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Criterion for Automatic Selection of the Most Suitable Maximum-Likelihood Thresholding Algorithm for Extracting Object from their Background in a Still Image

Geovanni Martinez
2005 IAPR International Workshop on Machine Vision Applications  
algorithm for extracting object from their background in an arbitrary still image.  ...  Three Maximum-Likelihood thresholding algorithms based on population mixture models are investigated and a criterion is introduced for automatic selection of the most suitable Maximum-Likelihood thresholding  ...  Acknowledgments The author acknowledges the support of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), the UCR Research Vicerectorship and the UCR Foundation for Research (FUNDEVI). 6 References  ... 
dblp:conf/mva/Martinez05 fatcat:ci4zsbibfbexfi43kaoqy6l3ra

Detecting Algorithm for Moving Objects Based on Bayesian Judging Criterion

Yingxia Liu, Faliang Chang
2011 Journal of Computers  
The threshold is determined by mean and variance of the image, so it is an optimal threshold changed with every image. The optimal threshold is used to separate object from background.  ...  In order to adapt the change of the light in a same video sequence, Bayesian judging criterion is used to detect object, void warm price and falling report price is considered comprehensively, combined  ...  Then, a suitable threshold is selected to separate the object from the background.  ... 
doi:10.4304/jcp.6.5.849-856 fatcat:3qhccbj2wzah7jqwrnmy4widza

Image-processing algorithms for behavior analysis of group-housed pigs

J. Hu, H. Xin
2000 Behavoir research methods, instruments & computers  
Segmentation of the pigs from their background was implemented by employing multilevel thresholding and background reference techniques.  ...  Computational algorithms of image processing were developed and evaluated to select, by motion detection, images of resting artificial pigs and to segment the pigs (mixture of black and white pigs) from  ...  oflevel i in the image, L is the maximum intensity level of the image (256 for 8-bit image), C is the maximum number of thresholds inclusive of the final optimum thresholds (derived from inspecting the  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03200790 pmid:10758666 fatcat:y464wywi2za4rgejbpr5lzgupq

Segmenting a low-depth-of-field image using morphological filters and region merging

Changick Kim
2005 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
In this paper we propose a robust and parameterless algorithm for the fully automatic segmentation of low DOF images.  ...  Thus, a robust algorithm for the fully automatic detection of the OOI in low DOF images provides valuable information for subsequent image processing and image retrieval.  ...  The fact that we can extract a semantically meaningful object automatically from low-DOF images suggests a variety of applications, such as image indexing for content-based retrieval, object-based image  ... 
doi:10.1109/tip.2005.846030 pmid:16238056 fatcat:5zplud2wyjbw5oj7bu4oto7fty

Computerized radiographic mass detection. I. Lesion site selection by morphological enhancement and contextual segmentation

H. Li, Y. Wang, K.J. Ray Liu, S.-C.B. Lo, M.T. Freedman
2001 IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging  
This paper presents a statistical model supported approach for enhanced segmentation and extraction of suspicious mass areas from mammographic images.  ...  In this study, one type of morphological operation is derived to enhance disease patterns of suspected masses by cleaning up unrelated background clutters, and a model-based image segmentation is performed  ...  Sesterhenn of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for their scientific input on the knowledge of cell oncology and pathology, and R.  ... 
doi:10.1109/42.921478 pmid:11370896 fatcat:n3fdcgixa5ahpju7gba3n3tzmy

A document binarization method based on connected operators

Benoît Naegel, Laurent Wendling
2010 Pattern Recognition Letters  
The proposed binarization method enables to extract relevant document objects by means of the component-tree structure.  ...  An original binarization method based on connected operators is proposed in this paper. Connected operators enable to filter and/or segment an image by preserving its contours.  ...  In order to remove most of the image background parts, pixels are classified individually according to their grey-levels. The threshold must be conservative enough to keep all the object components.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.patrec.2010.04.003 fatcat:747x3sqsmrcvdgrlstxyft6ijy

Water Area Extraction Using RADARSAT SAR Imagery Combined with Landsat Imagery and Terrain Information

Seunghwan Hong, Hyoseon Jang, Namhoon Kim, Hong-Gyoo Sohn
2015 Sensors  
an object size criterion was applied for the noise removal and the criterion was determined by a histogram-based technique.  ...  In spite of the thresholding method using SAR amplitude and terrain information, noises which interfered with users' interpretation of water maps still remained and the object-based classification using  ...  Jang estimated thresholds from SAR amplitude and terrain information and Kim created land cover map using Landsat TM imagery.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s150306652 pmid:25808768 pmcid:PMC4435168 fatcat:g2pbgln6kvbpdkdkixwxnc3doe

A topological constrained model-based approach to correspondence problems for branched structures

Davide Floriello, Tom Botterill, Richard Green
2014 Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand - IVCNZ '14  
Our work shows that the method we tested can find almost all of the correct correspondences and outperforms a maximum likelihood algorithm in terms of precision and recall.  ...  The aim of our research is to correspond images showing vine structure for an application in robotics.  ...  We think that both the model-based approach and the maximum likelihood algorithm suffered from the structure extraction step.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2683405.2683421 dblp:conf/ivcnz/FlorielloBG14 fatcat:ler7ig4h5zbafh5cjxmmwbwpmi

ESO Imaging Survey II. Searching for Distant Clusters of Galaxies [article]

L.F. Olsen, M. Scodeggio, L. da Costa, C. Benoist, E. Bertin, E. Deul, T. Erben, M.D. Guarnieri, R. Hook, M. Nonino, I. Prandoni, R. Slijkhus, A. Wicenec (+1 others)
1998 arXiv   pre-print
, from the data itself, a robust detection threshold.  ...  Preliminary results of a search for distant clusters of galaxies using the recently released I-band data obtained by the ESO Imaging Survey are presented.  ...  Burki, for monitoring the extinction during most of the EIS observations. To the NTT team for their help. We are also grateful to N. Kaiser for the software. Special thanks to A. Baker, D.  ... 
arXiv:astro-ph/9803338v1 fatcat:hu3c4dthlfbmtacwylwaxqmwcy

Unsupervised Learning of Models for Recognition [chapter]

M. Weber, M. Welling, P. Perona
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In a first stage, the method automatically identifies distinctive parts in the training set by applying a clustering algorithm to patterns selected by an interest operator.  ...  We present a method to learn object class models from unlabeled and unsegmented cluttered scenes for the purpose of visual object recognition.  ...  We are also very grateful to Rob Fergus for helping with collecting the databases and to Thomas Leung, Mike Burl, Jitendra Malik and David Forsyth for many helpful comments.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45054-8_2 fatcat:akhhjspe35a6pceycypd7ri26y

Automatic dendritic spine analysis in two-photon laser scanning microscopy images

Wenjia Bai, Xiaobo Zhou, Liang Ji, Jie Cheng, Stephen T. C. Wong
2007 Cytometry Part A  
The spines are detected as protrusions from the dendrite surfaces and then segmented using a heuristic protrusion criterion. However, the criterion cannot  ...  allowed imaging of the neurons in living tissues (7, 8) .  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors acknowledge the source of data and the collaboration with their neurobiological science colleagues, and, LITERATURE CITED  ... 
doi:10.1002/cyto.a.20431 pmid:17654649 fatcat:uz5y4xybazcnppdxdyktdh7b7y

Multi-modal gray-level histogram modeling and decomposition

Jeng-Horng Chang, Kuo-Chin Fan, Yang-Lang Chang
2002 Image and Vision Computing  
In this paper, we present a novel multi-modal histogram thresholding method in which no a priori knowledge about the number of clusters to be extracted is needed.  ...  Experimental results with both simulated data and real images demonstrate the robustness of our method. q  ...  After determining these parameters, a maximum-likelihood based decision criterion is employed to optimally determine a set of threshold values.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0262-8856(01)00095-6 fatcat:gpkhzlge4zazzp7t4lnnyvso2a

Toward a completely automatic neural-network-based human chromosome analysis

B. Lerner
1998 IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part B (Cybernetics)  
First, a moment representation of the image pixels is clustered to create a binary image without a need for threshold selection.  ...  The application of neural networks (NN's) to automatic analysis of chromosome images is investigated in this paper.  ...  Piper of the Medical Research Council, Edinburgh, UK, for providing the "Soroka" and "Edinburgh" databases, respectively.  ... 
doi:10.1109/3477.704293 pmid:18255973 fatcat:fyovolw7effqpojvzhz6z7bsye

Video Segmentation Using Fast Marching and Region Growing Algorithms

Eftychis Sifakis, Ilias Grinias, Georgios Tziritas
2002 EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing  
The algorithm presented in this paper is comprised of three main stages: (1) classification of the image sequence and, in the case of a moving camera, parametric motion estimation, (2) change detection  ...  Finally, the object localization uses a region growing algorithm based on the colour similarity. Video object segmentation results are shown using the COST 211 data set.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work has been funded in part by the European IST PISTE ("Personalized Immersive Sports TV Experience") and the Greek "MPEG-4 Authoring Tools" projects.  ... 
doi:10.1155/s1110865702000744 fatcat:3zdvl23zfnd2df7dsj2w42rv2q

Synthesis of supervised classification algorithm using intelligent and statistical tools [article]

Ali Douik, Mourad Moussa Jlassi
2009 arXiv   pre-print
We propose in this paper a non-parametric algorithm dedicated to segment and to detect objects in color images issued from a football sports meeting.  ...  A fundamental task in detecting foreground objects in both static and dynamic scenes is to take the best choice of color system representation and the efficient technique for background modeling.  ...  Objects identification in colour images is a relevant stage in classification study; therefore we begin by the background subtraction to detect players and then to classify each of them in its suitable  ... 
arXiv:0912.2302v1 fatcat:k6sx7esfirbuvhq7io72gsr3qe
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