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Volume 55, Number 6 (November 2002)

Editorial Board
2002 Journal of range management  
Historical details are included of manmade landscape features such as Aguirre Lake and the Altar Wash. Dr.  ...  As a result, calf production ha' increased as stocking rate increased even though calf production cow-' decreased, a response demonstrated in previous work on cow-calf production (Houston and Woodward  ...  K., 73, 135, 197, 229, 482 Hendrickson, JR., 99 Henry, Marl P., 383 Herbage allowance, 260 Herbarium, 412 Herbicide, 266 control, 604 Herbicide residues and perennial grass on establishment perennial  ... 
doi:10.2458/azu_jrm_v55i6_board fatcat:zcipe4sdjbgmjd32itk3yb3zxq

DA-GAN: Dual Attention Generative Adversarial Network for Cross-Modal Retrieval

Liewu Cai, Lei Zhu, Hongyan Zhang, Xinghui Zhu
2022 Future Internet  
Intra-modal attention is used to focus on the important semantic feature within a modality, while inter-modal attention is to explore the semantic interaction between different modalities and then represent  ...  Cross-modal retrieval aims to search samples of one modality via queries of other modalities, which is a hot issue in the community of multimedia.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/fi14020043 fatcat:s6alildx7zdrtc6u4rjlrdj6mm

Volume 55, Number 4 (July 2002)

Editorial Board
2002 Journal of range management  
Mike Ralphs, Lee Woolsey, Jeff Salmon, Al Maciulis, Rex Probst, Danny Hansen, Jason Dormady, and Rick Shea for assistance with various aspects of the study.  ...  We appreciate the generous cooperation provided by Jerry Johnson and Mike McGraw, Belvoir Ranch, Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Andy and Mark Johnson, Johnson Ranch, Laramie, Wyoming.  ...  Generally about 2.54 cm of rain, concentrated within a 1 week period, is needed to initiate growth of desert grasses such as black grama and tobosa (Canfield 1939 Based on tree ring data, extended droughts  ... 
doi:10.2458/azu_jrm_v55i4_board fatcat:hbxh5j4pdzdrxex43r2iud6x5y

Volume 56, Number 3 (May 2003)

Editorial Board
2003 Journal of range management  
My favorite is the story concerning the origin of the petrified forest. In this story, as it was told by a Colville Confederated Tribes elder, Coyote was deceived by Raccoon's 7 beautiful daughters.  ...  Passera et al. (1992) found that after shrub removal, litter cover was 60% greater and establishment of native grasses was augmented in treated areas.  ...  Because it has recently been published, an article by a graduate assistant, and three others, will be evaluated as an example.  ... 
doi:10.2458/azu_jrm_v56i3_board fatcat:zderzxh54nap7o26dcar2drrdm

Volume 56, Number 4 (July 2003)

Editorial Board
2003 Journal of range management  
Rock cover is also an important surface feature of desert landscapes because it exerts exceptional control on surface stability.  ...  (1991) listed grass quantity as a major influence of vegetation utilization.  ...  The data should be reported in coherent sequence, with a sufficient number of tables, drawings, and photographs to clarify the text and to reduce the amount of discussion.  ... 
doi:10.2458/azu_jrm_v56i4_board fatcat:khjhgxqqybhhjc7eg4sawfa3om

Volume 56, Number 5 (September 2003)

Editorial Board
2003 Journal of range management  
Pope III, C.A. and G.L. McBryde. 1984. Optimal stocking of rangeland for livestock production within a dynamic framework. Western J. Agr.. Econ. 9(1)160-169. SAS Institute, Inc. 1990  ...  Grass Demography As part of a separate study on spatial heterogeneity of Yellowstone grasslands, baseline data on grass density and size were collected at 1 exclosure from Steven's Creek and Blacktail.  ...  Given that feeding hay as an energy source to southwestern range cows is quite costly and generally kept to a minimum, this study evaluates the cost of heavier calf weights as a tradeoff with reduced cow  ... 
doi:10.2458/azu_jrm_v56i5_board fatcat:jseil7cufjdnvm4ywdoab24yzu

Hydrological Inferences and Functions of Grasslands : An Indian Scenario

Murari Lal Gaur
2020 Journal of Water Engineering and Management  
The growing issues of climate change and water scarcity have added a new dimension to the values of such lands with a critical warning to appropriately understand their hydrological processes and water  ...  Harnessing optimum productivity of bio-mass and water from such land parcels is a growing need to cater the upward feeding demands of India's livestock (being largest in the world ~623 M of which at least  ...  INTRODUCTION Grasslands occur in areas where there is not adequate normal rainfall to sustain the escalation of a forest, but also not so modest as to outline a desert.  ... 
doi:10.47884/jweam.v1i3pp33-44 fatcat:uyhl4pqgmneudfkrfvpp4yr2te

Volume 55, Number 5 (September 2002)

Editorial Board
2002 Journal of range management  
Reynolds, and numerous undergraduate students who helped collect field data, and to C.A. Taylor, Jr. and R.K. Lyons for evaluating an earlier draft of the manuscript Manuscript accepted 1 Nov. 01.  ...  Our time-series data are now augmented by other observations from the late 1990s that add credence to the idea that herd crashes are becoming a more regular-and hence a more predictable-feature of this  ...  For the Cow-Calf Experiment, changes in weight of both cows and calves, and backfat thickness of cows were analyzed as a factorial with sex of calf, 3 water treatments, replication over years, and their  ... 
doi:10.2458/azu_jrm_v55i5_board fatcat:h5ux35uxozbgrdirhsofawlqkq

10. Total Cinema as Mode of Production [chapter]

2020 Realist Cinema as World Cinema  
Chapter 10 examines Bazin's 'myth of total cinema' in light of a major trend in recent world cinema to focus on monumental landscapes, in films by Byambsuren Davaa and Luigi Falorni (The Story of the Weeping  ...  Taken together, these films testify to the remarkable convergence among filmmakers from the most disparate corners of the globe in resorting to expansive landscapes as a totalising cosmos and a sealed-off  ...  Rocks and ocean such as those described by Kant are a prominent feature in Leviathan, as are the deserts and rocky peaks in all the other films, along with the recurrence of the compositional vanishing  ... 
doi:10.1515/9789048539215-013 fatcat:n2hmhv7e2fcpbaxsugm4pjberu

Abstracts of Papers for Presentation at the 51st Annual National Meeting of the American Society of Animal Production

1959 Journal of Animal Science  
The data from cows over 5 years of age were not used because of selection pressure to eliminate erratic producing and barren cows.  ...  and development to augment more precise approaches to evaluation and selection.  ... 
doi:10.2527/jas1959.1841460x fatcat:zyo4kupkqbhq5b2ohclvi4md4a

Tropical Grasslands – Forrajes Tropicales Vol.1 No.2 [December 2013]

TGFT Journal
2013 Tropical Grasslands-Forrajes Tropicales  
It complements the first Special Issue IGC 2013 (which was composed of all papers presented at the IGC 2013 Session 1.2.1 − "Development and Impact of Sown Tropical Species") and comprises 18 papers on  ...  This issue of Tropical Grasslands−Forrajes Tropicales is the second "Special Issue IGC 2013" and comprises papers presented at the 22nd International Grassland Congress, Sydney 15-19 September 2013.  ...  Acknowledgments This publication is a product of a regional project funded by ASARECA (Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa).  ... 
doi:10.17138/tgft(1)125-248 fatcat:pu43lsnjgveftfgtfc23uwx6iq

First Nations Perspectives on the Grasslands of the Interior of British Columbia

Michael Blackstock, Rhonda McAllister
2004 Journal of Ecological Anthropology  
Secondary sources such as early settlers' accounts and current grassland ecology research are used to augment the testimony of the experts.  ...  Although the First Nations Elders from the interior of southern British Columbia, Canada, recall times when grass was "belly-high to a horse," today they worry about the deteriorated state of the grasslands  ...  This paper is dedicated to the memory of Grand Chief Gordon Antoine, a highly respected knowledge keeper and leader of his nation. He passed away shortly before the publication of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.5038/2162-4593.8.1.2 fatcat:djfbriih4ff4jd5ga3tocfxz3i


Rachamalla Ravi Teja
2022 Zenodo  
India with its varied agro-climatic zones is amenable to grow a wide variety of vegetable crops.  ...  Vegetables are important constituents of Indian diet as they are rich source of carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins, minerals, glucosinolates, antioxidants, fibre, etc.  ...  Add 10-12 lit of cow urine and fill the drum with water to make grass hopper and formulations, as they can be prepared on their own farm without the need of moth acre.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6749421 fatcat:gxorbe3ygvhx5dpt4sca44uozi

Agriculture and Conservation in the Hills and Uplands

S. M. Gardner, M. Bell, R. G. H. Bunce
1989 Journal of Applied Ecology  
In all, then, Section 43 (and now Section 3) is certainly a tool for the conservation of important landscape features, but it is a partial tool, and a flawed one.  ...  Second, what about the important landscape features which are not covered by the definition of open country, such as meadows and wetlands?  ...  In terms of its wildlife interest, the Palace Leas Trial tells the same story as the Park Grass Experiment.  ... 
doi:10.2307/2403717 fatcat:rynpw6et3ve7hbfnwrc5jgxrhy

Volume 54, Number 2 (March 2001)

Editorial Board
2001 Journal of range management  
All donations shall be subject to management by the Executive Vice President as directed by the Board of Directors and their discretion in establishing and maintaining trusts, memorials, scholarships,  ...  Contribution Policy: The Society for Range Management may accept donations of real and/or personal property subject to limitations set forth by State and Federal law.  ...  Elliott Fund, University of Nebraska Foundation and in-kind support from the USDA, Nebraska National Forest. Published as Paper 12925, Journal Series, Nebraska Agricultural Research Division.  ... 
doi:10.2458/azu_jrm_v54i2_board fatcat:6h6m4myztbbb7b47fo3a43m7me
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