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Humour styles as predictors of psychological and somatic health in undergraduates of COMSATS University, Lahore

Shameem Fatima, Naima Gul, Muneeba Shakil
A sample of 199 (93 females & 106 males) university students falling in age range from 18 to 26 years (Mage = 21.02, & SD = 1.78) were assessed on self-report measures to Humour styles questionnaire, Physical  ...  Conclusion: It was concluded that relationship oriented positive humour style is a protective factor against psychological distress but negative humour styles are detrimental for physical health.  ...  , but relationship directed humour styles were more important in collectivist cultures and in actions directed at achieving interpersonal goals 13 .  ... 
doi:10.47391/jpma.184 pmid:33475542 fatcat:3ss264lcpbccnnivhmtbt65rn4

Motion of the vitreous humour in a deforming eye–fluid-structure interaction between a nonlinear elastic solid and viscoleastic fluid

Karel Tůma, Judith Stein, Vít Průša, Elfriede Friedmann
2018 Applied Mathematics and Computation  
We study the motion of vitreous humour in a deforming eyeball.  ...  From the mechanical and computational perspective this is a task to solve a fluid-structure interaction problem between a complex viscoelastic fluid (vitreour humour) and a nonlinear elastic solid (sclera  ...  Both on the anterior part Γcontact1 and the posterior part Γcontact2 we prescribe the displacement in the x-axis direction ux =def u • ex̂ and we allow the sample to freely move in the other directions  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.amc.2018.04.030 fatcat:4pbgsgov7vcpvpeoeuuvhuuw5y

100 years ago A chimpanzee's humour

1989 Nature  
Coalescence soon leads to the b Island coalescence 100 years ago A chimpanzee's humour IN a recent lecture Mr.  ...  Solid lines indicate the magnetic field direction, open arrows the plasma flow direction and the dotted region is a current sheet. b, Basic physics of the magnetic coalescence instability -a process which  ... 
doi:10.1038/339660a0 fatcat:2rictvgwfja2djdl476eiedch4

The effects of relationship context and modality on ratings of funniness

Mary Louise Cowan, Anthony C. Little
2013 Personality and Individual Differences  
The effects of attractiveness on humour judgement may also be explained by an association with flirtation as flirting may be most enjoyable when directed by attractive individuals.  ...  Perceived similarity between producing humour and flirting may explain why humour is more preferable in a short-term partner as flirting may be seen to signal proceptivity.  ...  All stimuli were presented online on a desktop computer with headphones, with each rater using the same computer and headphones each time.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.paid.2012.10.020 fatcat:teytdiuifzhzjhckrm7pypcfqe

Cognitive and Emotional Contents of Laughter

R. del Moral, J. Navarro, R. Lahoz-Beltra, M.G. Bedia M.G., F.J. Serón F.J., P.C. Marijuán
2014 International Journal of Synthetic Emotions  
and the unusual sound features that it presents in our species.  ...  Laughter spontaneously appears as an instinctive "gut" reaction; but it is also a cognitive phenomenon (humour), it is social, it has positive-negative valence, and it may wrap itself onto other emotional  ...  That would be a vast project beyond the scope of the current article; instead the authors focus on one element of emotion which does not factor very often in the attribution of intelligence: laughter.  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijse.2014070104 fatcat:af3bhb2vqrh3niodko2x5lg2vy

Individual differences in the way observers perceive humour styles

Robyn Brown, Bruce Malcolm Findlay, Jay Brinker
2019 The European Journal of Humour Research  
The current study addresses this research gap by examining the perceptions of Martin et al.'s (2003) four humour styles.  ...  Additionally and of particular interest, was whether self-defeating humour and another self-directed humour style, self-deprecating humour, were perceived as two independent humour styles.  ...  For the purpose of the current study, two scores were computed.  ... 
doi:10.7592/ejhr2019.7.2.brown fatcat:sf2jew54cffndpvitlydsp36bm

Humorous TV ads and the 3WD: Evidence for generalizability of humour appreciation across media?

Jennifer Hofmann, Willibald Friedrich Ruch
2017 The European Journal of Humour Research  
are similar with respect to humour appreciation in TV advertisements.  ...  A joint factor analysis of the 3WD scores and humour appreciation in TV ads shows a five-factor structure, with three factors denominating the appreciation of incongruity-resolution humour, nonsense humour  ...  Notes 1 To determine scores for INC-RES, NON, and SEX in TV advertisements, we selected clips for aggregation in the five step procedure.  ... 
doi:10.7592/ejhr2017.5.4.hofmann fatcat:34fmgdx3yvfltan3fltcfydm6q

Claes Lundsteen—in Memoriam

Jim Graham, Elisabeth Blennow, M Guida Boavida, Nigel Carter, Christoph Cremer, Thomas Cremer, Olivier Delattre, Tommy Gerdes, Erik Granum, Anne Hagemeijer, Jesus Maria Hernandez Rivas, Olli Kallioniemi (+16 others)
2004 European Journal of Human Genetics  
, engineering, computation and clinical practice.  ...  Ultimately, these workshops turned into a Concerted Action in 1988, supported by the European Commission, under Claes's direction.  ... 
doi:10.1038/sj.ejhg.5201208 fatcat:e4wqttkg4fesfbgbex2cake6fu

Power and Humour in Institutional Talk – A Comparative Analysis

Gabriela Chefneux
2020 Acta Universitatis Sapientiae: Philologica  
The paper aims to identify the way humour is used by the more and less powerful participants in the meetings.  ...  The paper aims to investigate the relationship between power and humour in educational setting, namely a high school.  ...  (Gheorghe et al . 2009: 57) 'Maria: the accounting department has, even in the case of a fire↓we were told they take their computer under their arm and the accounting department leaves with the computer  ... 
doi:10.2478/ausp-2020-0017 fatcat:ogphfdhjbza3dd57hlzmueynq4

E=mC^2 for Information and Impact – Novel Theoretical Modelling Concepts in Information Entropy

Mark Christopher Arokiaraj
2022 Zenodo  
Information promulgations can have alternating/ direct current (AC-DC), Laplace, and Fourier transformations in their transmission discourse.  ...  The equation can be modified with addition of celebrity and humour factors to catalyse the spread of information. Angle corrections can be made for differences in celebrity views.  ...  The views expressed in this paper are authors' own.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5953228 fatcat:twzf7darzvhglbmk6pixpaoaei

"All the world's a stage": incongruity humour revisited

Anton Nijholt
2018 Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence  
We hope that the views expressed in this paper will help to steer the humour research away from joke research and help to integrate humour in the design of human-computer interfaces and smart environments  ...  Eighteenth and nineteenth century philosophers took interest in humour and, in particular, humorous incongruities.  ...  I'm grateful to Google for making many of these old texts available in the public domain.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10472-018-9609-7 fatcat:s35asygqkjemdkjzymmagoqkvm

This is funny: on the beneficial role of self-enhancing and affiliative humour in job design

Anja Van den Broeck, Tinne Vander Elst, Josje Dikkers, Annet De Lange, Hans De Witte
2012 Psicothema  
No interactions between humour and the job characteristics were found in the prediction of burnout.  ...  Building on positive psychology, the present study aims to address the role of humour in the workplace, and particularly in job design, one of the crucial job aspects contributing to employee well-being  ...  The use of humour furthermore Positive Negative Direct to others Direct to oneself Affiliative humour Self-enhancing humour Self-defeating humour Aggressive humour Figure 1 .  ... 
pmid:22269369 fatcat:kz6gbjomgbdsdfk2imkkts6e7y

Computational estimation of magnetically induced electric fields in a rotating head

Sami Ilvonen, Ilkka Laakso
2008 Physics in Medicine and Biology  
In this paper, the fields induced by different rotational movements of a head in a strong homogeneous magnetic field are computed numerically.  ...  Under rotational movement of the head, with a magnetic flux rate of change of 1 T s −1 , the maximum IEEE-averaged electric field and maximum ICNIRPaveraged current density were 337 mV m −1 and 8.84 mA  ...  Acknowledgments Financial support received from GETA (Graduate School in Electronics, Telecommunication and Automation) is acknowledged.  ... 
doi:10.1088/0031-9155/54/2/011 pmid:19098349 fatcat:qxdokcmezvcudmgp2mwpvo5osm

Conversational Implicature, Humour Theory and the Emergence of Humour: A Pragmatic Analysis of Udurawana's Stories in Sri Lanka

Upul Priyantha Gamage, Patrick Sadi Makangila
2019 International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature  
in order to examine the ways of generating humour in the context of Grice's theory by revealing the types of maxims flouted in the selected sample.  ...  'Humour' in the stories has been investigated in many ways while the prominence of the studies has been captured by the pragmatic analyses.  ...  The funny aspect or the humour theory that appeared in this situation is incongruity and our attention to violating or flouting maxims to generate humour is taken into another direction through this kind  ... 
doi:10.7575/aiac.ijalel.v.8n.6p.67 fatcat:qy5m2httfzg3nmjs6mdqaqgvne

The accomplishment of nonserious talk in severe speech disability: An examination of recipient uptake and delayed other-initiated repair

Steven Bloch, Ray Wilkinson
2013 Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders  
This utterance is produced whilst both participants are engaged in a computer related activity and it is this current local activity that Molly utilises in her attempt to understand the utterance's meaning  ...  We have yet to consider whether there may be any direct clinical implications arising from this study.  ... 
doi:10.1558/jircd.v4i1.45 fatcat:nuphdvmccraaddeztbaswpovq4
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