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Ties in Paired-Comparison Experiments Using a Modified Thurstone-Mosteller Model

W. A. Glenn, H. A. David
1960 Biometrics  
TIES IN PAIRED-COMPARISON EXPERIMENTS USING A MODIFIED TIIURSTONE-MOSTELLER MODEL* W. A. Glenn and H. A. David Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia, U. S. A. 1.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2527957 fatcat:lre7tzpgh5hntfd4jzgzz2zz6e

The Pre-Election Polls of 1948: Report to the Committee on Analysis of Pre-Election Polls and Forecasts.Frederick Mosteller , Herbert Hyman , Philip J. McCarthy , Eli S. Marks , David B. TrumanSurveys, Polls and Samples

Nathan Keyfitz
1950 American Journal of Sociology  
By FREDERICK MOSTELLER, HERBERT Hyman, Purtip J. McCarruy, Eur S. Marks, and Davip B. TruMAN. New York: Social Science Research Council, 1949.  ... 
doi:10.1086/220705 fatcat:ph6q4qejdrdzrj3623hmsvxp74

Modeling Organizational Structures and Agent Knowledge for Mulan Applications [chapter]

Lawrence Cabac, David Mosteller, Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
One of the most important tasks when developing multiagent systems (MAS) is to determine the overall organizational structure of the system. In this paper we present a service-oriented perspective on the organizational structure of MAS and we present modeling techniques and tools for supporting this perspective. We pursue a model-driven approach and a tight integration between various models on the one hand and between the models and the generated code on the other hand. In particular, we
more » ... e ontology modeling and organization structure modeling in a way that we can easily generate the initial content of agent knowledge bases in the form of FIPA semantic language (SL) fragments (depending on what positions the agents occupy in the context of the organizational structure). In addition, this allows the agents to reason about and to communicate about their organizational embedding using the same ontology.
doi:10.1007/978-3-662-45730-6_4 fatcat:k3hudyhigrgzzlivf7w7rrku6i

The Pre-Election Polls of 1948

Louis H. Bean, Frederick Mosteller, Herbert Hyman, Philip J. McCarthy, Eli S. Marks, David B. Truman
1950 Journal of the American Statistical Association  
Frederick Mosteller, Herbert Hyman, Philip J. McCarthy, Eli S. Marks, David B. Truman (and collaborators). Bulletin 60, Social Science Research Council, New York, 1949. Pp. 396. Review By Louis H.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2280305 fatcat:htxn24sowbaqzf74waabidtrzu

Saliva sampling in global clinical studies: the impact of low sampling volume on performance of DNA in downstream genotyping experiments

David J Pulford, Michael Mosteller, J David Briley, Kelley W Johansson, Anita J Nelsen
2013 BMC Medical Genomics  
The collection of viable DNA samples is an essential element of any genetics research programme. Biological samples for DNA purification are now routinely collected in many studies with a variety of sampling methods available. Initial observation in this study suggested a reduced genotyping success rate of some saliva derived DNA samples when compared to blood derived DNA samples prompting further investigation. Methods: Genotyping success rate was investigated to assess the suitability of
more » ... saliva samples in future safety and efficacy pharmacogenetics experiments. The Oragene® OG-300 DNA Self-Collection kit was used to collect and extract DNA from saliva from 1468 subjects enrolled in global clinical studies. Statistical analysis evaluated the impact of saliva sample volume of collection on the quality, yield, concentration and performance of saliva DNA in genotyping assays. Results: Across 13 global clinical studies that utilized the Oragene® OG-300 DNA Self-Collection kit there was variability in the volume of saliva sample collection with~31% of participants providing 0.5 mL of saliva, rather than the recommended 2 mL. While the majority of saliva DNA samples provided high quality genotype data, collection of 0.5 mL volumes of saliva contributed to DNA samples being significantly less likely to pass genotyping quality control standards. Assessment of DNA sample characteristics that may influence genotyping outcomes indicated that saliva sample volume, DNA purity and turbidity were independently associated with sample genotype pass rate, but that saliva collection volume had the greatest effect. Conclusion: When employing saliva sampling to obtain DNA, it is important to encourage all study participants to provide sufficient sample to minimize potential loss of data in downstream genotyping experiments.
doi:10.1186/1755-8794-6-20 pmid:23759220 pmcid:PMC3698156 fatcat:e3a5h5uhxjcrznniznv52qjvgu

The Pre-Election Polls of 1948. Report to the Committee on Analysis of Pre-Election Polls and Forecasts

Athern P. Daggett, Frederick Mosteller, Herbert Hyman, Philip J. McCarthy, Eli S. Marks, David B. Truman
1950 The New England quarterly  
By Frederick Mosteller, Herbert Hyman, Philip J. McCarthy, Eli S$. Marks and David B. Truman. (New York: Social Science Research Council. 1949. Pp. xx, 396. $3.00; pa. $2.50.)  ... 
doi:10.2307/361429 fatcat:kvjov3aicfdhvnxahd7rg37u6i

Effects of enzyme inducers efavirenz and tipranavir/ritonavir on the pharmacokinetics of the HIV integrase inhibitor dolutegravir

Ivy Song, Julie Borland, Shuguang Chen, Phyllis Guta, Yu Lou, David Wilfret, Toshihiro Wajima, Paul Savina, Amanda Peppercorn, Stephen Castellino, David Wagner, Louise Hosking (+3 others)
2014 European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology  
Mosteller, J. P. Rubio and S. C. Piscatelli are employees of GlaxoSmithKline and hold stock options. P.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00228-014-1732-8 pmid:25146692 pmcid:PMC4158172 fatcat:sk3nzz66ofcwtlzozfivmhlam4

Ventricular fibrillation in patients without significant structural heart disease: A multicenter experience with implantable cardioverter-defibrillator therapy

Marc D. Meissner, Michael H. Lehmann, Russell T. Steinman, Robert D. Mosteller, Masood Akhtar, Hugh Calkins, David S. Cannom, Andrew E. Epstein, Richard N. Fogoros, L.Bing Liem, Francis E. Marchlinski, Robert J. Myerburg (+1 others)
1993 Journal of the American College of Cardiology  
Objdw. This study was underiaken to cbmxterize tbe outmax af survivors of ventricul~l tibnllstim wttb no or ninhnsl structural heart divpse who recdved aa impbmtable cardk~erterdeabrillntor. Background. The prognosis among survivon cd ventrlrulnr fibrillalioo with ndnirnrl or no structural card&c abaormalI(ies remains unclear. Since tk advent of implantable cardiovevkrdeftbrtllators, thh question takes on added imaortance. Melhods. ihis llhnter retmsp&ive stady~pmvidd informa. 60" oa 24
more » ... s of ventricular fibrillation (mean axe 42 yeam) with minbd or 110 structurat abnormdtties who w&e &ted with an implantable cmdioverter~defibrllla(or. Reruf~s. Vcntrtcular tacbynrrhythmias (polymorphic in all but one patient) were induced during bsrellne pmarammed stlmula. tlan in 39% of patirnls. Daring a median 36.6.mmttb fallow.ap period atler implantable cardiovcrter&llbrlllator Implaatatlw, (hove ware 110 cardiac deaths and two aomxrdiac death;. 98 teen ~&teats experien~J 36 shock qisodrn (t&l MI shacks). Tbe majmily of shacks were da&ted as "lmkterminatc"; one ptient received 47 "sp,&ms" ~bocks during (IOC shock ephcde and each d an~r pstlmb receJved one "appmpvlate" shock. Vealricnlar urhyihmlas were not indudbk ln any oftbae Ner four ptknts. (J Am Cdl Cardial 1993;21:14&W.2) Structural heart disease is absent in up to 5% of survivors of oot-of-hospital cardiac arrest (I ,2). Moreover, 10% to 17% of forensic examinations fail to reveal the cause of sudden death in victims Younger than 45 years of age O-5). Compared with data on survivors of cardiac arest with significant identifiable structural heart disem. considerably less is known about the impact of therapeutic options and prognosis in survivors of cardiac arrest who have minimal o( no structural heart disease. Published re~rts (6.7) of viclims of "idiwathic ventricular fibrillation" have sag&ted a good pq&is in survivors treated with class IA antiarrhYthmic agents. However, the reported number of such patients has been limited, aad little is known about the results of alternative therapies. Because of the relative rarity of such patients with cardiac arrest and minimal or no structural hean disease, we retrospectively pooled data from IO institutions to better define the clinical characteristics and recurrent arrhythmic risk among those patients whose primary treatment was an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. The outcome of such treatment in this patient subset has never ken systematically studied; moreover, the close follow-up that patients undergo after cardioverter.defibrilIator imDlantation facilitated long-term tracking of possible cardiac events.
doi:10.1016/0735-1097(93)90317-t pmid:8473649 fatcat:332odijeb5c25jxzqiryquz6x4

Page 7 of National Union Catalog Vol. 38, Issue [page]

1963 National Union Catalog  
: The Federalist ,by, Frederick Mosteller ;and, David L.  ...  Cambridge, Mostel, Zero, 1915- see Waldman, Max. Zero by Mostel.  ... 

Page 4 of Marketing Insights Vol. 1, Issue 2 [page]

1989 Marketing Insights  
& Parunak (1985) Simonoff (1988) Emerson & Hoaglin (1983) Mosteller & Parunak (1985) Mosteller & Parunak (1985) Simonoff (1988) Fox (1972) Chernick, Downing & Pike (1982) Barnett & Lewis (1984) Muirhead  ...  of Data or Procedure Univariate Data Multivariate Data Regression/ ANOVA Contingency Tables Time-Series Data Identification Accommodation Rejection Masking and swamping Normal Distributions McMillan & David  ... 

Frederick Mosteller, President-Elect

W. Kruskal
1979 Science  
A second stream of theoretical work flows from the 1964 book by Mosteller and David L. Wallace on the Federalist papers: Inference and Disputed Authorship: The Federalist.  ...  It will be plain by now that Fred Mosteller is a scientific collaborator par excellence.  ...  Frederick Mosteller, President-Elect  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.203.4383.866 pmid:17771718 fatcat:47yajneaxvfxrc7lx5pytuf5fe

Page 30 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 25, Issue 1 [page]

1951 Psychological Abstracts  
Truman, David B. (Williams Coll., Wil- liamstown, Mass.) Political behavior and voting. In Mosteller, F., et al., The pre-election polls of 1948 . . sy (see 25: 295), 225-250.  ...  Mosteller, Frederick, (Harvard U., Cam- Measuring the error. In Mosteller, lines bridge, Mass.) F., et al., The pre-election polls of 1948 .. ., (see 25: 295), 54—-80.  ... 

Bookish Math

Erica Klarreich
2003 Science News  
In the early 1960s, statisticians Frederick Mosteller and David Wallace launched the use of function words to determine authorship.  ...  "People's unconscious use of everyday words comes out with a certain stamp," says David Holmes, a stylometrist at the College of New Jersey in Ewing.  ... 
doi:10.2307/4019018 fatcat:cwpwab7zrvgfxn55fp2ljvlmkq

Cartas al Editor

David Rincón
2005 Revista de la Facultad de Medicina  
Fórmula de Mosteller, 0.99 (0.99-1.00); Fórmula A, 0.75 (0.73-0.77); Fórmula B, 0.99 (0.99-0.99); Fórmula C, 0.98 (0.98-0.99); Fórmula D, 0.98 (0.97-0.98); Fórmula D en > 28 kg, 0.99 (0.99-0.99); Fórmula  ...  Agradeciendo su atención, David A. Rincón, M.D.  ...  Residente Anestesiología y Reanimación Universidad Nacional de Colombia Fórmula de Mosteller, 0.99 (0.99-1.00); Fórmula A, 0.75 (0.73-0.77); Fórmula B, 0.99 (0.99-0.99); Fórmula C, 0.98 (0.98-0.99); Fórmula  ... 
doaj:4f6ad7afd726402a9423f0cef497e6d6 fatcat:yo45v5sorrcgrlgacy6sgefig4

Page 579 of National Union Catalog Vol. 31, Issue [page]

1958 National Union Catalog  
‘wll name: Charles Frederick Mosteller.  ...  with statistical applications ,by, Frederick Mosteller, Robert E.  ... 
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