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Data Mining

John Ozimek
2003 Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management  
Yes, it introduces the subject, but it also pulls back the covers and shows what is going on beneath the surface.  ...  Any reader who already knows their way around the field of analysis and wants to deepen their understanding of data mining will enjoy it too, otherwise the reviewer's advice is save the money.  ... 
doi:10.1057/palgrave.jdm.3240117 fatcat:h7p4hh34qfbrxhp6f4w2ru264a

Joined-Up innovation what is systemic innovation and how can it be done effectively?

Geoff Mulgan, Charlie Leadbeater, Geoff Mulgan
2013 unpublished
, networks and skills. we are an independent charity and our work is enabled by an endowment from the national lottery. nesta operating company is a registered charity in england and wales with company  ...  SySteMS innovation about nesta nesta is the uK's innovation foundation. we help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. we do this by providing investments and grants and mobilising research  ...  ContentS What iS SySteMiC innovation and hoW Can it be infLUenCed ? 4 Joined-Up innovation: What iS SySteMiC innovation and hoW Can it be done effeCtiveLy?  ... 

Data Mining

Donald C. O'Shea
1998 Optical Engineering: The Journal of SPIE  
how difficult it used to be to trace rays in the ''good old days.''  ...  Only the 1994 Rochester conference is not part of the mining claim.  ... 
doi:10.1117/1.601979 fatcat:zhfudszpqrg3rbb2uwjzuxiijm

Spatial Data Mining [chapter]

Shashi Shekhar, Hui Xiong
2008 Encyclopedia of GIS  
(75 Word limit) This presentation caters to a book chapter and thus did not include the challenges involved in spatial data mining paradigm.  ...  If not how can it be improved ? Did the talk emphasize on how the proposed approach was better with respect to related work via additional examples ? If not how can it be improved ?(100 Word Limit)  ...  Trends introduced in the form of spatiotemporal data mining.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35973-1_1257 fatcat:kfoh34xfbreppdnvgoylfvtr44

Phenomenal data mining

John McCarthy
2000 SIGKDD Explorations  
This article concerns what can be inferred by programs about phenomena from data and what facts are relevant to doing this. 1 We work mainly with the supermarket example, but the idea is general.  ...  Phenomenal data mining finds relations between the data and the phenomena that give rise to data rather than just relations among the data.  ...  . 3 This example of phenomenal data mining is straightforward in that it is reasonably clear what a successful result would be and how it might be used.  ... 
doi:10.1145/846183.846190 fatcat:ajvuzxoi4jcbtkjhkc5jwq4ldu

Mining Research Data

I. Jon Russell
2008 Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain  
Data from all groups could be assayed because, it may not matter how the change in one or the other came about.  ...  My pattern for each paper will be to summarize what was done but not divulge what was found.  ... 
doi:10.1080/10582450802479867 fatcat:eo4rsh6625f4xgaeg7six2t7lu

Data Mining with Skewed Data [chapter]

Manoel Fernando Alonso Gadi, Alair Pereira do Lago, Jorn Mehne
2010 New Advances in Machine Learning  
A typical example from industry where skewed data is an intrinsic problem is fraud detection in finance data.  ...  In the following we provide examples, where appropriate, to facilitate the understanding of data mining of skewed data.  ...  Data Mining with Skewed Data, New Advances in Machine Learning, Yagang Zhang (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-034-6, InTech, Available from:  ... 
doi:10.5772/9382 fatcat:zfgb4xprmnc5znibj77rotwfea


Ryan S. Baker, Yuan Wang, Luc Paquette, Vincent Aleven, Octav Popescu, Jonathan Sewall, Carolyn Rosé, Gaurav Singh Tomar, Oliver Ferschke, Jing Zhang, Michael J. Cennamo, Stephanie Ogden (+9 others)
2016 Data Mining and Learning Analytics  
o How do these evaluations lead to system and intervention improvements? o How is data mining fundamentally different from other research methods?  ...  Educational data mining techniques are now being used in ITS and AIED research worldwide.  ...  Acknowledgements We acknowledge the help of Hao Cen helping us get set up with the geometry tutor data set, and for graciously sharing his model parameter estimates with us.  ... 
doi:10.1002/9781118998205.ch4 fatcat:nohjhjvnm5cfrlbtigchnv6brq

Exploring data mining implementation

Karim K. Hirji
2001 Communications of the ACM  
Though both research into data mining technology and future application areas are important, the fundamental question in the minds of many early adopters is how to perform data mining.  ...  What is important to keep in mind is the problems associated with data mining are fundamentally statistical in nature; that is, to infer patterns or models from data.  ...  The model proposed by [4] is viewed as a sort of theory of how data mining should be done.  ... 
doi:10.1145/379300.379323 fatcat:26w2vwhbbferxllxa4vcv3imra

Special Section: Data Mining

H. Michael Chung, Paul Gray
1999 Journal of Management Information Systems  
It is in these steps that the actual mining is done. They involve fitting models or determining patterns from the warehouse data.  ...  These steps include knowing what relevant prior knowledge exists, the goals of the project, and what data exist. If a data warehouse is available, its metadata help in pinpointing what data exist.  ... 
doi:10.1080/07421222.1999.11518231 fatcat:oonscsf6mrarzmv2tumlltyo5a

Game Data Mining [chapter]

Anders Drachen, Christian Thurau, Julian Togelius, Georgios N. Yannakakis, Christian Bauckhage
2013 Game Analytics  
What is data mining? Data mining is a somewhat nebulous concept, and there is no single definition of what it is (Chen et al, 1996; Fayyad et al, 1996; Han et al, 2005) .  ...  However, it is generally far from obvious how to employ the analysis (Kim et al, 2008; Mellon, 2009) : what data should we record, how can we analyze it, and how should it be presented to facilitate effect  ...  His research is focused on game development, game user research and game data mining.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4471-4769-5_12 fatcat:fz5zlhjhprbn7ctdcde7rkgpui

From Data Mining to Knowledge Mining [chapter]

Kenneth A. Kaufman, Ryszard S. Michalski
2005 Handbook of Statistics  
In view of the tremendous production of computer data worldwide, there is a strong need for new powerful tools that can automatically generate useful knowledge from a variety of data, and present it in  ...  In efforts to satisfy this need, researchers have been exploring ideas and methods developed in machine learning, statistical data analysis, data mining, text mining, data visualization, pattern recognition  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors thank their past and current collaborators who provided research feedback, comments, and assistance at different stages of the development of methods and computer programs described  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0169-7161(04)24002-0 fatcat:romqi4ngpfd5vkxeawvb62n7pi

On Mining Platinum and Mining Data: Is data the new Gold? [article]

Margret Bauer, Ian K. Craig, Derik Le Roux, John Burchell
2019 Zenodo  
Data mining comes from mining, that is, the extraction of minerals from the Earth. On the occasion of the retirement of Prof.  ...  mining data in minerals processing plants and summarizing lessons learnt over the years.  ...  This can only be achieved in a systematic way with appropriate tools, which is exactly what is done. Data mining also reminds us that looking into the data is an engineering task.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3530049 fatcat:tsuk3whmy5du3ga3nerkkwcjw4

Mining e-commerce data

Ron Kohavi
2001 Proceedings of the seventh ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining - KDD '01  
., a web site), but it is also a learning vehicle for the bigger organization conducting business at brick-and-mortar stores.  ...  Web server logs, which are commonly used as the source of data for mining e-commerce data, were designed to debug web servers, and the data they provide is insufficient, requiring the use of heuristics  ...  While technically e-commerce is a great domain for data mining, and, conversely, data mining is extremely important for ecommerce sites, business processes and social issues are still developing.  ... 
doi:10.1145/502512.502518 fatcat:h2cskyfc4vdxpg2f7i3vkn32ti

Pocket Data Mining: Towards Collaborative Data Mining in Mobile Computing Environments

Frederic Stahl, Mohamed Medhat Gaber, Max Bramer, Philip S. Yu
2010 2010 22nd IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence  
Pocket Data Mining PDM is our new term describing collaborative mining of streaming data in mobile and distributed computing environments.  ...  Wireless communication among these devices using Bluetooth and WiFi technologies has opened the door wide for collaborative mining among the mobile devices within the same range that are running data mining  ...  It is a client/server PDA-based distributed data mining application for financial data streams.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ictai.2010.118 dblp:conf/ictai/StahlGBY10 fatcat:c6zgskq7yfhgpkq5irqvikeesa
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