabetes insípida y 2 casos de déficit de corticotrofina.Conclusiones: El seguimiento a largo plazo de los supervivientes de meduloblastoma tratados con quimio y radioterapia revela una prevalencia muy alta de disfunción endocrina, particularmente de deficiencia de hormona del crecimiento y de hipotiroidismo. Creemos oportuna la monitorización y el seguimiento a largo plazo de estos pacientes con el fin de garantizar un manejo terapéutico adecuado de aquellas disfunciones tratables.
doi:10.32641/andespediatr.v90i6.994 fatcat:cjr2v6tcsngpndckiye7vsrnhm
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