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Contextual Abduction and its Complexity Issues

Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Steffen Hölldobler, Tobias Philipp
2017 International Conference on Logic Programming and Non-Monotonic Reasoning  
In this paper, we investigate the effects of this extension and present some surprising results about the complexity issues of contextual abduction.  ...  In everyday life, it seems that we prefer some explanations for an observation over others because of our contextual background knowledge.  ...  Acknowledgements We are grateful to the constructive comments and ideas of the three reviewers. The Graduate Academy at TU Dresden supported Tobias Philipp.  ... 
dblp:conf/lpnmr/SaldanhaHP17a fatcat:n6i2zhxsjvbetmdxxzl3l2qh3u

Strategies and techniques for use and exploitation of Contextual Information in high-level fusion architectures

J Gomez-Romero, J Garcia, M Kandefer, James Llinas, J M Molina, M A Patricio, M Prentice, S C Shapiro
2010 2010 13th International Conference on Information Fusion  
This paper will discuss the role(s) of Contextual Information (CI) in a wide variety of IF applications to include AI, CA, Defense, and Cybersecurity among possible others, the issues involved in designing  ...  Contextual Information is proving to be not only an additional exploitable information source for improving entity and situational estimates in certain Information Fusion systems, but can also be the entire  ...  that this research activity is supported by a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) grant (Number W911NF-09-1-0392) for "Unified Research on Networkbased Hard/Soft Information Fusion", issued  ... 
doi:10.1109/icif.2010.5711859 fatcat:y5mwpxwmcvgzpb4nhhnjaznwpu

The Complexity of Contextual Abduction in Human Reasoning Tasks

Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Steffen Hölldobler, Tobias Philipp
2017 Young Scientists' International Workshop on Trends in Information Processing  
In particular, we present some interesting results about the complexity of contextual abduction.  ...  Recently, a contextual reasoning approach has been presented, which takes into account this contextual background and allows us to specify context within the logic.  ...  Complexity of Consistency of Contextual Abductive Problems A contextual abductive problem A = P , A,O is consistent if there is an explanation for O.  ... 
dblp:conf/ysip/SaldanhaHP17 fatcat:faq3rpg4lrgk5dl3ebbtm3n2r4


Muhammad Okky Ibrohim, Ari Saptawijaya
2019 Jurnal Ilmu Komputer dan Informasi  
Abduction (also called abductive reasoning) is a form of logical inference which starts with an observation and is followed by finding the best explanations.  ...  In this paper, we improve the tabling in contextual abduction technique with an advanced tabling feature of XSB Prolog, namely tabling with interned terms.  ...  Perkasa for his help in dealing with implementation issues.  ... 
doi:10.21609/jiki.v12i1.569 fatcat:nd4sgp2b4jg7ta4h4bcbivyv3i

Towards a generalized model of diagnostic behaviour

E.T. Keravnou, L. Johnson
1989 Knowledge-Based Systems  
The diagnostic model, however, has a second very important function: it forms part of a well founded and  ...  Its expression at more concrete levels is task dependent.  ...  Contextual abductive steps function to piece together the components of more complex and more diagnostically complete (global) hypotheses.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0950-7051(89)90021-x fatcat:hjeurijjtbdoblpdvjr3fwh4km

The Availability Heuristic and Inference to the Best Explanation

Michael J. Shaffer, Romanian Academy - Iasi Branch
2019 Logos & Episteme: An International Journal of Epistemology  
With this end in mind, a dynamic and contextual version of the erotetic model of explanation sufficient to ground this response is presented and defended.  ...  This allows us to search for deeper and more complex explanations as context changes and we are able to contend with greater complexity or become aware of new theories and evidence.  ...  This issue raises an aspect of explanation that has not received as much attention as it deserves from philosophers of science.  ... 
doi:10.5840/logos-episteme201910437 fatcat:ak3bw2ddh5fshpucbtsyw5eaeu


Eric Awich Ochen
2018 Chemchemi International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences  
This paper discusses the dynamics of development agencies' support to conflict-affected northern Uganda in the period between 2006 and 2012, and its implications for post-conflict recovery and development  ...  It is posited that donor priorities, interests and preferences other than government and non–state actors' interventions and situation of the target groups seem to be the driving force behind programme  ...  It is these challenges and development issues that this paper explores.  ... 
doi:10.33886/cijhs.v10i1.25 fatcat:xhaoix5dufacrd64fqpzsgqtxe

Page 434 of The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute Vol. 20, Issue 3 [page]

2014 The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute  
They insisted on contextualized and nuanced represen- tations and eschewed sweeping general conclusions, drawing attention to complexity and contingency.  ...  I found it very flawed on the methodological issues and I found that the quotes she gives in her report, it talks a lot about the circumstances of these — well not even circumstances — it tells a lot about  ... 

Qualitative/Quantitative Methodological Dilemma in Accounting Research: Whence and Whither?

Mostafa Kayed Mohamed, Abdelmoneim Bahyeldin Mohamed Metwally
2019 الفکر المحاسبى  
Findings The paper concludes that middle range solutions such as abductive reasoning and triangulation of both theory and methods increased the debate between the two blocks and despite of these debates  ...  It reports on how and why there is a debate regarding most relevant approach in the accounting research "quantitative and qualitative"; what are the solutions proposed; how the proposed solutions are affecting  ...  I also clarified certain issues related to the use of abduction, of these issues the emic/etic perspectives and how to combine them for better validation.  ... 
doi:10.21608/atasu.2019.49972 fatcat:mcmzpl4djvcibox2u5g2uubig4

On Explainable AI and Abductive Inference

Kyrylo Medianovskyi, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen
2022 Philosophies  
The paper argues that such decisions may be transferred from a human to an XAI agent, provided that its machine-learning (ML) algorithms perform genuinely abductive inferences.  ...  endowed with abduction.  ...  Conclusions It is not hard to picture what is at stake in these issues.  ... 
doi:10.3390/philosophies7020035 doaj:52d93a6b70484b71af40490b609fc839 fatcat:4iunmqppebcbtithyqb77hlqim

The Bloomsbury Companion to Contemporary Peircean Semiotics, edited by Tony Jappy

Li Li
2021 Signs and Media  
Readers may well find some critical issues and new applications of Peircean semiotics.  ...  Sara Barrena and Jaime Nubiola elaborate on abduction in both scientific and artistic creativity in 'Abduction: The Logic of Creativity' .  ...  The 'semiotic turn' , as Petrilli puts it, is aimed at the axiological order, thus emphasizing values, ethics, aesthetics, and ideology in sign studies.  ... 
doi:10.1163/25900323-12340007 fatcat:y2r2spidefekpc3gf7hdepos6i

Ontology-based context representation and reasoning for object tracking and scene interpretation in video

Juan Gómez-Romero, Miguel A. Patricio, Jesús García, José M. Molina
2011 Expert systems with applications  
We also explain how deductive and abductive reasoning is performed within the model to accomplish scene interpretation and tracking improvement.  ...  Most object tracking methods are based on statistical methods, which often result inadequate to process complex scenarios.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was supported in part by Projects CICYT TIN2008-06742-C02-02/TSI, CICYT TEC2008-06732-C02-02/TEC, SINPROB, CAM MADRINET S-0505/TIC/0255 and DPS2008-07029-C02-02.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2010.12.118 fatcat:kkoj3phxa5gntbt4dhccl2g7dy


Sudhakar VENUKAPALLI, The English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad, INDIA
2020 Pro Edu International Journal of Educational Sciences  
the central methodological issue.  ...  However, he stopped at it without laying bare the texture of the scientific problematic, a task which is very ably performed by Gutting and Richard Burian who have been taken the problem of discovery as  ...  Of course it is true that simplicity is an extremely complex notion.  ... 
doi:10.26520/peijes.2020.3.2.21-27 fatcat:swrdx7klujftdnlvhlcyu2647u

Ecological Counseling as an Integrative Cognitive Complexity Intervention Framework for Students with COVID-19 Pandemic-Caused Mental Health Challenges

Nanang E. Gunawan, Tamarine Foreman
2021 ProGCouns: Journal of Professionals in Guidance and Counseling  
Ecological counseling has been known for its principles of seeing individuals' mental health issues involving a broader milieu that allows counselors to understand clients according to their contextual  ...  complexity functions.Keywords: ecological counseling, cognitive complexity, COVID-19 mental health, counselors, Indonesia  ...  According to this view, working with clients with mental health issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic needs a contextual understanding by considering their environment and regulations.  ... 
doi:10.21831/progcouns.v2i2.42387 fatcat:k4lmyvx6rbecvifuy577lr4zki

The Information Continuum [chapter]

James A. Crowder, John N. Carbone, Shelli A. Friess
2013 Artificial Cognition Architectures  
Analysts could reach out and grab a set of data, rotate it through its axes, and perform automated analysis on the data while remaining within the system data flow.  ...  By the time a user had grabbed a time-slice of data, plotted it, and analyzed it, 100's of Gigabytes of data had passed through the system.  ...  The underlying issues and challenges facing Artificially Intelligent systems today are not new.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-8072-3_2 fatcat:eu723ul4tffnlalsy6i353f4uu
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