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Gradient-based 2D-to-3D Conversion for Soccer Videos

Kiana Calagari, Mohamed Elgharib, Piotr Didyk, Alexandre Kaspar, Wojciech Matusik, Mohamed Hefeeda
2015 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM international conference on Multimedia - MM '15  
We address this problem by showing how to construct a high-quality, domain-specific conversion method for soccer videos.  ...  We propose a novel, data-driven method that generates stereoscopic frames by transferring depth information from a database of similar 3D stereoscopic videos.  ...  In particular, we demonstrate this by developing a method for generating S3D soccer video. Our method is data-driven, relying on a reference database of S3D videos.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2733373.2806262 dblp:conf/mm/CalagariEDKMH15 fatcat:gosmwahnnncjjf6b5643adm3em

Fusion of AV features and external information sources for event detection in team sports video

Huaxin Xu, Tat-Seng Chua
2006 ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP)  
This article proposes a framework that utilizes both internal AV features and various types of external information sources for event detection in team sports video.  ...  By demonstrating its effectiveness on soccer and American football, we believe that with the availability of appropriate domain knowledge, the framework is applicable to other team sports.  ...  X Confusion Matrix of Events Detected by AV Analysis (American Football) Total (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Recall Touchdown/conversion (a) 19 13 3 0 2 0 1 0.68 Field-goal (b) 16 2 10 0  ... 
doi:10.1145/1126004.1126007 fatcat:tt4dfutwonbb5biwxpkmfke25u

An IoT-Based Motion Tracking System for Next-Generation Foot-Related Sports Training and Talent Selection

Shanshan Lu, Xiao Zhang, Jiangqing Wang, Yufan Wang, Mengjiao Fan, Yu Zhou, Chi-Hua Chen
2021 Journal of Healthcare Engineering  
In this study, we propose a new AIoT (AI + IoT) paradigm for next-generation foot-driven sports (soccer, football, takraw, etc.) training and talent selection.  ...  This intelligent system can be an emerging technology based on wearable sensors and attain the experience-driven to data-driven transition in the field of sports training and talent selection and can be  ...  Equation ( 5 ) is substituted into D 1 : D 1 � p 2 0 + p 2 1 − p 2 2 − p 2 3 2 p 1 p 2 − p 0 p 3 􏼁 2 p 0 p 2 + p 1 p 3 􏼁 2 p 0 p 3 + p 1 p 2 􏼁 p 2 0 − p 2 1 + p 2 2 − p 2 3 2 p 2 p 3 − p 0 p 1 􏼁 2  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/9958256 pmid:34257856 pmcid:PMC8253628 fatcat:nsy6rfxmgvagrcvq52cu4m7kwa

Upper Body Pose Estimation for Team Sports Videos Using a Poselet-Regressor of Spine Pose and Body Orientation Classifiers Conditioned by the Spine Angle Prior

Masaki Hayashi, Kyoko Oshima, Masamoto Tanabiki, Yoshimitsu Aoki
2015 IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications  
We tested the performance of our method in both American football and soccer videos.  ...  We propose a per-frame upper body pose estimation method for sports players captured in low-resolution team sports videos.  ...  Acknowledgments Authors would like to thank Japan American Football Association for providing the American football scene videos and also thank Keio University soccer team for providing the women soccer  ... 
doi:10.2197/ipsjtcva.7.121 fatcat:fhl5ogh2wvbbpn3dd7afig747a

Event-driven Hybrid Classifier Systems and Online Learning for Soccer Game Strategies [chapter]

Yuji Sato
2007 Robotic Soccer  
Soccer Video Game and Associated Problems Overview of Soccer Video Game The type of soccer game that we will deal with here is a software-driven video game with soccer as its theme in which two teams  ...  R w = N w / (N t -N d ), (2) where N t , N d , and N w are total number of matches, number of draws, and number of wins respectively.  ...  Event-driven Hybrid Classifier Systems and Online Learning for Soccer Game Strategies, Robotic Soccer, Pedro Lima (Ed.), ISBN: 978-3-902613-21-9, InTech, Available from:  ... 
doi:10.5772/5140 fatcat:3uthzow6ivehdlljbfqnbegfwi

A Survey of Content-Aware Video Analysis for Sports

Huang-Chia Shih
2018 IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology (Print)  
In this regard, a content-aware approach is required to determine user demands. Finally, the paper summarizes the future trends and challenges for sports video analysis.  ...  We believe that our findings can advance the field of research on content-aware video analysis for broadcast sports.  ...  Conversely, point-driven sports consist of regular events and constructs within a domain-specific scenario.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcsvt.2017.2655624 fatcat:rwqzu46sgfb7tpkcav4ysmh6ae

Data-Driven Continuum Dynamics via Transport-Teleport Duality [article]

Jong-Hoon Ahn
2020 arXiv   pre-print
complexity and training data for machine learning of transport phenomena.  ...  Physicists and engineers are framing the data-driven paradigm as an alternative approach to physical sciences. In this paradigm change, the deep learning approach is playing a pivotal role.  ...  DATA-DRIVEN CONTINUUM DYNAMICS A. Learning physics from observational data Consider the soccer ball example shown in Fig. 1 .  ... 
arXiv:2005.13358v2 fatcat:o567uwotrvcjdezkl7ywlysqle

Reward allotment in an event-driven hybrid learning classifier system for online soccer games

Yuji Sato, Yosuke Akatsuka, Takenori Nishizono
2006 Proceedings of the 8th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation - GECCO '06  
This paper describes our study into the concept of using rewards in a classifier system applied to the acquisition of decision-making algorithms for agents in a soccer game.  ...  Our aim is to respond to the changing environment of video gaming that has resulted from the growth of the Internet, and to provide bug-free programs in a short time.  ...  CONVENTIONAL SOCCER VIDEO GAME AND ASSOCIATED PROBLEMS 2.1 Overview of Soccer Video Game The type of soccer game that we will deal with here is a softwaredriven video game with soccer as its theme in which  ... 
doi:10.1145/1143997.1144282 dblp:conf/gecco/SatoAN06 fatcat:jpf643lbprdong5aielx5zfy5e

Video phylogeny tree reconstruction using aging measures

Simone Milani, Paolo Bestagini, Stefano Tubaro
2017 2017 25th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO)  
The use of processing age allows a forensic analyst to blindly select a smaller amount of significant video pairs to be compared for VPT reconstruction.  ...  The need of authenticating these contents and tracing back their history has led to the investigation of forensic algorithms for the reconstruction of the video phylogeny tree (VPT), i.e., an acyclic directed  ...  Conversely, D geom and D luma are composed by chains of videos to which only one operation (geometrical or luminance-based) and one coding step were applied.  ... 
doi:10.23919/eusipco.2017.8081596 dblp:conf/eusipco/MilaniBT17 fatcat:xbnlgfybszbo7jg423cojdw3tu

Using ontologies with UML class-based modeling: The TwoUse approach

Fernando Silva Parreiras, Steffen Staab
2010 Data & Knowledge Engineering  
We present a framework involving different concrete syntaxes for developing integrated models and use an OCL-like approach for writing query operations.  ...  UML class-based models and OWL ontologies constitute modeling approaches with different strength and weaknesses that make them appropriate for specifying different aspects of software systems.  ...  For example, the classes jubilation and highlight are subclasses of kat thing(1). A soccer video is a subclass of video data (2) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.datak.2010.07.009 fatcat:wtkdb7iy2zdxvcrvgyfu33exca

Video Phylogeny Tree Reconstruction Using Aging Measures

Paolo Bestagini, Simone Milani, Stefano Tubaro
2018 Zenodo  
Then, for every MV of the frame, motion vector difference d M V is computed as follows: d M V = [|d x |, |d y |] = v t − v A t + v B t 2 t=x,y (4) where v A , v B are the displacement vectors related to  ...  For every pair of nodes/videos S i , S j in the dissimilarity graph, it is possible to check the hypotheses H 1 = {S i is younger than video S j } and H 2 = ¬H 1 for every component a i,k .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1159746 fatcat:buxkp7yr6rgnlcmrxqwxzhxezm

Encoder-driven rate control and mode decision for distributed video coding

Frederik Verbist, Nikos Deligiannis, Shahid M Satti, Peter Schelkens, Adrian Munteanu
2013 EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing  
To provide low-complexity encoding for video in unidirectional or offline compression scenarios, this paper proposes an efficient feedback-channel-free distributed video coding architecture featuring a  ...  novel encoder-driven rate control scheme in tandem with a designated mode selection process.  ...  : low cost monitoring for care and retail').  ... 
doi:10.1186/1687-6180-2013-156 fatcat:eilbrquhcfcz7hab4tmqe7fsn4

A new motion histogram to index motion content in video segments

Haoran Yi, Deepu Rajan, Liang-Tien Chia
2005 Pattern Recognition Letters  
A new motion feature for video indexing is proposed in this paper. The motion content of the video at pixel level, is represented as a Pixel Change Ratio Map (PCRM).  ...  The PCRM enables us to capture the intensity of motion in a video sequence. It also indicates the spatial location and size of the moving object.  ...  Therefore, we utilize the K-means algorithm (Duda and Hart, 1973) to perform data-driven initialization instead of a random one.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.patrec.2004.11.011 fatcat:bzy4i67735cubefkrwxsvjeeiq

Validity and reliability of speed tests used in soccer: A systematic review

Stefan Altmann, Steffen Ringhof, Rainer Neumann, Alexander Woll, Michael C. Rumpf, Dragan Mirkov
2019 PLoS ONE  
Speed is an important prerequisite in soccer. Therefore, a large number of tests have been developed aiming to investigate several speed skills relevant to soccer.  ...  This systematic review aimed to examine the validity and reliability of speed tests used in adult soccer players.  ...  Claudio Nigg for his support in preparing the manuscript. Visualization: Stefan Altmann. Writing -original draft: Stefan Altmann.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0220982 pmid:31412057 pmcid:PMC6693781 fatcat:2aujwtlx2zgbjludxxu6sok5qm

Wyner-Ziv video coding for wireless lightweight multimedia applications

Nikos Deligiannis, Frederik Verbist, Athanassios C Iossifides, Jürgen Slowack, Rik Van de Walle, Peter Schelkens, Adrian Munteanu
2012 EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking  
importance in the context of endoscopic video content), and the high compression performance make the proposed distributed video codec a strong candidate for future lightweight (medical) imaging applications  ...  The solution can be found in fundamental information theoretic results, which gave rise to the distributed video coding (DVC) paradigm, under which lightweight video encoding schemes can be engineered.  ...  The authors would like to thank Prof. Dr. Daniel Urbain, head of the Gastroenterology clinic of the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel for providing numerous endoscopic video sequences.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1687-1499-2012-106 fatcat:kfpsmeoid5hhjgix35asc7qvze
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