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From Baroque to Rococo. Nicolas Powell

David R. Coffin
1960 The Journal of modern history  
By Nicolas Powell. New York: Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., 1959, Pp. 184, $10.00.  ...  Davip R. COFFIN Princeton University Law 1N DipLomacy. By Percy E. Corbett. With a foreword by Frederick S$. Dunn. Princeton, N. J.: Princeton University Press, 1959. Pp. v + 288. $6.00.  ... 
doi:10.1086/238569 fatcat:vkw7bzbsdbhqnjlv5seul4pv3y

Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters

David R. Powell
2008 Theological Librarianship  
David Powell Methodist Theological School in Ohio  ... 
doi:10.31046/tl.v1i1.28 fatcat:6upcqiwyqneytmqxordjqvrrci

Affect Control Theories: A Double Special Issue in Honor of David R. Heise

Amy Kroska, Brian Powell, Kimberly B. Rogers, Lynn Smith-Lovin
2022 American Behavioral Scientist  
We introduce this two-part special issue that celebrates David Heise and his pathbreaking theories: affect control theory (ACT), affect control theory of the self (ACTS), and affect control theory of institutions  ...  American Behavioral Scientist 0(0) Brian Powell is James H. Rudy Professor of Sociology at Indiana University.  ...  We conclude Issue 2 with an innovative theoretical piece by David Heise that draws on all three affect control theories and ESA to develop a multi-level theory of action explaining how organizations accomplish  ... 
doi:10.1177/00027642211066044 fatcat:4m5kuvzldvfovi6x22jldtva7u


Xue-Yi Chen, Jerry R. Dias, Doug R. Powell, J. David Van Horn, Thomas C. Sandreczki
2005 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
Key indicators Single-crystal X-ray study T = 100 K Mean (C-C) = 0.007 Å R factor = 0.021 wR factor = 0.055 Data-to-parameter ratio = 17.5 For details of how these key indicators were automatically derived  ...  E61, o944-o946 [] 1,3-Diiodoazulene Xue-Yi Chen, Jerry R. Dias, Doug R. Powell, J.  ...  The weighted R-factor wR and goodness of fit S are based on F 2 , conventional R-factors R are based on F, with F set to zero for negative F 2 .  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600536805006823 fatcat:dbcqzt3t6vedljs4bqvgycv43y

Pressure Cycling Technology in Systems Biology [chapter]

Bradford S. Powell, Alexander V. Lazarev, Greta Carlson, Alexander R. Ivanov, David A. Rozak
2012 Msphere  
Systems biologists frequently seek to integrate complex data sets of diverse analytes into a comprehensive picture of an organism's biological state under defined environmental conditions. Although one would prefer to collect these data from the same sample, technical limitations with traditional sample preparation methods often commit the investigator to extracting one type of analyte at the expense of losing all others. Often, volume further constrains the range of experiments that can be
more » ... ected from a single sample. The practical solution employed to date has been to rely on information collected from multiple replicate experiments and similar historical or reported data. While this approach has been popular, the integration of information collected from disparate single-analyte sample preparation streams increases uncertainty due to nonalignment during comparative analysis, and such gaps accumulate quickly when combining multiple data sets. Regrettably, discontinuities between separate data streams can confound a whole understanding of the biological system being investigated. This difficulty is further compounded for researchers handling highly pathogenic samples, in which it is often necessary to use harsh chemicals or high-energy sterilization procedures that damage the target analytes. Ultra-high pressure cycling technology (PCT), also known as barocycling, is an emerging sample preparation strategy that has distinct advantages for systems biology studies because it neither commits the researcher to pursuing a specific analyte nor leads to the degradation of target material. In fact, samples prepared under pressure cycling conditions have been shown to yield a more complete set of analytes due to uniform disruption of the sample matrix coupled with an advantageous high pressure solvent environment. Fortunately, PCT safely sterilizes and extracts complex or pathogenic viral, bacterial, and spore samples without adversely affecting the constituent biomolecules valued as informative and meaningful analytes. This chapter provides procedures and findings associated with incorporating PCT into systems biology as a new and enabling approach to preanalytical sample treatment.
doi:10.1007/978-1-61779-827-6_2 pmid:22639209 fatcat:2h65hf5jzvenrnzhlc6k5y4mae

Materials for Legal Method

David F. Cavers, Noel T. Dowling, Edwin W. Patterson, Richard R. Powell
1947 Harvard Law Review  
and Richard R. Powell. Chicago: The Foundation Press. 1946. Pp. xii, 580. $7.00.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1335347 fatcat:a5ruz664iffwnkwmshbptzxvum

The Law of Real Property. Volume II

David E. Watts, Richard R. Powell
1951 Harvard Law Review  
By Richard R. Powell.' Albany: Matthew Bender & Company. 1950. Pp. xiii, 857. $16.50.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1336390 fatcat:oxw2b5ncpvfcfftpdzsmtgrqoa

Circular dichroism of four-wave mixing in nonlinear metamaterials

Alec Rose, David A. Powell, Ilya V. Shadrivov, David R. Smith, Yuri S. Kivshar
2013 Physical Review B  
. . . e j p ( r) e j p ( r) e k s ( r) * · e nl ( r) * e i kz dV , (3) where the integral is taken over a single unit cell with volume V 0 .  ...  R) for any lattice vector R, and likewise for the nonlinearity.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.88.195148 fatcat:7ca2q56agrhv7mtnwhntz24yym

From reads to insight: a hitchhiker's guide to ATAC-seq data analysis

Feng Yan, David R. Powell, David J. Curtis, Nicholas C. Wong
2020 Genome Biology  
Assay of Transposase Accessible Chromatin sequencing (ATAC-seq) is widely used in studying chromatin biology, but a comprehensive review of the analysis tools has not been completed yet. Here, we discuss the major steps in ATAC-seq data analysis, including pre-analysis (quality check and alignment), core analysis (peak calling), and advanced analysis (peak differential analysis and annotation, motif enrichment, footprinting, and nucleosome position analysis). We also review the reconstruction
more » ... transcriptional regulatory networks with multiomics data and highlight the current challenges of each step. Finally, we describe the potential of single-cell ATAC-seq and highlight the necessity of developing ATAC-seq specific analysis tools to obtain biologically meaningful insights.
doi:10.1186/s13059-020-1929-3 pmid:32014034 fatcat:xowyj2wc5vfkvisoceizn7tdra

Serving as a Temporary Pathology Chair: "Boon" or "Boondoggle"?

David N. Bailey, Melissa R. George, David N. Howell, Donald S. Karcher, Jenny Libien, Deborah E. Powell, Fred Sanfilippo
2019 Academic Pathology  
ORCID iD David N. Bailey  ... 
doi:10.1177/2374289519877547 pmid:31598546 pmcid:PMC6764035 fatcat:pr6izzzrbba7rlr4nyrry6lmf4

Second harmonic generation with zero phase velocity waves

Walter R. C. Somerville, David A. Powell, Ilya V. Shadrivov
2011 Applied Physics Letters  
We design a dual-band nonlinear composite right-left handed transmission line with phase-matching achieved between the fundamental frequency and second harmonic when both interacting waves have zero phase velocity. Additionally, we show that such a transmission line supports a new regime where the generation of backward second harmonic waves is achieved from a backward fundamental frequency wave. Composite right-left-handed transmission lines ͑CR-LHTL͒ are metamaterial-inspired transmission
more » ... s, which support both forward and backward propagating modes. 1 They can be used in applications such as compact resonators, 2 filters, 3 and broadband couplers. 4 The inclusion of nonlinear semiconductor components in the CRLHTL has allowed nonlinear effects to be extensively studied-see Ref. 5 and references therein. In particular, it was shown that the nonlinear CRLHTL can be used for harmonic generation, 6 as well as for parametric amplification. 7 Nonlinear processes in media supporting backward ͑or "left-handed"͒ waves are very unusual. For example, it is possible to generate second harmonics ͑SHs͒ in the direction of reflected waves; 8 this is in a sharp contrast to what happens in typical quadratically nonlinear materials, where the generated SH propagates in the same direction as fundamental frequency ͑FF͒. In this letter, we study two new regimes of SH generation. First, we achieve phase matching between two frequencies having zero phase velocity. The regime of zero phase velocity waves is analogous to the epsilon-near zero metamaterial. 9 We experimentally demonstrate SH generation with both the FF and SH meeting the zero phase velocity condition. Second, we study SH generation for the case when both FF wave and SH are backward waves. We experimentally measure the dispersion properties of the designed transmission lines to confirm that the phase matching conditions are satisfied. This is performed using a highresolution spectral analysis method 10,11 applied to the measured near-field distribution in the vicinity of the transmission line. Our design is based on the concept of a balanced CRLHTL, 1 which has a constant impedance, and continuous dispersion which crosses the zero-phase velocity axis at one frequency with no band gap. 1 In order to obtain zero phase velocity at the SH frequency while satisfying the balanced condition, we use a dual-band CRLHTL design. 12-16 We start with the equivalent circuit shown in Fig. 1͑a͒ , where we have chosen an asymmetric unit cell to minimize the number of lumped components required. The method for determining the component values for the equivalent circuit was based on the analysis from Ref. 15, modified slightly to take the asymmetry of our circuit into account. 12 The first constraint is that the unloaded resonant frequency of each LC pair must be identical, or −2 = L hp C hp = L hs C hs = L vp C vp = L vs C vs . Since ␤͑ or ͒ = Ϯ , this frequency is at the center of a stop-band separating the first righthanded region from the second left-handed region. The frequencies at which ␤ = 0 are then given by where hshp −2 = L hs C hp and vsvp −2 = L vs C vp . In order for the stopbands to be closed, we require that there be only two frequencies where ␤ = 0. This can be achieved by setting hshp = vsvp , which causes Eqs. ͑1͒ and ͑2͒ to become equivalent, with roots z1 2 and z2 2 . We specify that ␤ = 0 at the FF z1 =2 ϫ 1 GHz and SH z2 =2 ϫ 2 GHz. Further constraints are given by the requirement to match the Bloch impedance to the characteristic impedance of our measurement system, Z B Ϸ ͱ L hs / C vp
doi:10.1063/1.3580616 fatcat:nt6pkf4dkbcnzi2rwopcg3qi5y

Poland anomaly with contralateral ulnar ray defect

C V Powell, R C Coombs, T J David
1993 Journal of Medical Genetics  
Bouwes Bavinick and Weaver'0 have Powell, Coombs, David suggested the term 'subclavian artery supply disruption sequence' (SASDS) to explain a common pathogenesis in Poland, Klippel-Feil, and Mobius syndromes  ...  The r had not been taking oral contraceptiv there was no other history of materna ingestion in pregnancy. Delivery was weeks' gestation by normal vaginal de birth weight 2370 g (25th centile).  ... 
doi:10.1136/jmg.30.5.423 pmid:8320708 pmcid:PMC1016383 fatcat:trloums32bgcbnxlfkrrh7d6ji

The Bible and Handel's Messiah: Some Sources on Their Relation and Use

David R. Powell
2009 Theological Librarianship  
David Winter in his Forty Days with the Messiah: Day-by-day Reflections on the Words of Handel's Oratorio (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1997) and Randy Seiver, who authored The Glory Revealed: An Exposition  ... 
doi:10.31046/tl.v2i2.121 fatcat:ch4nytuqk5el7e3fbeno3wlsyq

De novo transcriptome assembly for the spiny mouse (Acomys cahirinus)

Jared Mamrot, Roxane Legaie, Stacey J. Ellery, Trevor Wilson, Torsten Seemann, David R. Powell, David K. Gardner, David W. Walker, Peter Temple-Smith, Anthony T. Papenfuss, Hayley Dickinson
2017 Scientific Reports  
Figures were produced using R software v3.3.2 and GraphPad Prism 7. Figure 1 . 1 Flow chart of transcriptome assembly pipeline. *SEECER probabilistic error correction conducted on these datasets.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-09334-7 pmid:28827620 pmcid:PMC5566366 fatcat:im6hjx65vbcxde7gbr3xktd6n4

Narcissism is associated with weakened frontostriatal connectivity: a DTI study

David S. Chester, Donald R. Lynam, David K. Powell, C. Nathan DeWall
2015 Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience  
R. Lynam. Conflict of interest. None declared. Fig. 1 . 1 (A) Sagittal and axial views of the frontostriatal masks, displayed in red, overlaid atop an MNI152 normalized template brain.  ... 
doi:10.1093/scan/nsv069 pmid:26048178 pmcid:PMC4927024 fatcat:tjpkcihcbrgc5pgrkf7dvo7y3i
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