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Enabling open-source cognitively-controlled collaboration among software-defined radio nodes

Gregory D. Troxel, Eric Blossom, Steve Boswell, Armando Caro, Isidro Castineyra, Alex Colvin, Tad Dreier, Joseph B. Evans, Nick Goffee, Karen Zita Haigh, Talib Hussain, Vikas Kawadia (+18 others)
2008 Computer Networks  
Our particular approach to the problem has been guided by the desire to allow fine-grained cognitive control of the radio.  ...  We describe our system, Adaptive Dynamic Radio Open-source Intelligent Team (ADROIT).  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank Jonathan Smith and Lee Badger of DARPA for their support and insights.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2007.11.010 fatcat:c2aztv3qyfhz5ivqhjz2zy2yy4

Adaptive Dynamic Radio Open-source Intelligent Team (ADROIT): Cognitively-controlled Collaboration among SDR Nodes

Gregory D. Troxel, Eric Blossom, Steve Boswell, Armando Caro, Isidro Castineyra, Alex Colvin, Tad Dreier, Joseph B. Evans, Nick Goffee, Karen Zita Haigh, Talib Hussain, Vikas Kawadia (+17 others)
2006 2006 1st IEEE Workshop on Networking Technologies for Software Defined Radio Networks  
The ADROIT project is building an open-source software-defined data radio, intended to be controlled by cognitive applications.  ...  What follows is a summary of the ADROIT system and the key architectural features intended to enable cognitive radio teams. 1  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank Jonathan Smith and Lee Badger of DARPA for their support and insights.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sdr.2006.4286321 fatcat:o3oalpv5efhwjbkbbwfs5dprhi

Analysis of metallurgical aspects and their role in processing and performance of superalloys: A review

S.S. Raza, T. Ahmad, M.U. Manzoor, M. Kamran, R. Ahmad
2017 Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences  
Effect of microporosity on the mechanical properties of Superalloys has also been analyzed.  ...  Nucleation methods and effect of cooling rate on the final phase structure have been analyzed. Co based superalloys have been studied as a potential and promising material for aerospace applications.  ...  The authors are thankful for the financial support of The University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.  ... 
doi:10.4314/jfas.v9i1.27 fatcat:jdinpqraibaxhawtod6hmqhzti

Rethinking the financial network [chapter]

Andrew G Haldane
2013 Fragile Stabilität – stabile Fragilität  
There is a "law of large numbers" benefit.  ...  in the form of structured credit also had the consequence of creating a network structure which was non-hierarchical.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-658-02248-8_17 fatcat:oyrgcb4s5zdobernpygn2dr37y

Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe, and Advances in the Light Microscope

Wolfgang Wimmer
2017 Microscopy Today  
large number of biological macromolecules.  ...  In 1846 Carl Zeiss founded a workshop for precision mechanics in Jena. He assumed the basic construction of simple microscopes from his employer Friedrich Körner, who passed away in 1847.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s155192951700058x fatcat:5beyy5sb6ndlphm7dugjqn4af4

Statistical mechanical models with effective potentials: Definitions, applications, and thermodynamic consequences

Frank H. Stillinger, Hajime Sakai, Salvatore Torquato
2002 Journal of Chemical Physics  
This paper analyzes the statistical mechanical formalism required to describe thermal equilibrium in that kind of approach.  ...  However, it is often useful to seek a more economical description using at most singlet and pair effective interactions that are density dependent, to take advantage of the theoretical and computational  ...  This involves prior determination of an optimal effective interaction, using input data for the system of interest, at number density d . We denote that effective interaction by ⌽ N *(r 1¯rN ͉ d ).  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.1480863 fatcat:wqhfghmdffcltlno7v2xrkoquu

3D Printing Technologies in Metallic Implants: A Thematic Review on the Techniques and Procedures

Shokouh Attarilar, Mahmoud Ebrahimi, Faramarz Djavanroodi, Yuanfei Fu, Liqiang Wang, Junlin Yang
2021 International Journal of Bioprinting  
Until now, lots of methods have emerged and used in this field with diverse characteristics.  ...  In general, AM manufactured implants need to comply with important requirements such as biocompatibility, suitable mechanical properties (strength and elastic modulus), surface conditions, custom-built  ...  Acknowledgments This research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 31971246 and no. 51831011) and Medical Engineering Cross Research Foundation of Shanghai Jiao Tong University  ... 
doi:10.18063/ijb.v7i1.306 pmid:33585711 pmcid:PMC7875061 fatcat:uwd7vazskjfypjewsftahkouae

Regulating Infrastructure: A Review of the Issues, Problems, and Challenges [chapter]

Ed Araral, Darryl S.L. Jarvis, M. Ramesh, Xun Wu
2011 Infrastructure Regulation: What Works, Why and How Do We Know?  
Extraction of water at any one point in the river has a number of welfare and environmental impacts at a large number of other points. This raises a number of important regulatory questions.  ...  Using econometric analyses on a cross-country data set, he assess the impact of a number of political, economic, and social mechanisms on disparities in access to clean water and adequate sanitation.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789814335744_0001 fatcat:dsaoyysjwffx7lhihu4az3jfm4

Communication and Capability URLs in COAST-based Decentralized Services [chapter]

Michael M. Gorlick, Richard N. Taylor
2013 REST: Advanced Research Topics and Practical Applications  
Decentralized systems are systems-of-systems whose services are governed by two or more separate organizations under distinct spheres of authority.  ...  We introduce the Capability URL (CURL) as the unit of communication capability and show how two distinct mechanisms, communication capability and mobile code, can be combined to express and enforce constraints  ...  Acknowledgements We are indebted to Kyle Strasser whose adroit implementation of COASTCAST broadened our understanding of communication capability in MOTILE/ISLAND and the means by which functional capability  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-9299-3_2 fatcat:7wapp5gyibg3zfegj4tonvh7oe

Advancing Strategic Entrepreneurship Research: The Role of Complexity Science in Shifting the Paradigm

Minet Schindehutte, Michael H. Morris
2009 Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice  
Using this lens, a rearticulation of SE is proposed that centers on the notion of an opportunity space and a paradigm built around forms, flows, and functions.  ...  Complexity science is presented as an alternative theoretical lens for addressing these issues, and enhancing the potential of SE in a world characterized by fluctuations, irreversibility, nonlinearity  ...  The word "novel" is used liberally by scholars, but not always correctly.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1540-6520.2008.00288.x fatcat:2kiwn7cddjegtexc7opxmek4ya

The Evolution of Plant Body Plans—A Biomechanical Perspective

K Niklas
2000 Annals of Botany  
This maximum size can be exceeded in more stable niches by either the cooperation of conspeci®c cells sharing a common extracellular matrix (i.e. the'colonial' body plan) or by repeated mitotic cellular  ...  This is ascribed to the facts that the acquisition of nutrients and radiant energy is aected by plant body size, shape and geometry, and that, with the exception of the unicellular body plan, each of the  ...  Graham (University of Wisconsin) for providing some of the information used to construct Table 1 and for her special insights into algal phylogeny and taxonomy; Andrew H.  ... 
doi:10.1006/anbo.1999.1100 fatcat:ywmr57doerf5tkatzptedbcsjq

Primitive and Scheduled-Based Sensor Networks MAC Protocol: A Survey

Pallavi M, Dr.Anitha V
2017 International Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Since WSN comprises of a large number of nodes communicating with one another, it is essential to have an accurate MAC protocol to increase the WSN efficiency.  ...  There have been a prodigious number of investigations on the design and implementation of MAC protocols in WSNs.  ...  More number of time slots enables large number of node allocation but delivery latency enhances due to extended frame duration length.  ... 
doi:10.21817/ijet/2017/v9i6/170906129 fatcat:jjvmxqkeancbdbfowfy77tk6qe

New microcrystalline catalysts

John Meurig Thomas
1990 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series A Physical and Engineering Sciences  
Catalysts themselves, though they should in theory remain unchanged, are consumed during use, chiefly because of mechanical attrition.  ...  Plausible mechanisms of Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A (1990) 175 catalysed conversions abound, some commended by their immediacy, very few by their demonstrated veracity.  ...  At first, using relatively primitive molecular mechanics procedures (Thomas & Ramdas 1985; Ramdas et al. 1984; Wright et al. 1985) it was possib simple notions of shape selectivity, and then to estimate  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsta.1990.0158 fatcat:vl7g2ephbzagdp5z42dohh6dzq

Talking About Singularities [article]

Spiros Cotsakis
2007 arXiv   pre-print
In particular, we review some of the approaches to the general area and include discussions of the method of asymptotic splittings, singularity and completeness theorems and the use of the Bel-Robinson  ...  We discuss some aspects of recent research as well as more general issues about motivation, useful methods and open problems in the field of cosmological singularities.  ...  the singularity structure of the spacetimes in question.  ... 
arXiv:gr-qc/0703084v1 fatcat:5qbdgd6o7rg2zje3sqimkpjyay

Darkened Counsel: The Problem of Evil in Bergson's Metaphysics of Integral Experience

Anthony Paul Smith
2016 Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy  
A theodical structure is one that, at bottom, justifies the experience of suffering by way of a concept of the whole or some concept that functions to subsume everything within it.  ...  This essay presents a counter-narrative to that reading by looking to the place of the problem of evil within his integral metaphysics.  ...  Written in the aftermath of World War I and before the next wave of mass suffering, Bergson turns to the problem of mechanization and the way that science had been captured by the demand to create machines  ... 
doi:10.5195/jffp.2016.774 fatcat:lgzfbqqeb5c3rkk63xdwdtfmly
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