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D5.3: EOSC Federated Service Management Framework [article]

Damien Lecarpentier, Sy Holsinger, Michelle Williams, Ari Lukkarinen
2018 Zenodo  
The purpose of the EOSC Service Management Framework (SMF) is to describe the implementation of IT Service Management (ITSM) principles, policies and structured processes of the European Open Science Cloud and to clarify the operational constituents, roles and responsibilities of the Service Providers to ensure a high quality of the service delivery to the Customers and their users. This document is a first attempt to lay down some concepts and approaches to organise and manage services within
more » ... he future EOSC. It proposes a flexible approach allowing for various levels of service management maturity, which would apply to different services, sometimes pertaining to the same federation.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3387604 fatcat:yzlt5cblwnculgvnwon42yl4p4

EOSC-hub D2.2 Final EOSC-hub Strategy plan

Tiina Kupila-Rantala, Owen Appleton, Tiziana Ferrari, Hilary Goodson, Damien Lecarpentier, Dale Robertson
2019 Zenodo  
Lecarpentier 22/05/2019 Draft of Section 3.3 Tiina Kupila-Rantala 23/05/2019 Edits to Chapter 3 Damien Lecarpentier and Dale Robertson 0.4 23/05/2019 Draft of Section 4.1 Damien Lecarpentier  ...  Issue Date Comment Author 0.1 17/02/2019 Set up the document structure Tiina Kupila-Rantala 13/03/2019 Preparation of the Interview guideline (Appendix III) Damien Lecarpentier 18/03/2019 Appendices  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4598246 fatcat:uvnr2qyaezhyrojqka55jljnba

EOSC-hub D2.1 First EOSC-hub Strategy Plan

Tiina Kupila-Rantala, Damien Lecarpentier, Jesse Oikarinen, Marjut Andler, Magchiel Bijsterbosch, Tiziana Ferrari, Sergio Andreozzi
2019 Zenodo  
The EOSC-hub project, funded by the European Commission (EOSC-hub Grant Agreement no. 777536 2017), contributes to the development of the European Open Science Cloud, as described in the EC Communication on European Cloud Initiative. The scope of the project is to create the integration and management system (the Hub) of the European Open Science Cloud in such a way that it complies with the FAIR principles and hence accelerates the generation of research and innovation products. The Hub brings
more » ... together major European research infrastructures and e-Infrastructures, national e-Infrastructure providers, SMEs, and academic institutions, and delivers a catalog of services, software, and data in collaboration with them. The project collaborates closely with the peer Horizon2020 projects OpenAIRE-Advance, eInfraCentral, EOSCpilot, and GÉANT project GN4-2 and GN4-3. This document represents Deliverable 2.1 of the EOSC-hub project: The First EOSC-hub Strategy Plan. It is a high-level description of the strategic direction and ambition of EOSC-hub, serving as strategic guidance for the project as a whole. Additionally, it makes the project's intentions publicly available in a transparent way. Based on consultative interviews with e-Infrastructure and research infrastructures representatives and thematic service providers contributing to the project, the deliverable presents the strategic positioning of EOSC-hub within EOSC and outlines the first set of strategic goals to be pursued within the period of 2018-2019.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4598233 fatcat:fb2tocwevbdlrfsfbpi4xvgdvu

D2.5: Recommendations for a minimal set of Rules of Participation [article]

Pascal Kahlem, Rafael Jimenez, Andrew Smith, Damien Lecarpentier, Donatella Castelli, Franco Zoppi
2018 Zenodo | Twitter: @eoscpiloteu | Linkedin: /eoscpiloteu 16 ANNEX -SUMMARY OF THE CONSULTATION PROCESS Authors: Andrew Smith (EMBL), Pascal Kahlem (EMBL), Donatella Castelli (CNR), Franco Zoppi (CNR), Damien  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3387526 fatcat:kve46uul2vho7ctybr4ubqwwvq

Big Data in Science and the EUDAT Project

Wolfgang Gentzsch, Damien Lecarpentier, Peter Wittenburg
2014 2014 Annual SRII Global Conference  
doi:10.1109/srii.2014.34 dblp:conf/srii/GentzschLW14 fatcat:jfnq2l7emvfj3agddn3hko4bjm

EUDAT: A New Cross-Disciplinary Data Infrastructure for Science

Damien Lecarpentier, Peter Wittenburg, Willem Elbers, Alberto Michelini, Riam Kanso, Peter Coveney, Rob Baxter
2013 International Journal of Digital Curation  
The EUDAT project is a pan-European data initiative that started in October 2011. The project brings together a unique consortium of 25 partners – including research communities, national data and high performance computing (HPC) centres, technology providers, and funding agencies – from 13 countries. EUDAT aims to build a sustainable cross-disciplinary and cross-national data infrastructure that provides a set of shared services for accessing and preserving research data.
doi:10.2218/ijdc.v8i1.260 fatcat:m3c3ymfxxre7zpofhmqzuju6ue

EUDAT & SeaDataCloud SeaDataCloud Kick-off meeting

Damien Lecarpentier

A data infrastructure reference model with applications: towards realization of a ScienceTube vision with a data replication service

Morris Riedel, Peter Wittenburg, Johannes Reetz, Mark van de Sanden, Jedrzej Rybicki, Benedikt von St Vieth, Giuseppe Fiameni, Giacomo Mariani, Alberto Michelini, Claudio Cacciari, Willem Elbers, Daan Broeder (+17 others)
2013 Journal of Internet Services and Applications  
The wide variety of scientific user communities work with data since many years and thus have already a wide variety of data infrastructures in production today. The aim of this paper is thus not to create one new general data architecture that would fail to be adopted by each and any individual user community. Instead this contribution aims to design a reference model with abstract entities that is able to federate existing concrete infrastructures under one umbrella. A reference model is an
more » ... stract framework for understanding significant entities and relationships between them and thus helps to understand existing data infrastructures when comparing them in terms of functionality, services, and boundary conditions. A derived architecture from such a reference model then can be used to create a federated architecture that builds on the existing infrastructures that could align to a major common vision. This common vision is named as 'ScienceTube' as part of this contribution that determines the high-level goal that the reference model aims to support. This paper will describe how a well-focused use case around data replication and its related activities in the EUDAT project aim to provide a first step towards this vision. Concrete stakeholder requirements arising from scientific end users such as those of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) projects underpin this contribution with clear evidence that the EUDAT activities are bottom-up thus providing real solutions towards the so often only described 'high-level big data challenges'. The followed federated approach taking advantage of community and data centers (with large computational resources) further describes how data replication services enable data-intensive computing of terabytes or even petabytes of data emerging from ESFRI projects.
doi:10.1186/1869-0238-4-1 fatcat:wq5xiuj56ffvvmkqm7vl2fas7u

Les groupes militants de pères séparés en France : assurer la visibilité de la lignée paternelle

Aurélie Fillod-Chabaud
2013 Informations sociales  
En France, selon Damien Lecarpentier (Lecarpentier, 2008) , cette Les groupes militants de pères séparés en France : assurer la visibilité de la lignée paternelle Aurélie Fillod-Chabaudsociologue n° 176  ...  certains groupes, comme SOS Papa, ont une stratégie moins claire, en prenant une position critique envers les institutions tout en faisant intervenir des avocats bénévoles au sein de leur structure (Lecarpentier  ... 
doi:10.3917/inso.176.0090 fatcat:743jg2bwazbmtdrs6xx35ejjxe

Operas-D Report Of Activities

OPERAS Consortium
2018 Zenodo  
Lecarpentier (EUDAT)John Willinsky (Director of the Public Knowledge Project) • Sven Fund (Knowledge Unlatched) • Delfim Leao (Coimbra University) • Jadranka Stojanovksi (Hrcak) • Suzanne Dumouchel (Huma  ...  Lecarpentier (EUDAT)John Willinsky (Director of the Public Knowledge Project) • Sven Fund (Knowledge Unlatched) • Delfim Leao (Coimbra University) • Jadranka Stojanovksi (Hrcak) • Suzanne Dumouchel (Huma  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1343379 fatcat:eb5i2lmlzve23jkbk223bz7dva

Liste des thèses de maîtrise (1960-1971) et des mémoires de licence (1964-1971) présentés au département de géographie de l'université Laval et concernant l'Est du Québec

Jean Raveneau
1972 Cahiers de Géographie du Québec  
Saint-Damien, village prospère dans une région marginale. Avril 1971. 82 pages. MERCIER, Gilmond. Un exemple de dépeuplement du terroir rural: Sainte-Sabine, comté de Bellechasse.  ...  LECARPENTIER, Michel. Rayonnement solaire comparé pour la région de Québec. Mai 1971. 97 pages -1 annexe. BRASSARD, Hydrologie RANCOURT, Yves. La rivière Saint-Charles : étude géographique.  ... 
doi:10.7202/021025ar fatcat:qotkobeppnck5fe7ecbtkxtlhu

D2.9: 2nd Report on Governance Development Forum involvement and activity [article]

Jenni Hyppölä, Per Öster
2019 Zenodo  
Damien Lecarpentier from EUDAT debated if we then should take for granted that we exclude public service providers from the EOSC if they are not able to meet service level agreements.  ...  Pascal Kahlem, Andrew Smith, Damien Lecarpentier Background of the study: o Aims at identifying and propose a preliminary set of Principles of Engagement for Service Providers and Users o Joint effort  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3387520 fatcat:jprvqyjscvdrxgcqslxjiisuzq

Proceedings of Réanimation 2017, the French Intensive Care Society International Congress

Chtara Kamilia, Kais Regaieg, Najeh Baccouch, Hedi Chelly, Mabrouk Bahloul, Mounir Bouaziz, Ali Jendoubi, Ahmed Abbes, Houda Belhaouane, Oussama Nasri, Layla Jenzri, Salma Ghedira (+1089 others)
2017 Annals of Intensive Care  
Marika Rudler 1 , Nicolas Weiss 2 , Vincent Perlbarg 3 , Damien Galanaud, 4 , Dominique Thabut 5 , Brain Liver Pitié-Salpêtrière Study Group (BLIPS) Introduction Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) may occur  ...  Mercat 5 , Thierry Boulain 6 , Christophe Girault 7 , Alexandre Demoule 8 , Jérôme Devaquet, 9 , Saad Nseir 10 , Julien Charpentier 11 , Keyvan Razazi 12 , Laurent Argaud 13 , Pascal Beuret 14 , Jean-Damien  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13613-016-0224-7 fatcat:2iumv76ivzdszafcy6hbqkd7um

D2.8: Report on Governance Piloting Process [article]

Philippe Segers
2019 Zenodo  
Damien Lecarpentier (EUDAT) suggested generic concepts: • EOSC needs to be open to all players. • Principles of Engagement define the conditions to participate. • Possibility of several catalogues or one  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3387554 fatcat:e7fq3z4nxzbb5pmyjae2akyifu

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1957 Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française  
MASSON, Damien, Dr, événements '37, III: 354, 356; V: 104, 105; VII: 111. MASSON, M me Damien, V: 102, 104, 105. MASSON, Eustache, événements '37, III: 365.  ...  LECARPENTIER [OU LE CARPENTIER], Jeanne, 1: 265, 539. LE CAT DU BRESTY, Jules, III: 518. LECAVELIER, abbé Louis, bienfaiteur de l'Institut, IX: 605.  ... 
doi:10.7202/602375ar fatcat:q37mp5hiwrg6ljdbkkympycnay
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