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MIND4-17 protects retinal pigment epithelium cells and retinal ganglion cells from UV

Chaopeng Li, Kang Yan, Wenqi Wang, Qing Bai, Changming Dai, Xiaofeng Li, Darui Huang
2017 OncoTarget  
Nrf2 activation would efficiently protect retinal cells from UV radiation (UVR). Recent studies have developed a Nrf2-targeting thiazole-containing compound MIND4- 17, which activates Nrf2 through blocking its association with Keap1. In the current study, we demonstrated that pretreatment with MIND4-17 efficiently protected retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells (RPEs) and retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) from UVR. UVR-induced apoptosis in the retinal cells was also largely attenuated by MIND4-17
more » ... retreatment. MIND4-17 presumably separated Nrf2 from Keap1, allowing its stabilization and accumulation in retinal cells, which then translocated to cell nuclei and promoted transcription of ARE-dependent anti-oxidant genes, including HO1, NQO1 and GCLM. Significantly, shRNA-mediated knockdown of Nrf2 almost completely abolished MIND4-17-induced cytoprotection against UVR. Further studies showed that MIND4-17 largely ameliorated UVR-induced ROS production, lipid peroxidation and DNA damages in RPEs and RGCs. Together, MIND4-17 protects retinal cells from UVR by activating Nrf2 signaling.
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.21131 pmid:29163788 pmcid:PMC5685709 fatcat:ldccvdq2e5btlicpxumb7r5fbq

Links of Conformational Sampling to Functional Plasticity and Clinical Phenotypes by Single Molecule Studies

Matias E. Moses, Sara Thodberg, Krutika Bavishi, Stine Eiersholt, Darui Li, Dimitrios Stamou, Birger L. Moller, Tomas Laursen, Nikos S. Hatzakis
2016 Biophysical Journal  
Moses 1 , Sara Thodberg 2 , Krutika Bavishi 2 , Stine Eiersholt 1 , Darui Li 1 , Dimitrios Stamou 1 , Birger L. Moller 2 , Tomas Laursen 2 , Nikos S. Hatzakis 1 . 1 1 . 1 Schnell, J.R., H.J.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2015.11.2144 fatcat:ybbr5sy6cjbmpgdodipitdqeqq

Phylogenetic characterization of a microsporidium (Nosema sp.) isolated from the mulberry pest, Hemerophila atrilineata

Rui Guan, Zhongyuan Shen, Feng Zhu, Darui Chen, Jiao Zhang, Jiange Hou, Shinan Dong, Xudong Tang, Li Xu
2012 Folia Parasitologica  
doi:10.14411/fp.2012.013 fatcat:h4ll3v7onncyhfwrlnyaufeq34

A Novel Model Using Virtual State Variables and Bayesian Discriminant Analysis to Classify Surrounding Rock Stability

Jinglai Sun, Darui Ren, Yu Song, Mingyuan Yu, Zhaofei Chu, Baoguo Liu, Shaogang Li, Xinyang Guo, Guangchao Zhang
2021 Shock and Vibration  
Darui Ren and Yu song contributed to investigation. Baoguo Liu contributed to funding acquisition. Shaogang and Xinyang Guo contributed to data curation. 8214049).  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/6656882 fatcat:5liiovnskzblrpqlmahbzo5bxm

Direct observation of multiple conformational states in Cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase and their modulation by membrane environment and ionic strength

Krutika Bavishi, Darui Li, Stine Eiersholt, Emma N. Hooley, Troels C. Petersen, Birger Lindberg Møller, Nikos S. Hatzakis, Tomas Laursen
2018 Scientific Reports  
Cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase (POR) is the primary electron donor in eukaryotic cytochrome P450 (CYP) containing systems. A wealth of ensemble biophysical studies of Cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase (POR) has reported a binary model of the conformational equilibrium directing its catalytic efficiency and biomolecular recognition. In this study, full length POR from the crop plant Sorghum bicolor was site-specifically labeled with Cy3 (donor) and Cy5 (acceptor) fluorophores and reconstituted in
more » ... nodiscs. Our single molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer (smFRET) burst analyses of POR allowed the direct observation and quantification of at least three dominant conformational sub-populations, their distribution and occupancies. Moreover, the state occupancies were remodeled significantly by ionic strength and the nature of reconstitution environment, i.e. phospholipid bilayers (nanodiscs) composed of different lipid head group charges vs. detergent micelles. The existence of conformational heterogeneity in POR may mediate selective activation of multiple downstream electron acceptors and association in complexes in the ER membrane. Cytochrome P450s (CYPs) are multifunctional heme-containing enzymes, which catalyze some of nature's most complex and versatile chemical reactions 1,2 . In eukaryotes, they are anchored to the ER membrane and activated by their co-localized redox partner the NADPH-dependent cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase (POR). POR is a diflavin protein 3 binding one molecule each of the FAD and FMN cofactors in distinct globular domains connected by a flexible hinge region 4 . Crystallographic structures have provided static snapshots of its modular architecture in a "compact"/closed conformation 4 that facilitates inter-flavin (FAD →FMN) electron transfer and "open"/extended conformation, anticipated to mediate electron donation to downstream electron acceptors 5 . Several extended crystallographic structures have been characterized using deletion 6 and cross-linked mutants 7 of the N-terminal truncated POR and recently in its complex with heme oxygenase 8 . SAXS and NMR-based investigations 9 in consensus with the crystal structure of the yeast-human chimeric POR 10 have provided evidence of an alternate extended conformation. Conformational oscillation between compact and extended conformations plays a pivotal role in vectorial electron transfer of several redox-active biological systems 11 . Over the
doi:10.1038/s41598-018-24922-x pmid:29717147 pmcid:PMC5931563 fatcat:6nkutjqc2zafxfa5yswpwhg3re

Candidate Explorer: a tool for discovery, evaluation, and display of mutations causing significant immune phenotypes [article]

Darui Xu, Stephen Lyon, Chun Hui Bu, Sara Hildebrand, Jin Huk Choi, Xue Zhong, Aijie Liu, Emre E. Turer, Zhao Zhang, Evan Nair-Gill, Hexin Shi, Ying Wang (+35 others)
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
When applied to immunity, forward genetic studies use meiotic mapping to provide strong statistical evidence that a particular mutation is causative of a particular immune phenotype. Notwithstanding this, co-segregation of multiple mutations, occasional unawareness of mutations, and paucity of homozygotes may lead to erroneous declarations of cause and effect. We sought to improve the selection of authentic causative mutations using a machine learning software tool, Candidate Explorer (CE),
more » ... h integrates 65 data features into a single numeric score, mathematically convertible to the likelihood of verification of any putative mutation-phenotype association. CE has identified most genes within which mutations can be causative of flow cytometric phenovariation in Mus musculus. The majority of these genes were not previously known to support immune function or homeostasis. Mouse geneticists will find CE data informative in identifying causative mutations within quantitative trait loci, while clinical geneticists may use CE to help connect causative variants with rare heritable diseases of immunity, even in the absence of linkage information. CE displays integrated mutation, phenotype, and linkage data, and is freely available for query online.
doi:10.1101/2020.11.07.371914 fatcat:pc4lop2wsjenbhpbevngxgrcwq

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2007 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics  
-X., see Damelin, S.B. 1-2 Mamedov, B.A., see Guseinov, I.I. 435-439 Marcella´n, F., see Daruis, L. 155-176 Martin, R., see Liu, X.  ...  Ayub, The effect of the slip condition on flows of an Oldroyd 6-constant fluid 402-413 Herna´ndez, J., see Daruis, L. 155-176 Hu, X.-B., see Wang, H.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0377-0427(07)00064-7 fatcat:32gvtji2gvf5lfvlq74xjnkpsi

Development of an Affimer-antibody combined immunological diagnosis kit for glypican-3

Chunmei Xie, Christian Tiede, Xuanyi Zhang, Congrong Wang, Zhixiong Li, Xiao Xu, Michael J. McPherson, Darren C. Tomlinson, Weiwen Xu
2017 Scientific Reports  
(B) Comparison results of the GPC3 concentration in 73 serum from HCC patients between the proposed new assay and dual-MAbs CLIA from DaRui (DaRui CLIA).  ...  (A) Comparison between the proposed assay to dual-MAbs CLIA from DaRui(DaRui CLIA) (n = 25). (B) Comparison between the proposed assay to Abnova ELISA kit (n = 25).  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-10083-w pmid:28852111 pmcid:PMC5575301 fatcat:nubqg2z7rzcqdodwqcou4spqkq

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2007 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics  
Daruis, P.Gonza´lez-Vera and O.  ...  Li, Some new simple stability criteria of linear neutral systems with a single delay 441-447 Li, H.-b., see Li, H. 441-447 Li, Q. and X.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0377-0427(06)00781-3 fatcat:ryaaibaa4rbp3nuppgzq6qib2y

Page 81 of Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies Vol. 13, Issue 1-2 [page]

1950 Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies  
53 cay 1, 12, 13, 14, 16, 49, 51 éayada v. derge ¢ayada, oyir-a Cayada éang [ch‘ang ‘7% ] v. tungji tai Cang li yi On8i éau [ch‘ao $}] v. Cau siikes éau [ch‘ao fj] v.  ...  wuu Daidulii 30, 36 daijang gungju 31 daiwu v. éauli daiwu, ga yi daiwu, jung wung dai wuu, jung wung daiwu, si Sen daiwu, wung jing daiwu, wung yi daiwu, yajung daiwu, yung luu daiwu daru- darun 16 daruy-a  ... 

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2007 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics  
Daruis, P. Gonza´lez-Vera and O.  ...  Pillichshammer, A note on optimal point distributions in ½0; 1Þ s 977-985 Li, C.-x., see Li, Y.-t. 656-665 Li, J. and J.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0377-0427(07)00281-6 fatcat:zjdd72kqkzafhdwhs3nc6b4rdm

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2021 2021 6th International Conference on Smart Grid and Electrical Automation (ICSGEA)  
Su, Shuang 216, 519 Sun, Jiao 112 Sun, ShengLiang 315 Sun, Tiancong 169 Sun, Yuhan 259 Tang, Juan 506 Tang, Shu 506 Tang, Wufeng 527 Tao, Jindian 477 Tao, Yujie 370 Tian, Darui  ...  Li, Dezhi 138 Li, Dongchen 263 Li, Dongyang 506 Li, Hong 551 Li, Jing 361 Li, Keming 75 Li, Liantian 455, 495 Li, Nige 65, 356 Li, Xianxian 612 Li, Xiao 30 Li, Xiaoming  ... 
doi:10.1109/icsgea53208.2021.00144 fatcat:ywrilnvfbjgwjeivvhzgxdvvzm

Page 79 of Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies Vol. 14, Issue 1-2 [page]

1951 Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies  
(For the Chinese text cf. the Ch‘in-ting Li-fan-yiian tsé-li Sk FE HE BEA) Pi) 61 [ts‘é 47].5a4-5.)  ...  é 46].8a4-8b4: jil biiri yarqu oroqui-dur iilegiiii iilegsen yayum-a jiiil monggii bui biigesii. bay-a kuu-dur oroyuléu qadayalayul. talbin kereglekiii-diir iilii kiiriiléekii jil-diir tokiyaldubasu. darui  ... 

An Ergonomics Study on Assembly Line Workstation Design

2011 American Journal of Applied Sciences  
As highlighted by (Daruis et al., 2011; Deros et al., 2009).  ...  That is, it lies outside the range of recommended requires them to stand, to twist and bend their neck and bench heights suitable for 90% of population data of bodies downwards.  ... 
doi:10.3844/ajassp.2011.1195.1201 fatcat:daokia6izbbbrppqh3sys3fxdq

Author Index Volume 231 (2009)

2009 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics  
Daruis and P.  ...  Chen, Extinction in periodic competitive stage-structured Lotka-Volterra model with the effects of toxic substances 143-153 Li, X., see Fu, X. 187-199 Li, X., On the stability of boundary conditions for  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0377-0427(09)00371-9 fatcat:v6qmsedjjbcrjm477ln6hapnhi
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