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A review of methods for input/output selection

Marc van de Wal, Bram de Jager
2001 Automatica  
Control system design involves input/output (IO) selection, that is, decisions on the number, the place, and the type of actuators and sensors. The choice of inputs and outputs a!  ...  A set of criteria is proposed that a good IO selection method should possess. It is used to assess and compare the methods and it could be used as a guideline for new methods.  ...  One degree-of-freedom (DOF) control system set-up often assumed for IO selection; plant P, controller K, reference r, disturbance d, and sensor noise v.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0005-1098(00)00181-3 fatcat:7qdajnebbrdfniq3px3a72wdwe

Page 5294 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 97H [page]

1997 Mathematical Reviews  
To demonstrate the effectiveness of the con- trol we consider a mechanical system with 2 degrees of freedom where the masses are elastically coupled.  ...  The system and input matrices characterizing the state-space representation of the original linear uncertain system with time-delay inputs are assumed to be uncertain matrices.  ... 

Wassily Leontief and the Discovery of the Input-Output Approach

Olav Bjerkholt
2016 Social Science Research Network  
Wassily Leontief and the discovery of the input-output approach This series is published by the  ...  Thus while Leontief let Gardiner Means publish the 1929 input-output table (presumable with the permission of the Harvard Committee) but he took in return the title of his own monograph from that the National  ...  The title of the publication edited by Gardiner Means was The Structure of the American Economy (National Resources Committee 1939).  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2884686 fatcat:etotouhxnzgtnjwxx5fqz7leta

Nonlinear Digital-Based Control of Nonlinear System

Amirzubir Sahamijoo, Farzin Piltan, Ali Taghizadegan, Rouhollah Bahrami, Hossein Rashidi Bod, Somayeh Jowkar, Nasri. B Sulaiman
2017 International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology  
Functional based feedback linearization is a combined nonlinear, stable, robust and reliable controller.  ...  Complexities of the tasks caused to design mechanical architectures, nonlinear behavior, uncertain dynamic formulation and strong coupling effects between joints therefore, control of these systems is  ...  Figure 1 shows an open loop input-output response. Methodology Pure feedback linearization method is a nonlinear and reliable controller.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijast.2017.102.02 fatcat:glxcs56tsjcq7awyniykkuenzy

New Developments in Sliding Mode Control and Its Applications

Ligang Wu, Rongni Yang, Guanghui Sun, Xudong Zhao, Peng Shi
2014 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Mao applies a two-loop control strategy based on the input-output feedback linearization and the integral sliding mode technique to D-STATCOM for unbalanced load compensation, while "Sliding mode control  ...  "Stability analysis of a class of second order sliding mode control including delay in input" by P. R. Acosta deals with the stability problems for a class of second order sliding mode systems.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the authors for their remarkable contributions in assisting us.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/481419 fatcat:6imzei5avzd5vkun5sqll7hry4

Page 7934 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 97M [page]

1997 Mathematical Reviews  
drawn from a certain large set can be uniformly approx- imated arbitrarily well using a structure consisting of a linear preprocessing stage followed by a memoryless nonlinear network.  ...  Available degrees of freedom are given up in order to optimize performance; the results of the paper are illustrated by means of numerical examples.” 97m:93024 93B30 41A30 68U10 Sandberg, Irwin W. (1-TX-H  ... 


Leonid Fridman, Denis Efimov, Salah Laghrouche
2021 International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control  
for a class of single-input-single-output uncertain nonlinear systems. 3376  ...  The application of the theory of homogeneity also ensures the control systems and observers with such useful properties as • finite-time or nearly fixed-time convergence, whose introduction allows the  ...  Fridman propose an algorithm for "Robust global stabilization of a class of underactuated mechanical systems of two degrees of freedom" generating a continuous homogeneous controller that ensures a theoretically  ... 
doi:10.1002/rnc.5549 fatcat:dgsjorxk2faqjktrnoafdt6o7q

U-Model-Based Two-Degree-of-Freedom Internal Model Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

Ruobing Li, Quanmin Zhu, Pritesh Narayan, Alex Yue, Yufeng Yao, Mingcong Deng
2021 Entropy  
This paper proposes a U-Model-Based Two-Degree-of-Freedom Internal Model Control (UTDF-IMC) structure with strength in nonlinear dynamic inversion, and separation of tracking design and robustness design  ...  For initial benchmark testing, computational experiments are conducted using MATLAB/Simulink for two mismatched linear and nonlinear plants.  ...  Acknowledgments: The first author is grateful to the partial PhD studentship from the Engineering Modeling and Simulation Research Group of the University of the West of England, UK.  ... 
doi:10.3390/e23020169 pmid:33573073 pmcid:PMC7911916 fatcat:vmmklgniwrfwpozgf5eednxpbq

U-Model Based 2DoF Multi-Variable IMC for Improved Input-Disturbance Rejection: A Case Study on a 2-Link Robot Manipulator

Syed Saad Azhar Ali, Fouad M. AL-Sunni, M. Shafiq
2011 International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems  
A 2-degree-of-freedom internal model control strategy based on U-model is presented for an unknown multivariable nonlinear systems.  ...  The proposed algorithm focuses the case where the noise is added at the input of the system and makes use of a local disturbance rejector.  ...  However, the second degree of freedom added in this scheme rejects the noise that enters at the input of the system.  ... 
doi:10.5772/45689 fatcat:dqqcmfym4fccvo7llmu2itv7qy

A Novel Modified Super-Twisting Control Augmented Feedback Linearization for Wearable Robotic Systems Using Time Delay Estimation

Brahim Brahmi, Ibrahim El Bojairami, Tanvir Ahmed, Asif Al Zubayer Swapnil, Mohammad AssadUzZaman, Inga Wang, Erin McGonigle, Mohammad Habibur Rahman
2021 Micromachines  
The control scheme is based on the modified super-twisting method, input/output feedback linearization, and time delay approach.  ...  The control scheme aims to provide high performance and enhanced accuracy via limiting the effects brought by the presence of uncertain dynamics.  ...  This is achieved via two loops: the first is an inner loop designed to realize the linearization of the system input/output state relation and build a nonlinear control law.  ... 
doi:10.3390/mi12060597 pmid:34064248 fatcat:snjzjef47fdm7exki7pppnah3u

Digital Linear Quadratic Smith Predictor

Vladimir Bobal, Marek Kubalcik, Petr Dostal, Stanislav Talas
2014 ECMS 2014 Proceedings edited by: Flaminio Squazzoni, Fabio Baronio, Claudia Archetti, Marco Castellani  
The contribution is focused on a design of universal digital algorithm for control of great deal of processes with time-delay.  ...  The algorithms for control of individual processes influenced by external disturbance were verified. The program system MATLAB/SIMULINK was used for simulation of designed algorithms.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This article was created with support of Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), national budget of Czech  ... 
doi:10.7148/2014-0254 dblp:conf/ecms/BobalKDT14 fatcat:hxwyao3vqbhfjgpllbokot6324

The use of symbolic computation in nonlinear control: is it viable?

B. de Jager
1995 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control  
This note addresses the usefulness of symbolic computation, and of the NONLINCON package in particular, for the symbolic analysis and design of nonlinear control systems.  ...  A larger scale problem is too complex, however, to be solved with the current versions of NONLINCON and MAPLE.  ...  As a main result, they suggested a decentralized high-gain feedback scheme for model reference adaptive control (MRAC) of an uncertain interconnected system which is composed of single-input singleoutput  ... 
doi:10.1109/9.362897 fatcat:iuv7ysz5hvb3lowyonoyef5oxm

A Predictive Control Model for Master Slave Robotic Manipulator with RBF Neural Network

Youjian Lei
2021 North atlantic university union: International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing  
Therefore, a lot of uncertain factors must be considered when designing the control algorithm of manipulator system.  ...  As we all know, the manipulator is a MIMO nonlinear system, which has the characteristics of severe variable coupling, large time-varying amplitude of parameters and high degree of nonlinearity.  ...  The dynamic model of master/slave robot joint space with n-degree-of-freedom can be represented as The master/slave robot with 2-degree of freedom, two-link and rotary joints are studied in this paper  ... 
doi:10.46300/9106.2021.15.68 fatcat:fyso6hga35hv7ljloyvlth3w2u

Two-Degree-of-Freedom PID Controller, Its Equivalent Forms and Special cases

Haresh A. Suthar
2015 IAES International Journal of Robotics and Automation  
<p>The design of control systems is a multi-objective problem so, a two-degree-of-freedom (abbreviated as 2DOF) control system naturally has advantages over a one degree- of-freedom (abbreviated as 1DOF  ...  A system transfer function having transport delay and load disturbance is considered as a test bench to verify various 2DOF control strategies.  ...  Input-delay Systems by using Input/output Linearization with A Two-degree-of-freedom Scheme [15] , Data-driven design of two-degree-of-freedom controllers using reinforcement learning techniques [16  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijra.v4i4.pp269-283 fatcat:hp5loopcqbd55bdugkq7jsjeim

Fuzzy modeling with multivariate membership functions: gray-box identification and control design

J. Abonyi, R. Babuska, F. Szeifert
2001 IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part B (Cybernetics)  
The proposed techniques are demonstrated by means of two benchmark examples: identification of the well-known Box-Jenkins gas furnace and inverse model-based control of a pH process.  ...  A novel framework for fuzzy modeling and model-based control design is described. The fuzzy model is of the Takagi-Sugeno (TS) type with constant consequents.  ...  The data set consists of pairs of input-output samples taken from a furnace with a sampling time of 9 s.  ... 
doi:10.1109/3477.956037 pmid:18244840 fatcat:uo7tmezmarfb7nbhe2j2lrhr5m
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