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Ultra-Low Power Signal Processing [DSP Forum

Gene Frantz, Jorg Henkel, Jan Rabaey, Todd Schneider, Marilyn Wolf, Umit Batur
2010 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine  
don't go together).  ...  It's kind of like fishing in a new hole: you don't know what bait to use and you don't know what you're going to catch, but it's exciting.  ...  I would also argue that in the vast majority of applications, floating-point and ULP don't mix.  ... 
doi:10.1109/msp.2009.935417 fatcat:vjm44mzkgrbczokrtmdvnmo3dq

Multimedia Quality Assessment [DSP Forum]

Fatih Porikli, Al Bovik, Chris Plack, Ghassan AlRegib, Joyce Farrell, Patrick Le Callet, Quan Huynh-Thu, Sebastian Moller, Stefan Winkler
2011 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine  
Thus, network operators ask why they should introduce wideband when it results in the same MOS.  ...  I guess I don't have a simple answer to this.  ... 
doi:10.1109/msp.2011.942341 fatcat:2pf3rchdmvcjjg7htsyr4mxhua

Effective communication: the what, why, and how of entrepreneurship [DSP Education]

D.G. Messerschmitt, B. Stuck
2008 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine  
Engineering schools should imbue an understanding of entrepreneurship, knowledge of why it is important, and a sense of how students might go about pursuing it.  ...  All they have to do is be observant and critical. They should ask what is going on, and how can it be done better or differently by leveraging an understanding of technology?  ...  Assertiveness should go only so far, and a willingness to modify and improve ideas, seek advice from many quarters, or aban- [ dsp EDUCATION ] continued WORDS OF WISDOM FROM PETER DRUCKER This management  ... 
doi:10.1109/msp.2008.924963 fatcat:th3p5mwa6rd55am4negxp23h2u

One City—Two Giants: Armstrong and Sarnoff [DSP History]

Harvey Silverman
2011 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine  
Seeing the crisis, Marion McGinnis suggested, "Why don't you call Armstrong?" [7, p. 119] .  ...  After four years, his mother sent for him-they were going to America. America!  ...  Ultimately, Sarnoff's attorneys were told if they wanted the Bolitho patent to see a man named Armstrong.  ... 
doi:10.1109/msp.2011.942836 fatcat:gnmk5bv6ovdevhppxztsc7qbfq

Effect of the Diverse Standardized Patient Simulation (DSPS) Cultural Competence Education Strategy on Nursing Students' Transcultural Self-Efficacy Perceptions

Eda Ozkara San
2018 Journal of Transcultural Nursing  
Don't you see what kind of problems those shoes caused for us? It is just not healing! Why don't you just wear the orthopedic ones I bought you on your birthday?"  ...  Don't you see what kind of problems those shoes caused for us? It is just not healing! Why don't you just wear the orthopedic ones I bought you on your birthday? Patient (getsupset): Okay.  ...  Please don't cut your nails too deep, try to cut your toenails after the bath, when they are soft and don't cut cuticles as well.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1043659618817599 pmid:30539683 fatcat:hkoho6tai5h3xfcond2qsdwcdm

DSP for MATLAB™ and LabVIEW™ I: Fundamentals of Discrete Signal Processing

Forester W. Isen
2008 Synthesis Lectures on Signal Processing  
Many thanks go not only to all those mentioned above, but to Joel Claypool of Morgan & Claypool, Dr. C. L.  ...  They all begin with the letters ML.  ... 
doi:10.2200/s000161ed1v01y200811spr004 fatcat:3cwzmk7iuvdf7c23izrwpgcxoq

Open-Source and Consumer Electronics—The Back Door to World Domination: Why Reinvent the Wheel (Especially When Nice People Are Giving Wheels Away for Free)?

Ian McLoughlin
2012 IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine  
Why reinvent the wheel, especially when nice people are giving great wheels away for free?  ...  They know that this would lead to lower salaries, so they don't let it happen. They also don't let their work get farmed out to cheaper workers in other countries. So back to Android.  ...  However, at heart, he is just a Linux kernel hacker and electronics hobbyist. The best response is to embrace the change and become an active producer rather than a passive consumer.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mce.2011.2181882 fatcat:l3rw6qvcpfhu3n2navcuvuet2y

'You have to care.' perceptions of promoting autonomy in support settings for adults with intellectual disability

Jami Petner-Arrey, Susan R. Copeland
2014 British Journal of Learning Disabilities  
I don't wanna just work for free. I don't wanna do that.  ...  want to do-When they tell you something, don't just ignore it.  ...  Appendix B Questions for initial interviews with DSP participants If participants are stuck on a particular question (i.e., don't seem to know how to answer it), I may provide an example that occurred  ... 
doi:10.1111/bld.12084 fatcat:wxeec4veqnhehcobmpeullqnni

Digital signal processor trends

G. Frantz
2000 IEEE Micro  
Why have DSPs done so well in the last few years? The DSP phenomenon is part of the overall microprocessor success story, and it must be seen in that light.  ...  Digital still cameras, hearing aids, motor control, consumer audio gear such as Internet audio are just some of the many mass market applications in which DSPs are routinely found today.  ...  Road maps don't indicate the sweat, and sometimes panic, involved in going from one technology node to the next.  ... 
doi:10.1109/40.888703 fatcat:dfxkvy6thfbklkdnyfudoh55r4

Page 22 of Leigh Hunt's Journal; A Miscellany for the Cultivation of the Memorable, the Progressive, and the Beautiful Vol. 1, Issue 2 [page]

1850 Leigh Hunt's Journal; A Miscellany for the Cultivation of the Memorable, the Progressive, and the Beautiful  
Why don't they take the business on themselves at once? or, rather, why don’t they give it to the servants, who have nothing better to do, and who have eaten their own meal in comfort?  ...  Or when, as winds and waters keep A hush more dead than any sleep, Still morns to stiller evenings creep, And Day and Night and Day go by ; Here the silence is most dsp.  ... 

Achieving Inclusive Field-based Education: Results and Recommendations from an Accessible Geoscience Field Trip

Anthony D Feig, Christopher Atchison, Alison Stokes, Brett Gilley
2019 The Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning  
Geoscience faculty have little guidance or support in understanding what disability is, how to reconcile accommodation with field-geology learning goals, and they cited instances where disability service  ...  If you have a special need, why, why, why work hard that way? Why go in that direction? You've got so many other issues, why are you going there?'  ...  It's exhausting going through school having been questioned so many times about why I was making the choices I was making and to have to convince other people of your right to be there just shouldn't be  ... 
doi:10.14434/josotl.v19i1.23455 fatcat:wgwqnegzybcqze6qzeq65vxipq

How do Degrees Enter the Grammar? Language Change in Samoan from [-DSP] to [+DSP]

Vera Hohaus, Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen, Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen
Lexical and syntactic re-analysis of the directional particle [atu] ('forth, away') result in a new parameter setting.  ...  An example is in ( 14 ). ( 14 ) Ua TAM(inch.) alu go atu DIR. Sina. Sina 'Sina has just left.'  ...  Outside of comparatives, the directional particle atu also combines with motion predicates like alu ('to go') to indicate movement away from a contextually determined location like the starting point of  ... 
doi:10.15496/publikation-24546 fatcat:mz4oeanj7na53jcgsuygj6dqxi

The broadband revolution

H. Samueli
2000 IEEE Micro  
Why hasn't this been done before? It's not that we didn't know what we needed; we just couldn't practically implement it for many reasons.  ...  Today we have multimillion-transistor chips, and over a billion-operations/sec DSPs  ...  This is why we don't get the benefit of scaling with mixed-mode design. The digital people don't get off free either. They have to deal with complexity.  ... 
doi:10.1109/40.848469 fatcat:klehq5jicbfcxghicr6toz2ey4

Street fighter IV

Norman Makoto Su
2010 Proceedings of the 2010 ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work - CSCW '10  
I don't know if he's going to do that. I'm not really going to hold him to it."  ...  When gamers want to find other competitive gamers to spar with, they often don't go searching for random players online through the PSN.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1718918.1718981 dblp:conf/cscw/Su10 fatcat:ptzqciqeqnghbk4u3edxbhuqsa

A Summary and Transcript of the ICMC 2010 UnConference UnSession on Computer Music Performance

2020 array. the journal of the ICMA  
And if they don't have a clear intention of why they are doing it, then that's not going to uphold in performance.  ...  I try to be clear that I'm not going to just improvise and the composer clicks away.  ...  the Stony Brook University Department of Computer Science for use of their facilities; and all unidentified participants in this transcript who made contributions to the discussion. random donkeys and just  ... 
doi:10.25370/array.v20112485 fatcat:ekuy5x72wzbh5iquexnmbwxjo4
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