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The Computational Research on the Ancient near East (CRANE) Project: An Archaeological Data Integration, Simulation and Data Mining

Stephen Batiuk, Tim Harrison, Lynn Welton, Darren Joblonkay, Lemonia Ragia
2017 Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management  
The CRANE initiative is developing a sustainable, scalable, user-driven vehicle for large-scale data management and cross-project data integration, to harness the full evidentiary range produced by this  ...  The Computational Research on the Ancient Near East (CRANE) initiative seeks to build an international multidisciplinary research collaboration, comprised of archaeologists, computer scientists, and paleo-environmental  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We wish to acknowledge the very real collaborative contribution of our CRANE colleagues, from universities worldwide, as well as non-academic partners.  ... 
doi:10.5220/0006213401530160 dblp:conf/gistam/BatiukHWJR17 fatcat:zxafhgsp5zcxnby47m4e47bbcy

Young adult waterpipe tobacco users' perceived addictiveness of waterpipe tobacco

Darren Mays, Kenneth Tercyak, Kathryn Rehberg, Mary-Kate Crane, Isaac Lipkus
2017 Tobacco Prevention and Cessation  
Young adults generally do not perceive waterpipe tobacco smoking (WTS) to be addictive. Underlying reasons for these false perceptions have received limited research attention and little is known about effective WTS prevention messaging. This study examined perceptions of the addictiveness of WTS among young adults and ascertained their feedback on WTS prevention message content. Young adult (n=44, Mean [M] age 25.3, SD 2.7, range 18-30) waterpipe tobacco users were recruited online for a
more » ... sectional survey. Closed-ended measures assessed demographics, waterpipe use, other tobacco consumption, and perceived addictiveness of WTS. Open-ended items assessed perceptions of WTS and ascertained feedback on WTS prevention message content. Quantitative data were analyzed descriptively. Open-ended data were coded to identify emerging themes. Participants reported low perceived addictiveness of WTS (Mean 2.0, SD 0.9, range 1- not at all, 4 - very), perceived chances of becoming addicted (Mean 3.0, SD 1.6, range 1- no chance, 7- certain), and desire to quit (Mean 3.0, SD 1.8, range 1- not at all, 7- very). In open-ended responses, participants indicated social WTS does not lead to addiction and believe it is easy to quit. Some expressed concerns that WTS addiction may lead to health harms, social stigma, and financial costs. Participants indicated messages using vivid imagery and conveying negative health effects could motivate cessation. Young adults view that WTS is not addictive, particularly related to use in social settings. Research can build from this study by developing and testing messages to motivate WTS cessation in young adults.
doi:10.18332/tpc/80133 pmid:32432207 pmcid:PMC7232820 fatcat:grbx5mnxtzhzrldboo5o4fjfc4

Aves, Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay territory, south-eastern Australia

David B. Lindenmayer, Christopher MacGregor, Darren Brown, Rebecca Montague-Drake, Mason Crane, Damian Michael, Bruce D. Lindenmayer
2009 Check List  
A large-scale, long-term study is being conducted to describe the bird assemblages inhabiting a 6500 ha area at Booderee National Park, south-eastern Australia. In this paper, we provide a list of birds recorded within rainforest, forest, woodland, shrubland, heathland and sedgeland during surveys conducted each spring between 2003 and 2007. Of particular interest was the contrast between the birds of sites burned in a wildfire in 2003 and sites that remained unburned. We recorded a total of
more » ... species from 35 families. We found that after the major fire, the vast majority of individual species and the bird assemblage per se in most vegetation types recovered within two years. Exceptions occurred in structurally simple vegetation types such as sedgeland and wet heathland in which reduced levels of species had not returned to pre-fire (2003) levels by 2007.
doi:10.15560/5.3.449 fatcat:6etltdustjbo7nzpqxrmszgu34

Effects of tumor grade and dexamethasone on myeloid cells in patients with glioma

Kara W Moyes, Amira Davis, Virginia Hoglund, Kristen Haberthur, Nicole AP Lieberman, Shannon A Kreuser, Gail H. Deutsch, Stephanie Franco, Darren Locke, Michael O Carleton, Debra G Gilbertson, Randi Simmons (+5 others)
2018 Oncoimmunology  
Crane Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research, Seattle Children's Research Institute, 1100 Olive Way Suite 100, Seattle WA, 98101 Color versions of one or more  ... 
doi:10.1080/2162402x.2018.1507668 pmid:30377570 pmcid:PMC6204983 fatcat:pssjtaamdvh6zb4nqwexk6iar4

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Stem Cell Transplantations Reduced Behavioral Deficits and Ameliorated Neuropathological Changes in YAC128 Mouse Model of Huntington's Disease

Abeer Al-Gharaibeh, Rebecca Culver, Andrew N. Stewart, Bhairavi Srinageshwar, Kristin Spelde, Laura Frollo, Nivya Kolli, Darren Story, Leela Paladugu, Sarah Anwar, Andrew Crane, Robert Wyse (+3 others)
2017 Frontiers in Neuroscience  
measures in striata of HD vehicle controls, such decrements were not observed in the iPS-NSCs-transplanted-HD mice. WB analysis showed increase of BDNF and TrkB levels in striata of transplanted HD mice compared to HD vehicle controls. Collectively, our data suggest that iPS-NSCs may provide an effective option for neuronal replacement therapy in HD.
doi:10.3389/fnins.2017.00628 pmid:29209158 pmcid:PMC5701605 fatcat:355gypxquffhxgtkaumydz3aay

Research Review: The effects of mindfulness‐based interventions on cognition and mental health in children and adolescents – a meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials

Darren L. Dunning, Kirsty Griffiths, Willem Kuyken, Catherine Crane, Lucy Foulkes, Jenna Parker, Tim Dalgleish
2018 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines  
Intervention I: The core of the mindfulness training program consisted of the essential elements laid out by Crane et al., 2017 including: a Present moment focus and decentring; b The development of  ...  present results are in line with previous studies with adults that have reported that MBIs of longer duration produce greater general benefits (e.g., Mathew, Whitford, Kenny, & Denson, 2010; Parsons, Crane  ... 
doi:10.1111/jcpp.12980 pmid:30345511 pmcid:PMC6546608 fatcat:iwp6dlrdefdjdggn7to3cjukxu

Table of Contents

2017 The Condor  
Bayne, Péter Sólymos, James Campbell, and Darren Proppe 167 A Chorus of Cranes: The Cranes of North America and the World by Paul A. Johnsgard, reviewed by Aaron T.  ... 
doi:10.1650/0010-5422-119.1.c3 fatcat:n6jouffvs5dutbjkyxoomfoj6i

Neuropathological and transcriptomic characteristics of the aged brain

Jeremy A Miller, Angela Guillozet-Bongaarts, Laura E Gibbons, Nadia Postupna, Anne Renz, Allison E Beller, Susan M Sunkin, Lydia Ng, Shannon E Rose, Kimberly A Smith, Aaron Szafer, Chris Barber (+61 others)
2017 eLife  
., 2006; Crane et al., 2013) . ACT participants entering the study are at least 65 years old and free of dementia, and the median age at death of the cohort used for this study is 90.  ...  Additional information Funding Funder Grant reference number Author National Institutes of Health P50AG005136 Eric B Larson Paul K Crane National Institutes of Health U01AG006781 Eric B  ... 
doi:10.7554/elife.31126 pmid:29120328 pmcid:PMC5679757 fatcat:gznac6acivdivlvfh2kceuqkie

From the Editor in Chief

Antulio J. Echevarria
2021 Parameters  
In contrast, Darren Colby's "Toward Successful COIN: Shining Path's Decline" suggests some elements of counterinsurgency theories have indeed proven effective in Peru.  ...  Author Conrad Crane contends there are times, be they rare, when senior leaders must strongly object to strategic or operational courses of action which they believe may put too much of the nation's blood  ... 
doi:10.55540/0031-1723.3063 fatcat:hmmytcoofreuhn2xewipwtjxpq

The Effects of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Cognition and Mental Health in Children and Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials

Darren Dunning, Kirsty Griffiths, Willem Kuyken, Catherine Crane, Lucy Foulkes, Jenna Parker, Tim Dalgleish
assigned to condition; (ii) Participants: the participants were aged 18 years or younger; (iii) Intervention I: The core of the mindfulness training program consisted of the essential elements laid out by Crane  ... 
doi:10.17605/ fatcat:trb6ydro7jhk3fexz3he3xun7u

Page 42 of Guernsey Breeders' Journal Vol. 153, Issue 3 [page]

1985 Guernsey Breeders' Journal  
Tupelo 38801 Darren McGee, Starkville 39759 Maty Judith McLain. Silver Hills Lot 34. Sena- tobia 38668 Melanie Sneed, Coldwater 38618 Lisa Stahl. Aberdeen 39730 William Marc Woodruff. Route 2.  ...  Macomb District 8 - Wayne Blades, Crane District 9 - Johnny WEillis. Springfield District 10 - William K. Davis. Verona At-Large - Carl Kastendieck. Billings At-Large - Jerry F’arrott.  ... 

PEI's fixed link to mainland a living laboratory for occupational medicine

N Robb
1996 CMAJ - Canadian Medical Association Journal  
"The whole bridge will be connected by the end of November," says Darren Gardiner, the safety coordinator.  ...  Other education programs deal with crane-related hazards, first aid, respirators and fallprevention equipment.  ... 
pmid:8976340 pmcid:PMC1335508 fatcat:cvmb4vdyerei3k6w6gbcjuuh2e

Page 24 of Guernsey Breeders' Journal Vol. 158, Issue 2 [page]

1990 Guernsey Breeders' Journal  
Crane, MO RA CarosaFayVella-ET.91 Robin Wagner. Meadvllle. PA HH Goldenrose A Bambiaim.36 Tracy J.  ...  Owned by Rachel Blades of Crane, this Fayette daughter topped the senior two- year-old cow class at NJS-Madison.  ... 

Vegetation and floristics of a lowland tropical rainforest in northeast Australia

David Tng, Deborah Apgaua, Mason Campbell, Casey Cox, Darren Crayn, Françoise Ishida, Michael Liddell, Michael Seager, Susan Laurance
2016 Biodiversity Data Journal  
In addition, we report for the canopy crane plot new demography and basal areas for smallersize shrubs and treelets subsampled from nine 20 m quadrats, and liana basal area and abundance from the whole  ...  We also integrate and report the demography and basal areas of trees ≥ 10 cm diameter at breast height (dbh) in a new 1ha core plot, an extension to the pre-existing forest 1-ha plot under the canopy crane  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the staff at the Daintree Rainforest Observatory for help with site and crane access, and Claudia Paz, Mari Pasanen, Alicia Taifer, Averi Marciano and Michael Lee for help with  ... 
doi:10.3897/bdj.4.e7599 pmid:27099552 pmcid:PMC4822074 fatcat:77bfo2ym7nadrnwnbqubo6tqbq

Page 392 of Florida Bar Journal Vol. 70, Issue 8 [page]

1996 Florida Bar Journal  
William P . 75 BURROWS.Sharon G . 93 BURT, C Oliver, III . 94 BURT, Michael Darren . 87 BURTON, Charles E . 84 BUSH.George Walter Jr . 91 BUSHEY Jennifer Lynn . 96 BUSOJohn Ned . 01 . 75 BUTLER, George  ...  Wan Roy . 92 CRANE, Robert Lea . 79 CRENSHAW,Philip Tennyson . 71 CRESCENZO, Ronald E . 91 CHESSMAN, Marti Patrick . 95 CRIPPEN, Lewis F . 07 . 77 CRIPPS, Steven . 79 CRISER, Glenn Lawrence . 91 CRONIN  ... 
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