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Current status of neuroimaging research on vestibular functions

Takashi Hanakawa
2012 Equilibrium Research  
of electric or caloric stimulation.  ...  Studies have also revealed anatomo-functional reorganization of non-vestibular cortical areas (such as visual or somatosensory cortices) in peripheral vestibular disorders.  ...  .: Cortical representation of saccular ves- tibular stimulation: VEMPs in fMRI.  ... 
doi:10.3757/jser.71.115 fatcat:5ux3lfwdwjduxnnw65xyenqvwm

The human vestibular cortex revealed by coordinate-based activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis

C. Lopez, O. Blanke, F.W. Mast
2012 Neuroscience  
The vestibular cortex can be defined as the network of all cortical areas receiving inputs from the vestibular system, including areas where vestibular signals influence the processing of other sensory  ...  The only area of convergence between all three methods of stimulation was located in Ri.  ...  Exploring the constraints of embodiment & the limits of body representation'').  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroscience.2012.03.028 pmid:22516007 fatcat:ytdmfg4uure35bjnr5nxe7elaa

Vestibular-Evoked Cerebral Potentials

Estelle Nakul, Fabrice Bartolomei, Christophe Lopez
2021 Frontiers in Neurology  
Yet, vestibular EPs of brainstem, cerebellar, and cortical origin have been reported as early as the 1960s.  ...  Generators were consistently found in the parieto-insular and temporo-parietal junction—the core of the vestibular cortex—as well as in the prefrontal and frontal areas, superior parietal, and temporal  ...  Magnetic vestibular stimulation can be used as vestibular stimulation in conjunction with resting-state fMRI or fMRI studies of cognitive processes.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2021.674100 pmid:34621231 pmcid:PMC8490637 fatcat:g4a3ssy34fat3e7mtdje7gjjnq

Mal de Debarquement

Yoon-Hee Cha
2009 Seminars in neurology  
Increased recognition of MdD in a persistent pathological form occurred after the publication of a case series of six patients by Brown and Baloh in 1987.  ...  Although several studies have shown that brief periods of MdD are common in healthy individuals, this otherwise natural phenomenon can become persistent in some individuals and lead to severe balance problems  ...  The more commonly used vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP) test, which involves a series of loud clicks to activate an inhibitory saccular-cervical pathway, 32 has been used clinically by many  ... 
doi:10.1055/s-0029-1241038 pmid:19834863 pmcid:PMC2846419 fatcat:5yz4c4of7rezndajsnaxmgfvmm

Vestibular function and cortical and sub-cortical alterations in an aging population

Athira Jacob, Daniel J. Tward, Susan Resnick, Paul F. Smith, Christophe Lopez, Elliott Rebello, Eric X. Wei, J. Tilak Ratnanather, Yuri Agrawal
2020 Heliyon  
Moreover, a growing number of epidemiological studies are demonstrating a link between vestibular dysfunction and cognitive deficits in older adults; however, the exact pathways through which vestibular  ...  In this cross-sectional study, we sought to identify relationships between vestibular function and variation in morphometry in brain structures from structural neuroimaging.  ...  Although a functional link has been made between vestibular stimulation and fMRI amygdala activation [83, 84] , our study is among the first to our knowledge to report an association between vestibular  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2020.e04728 pmid:32904672 pmcid:PMC7457317 fatcat:ekugme4gkbbovdeeu7ckix2wrq

Abstracts: XXII Bárány Society Meeting

2002 Journal of Vestibular Research-Equilibrium & Orientation  
This sums with gravity to tilt the gravito-inertial acceleration (GIA) vector in the subject's roll plane into the turn, inducing corresponding head tilts.  ...  When turning a corner there is a low-frequency linear acceleration experienced due to the centripetal acceleration directed towards the center of the turn.  ...  In a first experiment fMRI was used to measure multisensory cortical signal increases and decreases during GVS at the mastoid level in 13 healthy volunteers.  ... 
doi:10.3233/ves-2002-113-513 fatcat:hp5dbv6k2rdx3gosfw6zdgzoza

Oral sessions

2014 Journal of Vestibular Research-Equilibrium & Orientation  
An fMRI cervico-visual interaction may thus substitute the known visuo-vestibular interaction reported in normal subject fMRI studies.  ...  As for the otolithic function, recently emerging cervical vestibular-evoked myogenic potential (cVEMP) and ocular VEMP (oVEMP) tests have been widely adopted in clinical practice for evaluating the saccular  ...  Motion sensors mounted on a rotatory chair allowed motion-induced modulation of the amplitude of a baseline electrical stimulation of the posterior (PAN) or superior (SAN) ampullary nerve.  ... 
doi:10.3233/ves-140516 pmid:24837206 fatcat:bn4poll2njcjlbytqhpt3ni3le

37th Meeting of the Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences

2002 Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences  
compared with a RR of 1.0 (0.6-1.9) in the low ASPECTS group.  ...  This observation requires confirmation but suggests that ASPECTS can be both a useful clinical tool and an important method of baseline risk stratification in future clinical trials of acute stroke therapy  ...  Colebatch, {Sydney, Australia) Background: Vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials (VEMPs) to intense clicks and tones, recorded from the sternomastoid muscles (SCM) are of saccular origin and require integrity  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0317167100049775 fatcat:j5rigejlgbhpzgev3esb4cq4em