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DC-Bus Signaling: A Distributed Control Strategy for a Hybrid Renewable Nanogrid

J. Schonbergerschonberger, R. Duke, S.D. Round
2006 IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print)  
The nanogrid is controlled using dc-bus signaling (DBS), a distributed control strategy in which the control nodes, the source/storage interface converters, induce voltage-level changes to communicate  ...  Experimental results are presented to demonstrate the operation of this novel control strategy. Index Terms-DC system, distributed control, hybrid system, renewable system.  ...  DC-bus signaling (DBS) is a means of controlling a hybrid renewable system in a distributed fashion.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tie.2006.882012 fatcat:2pctdbfia5hnpkg6krphtpnas4

Autonomous Load Shedding in a Nanogrid using DC Bus Signalling

John Schonberger, Simon Round, Richard Duke
2006 Industrial Electronics Society (IECON ), Annual Conference of IEEE  
Autonomous load shedding can be implemented in a nanogrid that uses DC bus signalling for source scheduling by shedding loads when the dc bus voltage decreases to a level that signals an overload condition  ...  Including load shedding in the system control strategy for a small standalone hybrid power system such as a nanogrid is beneficial since the peak generation requirement is reduced and the system is protected  ...  Two such hybrid strategies are hybrid central and hybrid distributed control.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iecon.2006.347865 fatcat:sr6hdrqfcbginnxr6oytwijesa

Advanced Bus Signaling Methods for DC MicroGrids [article]

Marko Angjelichinoski
2017 PhD series, Technical Faculty of IT and Design, ˜Aalborg=ålborgœ University  
DC MGs, by combining the advantages of both, DC bus signaling and standard PLC solutions.  ...  In real world, the Single-Bus is useful when considering very small, localized MGs (a.k.a. NanoGrids) with only few DERs, serving a dedicated load and strongly connected distribution network [1] .  ... 
doi:10.5278/ fatcat:mu5vcdkgqvaanlh564khdq56p4

Price-Response Matrices Design Methodology for Electrical Energy Management Systems Based on DC Bus Signalling

Lucas V. Bellinaso, Edivan L. Carvalho, Rafael Cardoso, Leandro Michels
2021 Energies  
In these systems, all distributed energy resources (DERs) are usually integrated using dc bus coupling. The IEC 60364-8-3 predicts an electrical energy management system (EEMS) for power-sharing.  ...  A different control strategy, named price-based power management, has been conceived to make the EEMS scalable to include new sources and simplify parameterization.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors thank INCT-GD, CAPES, CNPq, and FAPERGS for the financial support received to develop this work. L. Michels was supported by a research grant of CNPq-Brasil.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en14061787 fatcat:f5db6hxtbvhihaupe37a6lclka

Coordinated Control Based on Bus-Signaling and Virtual Inertia for Islanded DC Microgrids

Dan Wu, Fen Tang, Tomislav Dragicevic, Josep M. Guerrero, Juan C. Vasquez
2015 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid  
His current research interests include operation, power management, hierarchical control and optimization applied to Distributed Generation in AC/DC microgrids.  ...  Her research interests include microgrid, wind power generation system, power converter for renewable generation systems, power quality, and motor control.  ...  The primary control is based on bus-signaling method (BSM), where the bus voltage is regulated as a function of SoC and acts as a coordination signal to control power generation/consumption from RES/distributed  ... 
doi:10.1109/tsg.2014.2387357 fatcat:jqchosolc5f3llbdqt7kbdai3e

A Distributed Control Strategy Based on DC Bus Signaling for Modular Photovoltaic Generation Systems With Battery Energy Storage

Kai Sun, Li Zhang, Yan Xing, J. M. Guerrero
2011 IEEE transactions on power electronics  
A distributed control strategy based on improved DC bus signaling is proposed for modular photovoltaic(PV) generation system with battery energy storage elements.  ...  An autonomous control method for modular DC/DC converters is proposed to realize smooth switching between constant voltage operation and MPPT operation, which enables the DC bus voltage regulation capability  ...  To enhance the system reliability, a distributed control strategy so-called DC bus signaling (DBS) was applied for a hybrid renewable nanogrid [23] [24] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/tpel.2011.2127488 fatcat:xoejvtsdvfakhlnlwdebd5yd3i

A Renewable Energy Community of DC Nanogrids for Providing Balancing Services

Giuseppe Barone, Giovanni Brusco, Daniele Menniti, Anna Pinnarelli, Nicola Sorrentino, Pasquale Vizza, Alessandro Burgio, Ángel A. Bayod-Rújula
2021 Energies  
The DC Bus Signaling distributed control strategy for the power management of each individual nanogrid is applied to satisfy the power flow requests sent from an aggregator.  ...  In the paper, the use of multiple DC microgrids for residential applications, i.e., the nanogrids, in order to compose and create a renewable energy community, is hypothesized.  ...  In this paper, the authors adopt the DC Bus Signaling (DBS) distributed control strategy for the power management of each individual nanogrid.  ... 
doi:10.3390/en14217261 fatcat:ibrrisqrynae3m6olyyjcpwzce

Distributed Control of a Nanogrid Using DC Bus Signalling [article]

John Karl Schonberger, University Of Canterbury
A nanogrid is a standalone hybrid renewable system that uses distributed renewable and non-renewable sources to supply power to local loads.  ...  While the primary method for maintaining the power balance in the nanogrid is scheduling the sources according to a supply-side control law, a demand-side control law may also be used to help maintain  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to take a moment to thank a number of people, without whom this work would  ... 
doi:10.26021/3080 fatcat:6xf2xvgwlrcsngxups7mkbwsi4

Improved Dynamic Voltage Regulation in a Droop Controlled DC Nanogrid Employing Independently Controlled Battery and Supercapacitor Units

Ahmad M. A. Malkawi, Luiz A. C. Lopes
2018 Applied Sciences  
DC bus voltage signaling (DBS) and droop control are frequently employed in DC nano and microgrids with distributed energy resources (DERs) operating in a decentralized way.  ...  pulses and smooth DC bus voltage variations due to sudden power imbalances in the DC nanogrid.  ...  This is not appropriate to be used in nanogrids with DERs operating in a decentralized way with droop control and DC bus signaling.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app8091525 fatcat:wvvjrvqs7nbktp3ezmmbjbu2ua

Variable Load Demand Scheme for Hybrid AC/DC Nanogrid

Shoaib Rauf, Ali Raza Kalair, Nasrullah Khan
2020 International Journal of Photoenergy  
The AC/DC hybrid nanogrid exhibits 63% more efficiency as compared to AC-only nanogrid and nearly 18% more efficiency as compared to DC-only nanogrid.  ...  Simulation results show that real-time pricing is more economical than flat rate tariff for a house without DG, whereas flat rate results are more economical when DG are involved in nanogrids. 12.67%-21.46%  ...  DC power is used for independent loads for AC nanogrid, DC nanogrid, and hybrid AC/DC nanogrid.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/3646423 fatcat:ydspvxiuq5hhbcrms4ogvoxjr4

A Comprehensive Control Strategy for Multibus Nanogrids with Power Exchange between Prosumers

E. Gonzalez-Romera, C. Roncero-Clemente, F. Barrero-Gonzalez, M. I. Milanes-Montero, E. Romero-Cadaval
2021 IEEE Access  
5] for a single PVbattery system in a hybrid AC/DC microgrid.  ...  For example, [2] summarizes control stages in hierarchical control of microgrids with distributed generation; [3] goes further proposing a hierarchical control for both AC and DC microgrids, which  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3099198 fatcat:mpvl7f4rbng37jseqo2qegu7tm

A Decentralized Control Architecture applied to DC Nanogrid Clusters for Rural Electrification in Developing Regions

Mashood Nasir, Zheming Jin, Hassan Khan, Nauman Zaffar, Juan Vasquez, Josep M. Guerrero
2018 IEEE transactions on power electronics  
In this work, we present a communication-less strategy for the decentralized control of a PV/battery-based highly distributed DC microgrid.  ...  An adaptive I-V droop method is used which relies on local measurements of SOC and DC bus voltage for the coordinated power sharing among the contributing nanogrids.  ...  Several strategies for hierarchical and supervisory control of DC microgrids have been proposed in [18] [19] [20] [21] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/tpel.2018.2828538 fatcat:lazutnmrtfek5haajiatitxrw4

Implementation of a Hybrid Distributed/Centralized Real-Time Monitoring System for a DC/AC Microgrid With Energy Storage Capabilities

Pablo Garcia, Pablo Arboleya, Bassam Mohamed, Abel Alberto Cuadrado Vega
2016 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics  
This paper proposes a combined distributed/centralized architecture for the control and monitoring of a hybrid DC/AC microgrid with energy storage capabilities.  ...  The architecture is fully scalable, with the only restrictions of the signal processing capabilities of the distributed units, LAN bandwidth and central server calculation capabilities.  ...  This work proposes a distributed monitoring system for a hybrid DC/AC MG, based on the local measurements of currents and voltages at each of the grid nodes and on distributed real-time signal processing  ... 
doi:10.1109/tii.2016.2574999 fatcat:usmbcmlxnncvvks6eum255imvm

A Rapid Review on Community Connected Microgrids

Moiz Masood Syed, Gregory M. Morrison
2021 Sustainability  
Renewable energy systems in the form of microgrids, and grid-connected solar PV-storage are considered primary solutions for powering residential developments.  ...  This literature review uses the rapid review technique, an industry and societal issue-based version of the systematic literature review, to identify the case for microgrids for multi-residential buildings  ...  The hybrid distributed control has combined characteristics of centralised and distributed control.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13126753 fatcat:a25w66iazjga3k4767qb6sbcxu

Fault Protection Scheme for DC Nanogrids Based on the Coordination of Fault-Insensitive Power Electronic Interfaces and Contactors

Saroosh Saeed, Luiz A.C. Lopes
2019 IECON 2019 - 45th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society  
Generally, the method used is the distributed control strategy with DC bus signaling (DBS), which includes droop control that allows various sources to connect directly to the bus [8] .  ...  a DC nanogrid with distributed energy resources (DERs).  ... 
doi:10.1109/iecon.2019.8926666 dblp:conf/iecon/SaeedL19 fatcat:bjspzhyd6fh73c2ck7xr4cgrmu
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