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Coverings of transfinite matrices

Mordecai Lewin
1974 Journal of combinatorial theory. Series A  
This theorem is a consequence of the canonical form for bipartite graphs offinite exterior dimension (in the language of matrices: a matrix which admits of a finite cover) established by Dulmage and Mendelsohn  ...  Subsets of a Cartesian product X x Y, where X and Y are arbitrary sets, are considered as a generalization of incidence matrices.  ...  It is the purpose of this paper to investigate some properties of matrices for which the restriction as to the finiteness of the cover has been discarded.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0097-3165(74)90039-9 fatcat:h5nac3rqx5cgbofkujegb7u43e

Page 8051 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2003j [page]

2003 Mathematical Reviews  
pertaining to \ operation) as the cardinal of a set covering the events related to A.  ...  Furthermore, the elements of matrices D and W are computed in a demand-driven way, which can reduce the required memory capacity.  ... 

Book Review: Rekursive Funktionen

S. C. Kleene
1952 Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  
But the part dealing with the special theory is especially complete, and the latter chapters of this part contain material not covered or covered only summarily in the literature.  ...  associated with the transfinite ordinals of Cantor's second number class.  ... 
doi:10.1090/s0002-9904-1952-09607-5 fatcat:i5lhotxxvrekdhzvziwyitsnbq

Computational Aspects of Heat Transfer in Structures via Transfinite-Element Formulation

Kumar K. Tamma, Sudhir B. Railkar
1988 Journal of thermophysics and heat transfer  
The ar- rangement forms an upper and lower cover of triangular networks separated by a tetrahedron core. The data assumed for the computation of the thermal response are shown in Fig. 2.  ...  The comparative temperature his- Exact/Transfinite Convent ional/Consistent Linear/Transfinite Convent ional /Lumped Fig. 1 Comparative thermal response of structural member with combined heai- transfer  ... 
doi:10.2514/3.56221 fatcat:4bd5owrqpnaqnjgruxmi2ysmfa

Page 150 of Mathematics Teacher Vol. 54, Issue 3 [page]

1961 Mathematics Teacher  
These lectures covered such topics as probability, simple harmonic motion, Fibonacci series and matrices, and transfinite numbers. METHOD AND PROCEDURE Subjects.  ...  Topics considered were basic op- erations with matrices, the algebra of two- by-two matrices (fields and rings), inver- sion of matrices, the determinant function, isomorphism between complex numbers and  ... 

Page 344 of American Mathematical Society. Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society Vol. 48, Issue 5 [page]

1942 American Mathematical Society. Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  
Their development does not cover the case of a matrix whose minimum equation has repeated roots, but what they do give illustrates the general ideas and includes many classes of matrices important in other  ...  The chapter closes with a survey of the theory of similarity of matrices.  ... 

Page 1724 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 55, Issue 6 [page]

1978 Mathematical Reviews  
The paper under review is a short survey of some properties of the Schur complement, covering mainly results due to Crabtree, Haynsworth, Ostrowski, Carlson, and Schneider, together with a discussion of  ...  If A and B are arbitrary matrices of the same size, then A o B is the Hadamard product of A and B. The main result of this paper is that if A and B are M-matrices of the same size, then A o B~!  ... 

Page 972 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 12, Issue 11 [page]

1951 Mathematical Reviews  
CONTINUUM, PROBLEM OF. numbers). See: sets (transfinite CONVERGENCEIN MEAN.  ...  . _ See: algebra: linear (matrices; _ special matrices); numerical methods (systems of linear equations).  ... 

Page 914 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 45, Issue 4 [page]

1973 Mathematical Reviews  
The author deals mainly with packing and covering problems for families of matroids defined on the same set of elements.  ...  number of Hadamard- inequivalent matrices of order a power of 2.  ... 

Page 601 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 6, Issue 11 [page]

1945 Mathematical Reviews  
CONTINUUM, PROBLEM OF. See: sets (transfinite num- bers). CONVERGENCEIN MEAN.  ...  A. 390 Graf, U. 166 Fabricius-Bjerre,F. 321 Pratelli, G. 390 DETERMINANTS. _ See: algebra: linear (matrices; special matrices); numerical methods (systems of linear equations). DIFFERENCES: FINITE.  ... 

Page 165 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 12, Issue 3 [page]

1951 Mathematical Reviews  
It seeks rather to develop the theory of vectors, tensors, matrices, and linear operators in a unified fashion, and to point the way to the manifold applications of the theory.  ...  It covers a wide range of mathematical and physical topics, beginning in a completely elementary way with an account of Cartesian axes in Euclidean 3-space and ending with an introduction to linear operators  ... 

Page 302 of School Science and Mathematics Vol. 42, Issue 365 [page]

1942 School Science and Mathematics  
302 SCHOOL SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS The Algebra of Matrices; Linear Groups; Algebra of Classes; Transfinite Arithmetic; Rings and Ideals; Galois Theory.  ...  Pages xvi+335, tables to accompany, paper, 28 pages, in pocket on back cover. 14X21 cm. Prentice-Hall, Inc., New York, N. Y. Price $3.50. The material covered is not usually found in a single volume.  ... 

Page 129 of Technical Book Review Index Vol. 40, Issue 4 [page]

1974 Technical Book Review Index  
probability and statistics, vectors and matrices, mathematical induction, cardinal numbers — finite and transfinite, and Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry.”  ...  “The book systematically covers a wide range, APRIL, 1974 Pure Sciences apart from the intentional omission of tele- scopes and astronomical instrumentation.  ... 

Page 4202 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 88h [page]

1988 Mathematical Reviews  
Proofs are based on the method of transfinite induction.  ...  I. (2-MOSC) On the transversality of preimages of mappings and the representation of sets of degenerate matrices as images. (Russian) Uspekhi Mat. Nauk 42 (1987), no. 2(254), 217-218.  ... 

Nonlinear transient heat transfer and thermoelastic analysis of thick-walled FGM cylinder with temperature-dependent material properties using Hermitian transfinite element

Mohammad Azadi, Mahboobeh Azadi
2009 Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology  
Another novelty of the present paper is simultaneous use of the transfinite element method and updating technique.  ...  Nonlinear transient heat transfer and thermoelastic stress analyses of a thick-walled FGM cylinder with temperaturedependent materials are performed by using the Hermitian transfinite element method.  ...  Tanigawa [2] presented an extensive review that covered a wide range of topics from thermoelastic to thermo-inelastic problems.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12206-009-0716-6 fatcat:2iqoj3mflrco5gvpf7gp57pdj4
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