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Creativity, complexity, and precision: information visualization for (landscape) architecture

M. Buscher, D. Shapiro, M. Christensen, P. Mogensen, P. Orbaek
IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization 2000. INFOVIS 2000. Proceedings  
Drawing on ethnographic studies of (landscape) architects at work, and interdisciplinary cooperation with them, this paper presents a human-centered approach to information visualization.  ...  The result is an extension of the physical information space of the architects' studio that utilizes the potential of electronic data storage, visualization, and network technologies to support work with  ...  CREATIVITY, COMPLEXITY, AND PRECISION 'The Deep' (Fig. 1) is a new aquatic museum near the harbor in Hull, on the north east coast of England.  ... 
doi:10.1109/infvis.2000.885105 dblp:conf/infovis/BuscherSCMO00 fatcat:bhf66ijk3be7vks7lfuwa5kvvq

Avant-Gardism and Landscape Architecture

Brenda Brown
1991 Landscape Journal  
Geographic Information Systems (CIS) is a spatial analysis tool that has received increasing interest for natural resource applications.  ...  We suggest that the student maintain real experiences and contact with the landscape through classroom exercises; emphasize contextual issues related to GIS before and after computer modeling; integrate  ...  rain driving time from existing housing Active recrcation~soecer/football field complex, softball/baseball field complex, intensive development and managed for mass public use, potential septic tank and  ... 
doi:10.3368/lj.10.2.134 fatcat:a5ic5hqqrvekljitsculqso4r4

Understanding Landscape Structure Using Landscape Metrics [chapter]

Ercan Gkyer
2013 Advances in Landscape Architecture  
The complexity of the structure of landscape structure, landscape metrics used for measuring and Mosaic structure and related information can be obtained.  ...  Landscape ecology uses numbers related to complexity studies. Also, it uses remote sensing, geographical information systems and geostatistical tools.  ... 
doi:10.5772/55758 fatcat:pz7kp7cfireuhmqhei2hf6ceey

The drone's eye: applications and implications for landscape architecture

Karl Kullmann
2017 Landscape Research  
Drones in practice: functionality for landscape architecture As a field that recurrently seeks new methods for capturing and representing the complex and indeterminate nature of the real landscape, the  ...  for creativity (Eckbo and Porterfield 1970) .  ...  However, with less portability, larger takeoff/landing zones and the inability to hover, fixed wing drones are unlikely to become as ubiquitous as multirotor consumer drones.  ... 
doi:10.1080/01426397.2017.1386777 fatcat:5pv3xfpuffeu5logu3lanceh4i

Landscape as Medium

Joan Iverson NASSAUER
2017 Landscape Architecture Frontiers  
She further argues that both practice and research are important to the discipline of landscape architecture, and design can be part of science.  ...  Landscape architects' capacity of imagination defines the power and uniqueness of the discipline what allows landscape architecture to change social relationships.  ...  I am not certain that the way Landscape and Urban Planning conveyed is always understandable to practitioners. I noticed that Landscape Architecture Frontiers is a very visual document.  ... 
doi:10.15302/j-laf-20170605 fatcat:5jjpvuytv5bcle5ywzssnkweau

Methodological guidelines for optimizing the interaction between landscape architecture and urban planning

Vaiva Deveikienė
2018 Landscape architecture and art  
The research seeks to answer how landscape architecture can be beneficial in pursuit for the sustainable coexistence of nature and the city, what forms the creative field of landscape architecture in the  ...  urban environment and what determines the optimal expression of landscape architectural means in the urban landscape.  ...  It is precisely the ecological ethics and landscape architecture values and methods that allow to achieve consistent growth of the territory quality.  ... 
doi:10.22616/j.landarchart.2018.12.01 fatcat:r7247ib4mjdklmwjw3qccjl63y

Landscape Architecture of the Atacama Desert [chapter]

Jose Guerra Ramirez
2018 Landscape Architecture - The Sense of Places, Models and Applications  
notions of desert landscape and sustainable architecture intersect.  ...  as an inhospitable landscape or a place that is not favorable for living beings.  ...  and the informal architecture of the desert [7] .  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.77185 fatcat:zkmg4lhnmfeddby5sk3xiwn4q4


2019 Landscape Architecture Frontiers  
Plurality of Narratives As Landscape Architecture increases its purview to address greater and more complex territories, maintaining legibility and precision becomes a challenge.  ...  We aim for diversity, respect, understanding, awe, and creativity.  ... 
doi:10.15302/j-laf-1-030007 fatcat:3dwzdd4mbfbfheb7qq6k7h2rqa

Between Creativity and Pragmatism: Structural Network Analysis and Quantitative Survey of Federal Competitions for Yugoslav Monuments and Memorial Complexes (1955–1980) [chapter]

Sanja Horvatinčić
2018 Modern and Contemporary Artists' Networks. An Inquiry into Digital History of Art and Architecture  
the extent to which a shortage of information -as a common and unavoidable issue for most social and humanist researchers -can affect the overall datascape and visualization of networks.  ...  The advancement in digital technology make such endeavours more realizable, offering ever-more complex algorithms for describing and visualizing historical phenomena, and also facilitated the recreation  ... 
doi:10.31664/9789537875596.06 fatcat:qxekz2lmgzh7hexgr3grzzvbri

Hyper-realism and loose-reality: the limitations of digital realism and alternative principles in landscape design visualization

Karl Kullmann
2014 JoLA - Journal of Landscape Architecture  
Based on the temporal distribution of refereed papers on digital visualization in design journals as listed on the Avery design academic search engine, accessed 15 January 2014.  ...  Alternative visualization techniques for landscape architecture While notable examples of analogue-based realism are present in the history of landscape design visualization, digital techniques and technologies  ...  Out of necessity, it is also employed in a more precise manner when little accurate or directly relevant source information is available.  ... 
doi:10.1080/18626033.2014.968412 fatcat:l6d4tauuvvcc7bgjxzktpfvrfa

Aesthetic creation theory and landscape architecture

Rudi van Etteger, Ian H. Thompson, Vera Vicenzotti
2016 JoLA - Journal of Landscape Architecture  
After introducing Zangwill's theory, we discuss some rival theories of art and then explore the virtues of Aesthetic Creation Theory for the theory, practice, and pedagogy of landscape architecture.  ...  In recent decades the landscape architectural discourse has tended to eschew ideas of aesthetics while focusing instead on notions of functional and sustainable design.  ...  'Landscape architecture is […] a blend of science and art, vision and thought. It is a creative profession skilled in strategic planning, delivery and management.  ... 
doi:10.1080/18626033.2016.1144688 fatcat:4pm4rtyg7rfl3ahyheefiqemgy

Resili(g)ence. Smart Cities / Resilient Landscape

Manuel Gausa
2019 AGATHÓN - International Journal of Architecture Art and Design  
The holistic approach to the contemporary city recalls the use of new complex and integrated techno-environmental tools and qualitative urban development policies, in positive synergy.  ...  The term Resili(g)ence combines 'intelligent values' (information, knowledge, projection and adaptation) with 'resilient values' (resistance and recycling, recovery, renewal or adaptation) in a new responsive  ...  city, architecture, infrastructure and landscape (Nel.lo, 2001) .  ... 
doi:10.19229/2464-9309/622019 doaj:5cfc145d7be643ce80349c726ccb03fd fatcat:k3p7jdnqebbpjmxk5md7o5gk3u

Impurely Applied: The Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Vito Acconci

Andrew Forster
2014 RACAR Revue d art canadienne  
The basic information on the trajectory of Acconci's Impurely Applied: The Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Vito Acconci Andrew Forster, Designer and Artist, Department of Design & Computation  ...  landscape, where any contrivance is permissible if the visual effect is "right" for the romantic viewing subject.  ... 
doi:10.7202/1026193ar fatcat:2pejaaw3cvd5zfnnsjtvqsizke

Assessing academic contributions in landscape architecture

Lee-Anne S. Milburn, Robert D. Brown, Susan J. Mulley, Stewart G. Hilts
2003 Landscape and Urban Planning  
There is an increasing demand for research in landscape architecture to inform design decision making.  ...  This paper develops a framework for assessing the contribution of faculty in landscape architecture.  ...  The visual language of design is ". . . subtle, precise, powerful and accessible for rapid perusal, aesthetically and intellectually satisfying" (Edwards, 1987, p. 29) , and has a unique and valuable  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0169-2046(02)00204-9 fatcat:d6dcwo7ymbeblcvsp632kpmxpu

Landscape and Criticism: The Crossing of Visible and Invisible

Xiaodong MU
2017 Landscape Architecture Frontiers  
The paper attempts to build a context that helps enhance professionals' understanding of landscape criticism, which has been neglected in Landscape Architecture for decades, arguing that the interaction  ...  between landscape and criticism might stimulate the cultural imaginations of landscape, increase the social effect by landscape spaces, and partly promote the practical level of Landscape Architecture  ...  Landscape architects need to explore and make the best of the potentials of creativity concealed in the visual images.  ... 
doi:10.15302/j-laf-20170602 fatcat:torazqgfq5bldgo5ixblz74vzq
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