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Consumer uncertainty and price discrimination through online coupons: An empirical study of restaurants in Shanghai

Jie (Catherine) Zhang, Scott J. Savage, Yongmin Chen
2015 Information Economics and Policy  
We use data from restaurants in Shanghai, China to conduct a new empirical analysis of prices and coupons. Our results show a positive relationship between prices and online coupons.  ...  These findings are consistent with online couponing in the restaurant industry being used for price discrimination and as a promotional device in the presence of higher uncertainty in consumer valuations  ...  Conclusion This paper has conducted a new empirical study of why firms issue coupons, using a unique data set of restaurants in Shanghai and a novel approach that focuses on the role of consumer uncertainty  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.infoecopol.2015.10.002 fatcat:2caf3x32trb7jmoelg4zunq5xa

Community Supported Agriculture Programs: A Novel Venue for Theory-Based Health Behavior Change Interventions

Christopher M. Wharton, Renee Shaw Hughner, Lexi MacMillan, Claudia Dumitrescu
2015 Ecology of Food and Nutrition  
Special thanks to Claire for coming such a long way and for her valuable help. Thanks are also due to Alain, Norisham and Rémy for their professional support in the field.  ...  Acknowledgements Many thanks for their help as experimenters to Adrien, Anastasia, Anna Claudia, Chelo, Christophe, Danny, Elodie, Gaetan, Emeline, Hélène, Jérémie, Jonathan, Margaux, Sandy and Virginie  ...  Zhang (2003) found that for consumers in Shanghai valued taste of pork and fresh milk is more important than price.  ... 
doi:10.1080/03670244.2014.1001980 pmid:25706248 fatcat:7kvnrpr4sbaxbo3iwsfzatbezy

International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 4, No. 7, July 2009, all in one pdf file

Editor IJBM
2009 International Journal of Business and Management  
The framework that has been developed in this study for the determination of multipliers and their distribution is valuable for empirical measurement that could give required guidelines to policy makers  ...  In conclusion, this study has indicated that the dimensionality of the LMX construct differs across samples and culture.  ...  Over the past three years, it has opened 12 restaurants in total, 2 of which are in Beijing, 9 in Shanghai and 1 in Nanjing.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijbm.v4n7p0 fatcat:tmyqtugh4rclpelxy4typesro4

Online platform typologies [chapter]

2019 An Introduction to Online Platforms and Their Role in the Digital Transformation  
, such as PayPal and Google Pay; local online payment services, such as PayU in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Mexico, Bcash, PagSeguro and MOIP in Brazil, and Conecta in Mexico; and money  ...  MercadoPago competes with traditional online and offline payment methods, particularly cash, debit and credit cards, checks, money orders, and electronic bank deposits; international online payments services  ...  An area identified for further work is the lack of empirical evidence on the effects that algorithms have on actual price levels and on the degree of competition in real markets (OECD, 2017 [3] ).  ... 
doi:10.1787/620d0ca9-en fatcat:fbpe4qkkpzfkjgdh4atrn2bzmq

International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 4, No. 10, October 2009, all in one PDF file

Editor IJBM
2009 International Journal of Business and Management  
As such incentive to motivate the retailer to share information and means of information monitoring and transfer need to be addressed.  ...  We have showed that shared information under ABD program can help the processor to improve the decision towards production planning and distribution.  ...  Abstract This paper is an analysis of the financing preference of China electric power industry through an empirical analysis method.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijbm.v4n10p0 fatcat:7kgk45n3ebfp3jauohq6vmzyuq

International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 4, No. 9, September 2009, all in one PDF file

Lisa Wang
2009 International Journal of Business and Management  
An empirical study on the influencing factors of China listed companies' debt maturity structure.  ...  Design an empirical study Sample selection and data sources In China most listed companies are reformed from state-owned enterprises.  ...  Because household appliances have a lot of toxic substances, in order to protect the environment, in line with today's subject of green development, study of household appliances reverse logistics network  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijbm.v4n9p0 fatcat:efikc3xfcred3fa6icirvfiobu

In Search of Corporate Risk Measures to Complete Financial Reporting: The Case of the 'Caldarerie' - Industry

Guido Max Mantovani, Elisa Daniotti, Paolo Gurisatti
2011 Social Science Research Network  
This research examines how the decision of when to introduce a new product is affected by uncertainty about values of introducing the product, uncertain and growing investment costs, and existence of a  ...  is certainty and should not be made when there is uncertainty.  ...  with the support of CEG of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the P.0-9 Center of the Teofilo Intato Foundation of Treviso.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1920275 fatcat:vibj5tacmffcrcq34v7whegnsq

International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 4, No. 11, November 2009, all in one PDF file

Editor IJBM
2009 International Journal of Business and Management  
Acknowledgements This research was supported by Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of Central South University. NO.CSU0833  ...  Since Stone's seminal work, numerous empirical studies have been conducted and many of these studies have attempted to develop typologies by using various products and consumer groups.  ...  The strategy of Lenovo is to expand the scale through low price, and then cut down the costs of production and reduce the price of PC through the economies of scale.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijbm.v4n11p0 fatcat:bfoghtkcpvdc7pm6k6mscsnphi

International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 4, No. 6, June 2009, all in one PDF file

Editor IJBM
2009 International Journal of Business and Management  
or an individual. English Translation: Science and technology: the application of scientific development and its achievements0 in practice. http  ...  Development: a philosophical term referring to the process of things getting from a simple state to a complicated one. Economy: the incomes and expenses of a nation, an enterprise  ...  as the object to predictWe cite closing price changes of total 27 trading days of China Merchants Bank shares in Shanghai from January 5, 2007 to February 12,2007 as an example, each day's closing price  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijbm.v4n6p0 fatcat:6nypgj4lzbeghd3dg7bya7qqpa

A Work Life Balance of Employees and Its Effect on Emotional Intelligence

2019 Zenodo  
This study is based on the responses of teaching staffs both men and woman from primary schools. Research instrument designed on the basis of literature survey and then data was collected.  ...  The main purpose of this study is to analyse the relationship between work life balance and emotional intelligence.  ...  This research study is based upon the empirical survey of geographical area known as Nizamabad district in the state of Telangana, India.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5476173 fatcat:5rro63pefzbpxigfgnilhazy5a

International Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 5, No. 2, February 2010, all in one PDF file

Suri Lee
2010 International Journal of Business and Management  
The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions of Prof Dr M. Saeed Siddiq and Assoc Prof Dr Ravindran Ramasamy during the completion of the study.  ...  is more important than the management, the active communication should be persisted in public relation, clients' benefit should be put on the first state in the concrete management, and timeliness should  ...  Trust McKnight et al. (2002) found in their study about E-Commerce that trust was an important factor which had a significant influence on consumers' intention to make online transactions.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijbm.v5n2p0 fatcat:gkrrkdantjbvni7wxm7txw4c5e

Corruption and Financial Crime

Sam Vaknin
2018 Figshare  
Essays about corruption, money laundering, crime, and international finance.  ...  The Macedonian Police in that period was not in control of the whole territory of the country, especially the western part of Macedonia, which was predominantly  ...  In New-York City, the police confiscated a restaurant because one of its regular patrons was an alleged drug dealer.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7176539 fatcat:pjcdb2c32vh4fp2rlzx3p6qoke

Leadership and Technology Management (LTM) the strategic management of technology in a consumer-driven environment [chapter]

Harry J. Murphy
1994 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
strategy innovation (SI) is put forward and several larger firms in China winning through SI are studied empirically.  ...  Selection Processes of Petroleum Exploration and Development Projects: An Empirical Study Razif Abd.  ...  This paper gives an overview of the compared tools, the established criteria and the results obtained from that study.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-58476-5_142 fatcat:5rswny5kb5gwpjeppgtstuubee

Models of Privatization and Development of Competition in Telecommunications in Central America and Mexico [chapter]

Eugenio Rivera
2008 Competition Policies in Emerging Economies  
., M, Mitchell, and E. Stafford, (2001)  ...  product exclusivity in stores, tied sales and price discrimination."  ...  Most of the empirical studies aimed at measuring competition through price fix ing have been based on some measure of profitability to try to find the relationship between concentration and the aforementioned  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-78433-5_3 fatcat:jcrjn3qvknfgfh5k72lzjyz7ia

Customer Loyalty & Face Concerns: Differences between Eastern (Chinese) and Western (Dutch) Consumers

Sha Zhang
2015 unpublished
of Groningen (RuG), with dual feelings of excitement and uncertainty, ambition and doubts.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Seven years ago, on a sunny, beautiful, September morning, I started my adventure as a double PhD degree candidate at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and University  ...  Empirical studies reveal that brand equity is the strongest driver in a U.S. chain restaurant industry (Hyun, 2009 ).  ... 
doi:10.13140/rg.2.2.14994.61129 fatcat:w2tmdmnkrva3nfu273svgju2lq
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