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Estimating Building Construction Costs by Production Processes

M. V. Montes, R. M. Falcon, A. Ramírez-de-Arellano
2014 Open Construction & Building Technology Journal  
Unlike the model of construction work units, the most widespread estimate model in Spain, the POP model comprises all construction costs in a direct way by identifying the production processes involved  ...  The knowledge of real expected costs of construction works is a necessary condition for contractors to submit competitive tenders and for developers to be aware of the magnitude of their investment.  ...  a research and teaching training grant of the Andalusian Government to the corresponding author, published in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Government number 100 of the 28 th of May of 2003 by  ... 
doi:10.2174/1874836801408010171 fatcat:dsvdieq7prgkfauxudg76jrtu4

Cost Effective House by Using Various Construction Techniques and Materials

2011 Indian Journal Of Applied Research  
Low cost housing technologies aim to cut down construction cost by using alternatives to conventional methods and Input.  ...  It was found that about 26.11% and 22.68% of the construction cost, including material and labor cost, can be saved by using the low cost housing technologies in comparison with traditional construction  ...  Conclusion As explained by using various alternative materials cost of Construction will reduce up to 19%. By using various technologies as explained the cost reduction is up to 20 to 30 %.  ... 
doi:10.15373/2249555x/apr2014/58 fatcat:4bkzqoocirheja4kkoyditavam

A Review of Optimization Cost in Infrastructure Construction by Improving Construction Methods

Miss. Snehal Chougule
2021 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Cost optimization is an important issue in construction project management. It is mostly used by contractors and needs to carry out throughout the life of a construction project.  ...  In the construction projects, cost and time are the main aspects to be considered in the planning of every project.  ...  As we had reduced the overall cost by 6.98 % and the overall duration by 7.71 %.  ... 
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2021.33189 fatcat:2gfu3wpddrck7pft662o4anqwq

Reducing the construction cost of the component-by-component construction of good lattice rules

J. Dick, F. Y. Kuo
2003 Mathematics of Computation  
To construct d-dimensional rules, the shifts were generated randomly and the generating vectors were constructed component-by-component at a cost of O(n 2 d 2 ) operations.  ...  We still generate the shifts randomly but we modify the algorithm so that the cost of constructing the, now two, generating vectors component-by-component is only O(n(p + q)d 2 ) operations.  ...  If, for example, n = 10 6 , then the cost is reduced by a factor of about a thousand. This reduction in cost allows the construction of rules with millions of points.  ... 
doi:10.1090/s0025-5718-03-01610-7 fatcat:duuadxv6vng6jerclkg5umzvvq

Assessment of Construction Cost Saving by Concrete Mixing the Activator Material

Tae Kim
2016 Sustainability  
to which the economic value of the construction period reduction was evaluated.  ...  Studies which reduce cement usage, develop an alternative by partial replacement of cement with blast-furnace slag, fly ash, or such industrial byproducts, and evaluate the environmental load and economic  ...  Acknowledgments: This research was supported by a grant (Code 11-Technology Innovation-F04) from Construction Technology Research Program (CTIP) funded by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport  ... 
doi:10.3390/su8040403 fatcat:dyrmx46wavgu5jel2wntvxti3i

Contracts. Construction. Price Determined by Buyer's Satisfaction with Items of Cost

1935 Harvard Law Review  
CoNTRACTS — CONSTRUCTION — PRICE DETERMINED BY BUYER’S SATISFAC- TION WITH ITEMs or Cost.— The plaintiff contracted with the defendant’s assignor and agent to supply stationery to the defendant at fixed  ...  Ris- ing costs to the plaintiff induced a modification of the terms of compensation to cost of production plus percentages of profit.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1332617 fatcat:7futwtbdxza35igqawrwlxonqm

Selection of construction machine by considering time-cost trade-off problem

Önder Halis Bettemir, İnönü University, Engin Özdemir, Didem Eren Sarıcı
2021 Journal of Construction Engineering Management & Innovation  
Developed system estimates the ripper outputs of the dozers by using ripper production charts, cost and duration of the earthwork task is computed and likelihoods of the feasibility of the construction  ...  Developed system takes the construction duration into account and solves time-cost trade-off problem for the selection of the best construction machine.  ...  Explained procedure provides the direct construction cost, however total cost of construction is also affected by overhead costs.  ... 
doi:10.31462/jcemi.2021.03173186 fatcat:czlzlgqf25ccbikprtajmtghea

Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate in Yemen by Artificial Neural Network

Waled Hakami, Awad Hassan
2019 Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management  
The construction industry in Yemen is currently facing challenges associated with rapid development of technology; thus, cost estimation is considered a key factor that should align with this technological  ...  The aim of this study is to analyse a modern method of preliminary cost estimation in Yemen to prove its efficiency over the traditional method.  ...  performing estimations of construction costs.  ... 
doi:10.2478/bjreecm-2019-0007 fatcat:u3mj6k7nenhxjds6lj3bqt2i4a

Pit Construction by Ant-Lion Larvae: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

D. Griffiths
1986 Journal of Animal Ecology  
Journal of Animal Ecology (1986), 55, 39-57 PIT CONSTRUCTION BY ANT-LION LARVAE: A COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS By D. GRIFFITHS Zoology Department, P.O.  ...  A few behaviours, found in large larvae, are not predicted by the cost-benefit model but probably result from the larvae achieving their developmental goals and consequently reducing energy expenditure  ... 
doi:10.2307/4691 fatcat:xefgx3c4gfehboa7ozeintbjhu

Transport construction cost management by rational organizational and technological solutions

Oleksandr Meneylyuk, Aleksey Nikiforov, Ivan Meneylyuk
2020 Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies  
costly (cost increase by 2.91-3.36 %); -for dispersed facilities, the use of attracted equipment is less costly (cost reduction by 0.6-3.17 %), for closely located -own (cost reduction by 4.6-7.58 %).  ...  Introduction The relevance of management of construction costs by optimizing organizational and technological solutions of transport construction is due to the main three reasons.  ... 
doi:10.15587/1729-4061.2020.205117 fatcat:i45pveqptjdo7njsunvdb42ckq

Representing the Knowledge of Public Construction Project Cost Estimator by Using Rule-Based Method

Abelrahman Osman Elfaki, Saleh Alatawi
2015 Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research  
The main question concerns what human knowledge determines the success of the construction cost estimation process.  ...  Despite the presence of various construction project cost estimate softwares, human experience and knowledge cannot be disregarded.  ...  Hail, funded by the Saudi Binladin Constructions Group.  ... 
doi:10.4236/jbcpr.2015.34019 fatcat:ht3b7hk6effy5al2ub3zhrtl7u

Project scheduling by FGP to Time-Cost-Quality trade off: construction case study

Najmeh Faregh, Saeedeh Ketabi, Mahsa Ghandehari
2014 Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management  
Finally the model was verified by a construction case study with 22 activities along with solving by GAMS.  ...  The project cost was calculated by the price of renewable resources and the quality criteria were evaluated by the quality function deployment method (QFD).  ...  FGP to Time-Cost-Quality trade off: construction case study  ... 
doi:10.6106/jcepm.2014.4.3.053 fatcat:pzwbaiekxbg3ljtlwspkwfdxwm

Assessing of Modern Machinaries used by Large Scale Construction Firms for High Cost Construction Projects

Construction industry has been following method for managing these risks and issues to be arising from a project.  ...  The Construction area has consistently been progressively to this financial development which all in all is an exceptionally divided industry.  ...  Sathish Kumar Assessing of Modern Machinaries Used By Large Scale Construction Firms for High Cost Construction Projects Assessing of Modern Machinaries used by Large Scale Construction Firms for High  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijitee.b1061.1292s419 fatcat:3mir3i43wbbw7ilyynnd7sgl3a

Fitness costs restrict niche expansion by generalist niche-constructing pathogens

Julien Lang, Armelle Vigouroux, Abbas El Sahili, Anthony Kwasiborski, Magali Aumont-Nicaise, Yves Dessaux, Jacqui Anne Shykoff, Solange Moréra, Denis Faure
2016 The ISME Journal  
The evolved nocR bacteria had higher fitness than their ancestor in octopine-rich transgenic plants but lower fitness in tumors induced by octopine-type pathogens.  ...  We also demonstrated that a single nucleotide polymorphism in the nocR gene was sufficient to allow octopine assimilation by nopaline-type strains even in absence of nopaline.  ...  Acknowledgements JL, AV, AK, SM and DF was supported by CNRS (Mission pour l'interdisciplinarité, Agromics 2014-2016) and ANR-Blanc SENSOR (ANR-12-BSV8-0003-01/02/03), and AES by a PhD-grant of the University  ... 
doi:10.1038/ismej.2016.137 pmid:27801902 pmcid:PMC5270578 fatcat:deyzxrejh5espidfooihmo2ihy

Reducing construction costs by optimizing fencing structures on the example of block-modular buildings

M. N Chekardovskij, T. S Zhilina, K. V Afonin, K. P Guseva
2021 Construction and Geotechnics  
The introduction of modernized (improved) and new technologies is necessary to improve the quality of construction with a reasonable reduction in costs and terms of block-complete construction (BCS).  ...  On the example of a research object, the choice of enclosing structures is presented in order to reduce capital costs.  ...  The introduction of modernized (improved) and new technologies is necessary to improve the quality of construction with a reasonable reduction in costs and terms of blockcomplete construction (BCS).  ... 
doi:10.15593/2224-9826/2021.2.06 fatcat:i2mofznwpran7l4ntqqwbilgkm
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