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A Gender Difference in Time Consistency

Jeffrey Prince, Daniel L. Shawhan
2009 Social Science Research Network  
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1003150 fatcat:7cpucr6ub5gzxjl5mutak7lnfe

Trade between mass- and rate-based regulatory regimes: Bad for emissions?

Carolyn Fischer, Biao Mao, Daniel Shawhan
2018 Energy Economics  
Thomas, Daniel J. Tylavsky, Yujia Zhu, Ray D. Zimmerman, Zamiyad Dar, Andrew Kindle, Nan Li, Yingying Qi, and Richard E. Schuler.  ...  Mao and Shawhan are grateful to Gurobi Optimization for the use of Gurobi Optimizer; Energy Visuals, Inc. for the use of data from their Transmission Atlas and FirstRate products; and the US Department  ...  These values are $49,629 per ton of SO 2 and $7373 per ton of NO X (Shawhan, 2018) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eneco.2018.04.031 fatcat:ozfcpvvakbh3bb562nkko7266q

Optimal generation investment planning: Pt. 2: Application to the ERCOT system

Nan Li, Di Shi, Daniel L. Shawhan, Daniel J. Tylavsky, John T. Taber, Ray D. Zimmerman, William D. Schulze
2012 2012 North American Power Symposium (NAPS)  
Power system planning and market behavioral analysis using the full model of a large-scale network, such as the entire ERCOT system, are computationally expensive. Reducing the full network into a small equivalent is a practical way to reduce the computational burden. In a companion paper, a modified-Ward equivalencing procedure has been proposed. In this paper, the proposed scheme is applied to the ERCOT system to obtain several backbone equivalents, the accuracy of which are tested under a
more » ... ge of operating conditions. The ERCOT equivalent is used in a system planning tool to perform optimal generation investment studies with promising results observed. I.
doi:10.1109/naps.2012.6336374 fatcat:e72wa5h32rhi3aitsrnfpkdyim

Back-action evading impulse measurement with mechanical quantum sensors [article]

Sohitri Ghosh, Daniel Carney, Peter Shawhan, Jacob M. Taylor
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The quantum measurement of any observable naturally leads to noise added by the act of measurement. Approaches to evade or reduce this noise can lead to substantial improvements in a wide variety of sensors, from laser interferometers to precision magnetometers and more. In this paper, we develop a measurement protocol based upon pioneering work by the gravitational wave community which allows for reduction of added noise from measurement by coupling an optical field to the momentum of a small
more » ... irror. As a specific implementation, we present a continuous measurement protocol using a double-ring optomechanical cavity. We demonstrate that with experimentally-relevant parameters, this protocol can lead to significant back-action noise evasion, yielding measurement noise below the standard quantum limit over many decades of frequency.
arXiv:1910.11892v1 fatcat:zb4ct3trbjbblbzmbgr2mqdmdu

An experimental test of automatic mitigation of wholesale electricity prices

Daniel L. Shawhan, Kent D. Messer, William D. Schulze, Richard E. Schuler
2011 International Journal of Industrial Organization  
"La geotermia: energía limpia y confiable para las américas," Daniel Shawhan. Geothermal Energy Association, May 1998 .  ...  "Market Power in Electricity Markets, and Tellus Institute's Method of Modeling Horizontal Market Power in Generation Markets," Daniel Shawhan. Tellus Institute, June 1999.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijindorg.2010.06.005 fatcat:w3ptps4oxvf4phh4u7yf7gswna

A Detailed Power System Planning Model: Estimating the Long-Run Impact of Carbon-Reducing Policies

Daniel Shawhan, John Taber, Ray Zimmerman, Jubo Yan, Charles Marquet, William Schulze, Richard Schuler, Robert Thomas, Daniel Tylavsky, Di Shi, Nan Li, Ward Jewell (+2 others)
2015 2015 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences  
In this paper, a much more detailed representation of the nation's electricity system than has been traditionally used in policy models is employed. This detailed representation greatly increases the computational difficulty of obtaining optimal solutions, but is necessary to accurately model the location of new investment in generation. Given the proposed regulation of CO 2 emissions from US power plants, an examination of economically efficient policies for reducing these emissions is
more » ... d. The model incorporates realistic physical constraints, investment and retirement of generation, and price-responsive load to simulate the effects of policies for limiting CO 2 emissions over a twenty-year forecast horizon. Using network reductions for each of the three electric system regions in the U.S. and Canada, an optimal economic dispatch, that satisfies reliability criteria, is assigned for 12 typical hour-types in each year. Three scenarios are modeled that consider subsidies for renewables and either CO 2 emissions regulation on new investment or cap-and-trade. High and low gas price trends are also simulated and have large effects on prices of electricity but small impacts on CO 2 emissions. Low gas prices with cap-and-trade reduce CO 2 emissions the most; large subsidies for renewables alone do not reduce carbon emissions much below existing levels. Extensive retirement of coal-fired power plants occurs in all cases.
doi:10.1109/hicss.2015.300 dblp:conf/hicss/ShawhanTZYMSSTT15 fatcat:5p6nvp2kqrggdgnd3oxcwlurci

Towards the first search for a stochastic background in LIGO data: applications of signal simulations

Sukanta Bose, Bruce Allen, Michael Landry, Albert Lazzarini, Isabel Leonor, Szabolcs Marka, Tania Regimbau, Joseph Romano, Peter Shawhan, Daniel Sigg, John Whelan
2003 Classical and quantum gravity  
We describe the utility of simulated-signal injection studies on earth-based gravitational-wave (GW) interferometric data toward obtaining bounds on the strength of a stochastic GW background. The existence of such a background today is predicted by several cosmological models, but with varying strengths and power spectra. Earth-based detectors, such as LIGO, will eventually achieve enough sensitivity to start constraining some of these models through these bounds. A significant part of the
more » ... rt to use LIGO data to place such bounds is to estimate the efficiency of the data analysis pipeline in detecting the variety of predicted backgrounds. We took the data taking opportunity offered by the first science run at LIGO to inject simulated signals of varying strengths both in hardware as well as software. We describe here the results obtained in searching for these injection backgrounds. We discuss especially those results that either varied from the expected ones or are crucial to the search for a stochastic GW background. The reasons behind the variations are also explained.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/20/17/311 fatcat:rw4qq453lfasnhkcorhf2okfxu

Multi-Messenger Astrophysics: Harnessing the Data Revolution [article]

Gabrielle Allen, Warren Anderson, Erik Blaufuss, Joshua S. Bloom, Patrick Brady, Sarah Burke-Spolaor, S. Bradley Cenko, Andrew Connolly, Peter Couvares, Derek Fox, Avishay Gal-Yam, Suvi Gezari, Alyssa Goodman (+16 others)
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The past year has witnessed discovery of the first identified counterparts to a gravitational wave transient (GW 170817A) and a very high-energy neutrino (IceCube-170922A). These source identifications, and ensuing detailed studies, have realized longstanding dreams of astronomers and physicists to routinely carry out observations of cosmic sources by other than electromagnetic means, and inaugurated the era of "multi-messenger" astronomy. While this new era promises extraordinary physical
more » ... hts into the universe, it brings with it new challenges, including: highly heterogeneous, high-volume, high-velocity datasets; globe-spanning cross-disciplinary teams of researchers, regularly brought together into transient collaborations; an extraordinary breadth and depth of domain-specific knowledge and computing resources required to anticipate, model, and interpret observations; and the routine need for adaptive, distributed, rapid-response observing campaigns to fully exploit the scientific potential of each source. We argue, therefore, that the time is ripe for the community to conceive and propose an Institute for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics that would coordinate its resources in a sustained and strategic fashion to efficiently address these challenges, while simultaneously serving as a center for education and key supporting activities. In this fashion, we can prepare now to realize the bright future that we see, beyond, through these newly opened windows onto the universe.
arXiv:1807.04780v1 fatcat:oa6p42f5dvgcfh2boyqbqfil5e

Page 204 of Maryland Historian Vol. 34, Issue 2 [page]

1939 Maryland Historian  
Shawhan: Daniel, born 1709, son of Darby of Kent County, Md., married Jennett.  ...  His other son, Daniel, Jr., born 1738, was the Kentucky pioneer of Bourbon County, Ky. Wanted: parentage of Jennett who married Daniel Shawhan, Sr. William G. Hills, 6 Shepherd St., Chevy Chase, Md.  ... 

Page 293 of American Spirit Vol. 45, Issue 5 [page]

1914 American Spirit  
SHAWHAN, Ist Vice-Chairman, Mobile, Ala. Mrs. I. N. Dinauey, 2d Vice-Chairman, Kalamazoo, Mich. Children of the American Revolution. Mrs. DANIEL LotHrRop, Chairman, Coneord, Mass. Miss Mary R.  ...  SHAWHAN, 254 N. Conception St., Mobile, Ala. Mrs. GeorGE T. GUERNSEY, lst Vice-Chairman, Ridgewood, Independence, Kan. Mrs. ALVIN V. LANE, 2d Vice-Chairman, Dallas, Tex. National Charity Officer.  ... 

Page 178 of Art Institute of Chicago. Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago Vol. , Issue [page]

1935 Art Institute of Chicago. Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago  
Shawhan, Edwin L. River Forest, Ill. Shawhan, John M. Maywood, Ill. Shead, Mrs. Ralph C. cata tn WMP ii WMmtp«ucntnatn tAtntin itwtn tnta  ...  Daniel B. Scully, Mrs. Edith Oak Park, Ill. Scully, Miss Florence E. Scupham, Dr. G. W. Homewood, III. Seabury, Charles W. Oak Park, III. Seaman, Mrs. Duncan R. New York, Seaman, George M.  ... 

Page 504 of American Spirit Vol. 68, Issue 8 [page]

1934 American Spirit  
David Mackey Andrew Mackey (Continued from April Magazine) Town of Millersburg —Hardy Township James French James Sproul Alexander Craig John Routzan David Peppard William Butler Joseph Tidball Josiah Shawhan  ...  Peter Casey George Miles Daniel Boon Abraham Cram Daniel Candle Bailey Donaldson John Young David Carn Charles Cline John Rizer John Boling James Shearer Robert Reed Hugh Woods John C.  ... 

Page 58 of American Spirit Vol. 75, Issue 2 [page]

1941 American Spirit  
They had: Daniel 1709, John 1711, Dennis 1713, Sarah 1715, Elizabeth 1722, Darby Jr. 1724, David 1726, William 1728.  ...  Shawhan-Meeks.—Darby Shaw- han 1673-1736 of Kent county, Maryland, married November 20, 1707 in Kent county, Sarah Meeks who died 1736.  ... 

Page 110 of Art Institute of Chicago. Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago Vol. , Issue [page]

1943 Art Institute of Chicago. Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago  
Shawhan, Edwin L., River Forest, Ill. Shawhan, John M., Wilmette, Ill. Shawn, Mrs. Iris G. S., Evanston, III. Shay, Mrs. George Montgomery, Evanston, Ill. Shea, Mrs.  ...  Daniel B. Scully, Mrs. Edith, Oak Park, Ill. Scully, Miss Florence E. Scupham, Dr. G. W., omewood, Ill. Seabury, Charles W., Oak Park, IIl. Seaman, Mrs. Duncan R.  ... 

Page 380 of Maryland Historian Vol. 34, Issue 4 [page]

1939 Maryland Historian  
380 MARYLAND HISTORICAL MAGAZINE “ Daniells Necke,”” 287 “ Daniells Nest,” 289 Darlington, Jean Bullitt (Mrs. Wm. M.), 76 Darlington, 14 Darnell, Col. Henry, 290 Darrell, H.  ...  Lee I., 202 William, 172 Durand of Dauphiné, 32 Durham, Thomas, 169, 170 Duvall, Gabriel, 190 Marin (Davall, Maran), 287 Richard, 142 Dyer, Edward, 204 Sarah (Shawhan), 204 Eagle Run, 330 Eames, Wilberforce  ... 
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