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1995 Library & Information Science Abstracts  
L 3994 Critical approaches to information technology in librarianship: foundations and applications. J. Buschman. Information Processing & Management, 31 (1) Jan-Feb 95, p.150-1.  ...  Edited by J. Buschman. Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 1993. 230pp. 55 dollars. ISBN 0-313-27415-6, ISSN 0084-9243, (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science No 74).  ... 

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1995 Library & Information Science Abstracts  
McFarland and Co., 1994, 20.95 pounds. ISBN 0-89950-933-9. Reviewed by Rob Froud. EB 1359 Critical approaches to information technology in librarianship: foundation and applications. J. Buschman.  ...  Edited by John Buschman. Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood Press, 1993. 230p. 55.00 dollars. ISBN 0-313-28415-16, Contributions in librarianship and information science No. 74. Reviewed by Alphonse F.  ... 

Librarianship and the Arc of Crisis: The Road to Institutionalized Cultural Neoliberalism

John Buschman
2016 MediaTropes  
Throughout this process, the institutions have been guided by a management culture that continually declares a crisis to shape and guide them, and that crisis culture itself has largely responded to an  ...  Libraries have been the sites of a working-through of neoliberal ideas down to a very basic level in communal and educational institutions.  ... MediaTropes Vol V, No 2 (2015) John Buschman / 16 ——. 1982. “A Reply to My Critics.” In Habermas: Critical Debates, edited by John B.  ... 
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1995 Library & Information Science Abstracts  
. $111 Critical approaches to information technology in librarianship, foundations and applications. J. Buschman. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 46 (1) Jan 95, p.73-S.  ...  Reviewed by Susan 5095 CD-ROM in libraries: management issues. T. Hanson and J. Day. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 27 (1) Mar 95, p.58-9. Book review abstract.  ... 

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1994 Library & Information Science Abstracts  
(SE) 9404840 Critical approaches to information technology in librarianship: foundation and applications. J. Buschman. Wilson Library Bulletin, 68 (5) Jan 94, p.132. Book review abstract.  ...  Norfolk Library and Information Service, 1993, 29p., 5.00 pounds. ISBN 1-85526-123-5. Reviewed by Jane Inglis. (LT) 9404839 Equally good: women in British librarianship. G. Burrington.  ... 

Public Libraries as Agonistic Spaces: At the Crossroads of Librarianship and Contemporary Artistic Practices

Irena Bekić, Petra Dolanjski
2021 Libellarium: Journal for the Research of Writing, Books, and Cultural Heritage Institutions  
By relying on the theoretical concepts on which critical librarianship is based on the one hand, and contemporary art on the other hand, a possibility is shown of their interference with the aim to introduce  ...  a critical perspective within librarianship through art and to establish a new methodology at the crossroads of the two disciplines.  ...  Also, as important works from this field they mention "Critical Approaches to Information Technology in Librarianship: Foundations and Applications" by John Buschman -as well as its extended edition from  ... 
doi:10.15291/libellarium.v11i1.318 fatcat:ft764drfuvbitf4tllr7tfx24e

Describing and measuring the value of public libraries: The growth of the Internet and the evolution of library value

Paul T. Jaeger, John Carlo Bertot, Christine M. Kodama, Sarah M. Katz, Elizabeth J. DeCoster
2011 First Monday  
The library in the twenty–first century . Second edition. London: Facet. J.S. Brown and P. Duguid, 2002. The social life of information . Boston: Harvard Business School Press. J.E. Buschman, 2007a.  ...  The sociological foundations of librarianship . New York: Asia Publishing House. K.I. Sigler, P.T. Jaeger, J.C. Bertot, E.J. DeCoster, A.J. McDermott, and L.A. Langa, in press.  ... 
doi:10.5210/fm.v16i11.3765 fatcat:td7qtfedofah3cuws4yzvgpyxi

Halk Kütüphanelerinin Amacını Yeniden Tanımlamak: Dış Teorik Çerçeveden Esinlenen Eleştirel Bir Yaklaşım

Leif Kajberg
2013 Türk Kütüphaneciliği  
A collective volume edited by Gloria J. Leckie, Lisa M. Given and John E.  ...  Outstanding contributions have been made by John Budd and John Buschman, two Amer ican LIS researchers.  ... 
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A Decade of Critical Information Literacy: A Review of the Literature

Eamon Tewell
2015 Communications in Information Literacy  
A small selection of works outside the higher education information literacy sphere includes two volumes edited by Gloria Leckie and John Buschman; one collection of essays applies a wide range of theorists  ...  John Doherty (2007) follows Elmborg to propose that information literacy should be informed by critical pedagogy.  ... 
doi:10.15760/comminfolit.2015.9.1.174 fatcat:mvir4xv6zzdi3aj6bupr2kcygq

Enlightenment, Neoliberalism, and Information Literacy

Maura Seale
2016 Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship  
I then use postcolonial and political theory to think through the role of historical difference in pedagogy generally and in the information literacy pedagogy articulated by the Framework more specifically  ...  its truth claims and to inculcate responsibility to the other.  ...  It seeks foundations in universal principles applicable to all human beings or rational agents in virtue of their humanity or rationality.  ... 
doi:10.33137/cjal-rcbu.v1.24308 fatcat:5gbxx5w4orgenesmybha4mzcua

Librarianship as Intellectual Craft: The Ethics of Classification in the Realms of Leisure and Waged Labor

Jonathan Cope
2012 Knowledge organization  
Recently, he has contributed a chapter to the edited collection Critical Library Instruction: Theories and Methods (Library Juice Press, 2010), which discusses the applicability of social power research  ...  to information literacy.  ...  John Buschman (2003) examines a "new public philosophy" embodied in a neoliberal political project that seeks to dramatically diminish the role of public institutions in favor of private institutions engaging  ... 
doi:10.5771/0943-7444-2012-5-356 fatcat:xqxda6fwvvbcdl2fhxgdchvmpi

Participatory and Ethical Strategic Planning: What Academic Libraries Can Learn from Critical Management Studies

Danya Leebaw
2019 Library Trends  
Like other disciplinary critical theories (including critical pedagogy and critical information theory), CMS has an ultimately emancipatory goal.  ...  Strategic planning is a common managerial practice that has been embraced by academic libraries and generally modeled after mainstream approaches.  ...  While management might surface peripherally, the focus of critical librarianship to date has tended toward other core topics such as cataloging, instruction and information literacy, and information science  ... 
doi:10.1353/lib.2019.0033 fatcat:fx255zyllffkfgbat375xi5ld4

The Literature of American Library History, 2003–2005

Edward A. Goedeken
2008 Libraries & the Cultural Record  
Disciplines Library and Information Science Comments This article is from  ...  ., and Michael Harris covered three years in their essay, and we all survived the experience.  ...  In response John Budd, Douglas Raber and Marie and Gary Radford crafted sophisticated essays bringing to light some of the most important aspects of social science theory and its application to library  ... 
doi:10.1353/lac.0.0038 fatcat:jw56to7xyfdbbogqc6xaxxbvta

"The Integrity and Obstinacy of Intellectual Creations": Jürgen Habermas and Librarianship's Theoretical Literature

John Buschman
2006 Library quarterly  
More recently John Budd has raised the issue of 2 These efforts have been spurred and influenced by the work of John Budd and Wayne Wiegand over the last decade or so. 3 This is in contrast to previous  ...  offers the field in terms of his interlocking work on history, epistemology, and social/ economic critique and theory. 3 Before addressing Habermas's work and its application to librarianship, a review  ...  "Habermas and Marxism." In Habermas: Critical Debates, edited by John B. Thompson and David Held, pp. 21-41. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1982.  ... 
doi:10.1086/511136 fatcat:hnwyuk2kffdubnyxoiaa3oi4fa

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Jenny Bossaller
2016 MediaTropes  
V, No 2 (2015) John Buschman / 9 MediaTropesVol V, No 2 (2015) John Buschman / 10 John T.F.  ...  of these ideas yielded two permanently fruitful applications of broader critical scholarship.  ...  were obtained by Springer Science+Business Media 6 in 2012 (35.0%), in 2013 by the Scientific, Technical, Medical and Scholarly of John Wiley & Sons 7 (28.3%), and Taylor & Francis (35.7%).  ... 
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