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An Enhanced WLAN Security System With FPGA Implementation for Multimedia Applications

Thaier Hayajneh, Sana Ullah, Bassam J. Mohd, Kiran S. Balagani
2017 IEEE Systems Journal  
Our new design aims to decrease the processingdelay and increase both the speed and throughput of the system,thereby making it more efficient for multimedia applications.  ...  At the access point, we improve the performance of network processing hardware for real-time cryptographic processing by using a specialized processor implemented with field-programmable gate array technology  ...  At first, the heterogeneity of the diverse applications was handled by creating methods for multimedia traffic classification and analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jsyst.2015.2424702 fatcat:wmcoju2c3vhc5k2gv3uw6gnrza

An application layer non-repudiation wireless system: A cross-layer approach

Sasan Adibi
2010 2010 IEEE International Symposium on "A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks" (WoWMoM)  
) for encryption and authentication, the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) for digital signatures, and the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) for integrity.  ...  The security schemes are based on Suite-B cryptographic algorithms, including: The Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) for key agreement, the Advanced Encryption Standard -Galois/Counter Mode (AES-GCM  ...  The cryptographic algorithms were created using C++.  ... 
doi:10.1109/wowmom.2010.5534971 dblp:conf/wowmom/Adibi10 fatcat:tzhws7t5tzao7eh7qcxfn5srfy

Guest Editorial: Cloud-Based Video Processing and Content Sharing

Honggang Wang, Sanjeev Mehrotra, Maria Martini, Dapeng Wu, Qian Zhang
2016 IEEE transactions on multimedia  
The seventh paper titled as "Energy-efficient resource allocation optimization for multimedia heterogeneous cloud radio access networks" describes a dynamic network-wide algorithm based on the Lyapunov  ...  backpropagation prediction system for the video traffic in the cloud.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmm.2016.2548898 fatcat:l4u22znz65hm7nnijgngpyofvm

Peer-to-Peer Secure and Private Community Based Multimedia Communications

Pantelis Frangoudis, George Polyzos
2006 Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM'06)  
We have designed and implemented P2PWNC, a fully distributed, open to all, autonomous WLAN roaming scheme that can be used in a community to provide various multimedia communication services.  ...  Here we discuss various security related issues and the support provided by P2PWNC for several aspects of communication and roaming privacy.  ...  Also, CPU cycles are spent for IPsec-related cryptographic operations.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ism.2006.123 dblp:conf/ism/FrangoudisP06 fatcat:ht6hmorwk5cx3cju4nudxbe6yy

Algorithm for Elimination of Clipping Effects and Ghost Ringing in SIP initiated IPSec based VoIP

Jaspreet Singh, V.P. Singh, Ashish Aggrawal
2012 International Journal of Computer Applications  
First, securing the call signaling, i.e. securing the IP traffic used for the establishment of the call using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is provided by Secure Multimedia Internet Mail Extension  ...  The Algorithm describes the process for shifting the IPSec cryptographic processing from the answering phase to the calling phase and a way to eliminate ghost ringing. iv  ...  is used by some cryptographic algorithms.  ... 
doi:10.5120/8193-1565 fatcat:jowixyvenzhrxh2qponq6o5b6m

Performance Evaluation of Secure Video Transmission over WIMAX

FarrukhEhtisham, Emmanouil A Panaousis, Christos Politis
2011 International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications  
In this paper, we evaluate the performance of secure video transmission over WiMAX networks under different cryptographic algorithms by using the OPNET simulator.  ...  Multimedia communications, including audio and video are highly bandwidth demanding and error sensitive.  ...  We have used different cryptographic algorithms in IPSec to encrypt the traffic and compare them in terms of delay and throughput.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijcnc.2011.3608 fatcat:l2hiyy5hj5ghhptgh2zub723om

High Speed VPN Using Enhanced AES Algorithm

Aliyu Ashiru, Kamaluddeen Ibrahim Yarima, Usman Isah Rabiu, Supriya Khaitan
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
This paper investigates the problems and issues of IPSec VPN technology for transmission of complex multimedia data with respect to remote access communication.  ...  Most of today's IPsec VPN uses AES as the encryption algorithm because it is very strong against all attacks; it has not been cracked yet.  ...  Using AES as the encryption algorithm in VPN makes encryption difficult for large volume of multimedia data.  ... 
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is030753 fatcat:kyjm74nknrdrxcdfgmj33wezka

Using cryptographic and. watermarking algorithms

J. Dittmann, P. Wohlmacher, K. Nahrstedt
2001 IEEE Multimedia  
Because of multimedia's structure and complexity, security mechanisms for multimedia data should be specific for each purpose.  ...  We introduce the most important security requirements for all types of multimedia systems.  ...  Acknowledgments We acknowledge and thank Vanish Talwar for his contribution in the area of RSVP-SQoS for multimedia applications.  ... 
doi:10.1109/93.959103 fatcat:yo3dmoxdkngfjhbmci6uvuuroy

Basic Model of Multicast Authentication Based On Batch Signature-MABS

Hilda C.P, Mr. Liaqat Ali khan, M.Grace Vennice
2013 International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics  
For which we are going to propose novel multicast authentication protocol called MABS (Multicast Authentication Based on Batch Signature) by including two specified schemes MABS-B and MABS-E.  ...  Where MABS-B reduces the packet loss by eliminating the relationship between packets ,and due to its efficient cryptographic primitive called batch signature it provides efficient latency, computation  ...  With all the collected traffic related information, the traffic control center can generate an optimized control and management strategy for traffic light control by analyzing the current traffic load  ... 
doi:10.47893/ijcsi.2013.1086 fatcat:vhmwbtkmybckpnwi6nb4fdnyr4

Policy-Based Quality of Service and Security Management for Multimedia Services on IP Networks in the RTIPA Project [chapter]

Valérie Gay, Sandrine Duflos, Brigitte Kervella, Gladys Diaz, Eric Horlait
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
It is a step towards an end-to-end QoS and security management for distributed multimedia services running on the new generation of IP networks.  ...  This paper summarizes the research work that has been conducted in the context of the RTIPA project on policy-based QoS (Quality of Service) and security management for distributed multimedia services.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the members of the RTIPA project, Qosmos and the APS group of the university of Twente for their valuable comments on this work.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45812-3_3 fatcat:d7tk4v7ftnexpp3wzzi5ifinhy

Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms for Network Security

Kritika Acharya, Manisha Sajwan, Sanjay Bhargava
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research  
There is a broad range of cryptographic algorithms that are used for securing networks and presently continuous researches on the new cryptographic algorithms are going on for evolving more advanced techniques  ...  for secures communication.  ...  For highly valuable multimedia application, it is really important that the encryption scheme should satisfy cryptographic security.  ... 
doi:10.7753/ijcatr0302.1009 fatcat:fw4fktu6obda3csmt5zmiunagy


Avinash Singh
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science  
To persist the system lifetime of wireless multimedia sensor networks, it is necessary to perform adjustments to maintain transmission rate and to manage traffic congestion In addition, scheme needs an  ...  For wireless multimedia sensor networks, very large number of sensor nodes are being used having different types sensing capability in order to gather various types of data from different environments.  ...  The paper proposes a noble algorithm for a multimedia sensors network based on fuzzy logic schema for tracking and surveillance remotely mobile target.  ... 
doi:10.26483/ijarcs.v8i8.4721 fatcat:465ge63hevgmdiuijq222qwetu

Performance Evaluation of Ciphers Using CRYPTOOL 2.0

Kulwinder Kaur
The encryption and decryption module include the key expansion module which generates the key for all iterations.  ...  Cryptography is an emerging technology, which is important for network security. Research on cryptography is still in its developing stages and considerable research effort is required.  ...  Watermarking & Cryptography Multimedia applications deploy various cryptographic and watermarking techniques to maintain security.  ... 
doi:10.24297/ijct.v3i1a.2727 fatcat:foazbsnnrjb5xdhrvhemsqwwai

Developing Network Domain Security (NDS) Model for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

Muhammad Sher, Thomas Magedanz
2006 Journal of Networks  
In this research article we discuss the protocols, architecture and propose the design of Network Domain Security (NDS) model for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).  ...  NDS/IP utilizes IP Security (IPSec) to implement security domain services. 3GPP Authentication Framework is introduced to authenticate the Security Gateways using NDS/IP that utilizes cryptographic security  ...  CONCLUSION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In this paper, we have discussed architecture and proposed the design of network domain security model for the IP Multimedia System (IMS) and Next Generation Mobile Networks  ... 
doi:10.4304/jnw.1.6.10-17 fatcat:6vw5yebae5e3fmuxv6n2gcqdq4

Multimedia traffic security architecture for the internet of things

Liang Zhou, Han-Chieh Chao
2011 IEEE Network  
Unfortunately, conventional multimedia traffic management algorithms, developed mainly to guarantee delay and distortion constraints while usually neglecting security requirements, are not appropriate  ...  for security-aware multimedia applica-tions.  ...  Our proposed algorithm sacrifices unconditional secrecy to provide a general multimedia security solution for all the sensors in an IoT.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mnet.2011.5772059 fatcat:tdmcnwqz7zfp3ovqtjqktsyilq
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