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UC Merced Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society Title Cross-Linguistically Shared and Language-Specific Sound Symbolism for Motion: An Exploratory Data Mining Approach Publication Date Cross-Linguistically Shared and Language-Specific Sound Symbolism for Motion: An Exploratory Data Mining Approach

Noburo Saji, Kimi Akita, Imai, Mutsumi, Noburo Saji, Kimi Akita, Mutsumi Imai, Katerina Kantartzis
2013 Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society   unpublished
This implies that cross-linguistically shared and language-specific parts of sound symbolism are intricately intertwined within each language.  ...  Language-specific sound symbolism was also found for some sound-meaning links (e.g., the affricate manner of articulation was associated with light motions in Japanese, but with heavy motions in English  ...  Acknowledgements We are grateful to Shigeto Kawahara for his insightful and helpful comments from the perspective of phonetics and phonology.  ... 

Cross-linguistically shared and language-specific sound symbolism in novel words elicited by locomotion videos in Japanese and English

Noburo Saji, Kimi Akita, Katerina Kantartzis, Sotaro Kita, Mutsumi Imai, Si Chen
2019 PLoS ONE  
This paper demonstrates a new quantitative approach to examine cross-linguistically shared and language-specific sound symbolism in languages.  ...  Multivariate analyses revealed cross-linguistically shared and language-specific sound-meaning correspondences within a single semantic domain.  ...  Therefore, the exploratory data-mining approach in general can present Cross-linguistically shared and language-specific sound symbolism candidates for possible sound-meaning associations very broadly  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0218707 pmid:31291274 pmcid:PMC6619670 fatcat:zelv3fh4rbb6dn3lptfzm7tjcy

The Codex and the Computer as Self-Reflexive Machines [chapter]

2013 Scripting Reading Motions  
However, the prose texts that follow each poem sequence establish a referential and, at times, an autobiographical context for its contorted symbolic and metaphoric displacements.  ...  The algorithmic syntax of programming languages has opened up natural language, and other visual and sound systems of signs, to a growing array of recursive and permutational operations.  ... 
doi:10.7551/mitpress/9494.003.0003 fatcat:fp7gzl75d5fexaqdb3lds2dxiy

Interactive sonification strategies for the motion and emotion of dance performances

Steven Landry, Myounghoon Jeon
2020 Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces  
Motion data is aggregated by a server programmed in C#. The server forwards motion data as an OSC message to Pure Data and Wekinator.  ...  An alternative approach has been to map emotional data-to-sound synthesis parameters for more granular control over the tonal and melodic structure of music (closer to composition than manipulating playback  ...  1 2 3 4 5 6 "Sound helped understand mine and other's movements better" 1 2 3 4 5 6 "Sound encouraged me to move in new ways." 1 2 3 4 5 Spatial Presence: Self Location (SPSL) I had the feeling that  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12193-020-00321-3 fatcat:wfyunc4uobhpzezaqqc6cdarl4

Fragments in Connection and Algorithmic Rule: Encoding the Urban Image in Motion

Christiane Wagner
2022 Zenodo  
Finally, an interdisciplinary approach is proposed to explore the possibility that perception remains a hypothesis for the meaning of contemporary visual culture in its values and effects related to the  ...  Art, architecture, cinematography, and media as urban images in motion concerning digitalization are discussed based on the images of a result, success, conquest, and projection that search for the spectacular  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS With kind thanks to Dr Dionisio González and Noémie Goudal for allowing copyright permission to reproduce the images within this paper.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6503017 fatcat:iwebxttjgbcc5joe7bsmcmbcfe

Talking Sense: The behavioural and neural correlates of sound symbolism

Gwilym Lockwood
2017 Figshare  
Acknowledgements, and Max Planck Institute Series in Psycholinguistics Acknowledgements  ...  They argue that this may also reflect how sound symbolic words function as both linguistic and non-linguistic iconic symbols, while also providing support for hypotheses that sound-symbolism involves cross-domain  ...  the cross-linguistic variability in iconicity shows how different languages strike a balance between two basic constraintsthe need to link language to human experience and the need for an efficient communication  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.4872866 fatcat:7snbgww55nal3cisvcvgfi46au

Book of Abstracts

2016 European journal of contraception & reproductive health care  
Typologically, some languages such as the prototypically verb-framed Spanish and French, could be said to prefer the covert strategy and languages such as Telugu and Tamil could be said to prefer the overt  ...  Against this backdrop, we provide an analysis of such variation using the framework of Holistic Spatial Semantics (Zlatev 2003; Blomberg 2014) , according to which a boundary-crossing reading can be expressed  ...  What is shared is a cross-domain mapping of distinct spatial attributes to sound perception.  ... 
doi:10.3109/13625187.2016.1165961 pmid:27142814 fatcat:ykzmt4rvvjcpjhemk2dvcg7t44

A Review of Geospatial Semantic Information Modeling and Elicitation Approaches

Margarita Kokla, Eric Guilbert
2020 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information  
It discusses the problems and the challenges faced, highlights the types of semantic information formalized and extracted, as well as the methodologies and tools used, and identifies directions for future  ...  The first topic deals with the development of ontologies at different levels of generality and formality, tailored to various needs and uses.  ...  Cross-linguistic information discovery is also an issue attracting attention especially in the context of geoportals.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijgi9030146 fatcat:e46jighegjhbzfy55u2alfb6um

The Intersubjectivity of Embodiment

Riccardo Fusaroli, Paolo Demuru, Anna M. Borghi
2009 Cognitive Semiotics  
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements We thank Patricia Gough for her comments on the manuscript.  ...  Acknowledgements Acknowledgements During the writing of this paper, Sanneke de Haan was supported by the EU Marie Curie Research Training Network 035975 DISCOS (Disorders and Coherence of the Embodied  ...  It looks for empirically sound descriptions of linguistic phenomena, as abstractions over usage events.  ... 
doi:10.1515/cogsem.2009.4.1.1 fatcat:qngyzbwo5jgdbfoi6loxnxbly4


2009 Cognitive Processing  
The RERC-ACT team also developed new approaches and technologies for persons with Traumatic Brain Injury, early-onset dementias and neurodevelopmental disabilities. Led by Dr.  ...  The symposium will address the issues of aging and spatial cognition, assistive technologies for every-day life, disability and rehabilitation with a specific multidisciplinary focus merging psychology  ...  For spatial prepositions the fields can be derived from various sources, either by mining existing spatial language data sources, or via direct acquisition from people.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10339-009-0330-7 fatcat:e5jzs5yppbfahilpetxq7bwati

Message from the general chair

Benjamin C. Lee
2015 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS)  
We propose a candidate ranking model for "this-issue" anaphora resolution that explores different "issue"-specific and general abstract-anaphora features. The model is not restricted to nominal  ...  To maximize the utility of the injected knowledge, we deploy a learning-based multi-sieve approach and develop novel entity-based features.  ...  The problem was motivated by an attempt to collect a large amount of linguistic data for non-major languages from the web.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ispass.2015.7095776 dblp:conf/ispass/Lee15 fatcat:ehbed6nl6barfgs6pzwcvwxria

Explainable Goal-Driven Agents and Robots – A Comprehensive Review [article]

Fatai Sado, Chu Kiong Loo, Wei Shiung Liew, Matthias Kerzel, Stefan Wermter
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This paper reviews approaches on explainable goal-driven intelligent agents and robots, focusing on techniques for explaining and communicating agents perceptual functions (example, senses, and vision)  ...  The recent stance on the explainability of AI systems has witnessed several approaches on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI); however, most of the studies have focused on data-driven XAI systems  ...  Acknowledgment This research was supported by the Georg Forster Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers from Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung/Foundation and Impact Oriented Interdisciplinary Research  ... 
arXiv:2004.09705v7 fatcat:p5jxv5hfk5elphzre4cn6acgsa

Knowledge Graphs: New Directions for Knowledge Representation on the Semantic Web (Dagstuhl Seminar 18371)

Piero Andrea Bonatti, Stefan Decker, Axel Polleres, Valentina Presutti, Michael Wagner
2019 Dagstuhl Reports  
and Processing at scale for the Semantic Web.  ...  More than two decades of Semantic Web research provides a solid basis and a promising technology and standards stack to interlink data, ontologies and knowledge on the Web.  ...  Aidan Hogan is funded by the Millennium Institute for Foundational Research on Data (IMFD) and Fondecyt Grant No. 1181896.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.8.9.29 dblp:journals/dagstuhl-reports/BonattiDPP18 fatcat:z4lkmofnavf67c5v2sye2x2zle

Possession in Latin: Effects of linguistic models on comprehension

Daniel Couto-Vale
2017 Nuntius Antiquus  
In this paper, I use Braga Bianchet's model of Latin and her translation of Satyricon as tools to describe the causal chain from a theory of language to a linguistic model and from that model to our comprehension  ...  In one route, I sketch an alternative description of Latin. In the other, I show how little explanatory power comes from Braga Bianchet's claims.  ...  Mathesius (1936) was among the first linguists to propose the notion of cross-stratal shuttling between sounds and semantics as a way to describe how sounds can represent something else.  ... 
doi:10.17851/1983-3636.12.2.71-134 fatcat:kjz74ozmpfd3jhrbkifcitgeni

A Story of /v/: Voiced Spirants In The Obstruent-Sonorant Divide

Christina Bjorndahl
2018 Zenodo  
In this dissertation I tackle the problem of Russian /v/ by situating it in a broader cross-linguistic landscape, in terms of its acoustic properties, its relationship to other non-sibilant voiced fricatives  ...  The patterning of /v/ in Russian and other languages has long posed a problem for phonological theory because of its ambiguous classification with respect to the feature [sonorant]: like obstruents, /v  ...  Each language is investigated independently; an explicit cross-linguistic comparison follows in the next chapter.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3725904 fatcat:qoijabj2frghxbztpatksu75eu
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