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Board Structure and Price Informativeness

Miguel A. Ferreira, Daniel Ferreira, Clara C. Raposo
2008 Social Science Research Network  
board structure depends on the degree of complexity of firms' operations and on the trade-off between the costs and benefits of advising and monitoring (Boone, Field, Karpoff, and Raheja (2006), Coles, Daniel  ...  multiple roles of boards, see for example Coles, Daniel, and Naveen (2006) and Linck, Netter, and Yang (2007) ).  ...  We abstract from these issues and simply assume here a convex cost function: C (n, i) = k n 2 + i 2 2 , (6) where k is a parameter that affects the total and marginal costs of both board advising and monitoring  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.983524 fatcat:27q24jifnrhqfh44vlnurshxwe

Board structure and price informativeness☆

Daniel Ferreira, Miguel A. Ferreira, Clara C. Raposo
2011 Journal of Financial Economics  
while size has been sometimes considered detrimental to monitoring (Lipton and Lorsch (1992) , Jensen (1993) ), it has also been linked to better advising and strategy formation by boards (Coles, Daniel  ...  Perhaps there are few informed insiders (Raheja (2005) ), or perhaps the CEO refuses to communicate with the board (Adams and Ferreira (2007) ).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jfineco.2010.10.007 fatcat:khizzfnuhvccdk4uiqmkihnwii

Canonical Correlation-based Tests for the Agreement of Sensory Panelists

Marcela C Rocha, Eric B Ferreira, Daniel F Ferreira
2020 Journal of Mathematics and Statistics  
Daniel F Ferreira: Proposed the theoretical solution of the problem, checked the program and participated of the manuscript writing.  ...  Eric B Ferreira: Proposed the research problem, designed the simulation study and participated of the manuscript writing.  ... 
doi:10.3844/jmssp.2020.9.19 fatcat:ykemkakzbnhqdmts6jwkaoi7qi

Delta Variant of SARS-CoV-2 Replacement in Brazil: A National Epidemiologic Surveillance Program

Joice P. Silva, Aline B. de Lima, Luige B. Alvim, Frederico S. V. Malta, Cristiane P. T. B. Mendonça, Paula L. C. Fonseca, Filipe R. R. Moreira, Daniel C. Queiroz, Jorge G. G. Ferreira, Alessandro C. S. Ferreira, Renan P. Souza, Renato S. Aguiar (+1 others)
2022 Viruses  
The amplification/genotyping reaction followed the cycling conditions: 50 • C for 10 min; 95 • C for 3 min; 45 cycles of 95 • C for 15 s and 60 • C for 1 min; 60 • C for 1 min.  ...  Median Ct values for the Gamma Period: 17.12 (N), 16 4A-C ).  ... 
doi:10.3390/v14050847 pmid:35632589 pmcid:PMC9143796 fatcat:pjl4yonsxrcnzorombgumrxhii

ß-Lapachone: Medicinal chemistry significance and structural modifications

Sabrina B. Ferreira, Daniel T. G. Gonzaga, Wilson C. Santos, Kátia G. de L. Araújo, Vitor F. Ferreira
2010 Revista Virtual de Quimica  
Ferreira e colaboradores na busca de fatos para esclarecer a razão da maior seletividade da carbonila C-6, como as densidades de carga das carbonilas, realizaram cálculos de parâmetros estruturais pelo  ...  Os valores de densidade de carga nas carbonilas C-5 e C-6 foram calculados em +0,472 e +0,484, respectivamente, indicando que nucleófilos atacam preferencialmente C-6, apesar da diferença de carga ser  ... 
doi:10.5935/1984-6835.20100013 fatcat:7bo5gcinrbc7rf526ppvxagk3y

InHand - mobile professional context and location aware tool

Paulo A. C. S. Neves, David J. M. Ferreira, Daniel Esteves, Daniel R. M. Felix, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues
2008 2008 16th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks  
A travel book salesman needs current information that leads to the development of an information system about costumers, supplies, orders and the books themselves. Such scenario demands maximum mobility and rapid information retrieval that points to a mobile application. The paper presents an application developed for local and remote use, called InHand, that is context-aware, presenting information related to the current user context and provides location-aware support through the use of the
more » ... obal Positioning System (GPS). The location system keeps track of a client's location, schedules client visits for a given day, help user navigate through a map using real-time position acquisition, and gather the pathway followed by a user on a given day. The application has two channels: server and mobile client. The mobile client can synchronize data with the server, and relies on a local database to minimize wireless traffic to a minimum. We use Remote Data Access and Web Services to access remote data in a convenient way. Although the application is designed with book selling in mind, the concept is perfectly extendable to other fields of application.
doi:10.1109/softcom.2008.4669456 fatcat:5ezedjbbajglpddg5xlzkp4ksa

Modeling formalisms in Systems Biology

Daniel Machado, Rafael S Costa, Miguel Rocha, Eugénio C Ferreira, Bruce Tidor, Isabel Rocha
2011 AMB Express  
activation and repression; b) Bayesian network: the value of the output nodes (genes c, d, e) are given by a probability function that depends on the value of the input nodes (genes a and b); c) Petri  ...  Other related formalisms are Reactive Modules (Alur and Henzinger 1999,) and Live Sequence Charts (Damm and Harel 2001) , which, along with the former, have been applied in the modelling of C. elegans  ... 
doi:10.1186/2191-0855-1-45 pmid:22141422 pmcid:PMC3285092 fatcat:ksd26gsezvd3besmbybb5caf34

Communication Value of Mistakes in Dark-Eyed Junco Song

André C. Ferreira, Jonathan W. Atwell, Danielle J. Whittaker, Ellen D. Ketterson, Gonçalo C. Cardoso
2016 American Naturalist  
All data sets used in this article are deposited in the Dryad Digital Repository: /dryad.c6344 (Ferreira et al. 2016) .  ...  All use subject to University of Chicago Press Terms and Conditions (  ... 
doi:10.1086/687520 pmid:27501087 fatcat:hjf6twb6xrgo5gu6ocwzldgruy

3D IoT System for Environmental and Energy Consumption Monitoring System

Bruno Mataloto, Daniel Calé, Kaiser Carimo, Joao C Ferreira, Ricardo Resende
2021 Sustainability  
green for pleasant temperatures (22 • C to 28 • C), and blue for temperatures considered below average comfort (below 22 • C).  ...  Temperature values are based on ASHRAE Standard 5, which indicates that comfort temperature in winter is between 21 • C and 25 • C, while in summer, it is between 22.8 • C and 27.8 • C [53] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13031495 fatcat:ttzzerdpczhqrnhqfuboosy5pa

Effects ofBixa orellanaL. Seeds on Hyperlipidemia

Jamile M. Ferreira, Daniel F. Sousa, Mariana B. Dantas, Said G. C. Fonseca, Dalgimar B. Menezes, Alice M. C. Martins, Maria Goretti R. de Queiroz
2012 Phytotherapy Research  
Afterwards, the mixture of water and powder was filtered, from which 10 mL was transferred and dried in a Petri dish at a temperature of 105 C.  ...  Figure 1 . 1 Effects of the aqueous extract of Bixa orellana seeds (AEBO) in Triton-WR1339 (a) fructose (b) ethanol (c) induced hypertriglyceridemia.  ... 
doi:10.1002/ptr.4675 pmid:22451331 fatcat:hmf27elxqjgulfhekcva3ewuoq

D009 Frizzled 4 regulates vascular formation in mice

B. Descamps, N. Ferreira Tojais, P. Oses, C. Moreau, J.-M. Daniel Lamaziere, P. Dufourcq, T. Couffinhal, C. Duplaa
2009 Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases  
FERREIRA TOJAIS 1 , P. OSES 3 , C. MOREAU 1 , J.-M. DANIEL LAMAZIERE 1 , P. DUFOURCQ 2 , T. COUFFINHAL 1,3 , C.  ...  (2.105 MSCs in fresh medium), conditioned SN (MSCs supernatant alone (i.e. without MSCs) obtained after 8 hours of serum deprived culture), [conditioned SN + LY294002] (15 microM of LY294002 a speciÀ c  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1875-2136(09)72219-3 fatcat:thg3y6bvarazzjbpufug2hrm24

Anandamide Effects in a Streptozotocin-Induced Alzheimer's Disease-Like Sporadic Dementia in Rats

Daniel Moreira-Silva, Daniel C Carrettiero, Adriele S A Oliveira, Samanta Rodrigues, Joyce Dos Santos-Lopes, Paula M Canas, Rodrigo A Cunha, Maria C Almeida, Tatiana L Ferreira
2018 Frontiers in Neuroscience  
Samples were then denatured for 20 min at 70 • C and stored at -20 • C for further use.  ...  also observed an impairment of tone fear memory, an emotional memory which is unaffected by hippocampal lesion (Phillips and LeDoux, 1992) but it is dependent on the striatum (Schenberg et al., 2006; Ferreira  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnins.2018.00653 pmid:30333717 pmcid:PMC6176656 fatcat:qni7baryrzg5na4zs6hdez5f64

Critical analysis of housing condition impacts on residents' well-being and social costs

Elisa Atália Daniel Muianga, Vanessa Gomes da Silva, Doris C. C. K. Kowaltowski, Daniel de Carvalho Moreira, Ariovaldo Denis Granja, Carolina A. Oliva, Ruth Ferreira da Silva
2021 Gestão & Tecnologia de Projetos  
Housing is fundamental to the welfare of people and society. On the contrary, housing may impose costs on users as regards their health and quality of life. These costs are not only individual but also social. Studies on the concept of social costs (SCs) related to living conditions of social housing (SH) are scarce, and the concept needs in-depth debates. A systematic literature review (SLR) was conducted to answer the primary research question: What are SCs, and what triggers them? The
more » ... h specifically aims to identify spatial design factors and construction details of SH, which may cause adverse impacts and social costs and affect households' quality of life. The SLR results are analysed and discussed concerning the major concepts of SCs and social impacts (SIs). The visual representation and organization of data contribute to detailed and in-depth conceptual discussions to understand the factors that can induce actions to improve SH design and upgrading of the existing stock. Most publications emphasise physical and mental health risks. Poor thermal conditions cause illnesses, and depression is prevalent in many housing developments putting pressure on public systems and their health services. Social unrest and family conflict can impose further costs on policing and social assistance. Housing conditions' cause and effect are rarely detailed in the SC literature, which constitutes a research gap. New housing design, Upgrading or refurbishment initiatives should also effectively increase well-being, reduce environmental impacts, and ultimately contribute towards positive social and technological developments.
doi:10.11606/gtp.v16i4.178511 fatcat:cngklwy5mfapheq5m2xrlqysva

Underexpression of miR-126-3p in Patients with Cholangiocarcinoma

Lucas Poleto Spinola, Gabriel F Vieira, Rafael Fernandes Ferreira, Maria C J Calastri, Graciele D Tenani, Franciana L Aguiar, Ilka F Santana Ferreira Boin, Larissa B E Da Costa, Maria Fernanda Chaim Correia, Eliane M Zanovelo, Daniele C B De Souza, Rita C Martins Alves Da Silva (+5 others)
2021 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention  
The reaction was placed in a thermocycler with cycling conditions of 16°C for 30 minutes, 42°C for 30 minutes, 85°C for 5 minutes and 4°C -hold ∞.  ... 
doi:10.31557/apjcp.2021.22.2.573 pmid:33639676 pmcid:PMC8190345 fatcat:7pgssfogffd2fdbzhhkjhrzas4

Anatomical and physiological basis of continuous spike–wave of sleep syndrome after early thalamic lesions

Alberto Leal, Eulália Calado, José P. Vieira, Carla Mendonça, José C. Ferreira, Hugo Ferreira, Daniel Carvalho, Fátima Furtado, Roseli Gomes, José P. Monteiro
2018 Epilepsy & Behavior  
(c) Brain areas with CSWS show a frequency-dependent increased excitability at spindle frequencies (Fig. 6A) .  ...  (C) SSVEPs for two patients (P8 and P9) evaluated after resolution of the CSWS. Frequencies tested as for patient P5.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.yebeh.2017.08.027 pmid:29133062 fatcat:bfry7coey5cqpak5kd7hxvmyoe
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