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Correlation Complexity of Classical Planning Domains

Jendrik Seipp, Florian Pommerening, Gabriele Röger, Malte Helmert
We analyze conditions under which the search algorithm runs in polynomial time and show complexity results for several classical planning domains.  ...  As a case study, we examine functions that evaluate states with a weighted sum of state features. We measure the complexity of a domain by the complexity of the required features.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) as part of the project "Reasoning about Plans and Heuristics for Planning and Combinatorial Search" (RAPAHPACS).  ... 
doi:10.5451/unibas-ep45249 fatcat:47fgphsgy5fkhb4tagci2yz2w4

An Improved Prediction Model Based on Grey Clustering Analysis Method and its Application in Power Load Forecasting

Wang Ya
2015 International Journal of Control and Automation  
Secondly, it categorizes samples according to features of prediction subjects and confirms the analysis categories corresponding to the classical domain.  ...  Firstly, it constructs the grey classical domain and the grey sector domain based on prediction subjects and data and according to relevant theory about grey clustering analysis.  ...  of Heterogeneous Internet of Things.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijca.2015.8.9.37 fatcat:tf2avgyrfbdmhmfnuzxbgfgh3q

Forthcoming Papers

2003 Artificial Intelligence  
Helmert, Complexity results for standard benchmark domains in planning The efficiency of AI planning systems is usually evaluated empirically.  ...  Unlike most of the classical work in scheduling, our algorithms focus on the precedence relations between activities rather than on their absolute position in time.  ...  Helmert, Complexity results for standard benchmark domains in planning The efficiency of AI planning systems is usually evaluated empirically.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0004-3702(02)00392-2 fatcat:p7t7elwpqfaibltbci7l6o26ei

Jazz musicians reveal role of expectancy in human creativity

Emily Przysinda, Tima Zeng, Kellyn Maves, Cameron Arkin, Psyche Loui
2017 Brain and Cognition  
The amplitudes of these ERP components were significantly correlated with behavioral measures of fluency and originality on the divergent thinking task.  ...  We compare jazz improvisers, non-improvising musicians, and non-musicians in the domain-general task of divergent thinking, as well as the musical task of preference ratings for chord progressions that  ...  These neural measures of expectations in a musical context are correlated with measures of domain-general creativity.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bandc.2017.09.008 pmid:29028508 fatcat:ftkux4vyw5ew7hu46djqlylqwq

A Teaching Quality Guarantee Model of Talents Training in Colleges and Universities Based on Grey Correlation Analysis

Yan Wang
2015 International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology  
Then, the state sets of the teaching quality guarantee analysis and classical domains are discussed.  ...  There are many things to consider in teaching activities of colleges and universities. Teaching quality guarantee involves complex system engineering.  ...  State Sets and Classical Domain Table7.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijhit.2015.8.6.24 fatcat:khwgdymzezaq7af7hmsiuopjbm

Representation and Synthesis of C++ Programs for Generalized Planning [article]

Javier Segovia-Aguas, Yolanda E-Martín, Sergio Jiménez
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Characterizing the complexity of C++ generalized plans enables the application of a combinatorial search that enumerates the space of possible GP solutions in order of complexity.  ...  Our C++ representation allows to formally proving the termination of generalized plans, and to specifying their asymptotic complexity w.r.t. the number of world objects.  ...  This is a relevant topic beyond GP, since it allows defining formal upperbounds on the complexity of the (possibly infinite) set of instances of a classical planning domain. 2.  ... 
arXiv:2206.14480v1 fatcat:4wemsdjidbaazjxpn3z6w5nhoa

Extending the Applications of Recent Real-Time Heuristic Search

Daniel Huntley, Vadim Bulitko
We present our initial progress in characterizing the performance of current algorithms based on the features of a search space, and discuss future directions of this research.  ...  For example, suboptimality of kNN LRTA* was observed to be most strongly correlated to the complexity measure hill-climbing (HC) probability, with a correlation coefficient of ρ = −0.95.  ...  We would like to further these results by showing that the correlation we demonstrated between realtime search performance and our collected complexity measures persist across this domain.  ... 
doi:10.1609/aaai.v25i1.8060 fatcat:7ejxp6if4fbvpjeg7enjnezp5y

Forthcoming papers

1996 Artificial Intelligence  
Greiner, PALO: a probabilistic hill-climbing algorithm Many learning systems search through a space of possible performance elements, seeking an element whose expected utility, over the distribution of  ...  This paper addresses the task of approximating this hillclimbing search when the utility function can only be estimated by sampling.  ...  The complexity of reasoning in this framework reduces to the complexity of a special validity problem of the logic and we obtain various tractability/decidability results.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0004-3702(96)90005-3 fatcat:fvhmrv34jzbhbjdzed63fyrvnm

High-Dimensional Shared Nearest Neighbor Clustering Algorithm [chapter]

Jian Yin, Xianli Fan, Yiqun Chen, Jiangtao Ren
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Clustering results often critically depend on density and similarity, and its complexity often changes along with the augment of sample dimensionality.  ...  In this paper, we refer to classical shared nearest neighbor clustering algorithm (SNN), and provide a high-dimensional shared nearest neighbor clustering algorithm (DSNN).  ...  of Science and Technology Plan Project in Guangzhou City(2002Z3-E0017).  ... 
doi:10.1007/11540007_60 fatcat:ncywz2ilgfbcncwwjyvztljkky

New Concepts for Knowledge based Cataract Surgery Assistance - A First Clinical Approach

Klaus-Peter Scherer, Constantin Rieder, C. Henninger, Joachim Baumeister, Jochen Reutelshöfer
2013 Proceedings of the 8th International Joint Conference on Software Technologies  
Especially for complicated and complex interventions the computer-based system will be a helpful tool. The system has to guarantee a fast and efficient access to all operation relevant information.  ...  The result of such a concept should be an enhancement of operational quality and so an enhancement of the patient contentment. This means a very important factor for the human life quality.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The research and development of the proposed cataract surgical assistance system is funded by the national economical government of Germany.  ... 
doi:10.5220/0004516100640068 dblp:conf/icsoft/SchererRHBR13 fatcat:r4ixseevszb7hdx4nusd5sh6sq

Optical correlation of images with signal-dependent noise using constrained-modulation filter devices

John D. Downie
1995 Applied Optics  
Of course we know the forms of the general complex filters that maximize Eqs. (24) and (25) by having solved for them in the space domain.  ...  Because the optimal frequency-domain filters were, in general, complex valued, it was implicitly assumed that the correlation operation would be performed digitally or that holographic filters  ... 
doi:10.1364/ao.34.003896 pmid:21052212 fatcat:dwu3uacxnbg5vhedfwf3vw36r4

Application of Conflict Analysis in Extensive Data Mining

Jiajun Zhu, Jianguo Zheng
2012 Procedia Engineering  
Secondly, support and believability, conflict and extensibility of data under uncertainty are built through the union of correlation and belief function.  ...  At last,an example is used to demonstrate the accuracy and the reliability of conflict resolution and rule-based reasoning of complex relationship problems in extensive data mining.  ...  T so that 0 ) ( 'ˆ> = ij A T k u k T y Through the transformation of the classical domain, "quantity" and "quality" of elements in the extension domain are interchangeable.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2012.01.060 fatcat:6hpe36v6efgyrln4zyu2xpxlsy

Page 4307 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 80, Issue 10 [page]

1993 Psychological Abstracts  
- tion and description of cognitive abilities « Abilities in the domain of language « Abilities in the domain of reasoning « Abilities in the domain of memory and learning « Abilities in the domain of  ...  visual perception « Abilities in the domain of au- ditory reception « Abilities in the domain of idea production « Abilities in the domain of cognitive speed « Abilities in the domain of knowledge and  ... 

TASKOGRAPHY: Evaluating robot task planning over large 3D scene graphs [article]

Christopher Agia, Krishna Murthy Jatavallabhula, Mohamed Khodeir, Ondrej Miksik, Vibhav Vineet, Mustafa Mukadam, Liam Paull, Florian Shkurti
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We observe that, among existing methods, neither classical nor learning-based planners are capable of real-time planning over full 3DSGs.  ...  Towards the former goal, we propose SCRUB, a task-conditioned 3DSG sparsification method; enabling classical planners to match and in some cases surpass state-of-the-art learning-based planners.  ...  version of this manuscript.  ... 
arXiv:2207.05006v1 fatcat:36qxea3gmjbivjucxc2zvphmb4

Varying Approaches to Readability Measurement

Jeanne S. Chall
1996 Revue québécoise de linguistique  
Classic readability has tended to measure aspects of word difficulty and sentence complexity.  ...  A comparison of these ratings with the classic Lorge readability formula resulted in a substantial positive correlation between the two, see Chali (1958) .  ... 
doi:10.7202/603125ar fatcat:gpw2y6kp7rbkzip3aiinoqr4um
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