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Cryptosystem for Secret Sharing Scheme with Hierarchical Groups

Atanu Basu, Indranil Sengupta, Jamuna Kanta Sing
2013 International Journal of Network Security  
level hierarchical group members.  ...  The group members help to reconstruct the secret shares of their parent nodes in their absence and the secret key is reconstructed even if at least one parent node is present.  ...  The motivation of our scheme is to propose a lightweight secured cryptosystem for secret sharing scheme with hierarchical groups where the most powerful members of the hierarchical structure of an organization  ... 
dblp:journals/ijnsec/BasuSS13 fatcat:dczehays5bcj3n2zpf4gqll5h4

A Study on Securities of Cryptosystems for Hierarchic Groups
위계집단에서 효율적인 암호계의 안전성에 관한 소고

Yong-Tae Kim
2013 The Journal of the Korea institute of electronic communication sciences  
ABSTRACT A cryptography for enforcing hierarchic groups in a system where hierarchy is represented by a partially ordered set was introduced by Akl et al.  ...  키워드 hierarchic group, key distribution, class semigroup, non-invertible ideal 위계집단, 키 분배, 류 반군, 비가역 이데알 * 광주교육대학교 수학교육과 교수(  ...  반군(semi-group) 가 다음의 동치 명제를 만족하 면 Clifford 반군임을 상기하자[5, pp. 94-95, Theorem 2.1]); Gauss[6, art.236]에 의해서   과   의 직접적인 곱(direct composition)    의 판별식은   가 된다.  ... 
doi:10.13067/jkiecs.2013.8.4.605 fatcat:2tnqc7lw6vhdnln66icmulgiji

Secure broadcasting in large networks

Hung-Min Sun, Shiuh-Pyng Shieh
1998 Computer Communications  
It is common that users or hosts in a large network are partitioned and organized as a hierarchical tree where children of the same parent form a group.  ...  In this paper, we propose a secure broadcasting protocol in which only one packet is transmitted for every broadcast, and the size of the broadcasted packet is small. 0 1998 Elsevier Science B.V.  ...  ,Gk be the groups of legal receiving principals in a hierarchical tree where G; Q Gj for all ii E ( 1 ,. . .,k], i # j, and there does not exist any selection of Gi,. . .,G; such that G; U . .  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0140-3664(97)00187-4 fatcat:cvti3pmlerh7jaam3irfa2vaby

Biometrics based Asymmetric Cryptosystem Design Using Modified Fuzzy Vault Scheme

A. Nagar, S. Chaudhury
2006 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR'06)  
This cryptosystem is a judicious blend of the asymmetric cryptosystem like RSA and the symmetric Fuzzy Vault Scheme having the advantages of both the aforementioned cryptosystems.  ...  Finally we propose the use of invariant features as a key to producing a hierarchical security system where the same key (fingerprint) can be used to generate encrypted messages at different levels of  ...  a hierarchical group security protocol in our system using transformation invariants.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icpr.2006.330 dblp:conf/icpr/NagarC06 fatcat:xv3664zpr5g37lxcvo72avj2d4

Hierarchical Group Signatures [chapter]

Mårten Trolin, Douglas Wikström
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We introduce the notion of hierarchical group signatures. This is a proper generalization of group signatures, which allows multiple group managers organized in a tree with the signers as leaves.  ...  We provide definitions for the new notion and construct a scheme that is provably secure given the existence of a family of trapdoor permutations.  ...  We thank Ronald Cramer for providing us with references. We had valuable discussions on anonymity of cryptosystems with Gustav Hast.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11523468_37 fatcat:mm5ykxvobjhj5btnuu2w6bgj5q

Hierarchical and dynamic threshold Paillier cryptosystem without trusted dealer

Andreas Klinger, Stefan Wüller, Giulia Traverso, Ulrike Meyer
2021 Rad Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti Matematičke znanosti  
We propose the first hierarchical and dynamic threshold Paillier cryptosystem without trusted dealer and prove its security in the malicious adversary model.  ...  The private key is shared with a hierarchical and dynamic secret sharing scheme over the integers.  ...  This work is supported by the German research council (DFG) Research Training Group 2236 UnRAVeL.  ... 
doi:10.21857/mnlqgc582y fatcat:kkpdrjo74fav5k5n2tiqgwcaaa

Anonymous Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Tianbo Lu, Hao Chen, Lingling Zhao, Yang Li
2016 International Journal of Security and Its Applications  
HANOR is proposed for hierarchical mobile ad hoc network environments. And RAODR is proposed for both flat and hierarchical environments.  ...  MANETs not only can be used for military application, but also can be used for citizens. For military, MANETs works in hostile environments with lacking of infrastructure.  ...  Besides, compare with HANOR witch is a protocol only for hierarchical ad hoc network environments, RAODR is designed for hierarchical and flat network environments.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijsia.2016.10.4.22 fatcat:3vyagssq2nchvlfe6etes3mzgy

A Cryptographic Solution for General Access Control [chapter]

Yibing Kong, Jennifer Seberry, Janusz R. Getta, Ping Yu
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In particular, hierarchical encryption, as an alternate solution of access control in a hierarchy, has been intensively studied.  ...  Moreover, we introduce an efficient mechanism for authorization alterations. This paper ends with a set of experimental results that support our research.  ...  For example, it supports hierarchical access control. If we generate ACLs according to the hierarchical structure of an organization, then hierarchical access control can be enforced.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11556992_33 fatcat:nerqg36dsvgcrfh7eedzomtv5a

Page 4048 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 98F [page]

1998 Mathematical Reviews  
We also present its application to shared verification of signatures and threshold cryptosystems. The resulting group-oriented cryptosystems are fully dynamic and scalable.”  ...  The second mechanism uses a transferable and verifiable secret sharing scheme to transfer key shares between two groups of key escrow agencies, where one group is in each domain.”  ... 

Fusing binary templates for multi-biometric cryptosystems

Guangcan Mai, Meng-Hui Lim, Pong C Yuen
2015 2015 IEEE 7th International Conference on Biometrics Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS)  
Biometric cryptosystem has been proven to be one of the promising approaches for template protection.  ...  Since most methods in this approach require binary input, to extend it for multiple modalities, binary template fusion is required.  ...  Performing agglomerative hierarchical clustering using MI as similarity metric might not group the bits with strong pairwise dependency together.  ... 
doi:10.1109/btas.2015.7358764 dblp:conf/btas/MaiLY15 fatcat:t2d3qovb3veaheaerzpcksbfrm

Secure Lightweight Pairing-Based Key-Agreement Cryptosystems: Issues and Challenges

Seyed-Mohsen Ghoreishi, Ismail Fauzi Isnin
2013 International Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Although a large number of pairing-based key-agreement cryptosystems have been proposed, there are still a lot of drawbacks.  ...  Actually, we claim that unlike existing documents, this paper determines possible challenges and open problems in the area of lightweight pairing-based key-agreement cryptosystems.  ...  the computation cost for each entity - Preventing transmission of identities of the group members -Providing privacy protection for network nodes -Supporting dynamic membership for group  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijet.2013.v5.567 fatcat:jawmwsrgvbdj7cuauczvml7tfu

Comparative Study of Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptosystem over Prime Field and Its Survey

P. Vijayakumar, V. Vijayalakshmi, G. Zayaraz
2014 International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology  
Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptosystem (HECC) is one of the public key cryptographic technique, an expansion of Elliptic Curve Cryptography which offers the similar level of security compared with other cryptosystems  ...  This is often used for power constrained devices to improve the secrecy of data and efficiency of the system.  ...  Wollinger analysis the Explicit Formulae for Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptosystems which perform the group addition and doubling operation of HECC based on Cantor or Harley algorithm [19] .  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijhit.2014.7.1.11 fatcat:4fousv5vbvddnl5wx4ktdkwewm

Organizational Cryptography for Access Control [article]

Masahito Gotaishi, Shigeo Tsujii
2018 IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive  
A cryptosystem for granting/rescinding access permission is proposed, based on elliptic curve cryptography.  ...  The 'conversion key' for the document, which is created from the secret key which the ciphertext has been originally encrypted for, the public key of the member who shall be permitted to read the ciphertext  ...  The authors appreciate Secure IoT Platform Consortium, which is working on the SCOPE project together with Chuo University, for the fruitful discussions and advices.  ... 
dblp:journals/iacr/GotaishiT18 fatcat:4napwkle2ncbfifyodoq6gf2aq

Secure Problems Solving Scheme

Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Masahito Gotaishi, Shigeo Tsujii, P.C.-Y. Sheu, C.V. Ramamoorchy
2012 2012 IEEE First International Conference on Internet Operating Systems  
functions and features in knowledge society, including the problem, solutions and semantic themes, the private information retrieval theme, the privacy preserving data processing, and the new public key cryptosystem  ...  It is well-known that the ElGamal cryptosystem works for any family of groups for which the discrete logarithm is considered intractable.  ...  This system is currently applicable for purely hierarchical organization, where the higher the job level, the larger the access right.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icios.2012.12 fatcat:lgklreehwzhs5dxjcxzlfa5mcu

Cryptographic role-based security mechanisms based on role-key hierarchy

Yan Zhu, Gail-Joon Ahn, Hongxin Hu, Huaixi Wang
2010 Proceedings of the 5th ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security - ASIACCS '10  
With the help of rich algebraic structure of elliptic curve, we introduce a rolebased cryptosystem construction to verify the rationality and validity of our proposed model.  ...  Let 1, 2 and be three cyclic groups of large prime order . 1 and 2 are two additive groups and is a multiplicative group using elliptic curve conventions.  ...  efficient cryptosystem.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1755688.1755728 dblp:conf/ccs/ZhuAHW10 fatcat:axrmjqfakfeenowiemry66e2nm
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