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« Getting back to tough eternal verities » ? Cyril Connolly et la pensée du fragment dans The Unquiet Grave

Jean-Christophe Murat
2010 Études Britanniques Contemporaines  
obsédante dans The Rock Pool , son unique roman (Connolly 1936), dans divers éditoriaux de Horizon , et dans The Unquiet Grave , c’est celle du trou d’eau entre les rochers (« rock pool » en anglais  ...  En d’autres termes, la mosaïque dont parle Cyril Connolly dans l’introduction de 1950 forme-t-elle une figure finie ou non ?  ... 
doi:10.4000/ebc.3205 fatcat:zvp4byrbgfakjghcegfvpoxu3q

N3Logic: A Logical Framework For the World Wide Web [article]

Tim Berners-Lee, Dan Connolly, Lalana Kagal, Yosi Scharf, Jim Hendler
2007 arXiv   pre-print
For example, we can create a language for expressing graph differences and updates by simply defining two new properties, diff:insertion and diff:deletion (Berners-Lee and Connolly 2004).  ...  The N3 semantics of other languages for Web documents such as GRDDL (Hazaël-Massieux and Connolly 2005) and RDF/A (Adida and Birbeck 2006) may be defined so that they are also calculable.  ... 
arXiv:0711.1533v1 fatcat:nwmmgcejtbbqfdj7xki7i3t6py

Does Exercise Alter Circulating Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Gene Expression In Young Males?

Peter Connolly, Dan Nemet, She-pin Hung, J. Denis Heck, G. Wesley Hatfield, Frank Zaldivar, Vince J. Caiozzo, Dan M. Cooper
2004 Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise  
Pro-inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin 1 beta (IL-1ß) is known to be increased in obesity and related diseases or metabolic syndrome. To examine the impact of one bout exercise test on circulating IL-1ß levels, twelve sedentarily obese men (45 ± 7) were completed one short time cycling test. Exercise test lasted 15 min with moderate intensity. Blood samples were collected pre and postexercise in order to evaluation serum IL-1ß in all subjects. Statistical analysis was performed with the
more » ... SPSS software version 15.0. P value of <0.05 was accepted as significant. Based on statistical outcome, serum IL-1ß did not change after exercise test when compared with pretest. Our findings indicate that exercise for short time can not affect inflammation profile in sedentary obese individuals. Further studies are needed to clarify possible role of exercise on inflammation in healthy or disease population.
doi:10.1097/00005768-200405001-00413 fatcat:fnwdhritlfh53njwsfqsyaenwm

Effects of exercise on gene expression in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Peter H. Connolly, Vincent J. Caiozzo, Frank Zaldivar, Dan Nemet, Jennifer Larson, She-pin Hung, J. Denis Heck, G. Wesley Hatfield, Dan M. Cooper
2004 Journal of applied physiology  
Connolly was supported by the National Center for Research Resources-General Clinical Research Center Mentored Medical Student Clinical Research Program. Dr.  ... 
doi:10.1152/japplphysiol.00316.2004 pmid:15194674 fatcat:evxljfhuezgk5elum7qpq2kfzy

Negative energy balance plays a major role in the IGF-I response to exercise training

Dan Nemet, Peter H. Connolly, Andria M. Pontello-Pescatello, Christie Rose-Gottron, Jennifer K. Larson, Pietro Galassetti, Dan M. Cooper
2004 Journal of applied physiology  
Negative energy balance plays a major role in the IGF-I response to exercise training.
doi:10.1152/japplphysiol.00654.2003 pmid:12949013 fatcat:2bh2c2aje5dhxbfm5lspxdjzym

Complex Investigation of High Efficiency and Reliable Heterojunction Solar Cell Based on an Improved Cu2O Absorber Layer

Laurentiu Fara, Irinela Chilibon, Ørnulf Nordseth, Dan Craciunescu, Dan Savastru, Cristina Vasiliu, Laurentiu Baschir, Silvian Fara, Raj Kumar, Edouard Monakhov, James P. Connolly
2020 Energies  
This study is aimed at increasing the performance and reliability of silicon-based heterojunction solar cells with advanced methods. This is achieved by a numerical electro-optical modeling and reliability analysis for such solar cells correlated with experimental analysis of the Cu2O absorber layer. It yields the optimization of a silicon tandem heterojunction solar cell based on a ZnO/Cu2O subcell and a c-Si bottom subcell using electro-optical numerical modeling. The buffer layer affinity
more » ... mobility together with a low conduction band offset for the heterojunction are discussed, as well as spectral properties of the device model. Experimental research of N-doped Cu2O thin films was dedicated to two main activities: (1) fabrication of specific samples by DC magnetron sputtering and (2) detailed characterization of the analyzed samples. This last investigation was based on advanced techniques: morphological (scanning electron microscopy—SEM and atomic force microscopy—AFM), structural (X-ray diffraction—XRD), and optical (spectroscopic ellipsometry—SE and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy—FTIR). This approach qualified the heterojunction solar cell based on cuprous oxide with nitrogen as an attractive candidate for high-performance solar devices. A reliability analysis based on Weibull statistical distribution establishes the degradation degree and failure rate of the studied solar cells under stress and under standard conditions.
doi:10.3390/en13184667 fatcat:maxacccps5eybla7ph4gnzct34

Autonomous synthesis of metastable materials [article]

Sebastian Ament, Maximilian Amsler, Duncan R. Sutherland, Ming-Chiang Chang, Dan Guevarra, Aine B. Connolly, John M. Gregoire, Michael O. Thompson, Carla P. Gomes, R. Bruce van Dover
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Autonomous experimentation enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) offers a new paradigm for accelerating scientific discovery. Non-equilibrium materials synthesis is emblematic of complex, resource-intensive experimentation whose acceleration would be a watershed for materials discovery and development. The mapping of non-equilibrium synthesis phase diagrams has recently been accelerated via high throughput experimentation but still limits materials research because the parameter space is too
more » ... ast to be exhaustively explored. We demonstrate accelerated synthesis and exploration of metastable materials through hierarchical autonomous experimentation governed by the Scientific Autonomous Reasoning Agent (SARA). SARA integrates robotic materials synthesis and characterization along with a hierarchy of AI methods that efficiently reveal the structure of processing phase diagrams. SARA designs lateral gradient laser spike annealing (lg-LSA) experiments for parallel materials synthesis and employs optical spectroscopy to rapidly identify phase transitions. Efficient exploration of the multi-dimensional parameter space is achieved with nested active learning (AL) cycles built upon advanced machine learning models that incorporate the underlying physics of the experiments as well as end-to-end uncertainty quantification. With this, and the coordination of AL at multiple scales, SARA embodies AI harnessing of complex scientific tasks. We demonstrate its performance by autonomously mapping synthesis phase boundaries for the Bi_2O_3 system, leading to orders-of-magnitude acceleration in establishment of a synthesis phase diagram that includes conditions for kinetically stabilizing δ-Bi_2O_3 at room temperature, a critical development for electrochemical technologies such as solid oxide fuel cells.
arXiv:2101.07385v1 fatcat:tyrib43tnbartltqrj24dm3ama

N3Logic: A logical framework for the World Wide Web

2008 Theory and Practice of Logic Programming  
For example, we can create a language for expressing graph differences and updates by simply defining two new properties, diff:insertion and diff:deletion (Berners-Lee and Connolly 2004).  ...  The N3 semantics of other languages for Web documents such as GRDDL (Hazaël-Massieux and Connolly 2005) and RDF/A (Adida and Birbeck 2006) may be defined so that they are also calculable.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1471068407003213 fatcat:7llqfzofyfdonimzifolndgma4

Does Eye Gaze Indicate Implicit Knowledge of False Belief? Charting Transitions in Knowledge

Ted Ruffman, Wendy Garnham, Arlina Import, Dan Connolly
2001 Journal of Experimental Child Psychology  
Three-year-olds sometimes look to the correct location but give an incorrect verbal answer in a false belief task. We examined whether correct eye gaze among 3-to 5-yearold children indexed unconscious knowledge or low confidence conscious knowledge. Children "bet" counters on where they thought a story character would go. If children were conscious of the knowledge conveyed by their eye gaze then they should have bet modestly on their explicit answer (i.e., been unsure whether this answer or
more » ... e answer conveyed through eye direction was correct). We found that children bet very highly on the location consistent with their explicit answer, suggesting that they were not aware of the knowledge conveyed through their eye gaze. This result was supported by a number of conditions that showed that betting was a sensitive measure of even small degrees of uncertainty. The results shed light on false-belief understanding, the implicit-explicit distinction, and transitional knowledge. We argue that the transition to a full understanding of false belief is marked by periods of implicit knowledge and explicit understanding with low confidence.
doi:10.1006/jecp.2001.2633 pmid:11583523 fatcat:e6ugih6ymbai7gi7bluchpsazq

The impact of precursors on aquatic exposure assessment for PFAS: Insights from bioaccumulation modeling

David Glaser, Elizabeth Lamoureux, Dan Opdyke, Sarah LaRoe, Deirdre Reidy, John Connolly
2021 Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management  
., Arnot & Gobas, 2004; Connolly, 1991; Gobas et al., 1993; Thomann, 1989) .  ...  In general, the non-PFAS aspects of the model follow established modeling frameworks from the literature, for example articles by Arnot and Gobas (2004) and Connolly (1991) , and are only briefly described  ... 
doi:10.1002/ieam.4414 pmid:33739579 fatcat:vpzdkdsg2nasnliitfn52a2ihq

Optical Identification of Materials Transformations in Oxide Thin Films [article]

Duncan R. Sutherland, Aine Boyer Connolly, Maximilian Amsler, Ming-Chiang Chang, Katie Rose Gann, Vidit Gupta, Sebastian Ament, Dan Guevarra, John M. Gregoire, Carla P. Gomes, R. B. van Dover, Michael O. Thompson
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Recent advances in high-throughput experimentation for combinatorial studies have accelerated the discovery and analysis of materials across a wide range of compositions and synthesis conditions. However, many of the more powerful characterization methods are limited by speed, cost, availability, and/or resolution. To make efficient use of these methods, there is value in developing approaches for identifying critical compositions and conditions to be used as a-priori knowledge for follow-up
more » ... racterization with high-precision techniques, such as micron-scale synchrotron based X-ray diffraction (XRD). Here we demonstrate the use of optical microscopy and reflectance spectroscopy to identify likely phase-change boundaries in thin film libraries. These methods are used to delineate possible metastable phase boundaries following lateral-gradient Laser Spike Annealing (lg-LSA) of oxide materials. The set of boundaries are then compared with definitive determinations of structural transformations obtained using high-resolution XRD. We demonstrate that the optical methods detect more than 95 structural transformations in a composition-gradient La-Mn-O library and a Ga_2O_3 sample, both subject to an extensive set of lg-LSA anneals. Our results provide quantitative support for the value of optically-detected transformations as a priori data to guide subsequent structural characterization, ultimately accelerating and enhancing the efficient implementation of μm-resolution XRD experiments.
arXiv:2008.06419v1 fatcat:c63p2kzqzjh7pfuu2njh5rpiha

Phosphorus monolayer doping (MLD) of silicon on insulator (SOI) substrates

Noel Kennedy, Ray Duffy, Luke Eaton, Dan O'Connell, Scott Monaghan, Shane Garvey, James Connolly, Chris Hatem, Justin D Holmes, Brenda Long
2018 Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology  
This article is part of the thematic series "Metrology and technology computer aided design for the sub-10 nm technology node". Associate Editor: N. Motta © 2018 Kennedy et al.; licensee Beilstein-Institut. License and terms: see end of document. Abstract This paper details the application of phosphorus monolayer doping of silicon on insulator substrates. There have been no previous publications dedicated to the topic of MLD on SOI, which allows for the impact of reduced substrate dimensions to
more » ... be probed. The doping was done through functionalization of the substrates with chemically bound allyldiphenylphosphine dopant molecules. Following functionalization, the samples were capped and annealed to enable the diffusion of dopant atoms into the substrate and their activation. Electrical and material characterisation was carried out to determine the impact of MLD on surface quality and activation results produced by the process. MLD has proven to be highly applicable to SOI substrates producing doping levels in excess of 1 × 10 19 cm −3 with minimal impact on surface quality. Hall effect data proved that reducing SOI dimensions from 66 to 13 nm lead to an increase in carrier concentration values due to the reduced volume available to the dopant for diffusion. Dopant trapping was found at both Si-SiO 2 interfaces and will be problematic when attempting to reach doping levels achieved by rival techniques. 2106
doi:10.3762/bjnano.9.199 pmid:30202683 pmcid:PMC6122086 fatcat:6x3go45g2fembd2uaplyg7gc5a

Androgens drive divergent responses to salt stress in male versus female rat kidneys

David Gerhold, Ansuman Bagchi, Meiqing Lu, David Figueroa, Kevin Keenan, Dan Holder, Yuhong Wang, Hong Jin, Brett Connolly, Christopher Austin, Magdalena Alonso-Galicia
2007 Genomics  
Dahl-Iwai (DI) salt-sensitive rats were studied using microarrays to identify sex-specific differences in the kidney, both basal differences and differences in responses to a high-salt diet. In DI rat kidneys, gene expression profiles demonstrated inflammatory and fibrotic responses selectively in females. Gonadectomy of DI rats abrogated sex differences in gene expression. Gonadectomized female and gonadectomized male DI rats both responded to high salt with the same spectrum of gene
more » ... changes as intact female DI rats. Androgens dominated the sexselective responses to salt. Several androgen-responsive genes with roles potentiating the differential responses to salt were identified, including increased male expression of angiotensin-vasopressin receptor and prolactin receptor, decreased 5α-reductase, and mixed increases and decreases in expression of Cyp4a genes that can produce eicosanoid hormones. These sex differences potentiate sodium retention by males and increase kidney function during gestation in females.
doi:10.1016/j.ygeno.2007.01.009 pmid:17481853 fatcat:xwmbyn4m6zbdvfqfqzpdvg7e6i

An Immortalized Genetic Mapping Population for Perennial Ryegrass: A Resource for Phenotyping and Complex Trait Mapping

Janaki Velmurugan, Dan Milbourne, Vincent Connolly, J. S. Heslop-Harrison, Ulrike C. M. Anhalt, M. B. Lynch, Susanne Barth
2018 Frontiers in Plant Science  
Both parents of the F1 generation were inbred lines that were a by-product from the development of cytoplasmic male sterile lines (CMS) and were the maintainer lines of this CMS program (Connolly and  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpls.2018.00717 pmid:29904390 pmcid:PMC5991167 fatcat:tcwsgqgukzadrjnfrqacckqi6u

Marked aneuploidy and loss of multiple chromosomes are common in autosomal mutants isolated from normal mouse kidney epithelium

Cristian Dan, Dmytro Grygoryev, Kelly Sandfort, Marissa Connolly, Brittany Cross, Michael Lasarev, Amy Kronenberg, Mitchell S. Turker
2011 Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer  
Marissa Connolly was supported by a CROET summer fellowship. We thank Dr. Markus Grompe for helpful discussions and Drs.  ... 
doi:10.1002/gcc.20849 pmid:21254298 pmcid:PMC3079405 fatcat:zfodteoadfhitc3iiw4ybs5jvq
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