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Language-sensitive search behaviour and the role of domain knowledge

A. Kralisch, B. Berendt
2005 New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia  
We investigated the influence of a site's language offer on website access and search behaviour with two studies, and studied the interaction of language offers and domain knowledge.  ...  To achieve high ecological validity, we analysed data from a multilingual site's web-server logfile and from a questionnaire posted on it, and compared the behaviour of users who accessed the site in a  ...  Parts of Study 1 have been described previously in Kralisch, A., and Berendt, B., Linguistic Determinants of Search Behaviour on websites.  ... 
doi:10.1080/13614560500402775 fatcat:obohhmccjja5zby6xvhwmsvnim

Digital Natives' Behaviours and Preferences: Pre-Service Teachers Studying Accounting

Binti Muchsini, Siswandari Siswandari
2018 International Journal of Pedagogy and Teacher Education  
This research uses a survey method to explore the use of technology and the cultural values of digital natives on accounting courses.  ...  The purpose of this research is to analyse the behaviours and preferences of digital natives through understanding their preferences in the use of technology and their cultural values, as a basic strategy  ...  Moreover, the differences in technology use may depend on the behaviour culture in a particular environment, and cultural developments through the value systems in the environment will affect behaviour  ... 
doi:10.20961/ijpte.v2i2.24088 fatcat:ojycztlykzejbha26jkyz4lvay

Barriers to Information Access across Languages on the Internet: Network and Language Effects

A. Kralisch, T. Mandl
2006 Proceedings of the 39th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'06)  
Results suggest that language may represent a double barrier: first, the number of native speakers determines the number of web-hosts, and hence the amount of information and the interconnectedness of  ...  This paper investigates the role of language in accessing information on the Internet.  ...  On the other hand we argued that link following behaviour is partly determined by the number of existing links.  ... 
doi:10.1109/hicss.2006.71 dblp:conf/hicss/KralischM06 fatcat:vjvx7f3vzrhvtai3nbgcqrohpa

Manifestations of Culture in Website Design

Inhwa Kim, Jasna Kuljis
2010 Journal of Computing and Information Technology  
In this paper, we report on our research into the identification of elements that can be attributed to culture on website design.  ...  Of particular interest to us is to find out whether there is any effect of culture on web design.  ...  Each of these was observed to determine whether there is any evidence of cultural differences and preferences in terms of design features among the chosen websites.  ... 
doi:10.2498/cit.1001806 fatcat:j5cjumhbo5htflxg626f3ula6m

An evaluative methodology for virtual communities using web analytics

A.D. Phippen
2004 Campus-Wide Information Systems  
evaluation of social and culture web usage.  ...  The evaluation of virtual community usage and user behaviour has its roots in social science approaches such as interview, document analysis and survey.  ...  In this paper we propose examining another area of web site assessment generally tied to the evaluation of successful business websites, namely advanced web analytics, and determining its suitability as  ... 
doi:10.1108/10650740410567518 fatcat:gybn4tsfynax7l5m6ycxujbkjy

Modelling real-time online information needs: A new research approach for complex consumer behaviour

Robert Grant, Rodney J. Clarke, Elias Kyriazis
2013 Journal of Marketing Management  
The most difficult element however is determining the effects of information provided on the site as well as from other sources that the consumer may access and anticipating resulting consumer needs.  ...  The most difficult element however is determining the effects of information provided on the site as well as from other sources that the consumer may access and anticipating resulting consumer needs.  ...  Finally, context has to be addressed in terms of situation to determine social actions and activities and cultural patterns of activity within a given community of interest.  ... 
doi:10.1080/0267257x.2011.621440 fatcat:bqa3kxr6fvemlcolpohl2nlrj4

A study on the positive impact of eWOM in eco-tourism destinations of Vietnam

Sinh Hoang, Sandeep Dey, Vy Nguyen, Zuzana Tuckova
2022 International Conference on Tourism Research  
This research study focuses on the positive impact of eWOM in determining the selection of eco-tourism destinations.  ...  An honest review of a previous consumer has more impact on a potential customer. Travellers opt for online and offline media to judge the authenticity of the destination.  ...  The paper contributes to the determinants of e-WOM and their impact on tourist buying behaviour.  ... 
doi:10.34190/ictr.15.1.134 fatcat:af6frgwesnefngmvxmajxu5cce

Decision tree modelling of e-consumers' preferences for internet marketing communication tools during browsing

Jolanta Sabaitytė, Vida Davidavičienė, Jarmila Straková, Jurgita Raudeliūnienė
2018 E & M Ekonomie a Management  
The literature analysis on electronic consumer's behaviour, generation theory application possibilities in marketing and internet marketing communication tools was carried out.  ...  The goal of this research is to determine the most signifi cant internet marketing communication elements in the purchase phase of the electronic consumer journey cycle using the mathematical decision  ...  Following consumer segmentation on the basis of generational theory, it is important to determine the characteristics of the purchase phase on an e-commerce website.  ... 
doi:10.15240/tul/001/2019-1-014 fatcat:e4sowu55hbcvjbuamdnmlu3o44

A Comparative analysis of information seeking behaviour of Canadian and international secondary school graduates entering a university

Jamshid Beheshti, Joan Bartlett, Anna Couch, Cynthia Kumah
2018 IASL Annual Conference Proceedings  
More specifically, the focus is on information seeking behaviour (ISB), part of the Access and Evaluation stages of the IL spectrum (Sparks, Katz, & Beile, 2016).  ...  This paper investigates the IL knowledge of Canadian and international high school graduates, as they enter a university in Canada.  ...  Acknowledgement We would like to acknowledge the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).  ... 
doi:10.29173/iasl7128 fatcat:xsxbzaz5zzgd7kvkrz7wey47gq

Online health information seeking behaviours of parents of children undergoing surgery in a pediatric hospital in Rome, Italy: a survey

Luisa Russo, Ilaria Campagna, Beatrice Ferretti, Elisabetta Pandolfi, Marta Luisa Ciofi Degli Atti, Simone Piga, Sally Jackson, Caterina Rizzo, Francesco Gesualdo, Alberto E. Tozzi
2020 Italian Journal of Pediatrics  
Of these, 74.3% of parents searched for information before surgery, and 26.1% searched for information after. Most parents searched for information on the care provider's website.  ...  A survey like the present one allows to understand parents' information needs, to better guide them in online information seeking and to better tailor information provided on the care provider's website  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank all families of patients for their availability to be interviewed, which allowed us to conduct this survey.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13052-020-00884-7 pmid:32993748 pmcid:PMC7523374 fatcat:2acra7qdrvbh7nkq52yoskyvty

User Satisfaction Determinants for Digital Culture Heritage Online Collections

Zaihasriah Zahidi, Yan Peng, Peter Charles
2014 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
The aim of this paper is to identify the possible determinants that influence user satisfaction in the context of digital cultural heritage (DCH) online collections.  ...  Next, think-aloud protocol was conducted with a group of general user with nil background of cultural heritage.  ...  With such feature, it complements user-searching behaviour beyond clicking on navigations links or buttons.  ... 
doi:10.14569/specialissue.2014.040303 fatcat:2mdh5sxk2jhnhejl5ptbq2hs3e

Optimal Search Engine Marketing Strategy Customer Behaviour (Case studies from Saudi Arabia): استراتيجية التسويق الأمثل عبر محرك البحث: فهم سلوك العملاء (دراسات حالة من المملكة العربية السعودية)

Nawaf H. Alqahtani, Tahani H. Alqahtani Nawaf H. Alqahtani, Tahani H. Alqahtani
2022 المجلة العربية للعلوم ونشر الأبحاث مجلة العلوم الاقتصادية والإدارية والقانونية  
visits to business websites and to determine what the major challenges are with respect to when and why marketers should use paid listings and/or SEO.  ...  However, existence alone is insufficient; the business has to be obviously visible on the search engine whenever a user searches for a product or service provided by that type of business in order to survive  ...  This is problematic because as one recent study on user behaviour pointed out that 89% of users only clicks on results in the first three pages and, moreover, 66% of users view only the entries on the  ... 
doi:10.26389/ajsrp.q131021 fatcat:ybiyufucnrgbngtpokbfp4tqri

Using a customized search engine to address low health literacy: a program description

Eva Jurczyk
2014 Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association  
The example of one information retrieval system provides a new frame through which to evaluate the organization of electronic information in health care settings.  ...  In the provision of health information, it is the structure as much as the content of an information source that can influence a patient's ability to understand and act upon medical guidance.  ...  Fig. 3 . 3 Google Custom Search on allows PFLC users to search the content of every website indexed on the PFLC ''Learn about Health'' webpage from one search box embedded on the ''Learn about Health''  ... 
doi:10.5596/c2012-015 fatcat:tm2dwwxgjzdsdieikionnswwsm

A cross-sectional observational study about media and infection control practices: are photographic portrayals of healthcare workers setting a bad example?

E. J. W. Spierings, P. T. J. Spierings, M. Nabuurs-Franssen, J. Hopman, E. Perencevich, A. Voss
2015 Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control  
Findings: From 20 random photo-stock websites we selected pictures with search terms "doctor and patient" and "nurse and patient".  ...  Attempts to increase compliance with infection control practices are complex and are -in part -based on attempts to change behaviour.  ...  Methods Searches for eligible stock websites were conducted using Google.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13756-015-0094-z pmid:26613018 pmcid:PMC4660788 fatcat:ydwagg2fljehjfiln37zz4erlq


Didem DEMİR, Hilal İNAN
2022 Çukurova Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi  
In this study, it is aimed to determine how extroverted consumers affect their exploratory search for information and their online purchase intentions depending on their stimulation levels in online shopping  ...  The level of stimulation that occurs at different levels depending on their personality traits will be reflected in their exploratory search for information.  ...  Exploratory behavior which is characterized by searching for information or doing research on websites affects individuals' attitude towards the websites.  ... 
doi:10.35379/cusosbil.1032040 fatcat:jpaodxbe7jfrjewgvkcbq5q7yy
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