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Towards Improving the Expressivity and Scalability of Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems

William Yeoh
2018 Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence  
Slightly more than a decade ago, researchers proposed the distributed constraint optimization problem (DCOP) formulation, which is well suited for modeling distributed multi-agent coordination problems  ...  Constraints have long been studied in centralized systems and have proven to be practical and efficient for modeling and solving resource allocation and scheduling problems.  ...  Acknowledgments The contributions highlighted in this paper are a result of collaborations with many other researchers. Special thanks go to  ... 
doi:10.24963/ijcai.2018/819 dblp:conf/ijcai/Yeoh18 fatcat:epj6oxxyxvdxtgl4vjxb7vzrum

Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems and Applications: A Survey

Ferdinando Fioretto, Enrico Pontelli, William Yeoh
2018 The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research  
The proposed classification suggests several future perspectives for DCOP extensions and identifies challenges in the design of efficient resolution algorithms, possibly through the adaptation of strategies  ...  This survey provides an overview of the DCOP model, offering a classification of its multiple extensions and addressing both resolution methods and applications that find a natural mapping within each  ...  They are also thankful to Tiep Le for early discussions on Probabilistic DCOPs. The research in this paper has been partially supported by NSF grants 0947465, 1345232, 1401639, 1458595, and 1550662.  ... 
doi:10.1613/jair.5565 fatcat:zeou5gji5fas3h27ab4jxvtwkq

Applicability of Multi-Agent Systems and Constrained Reasoning for Sensor-Based Distributed Scenarios: A Systematic Mapping Study on Dynamic DCOPs

Jose Barambones, Ricardo Imbert, Cristian Moral
2021 Sensors  
Method: A systematic mapping study of Dynamic DCOPs has been conducted, considering the scattered literature and the lack of consensus in the terminology.  ...  Instead, they have been modelled under a common mathematical framework as distributed constrained optimisation problems (DCOP).  ...  physical sensors and IoT in agent-controlled smart homes implementing Dynamic DCOP algorithms are proposed for future work.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21113807 pmid:34072799 fatcat:stdsmdyimfb2bc6vnfezrsumha

Decentralised Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic and Uncertain Environments [article]

Andrei Marinescu, Ivana Dusparic, Adam Taylor, Vinny Cahill, Siobhán Clarke
2014 arXiv   pre-print
The proposed algorithm is validated in a realistic smart-grid scenario, and provides a 92% Pareto efficient solution to an electric vehicle charging problem.  ...  Addressing uncertainty in such environments remains a challenging problem for MARL-based systems.  ...  Smart Grid Case Study In the smart-grid environment, the model provides a good estimate of the next day's demand to the agents.  ... 
arXiv:1409.4561v1 fatcat:tywp7zqan5dfdbqsajzamlspka

Hybrid DCOP Solvers: Boosting Performance of Local Search Algorithms [article]

Cornelis Jan van Leeuwen, Przemyzław Pawełczak
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a novel method for expediting both symmetric and asymmetric Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem (DCOP) solvers.  ...  a better solution quality.  ...  DCOPs can be found in many different domains such as sensor networks [5] , mobile sensing team coordination [25] , communication [26] , home automation [23] and smart grid optimization [8] .  ... 
arXiv:2009.02240v1 fatcat:io5cgbgwozgfbeotqhcwhmldyu

Proactive Dynamic Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems

Khoi D. Hoang, Ferdinando Fioretto, Ping Hou, William Yeoh, Makoto Yokoo, Roie Zivan
2022 The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research  
The Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem (DCOP) formulation is a powerful tool for modeling multi-agent coordination problems.  ...  To solve DCOPs in a dynamic environment, Dynamic DCOPs (D-DCOPs) have been proposed to model the inherent dynamism present in many coordination problems.  ...  the Promotion of Science (JSPS) under Outline of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) awards JP20H00609 and JP21H04979.  ... 
doi:10.1613/jair.1.13499 fatcat:77dxspow5vczffvjkktwgf2xyi

Implementing Cryptography on TFT Technology for Secure Display Applications [chapter]

Petros Oikonomakos, Jacques Fournier, Simon Moore
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Several recent studies have underlined the need for trusted information displays in current and future personal devices.  ...  We have embarked on a project to implement cryptographic algorithms on polysilicon TFT technology.  ...  The authors would also like to thank Simon Hollis for his useful input during the planning phase of this work, and Ross Anderson for his comments on the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11733447_3 fatcat:ml6sa2noqbbt7cbloyz7egaks4

AI's 10 to Watch

Haris Aziz, Elias Bareinboim, Yejin Choi, Daniel Hsu, Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, Reshef Meir, Suchi Saria, Gerardo I. Simari, Lirong Xia, William Yeoh
2016 IEEE Intelligent Systems  
For example, agents representing smart devices within a home can coordinate with each other on their device settings and schedules with the objective of improved comfort of occupants, improved energy efficiency  ...  In one such case, I designed sampling algorithms for multi-armed bandits.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mis.2016.7 fatcat:p5pu3ddp3nemtjmf5gpczj5m3i

A Tutorial on Optimization for Multi-Agent Systems

J. Cerquides, A. Farinelli, P. Meseguer, S. D. Ramchurn
2013 Computer journal  
its scope DCOP solving (assuming a special case).  ...  Case study: News distribution allocation of resources and a set of payments by the agents [76].  ... 
doi:10.1093/comjnl/bxt146 fatcat:tvebsldktvb2poo7zbly7doone

Accelerating exact and approximate inference for (distributed) discrete optimization with GPUs

Ferdinando Fioretto, Enrico Pontelli, William Yeoh, Rina Dechter
2017 Constraints  
The optimization of the aggregated cost of a network of cost functions arises in a variety of problems including (W)CSP, DCOP, as well as optimization in stochastic variants such as the tasks of finding  ...  The paper studies the proposed algorithm in both centralized and distributed optimization contexts.  ...  coordination of appliances in smart homes [29, 57] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10601-017-9274-1 fatcat:twvcfyzgajcilbd57lbqmxupda

Distributed multi-objective scheduling of power consumption for smart buildings

Marvin Nebel-Wenner, Christian Reinhold, Farina Wille, Astrid Nieße, Michael Sonnenschein
2019 Energy Informatics  
In this paper, we present a multi-criteria extension of a distributed cooperative load management technique in smart grids based on a multi-agent framework.  ...  residential buildings can be applied with different goals in the power grid, such as the cost optimization regarding variable electricity prices, peak load reduction or the minimization of behavioral efforts for  ...  Main use cases of ISAAC are the aggregation of DERs for virtual power plants as well as smart control in distribution grids.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s42162-019-0080-4 fatcat:5rp5ljhqjbhqranwtvjtnyhvdi

Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles: Taxonomy and Survey [article]

Stefano Mariani, Giacomo Cabri, Franco Zambonelli
2020 arXiv   pre-print
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to thank the Italian MIUR PRIN 2017 Project "Fluidware" for supporting this work.  ...  In particular, the authors assume existence of a "carpooling social network" where people with similar home-work and work-home trips are clustered, so as to navigate the graph in search for potential matchings  ...  Smart parking Smart parking is a resource-oriented coordination problem, which is inherently competitive in the case of individual vehicles (or vehicles belonging to different companies), whereas collaborative  ... 
arXiv:2001.02443v1 fatcat:cpr5qinibnbczfu5zekejpobja

An Overview of Recent Application Trends at the AAMAS Conference: Security, Sustainability and Safety

Manish Jain, Bo An, Milind Tambe
2012 The AI Magazine  
A key feature of the AAMAS conference is its emphasis on ties to real-world applications.  ...  The focus of this article is to provide a broad overview of application-focused papers published at the AAMAS 2010 and 2011 conferences.  ...  Sarvapali Ramchurn for the example of the smart-grid.  ... 
doi:10.1609/aimag.v33i3.2420 fatcat:aiebij2arvcyzar5pcskv6awke

Semantic Web Environments for Multi-Agent Systems: Enabling agents to use Web of Things via semantic web [article]

Alaa Daoud
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In such a context, multi-agent system (MAS) technologies are the right abstraction for developing decentralized and open Web applications in which agents discover, reason and act on Web resources and cooperate  ...  ontologies in order to provide uniform access for agents to things.  ...  Many groups have studied smart environment architecture for multi-agent systems.  ... 
arXiv:2003.02054v1 fatcat:v644cnxe7bevlaj556nvrrzre4

Learning to Control Home Batteries in the Smart Grid

Baihong Qi
The solarplus-battery system enables homeowners to protect their homes during a power outage and save on their electricity bills by stacking multiple value streams that battery storage can provide (e.g  ...  This thesis aims to investigate how to model the solar-plus-battery system and the stochastic environment, and how to design learning-based control policies for operating batteries in the smart grid to  ...  Acknowledgements I would like to thank my supervisor, Professor Omid Ardakanian, for being a good mentor, teacher and friend.  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3-gnc5-1c07 fatcat:h6iun335jrd25exov5mvigzlku
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